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By on October 22, 2006, with 27 Comments

Paula Shuler sent these three photos while ago, but it somehow got lost in my mailbox. I don’t care what you think, but this was really sympatic illusion for me :) Maybe because I love antyhing that has anything to do with sea. I even photographed one illusion, while on my vacation! I posted it before under the name “Flying Ship Illusion“, but it wans’t accepted that good. Here is Paula’s email:

“I read your Mighty Optical Illusions blog about every day! Its one of the first things I do in my day! I’ve always wanted to photograph an illusion and send it in, but they’re sometimes hard to find! I went on a day cruise the other day, and while I gazed at the mountains, I realized that I’ve know this illusion ever since I’ve lived in Mexico (I currently reside in Puerto Vallarta) and I just had to share it!

The mountains are part of the Sierra Madre formation in Mexico, and where I live is a bay surrounded by mountains. It just so happens that the mountains on one side form what locals have named ‘La mujer dormida’ translating itself to ‘The Sleeping Woman’. As you can see in the picture, you can make out the face and breast of a woman, some saying that she either has hair or a night cap on. I leave it up to you to decide!

I took two pictures where you can appreciate this form, and another from straight across, where the mountains don’t make this shape at all (But you can still see the ‘breast’ mountain!) Just as a reference if needed, this is in Banderas Bay, located in Puerto Vallarta, where from the city you can clearly see this!”

  • bufar

    That is cool and borderline creepy at the same time. I like it.

  • :P

    oooooo I see it!! That’s pretty cool, but don’tcha think that’s kinda why they named it that?!? Paula, you’re KINDA slow, if you’ve been living there for a long time. Otherwise, cool. xD

  • Pandas

    awsome. it took me a while to find it cause i was looking in the dips of the mountains for the face and stuff. course, not the best mountain picture. ive seen some in the mountains that i live near and id give them here, but i dont know how

  • Cap

    i dont see it someone help me out please!!

  • nicolas.b

    I suppose you can vaguely see a sleeping woman there, but if so, no offense but show me a profile of some mountains that you CAN’T see some kind of figure or face in.

    I found a wallpaper glue stain behind behind my kitchen trashcan that looked remarkably like an ‘aku aku’ from Easter Island. And I have little imagination for these things. :P

  • Paula

    Hahaha! Sorry… I know I was slow, but you get so used to it that it doesnt become special anymore!! :) Thanks for posting my illusion! Yay! :D

  • Rhiannon

    That’s pretty cool. There’s something like that at almost every mountain range. Everytime I travel I like to find figures in the mountains kinda like making shapes out of the clouds.

  • carlos

    Hey i’m from Arequipa-Perú, here we have a similar mountain, I’ts name is Pichu-Pichu and there is this formation called “El indio dormido del Pichu Pichu” (Pichu Pichu’s sleeping indian). Whenever i get time i’ll take a picture and send it :)

  • TEd

    Can’t see it……

  • Lucy

    Yeah, I don’t see it. I’m really trying…

  • Bock Bock

    omg.she dont have a cap on.ur slow.its her hair behind her duh.*sings* slow slow slow slow slow slow!

  • Anonymous

    the same thing happens with camelback moutain in Arizona- you cant see the camel from one side

  • Anonymous

    Prety cool. BTW, I liked the flying ship.

  • Me haha!!!

    ever heard of da sleeping giant?! practically the same thing!

  • Anonymous

    yeah there is a place like this in my state (Connecticut) called the “Sleeping Giant” you can see it better than this….

  • Lonely_Guy

    I’d really like to “make out the face and breast of a woman” right now! :-P

  • Anonymous

    weird and Cap get a life!!

  • Anonymous

    the sleeping giant in
    Lake Superior is way cooler..

  • bas

    is think the “breasts” are her hand, she rests them on her body.

  • Alex

    I went to Mexico City to visit a friend a few years ago and he pointed this out to me while driving on the highway from Mexico City to Puebla.

  • clinton

    When I saw the post for the Sierra Madre illusion (about the lying down lady) it reminded me of a mountain in utah. Mt. timpanogos is also know for looking like a lying down lady. i have included a link to a website on the internet that show this pretty good.

  • ru4real

    I see it after two brownies. Oops Uh I mean two ganders of Can’t even remember what chance does this most stunning, stupendous outline of Mexican swimming on her back across the Rio Grande come please more swimmers mountains my assundefined

  • Monica333

    Hey, i have some pictures too, this is the first time i see this site, it’s really interesting. How can i send an illusion-picture?

  • Monica333

    E:\FOTO\poze mai vechi\prin natura\turcia2009\IMG_4656.jpg

    This photo is taken by my mother on a cruise In Kusadasi in Turquie. I didn’t intended to make the ”pun”, i just noticed later where the ”N” from Posseidon is formed…

  • Yo

    I dont see anything.

  • muhanad

    Ok from what i saw i think i see what u r talking about. It seems like the woman’s head is toward us while she is laying and her breast is going further to the opposite side of the picture. Look in the first pic at the yellow boat and look above it until u see the mountains, that is her Face with the thing poking out is her nose, then to the right is her one piece of breast i think lol. But to me I don’t think this is strange u might run into a lot of those shapes with mountians

  • Paula

    I actually went to the mountain yesterday and did a report on it suckers!!!!!! Again thanks for posting my illusion u guys suck