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By on May 13, 2009, with 461 Comments

Shrinks Card Optical IllusionHere is another psychological test for you. You probably heard about those black and white cards, most of the shrinks use, and then tell you if you are a psycho after hearing your answer. Well, this one is just like that. Apparently what you can see in this image, tells much about your individuality and consciousness. However, I don’t believe in this much. In my belief there is only one correct answer for this example, no matter what others say. The picture is showing a guerrilla soldier, holding a a rifle in one hand, and two skulls in his other hand, all this looks even spookier because of the smile on his face – right? How can anyone see anything else? I really don’t get it. Looking forward to hear your ideas. Oh, and btw I was just messing with your head – the real answer is a little more gentle. If you would like to see another great example, be sure to check one of our first illusions of this type. Enjoy your stay!


461 Responses
  1. Anonymous says:

    I see a woman with her hands folded, looking downwards

  2. Anonymous says:

    You got me I tried looking for the soldier…..I thought maybe you were psycho….. only saw her pray… good one I like these..

  3. Anonymous says:

    I see a person facing to the right with head bowed and hand raised in front of their face, as if they are about to pray or touch their forehead.

  4. Sergio Filho says:

    First! Uhull

    Chupa molecada!

    I saw an indian holding an bow and a half of a lion face!

    Good Job!

  5. Anonymous says:

    By the way… those ink spots the shrink uses are called a Rorschach Test, and they are completely abstract… no hidden images at all. Ink is poured into the center of a piece of paper and then the paper is folded in half creating a symmetrical blotch of ink. The illusions you have shown are non-symmetrical and have hidden images in them. Therefore, they don’t qualify as Rorschach ink blots.: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rorschach_inkblot_test

  6. Franx says:

    If I look really hard, i can see the guerrilla (spelling?) guy, but, at first, I saw a bird (looks like an “arara”, a brazilian bird)

  7. Rach says:

    i saw a praying woman, but i can’t get that guerrilla soldier.

  8. Franx says:

    Man, sorry for double-posting, but i noticed a little detail: all comments on the site are as “first posts” (good for the “hehehe 1st post lololol guys ^_^)

  9. Anonymous says:

    I see a woman holding her hands, bowing her head

  10. James says:

    I see an eagles head!

  11. Jeremy Hier says:

    Looks like a couple holding each other, hugging closing.

  12. Bubba the love sponge says:

    This is a housewife laying in bed pretending to have a headache

  13. Anonymous says:


    it is a profile picture of a woman, facing to the right, holding her hands together

  14. no.johnny5 says:

    I see a blonde humbly praying. [O-O]

  15. Anonymous says:

    @ myself..
    woops, i didn’t read the whole article before leaving a comment :)

  16. Story says:

    Oh! where do you see a skull or guerrila soldier?

    I see.
    A woman.
    She has joined her hands, and lower the head.
    I think she closes eyes

  17. Anonymous says:

    couple kissing ;-)

  18. Sue says:

    I see a woman praying

  19. Anonymous says:

    im soo confused…skulls? a rifle? :S i can see a women with her head down and holding up her hands together with something in them. Does this mean i’m a psycho :| oh my god :(

  20. Anonymous says:

    i dont belive in psychological test, anybody can see anything in these kind of pictures, i kind of see a bird, maybe a crow.

  21. Katweb says:

    this is quite obviously a woman praying!

  22. James says:

    Try rotating the picuter 90 deg to the left. It really looks like an Eagles head.

  23. Anonymous says:

    I can’t make much out of most of the picture. But to me, being held in the hand on the right side of the picture, is a woman.

  24. Anonymous says:

    I see a bird, a falcon or hawk

  25. Joolze says:

    I didn’t see a woman, I saw a child holding his/her hands together with their head dawn, praying or holding something that they cherish.

  26. Anonymous says:

    I see a woman…

  27. Anonymous says:

    honestly my 1st thought is a reaper in a black cloak with his skeleton hands holding together….but i’m NOT a psycho…

  28. Anonymous says:

    first i saw a bird facing forwards, then the woman everyone’s talking about except with a dog’s head. then i saw the woman.

  29. nerdepresso says:

    I see a Falcon..am I psycho??? :P

  30. Anonymous says:

    i see a bird, anyone else??? kinda budgie.

  31. David Ribeiro says:

    I can’t see no soldier AT ALL. All I can see is a woman, just like if she was praying, turned to the right.

  32. daedia says:

    Interesting. I really can´t imagine seeing something else but the praying woman – and I´m a guy.

    So it seems it has nothing to do with a guy/girl-thing. For getting closer perhaps some more info could be helpful:

    I´m 47 years old. :)
    I mailed it around to my friends spoilerfree. Can´t wait to get their answers in.

  33. Tobias says:

    I see a face that looks a lot like the one from “scream” xD

  34. Ward says:

    Wow. Everyone looking for the guerilla, you’re wasting your time. It says CLEARLY in the article that there isn’t actually a guerilla, he was messing with you.

    The woman is the only thing in the picture. Try reading the whole article before you cry about not seeing something that isn’t there in the first place.

  35. Anonymous says:

    looks like a bird perched up (with a thicker upper body vs its lower body)…

    I don’t really see a woman praying…i think the “ying-yang-esque” face resembles the beak/bill of the bird.

    but overall, i would agree with the anon. who said this is more of an illusion than most rorschach tests bc this isnt as randomly created (i.e. using random ink blots and symmetry).

  36. Callum says:

    Folks, to all those people who are looking for soldiers, I think if you re-read the paragraph written about this picture you will notice the in your face sarcasm.

    Our host was trying to tell a joke about being a psycho, good one too.

  37. Anonymous says:

    I see the guerrilla soldier too. that was actually the first thing I saw when I looked at the photo. maybe we’re both crazy.

  38. Anonymous says:

    at first i saw a world cup with an odd shadow behind it
    but then reading the post i realized it’s clearly a woman

  39. Anonymous says:

    Obviously its a love bird…


  40. CareBear says:

    I must really be whacko–I see an uncooked chicken, a lady with a beard singing the blues, a penquin, a white sillhouette of a lady, a–oh, excuse me. It’s time for my medication.

  41. George says:

    Pfft! It’s the mythical Pokemon Azimondeas! :P

  42. jmfranco says:

    Woman praying.

  43. munke c munke do says:

    i see a monkey in a bikini laying on a hammock in hawaii in front of a beautiful sunset while drinking coconut milk from the coconut with a straw. she is tied to a palm tree, and there is a tiki hut beside her.

    i have unusual intellect.

  44. munke c munke do says:

    actually i was just kidding. i dont c anything at all.

  45. jennaoxchristina says:

    i see a bird grooming its feathers…wat would that say about me?

  46. Anonymous says:

    looks like a demonic creature holding another being, possibly human while it smiles now upon it before it feasts

  47. Anonymous says:

    Ward, what’s wrong with you? Talk about cranky, so a major percentage of the comments show that people didn’t get the joke, get over it and show some respect.

    All I see if the ‘praying’ woman, but I think there is something else to see because the top of her head looks like another face or something, but I just can’t see past the woman. If I try to look at a different angle, I can see why some people see something holding a skull, but not sure that’s it…

  48. Anonymous says:

    couple in an embrace

  49. Anonymous says:

    i saw an owl

  50. Anonymous says:

    I see a man dancing with the devil. It’s obvious! The hands are together, the mans head is clear and the devils is a bit more complicated- first it looked like a shadow but no, I can see it now :D These are fun!

  51. Anonymous says:

    I see a woman holdin her hands in front of her…

  52. Anonymous says:

    Is it a horse? is it a bird? I actually had to read the comments to find out that it’s a woman praying. Ok! now I see it. Love this site..

  53. Anonymous says:

    A woman with a baby…that’s what i see:P

  54. Anonymous says:

    The guerilla soldier was a joke guys:

    “The picture is showing a guerrilla soldier, holding a a rifle in one hand, and two skulls in his other hand, all this looks even spookier because of the smile on his face – right?”…”I was just messing with your head – the real answer is a little more gentle.”

    btw, I see a girl bowing her head with her hands together and a Panda bear.

  55. Anonymous says:

    At first I saw two people kissing (guy on right, girl on left), but then I saw a women bowing her head and holding her hands together.

  56. Anonymous says:

    I see the woman with her hands in front of her cupped. Her eyes are closed and her head is down and from all I can see she is standing.

  57. anonymous to the max says:

    i honestly see (to the right) a white sillouette of a woman being punghed in the jaw by an arm that goes off the picture.
    to the left, i see the dark sillouette of a dude with a cowboy hat, a beard and a poncho.

    i dunno, i guess i’m just as psyco as brittany spears.

  58. Anonymous says:

    i see a person praying

  59. Anonymous says:

    I see a bird with it’s head down among some fine leaves that look kind of like bamboo. It reminds me of some sheets that my parents used to have. They (the sheets) were covered with abstract pictures like this that were supposed to be from the jungle.
    Does anyone know what it’s supposed to mean? We seem to be divided into roughly three groups: 1) people who see a woman, 2) people who see a bird, and 3) people who see “dark” images.
    The meaning behind the illusion is more frustrating than the picture itself.

  60. Julien says:

    looks like some black and white scribbles. I’m just kidding, at first I saw an Owl. I like your commentary :D

  61. Anonymous says:

    I think I see a guerrilla soldier who tries to kill a bird with an indian bow…
    but perhaps it’s only a young woman praying for the bird not to be killed by the guerrilla soldier. ;-)

  62. Anonymous says:

    okay, so i definitely see the girl praying, and that seems to be the most prominent image. However, when i first looked what i saw was two people kissing. anyone else see that? like the shading on the praying girls back is a womans hair and he has a sort of emo swooping hairdo..

  63. Anonymous says:

    I see the woman praying as well as a small vest looking thing. The top part is the collar.

  64. mork sjokolade says:

    yeah, no, i see a woman with hands on chin/mouth and looking up to her left (right side of pic). that’s what i saw right away and i have trouble seeing anything else and i can’t see her praying. that’s just me.

  65. Anonymous says:

    I see a woman, it looks like she’s praying.

  66. Gary says:

    Hmmm…Everybody sees a woman praying. What I see is a little more seductive. I see a lady looking down, holding a sheet up to her naked torso with her arms. Her hands are together, but I don’t think she’s praying.

  67. mirfy says:

    I see a sexy thin woman, nice night dress, arms down together in from of her, nice hair, blinking one eye and blowing a kiss. Also a big a fluffy scarf.

  68. Anonymous says:

    I see a woman that might have something in her hands and she is about to cry

  69. Anonymous says:

    my vote is for the couple.. though there is an alien mask on the guy’s head for some odd reason

  70. Anonymous says:

    I SEE THE SOLDIER! The eye is the mouth and that bump thing is the nose and that round thing above the eye is the eye of the soldier. and the white hand of the 2 hands of the woman is the rifle and the black hand is holding it. thats all i see though. there is no skull

  71. Kurd says:

    Place image in front of a mirror upside down.Stare at it for 45sec.Close eyes really tight.Then blick repeatly until image becomes clear.Once clear hold breath until it starts to move.If it works right you will see a guerilla woman with a bombs that have skulls on them,and she is juggling them,and they are on fire,and there are birds,love birds,or maybe eagles…

  72. Anonymous says:

    I thought it was an elephant/pig in a womans body looking at an ace of spades.

  73. Anonymous says:

    I saw the embracing couple just up until I started writing this comment, then the praying woman popped out clear as day. Took a moment to realize what the blonde comment was about. Really neat!

  74. iElephantePicante! says:

    I see a weird skeleton owl holding its hand up to it’s face O_o

  75. Anonymous says:

    Oh, and btw I was just messing with your head – the real answer is a little more gentle. <—- read a lil more closely ppl he was just jokin about the solider and rifle

  76. Tristan says:

    I see a demi-evil parrot vomiting and hanging a turd.

  77. *AARON23* says:

    The first thingy i see obviously when i first look at it, is a woman holding her hands in front of her as she, what looks like she’s doing, is praying!!




  78. LEINA'ALA says:


  79. Anonymous says:

    I see an old man with a beard mowing his lawn in Alabama at 3:48 pm (there’s a clock tower in the background right next to the airplane). His wife is also there with him wrestling an alligator in a pink dress. The Starship Enterprise comming in for a landing is also a nice touch.
    Or it could be a lady.

  80. David Blay Pozo says:

    If you see a soldier, a psicologist will tell you that you have war as a topic in your life.

  81. itsascreambaby says:

    Agreed, this is not an example of the Rorschach test!

    It’s an illusion manipulating the Gestalt principles of Emergence (an object not being recognised by it’s individual parts, but seen at once as a wholle) and Reification (an experience of an image contains more spatial information than the sensory stimulus on which it is based)

    Tis a nice example of this though!

  82. Debby says:

    I fell for the soldier thing as well. Well done. I can see the woman holding her hands looking like she is praying but I don’t know if it is because I am a dog lover and own 3 myself or if I am just mad but I can see a cartoon dog’s head right at the top of the picture. Great though.

  83. Anonymous says:

    I saw three things:

    First I saw a person with a resalistic face , head bowed and hands together, like in prayer. Then

    I could see a cartoony creature with head up, facing the same way, with a big nose and a manic grin, where the first charictors eye was, and many chins. this charictor seemed to be looking greedily at what was in the hands.

    Then I say a bird on the other side of the picture, tucking its head under its wing.

    I cant see a couple at all… I wonder what it says about my psychology?

  84. Abby says:

    If you focus on the black section on the left side, it looks like a devil/demon, holding his one arm up in the air, and then the rest look like flames in front of him. Took a while to see this. It’s hard to see anything other than a lady.

  85. crazyyboyy says:

    thats wierd I’ve been staring at it for ages n then it just appears wied or what? Keep up the good work vurdlak :)

  86. Toxicredm says:

    It’s obviously supposed to be a woman facing to the right with her hands up, but at first glance it kind of looks like a Grey (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Greys)

  87. Anonymous says:

    A woman praying. ;)

  88. Anonymous says:

    This is SO WEIRD! Maybe the image has to be turned, rotated or something like that… This kind of illusions gives me creeps. I’m starting to fear what I could see…

  89. Anonymous says:

    i see:

    a)a woman praying looking down.you all know that one.

    b)the bird thing on the top right

    c)a devil on the right holding an axe or fishing rod.

    d)a friend of the devil on the right which is quite small holding a girl in a nice dress where he is either making love from behind or holding her while the big devil on the right axes her.

    e)at the bottom a man loking down to two things.he looks fatherly.

    I make the story,

    the two devils want to torture this girl by axing her.her mom is praying for her to be ok.then god is looking down at all this trying to answer the moms prayers(god is that fatherly figure).

    thats all hope u guys reply

  90. Anonymous says:

    The picture is really just a woman praying, and if you read the FULL article, he was just kidding about a soldier holding a gun and two skulls.

  91. Anonymous says:

    I Agree With Anonymous 1

  92. Christos says:

    i can see the praying woman,
    also the black shape on the left looks like a superhero flying and holding something.

  93. donald says:

    HI its a bird

  94. Bradley says:

    i at first saw a woman and a superhero embracing… then it turned into a parrot on a branch.

    i think i might have issues, lol.

  95. Anonymous says:

    I can see the woman, but I actually saw a parrot at first… I can’t see the soldier at all.

  96. Komeight says:

    Oh my god, i think im going crazy.

    I see in that picture:
    The woman praying,
    A person with a skull on his hand and a VERY creepy look on his face,
    And the parrot/lovebird.

    I think im going crazy.

    PS. Thanks vurdlak, keep these pics coming :)

  97. tandy says:

    I see a woman with her head bowed

  98. Anonymous says:

    If you turn your head, you can see a parrot flying

  99. Anonymous says:

    Wow! I need to see a shrink apparently, because before I even read anything about this picture, I seen a smiling man rubbing his hands together. WTF is wrong with me?!

  100. Adawada says:

    Ghost on the right. Women, ummmm, don’t really see anything else, except I can sorta see a evil thing staring at you.

  101. Adawada says:

    Sorry for double posting, but, I think I see the solder, a little bit.

  102. Anonymous says:

    I see two things,

    One: A person with eyes closed praying

    two: Bald person about to take a bit of food.

    I don’t see the guerilla.

  103. allgodskids says:

    I saw a demon coming out of a sand dune and I saw the lady and I saw a guy in a Chinese suit that looked like a bird.

  104. erickrdzgalicia says:

    i saw the woman praying, but i also saw a bird flying over a city with people , a cross, a man, a fence and a house, and some other things. i also see a devil holding ith his left arm some bow? dunno, a sword, rapier?

  105. Sara says:

    I saw a woman holding air….and in my mind, it looks like that’s where a baby should be, just because of the way her arms are held out and the gentle expression she has on her face. I honestly can’t see ANYTHING else in this picture. I tried!

    Very cool illusion!

  106. Jackie says:

    I don’t see shit this is pissing me off… pardon my English folks very cool tho :)

  107. dylangibbs says:

    i see a person, facing right, the top bit is their head. They are holding something like an apple and are bout to eat it! What do u see?

  108. Tiara says:

    i spy an old lady who is dressed in rags and streches her hand out for money…maybe food

    then i spy a dolphin or maybe just a fat boy playing basketball and his beautiful mother sits to the side and appears to be in a grave yard which mide represent that she is dead….

    but thts me…0_o

  109. Trisha says:

    this is really starting to piss me off. i’ve been looking at this picture for 45 minutes trying desperately to see anything other than a woman bowing her head in prayer. that’s the first thing i seen, and the only… i’ve tried all the tricks of turning my computer screen to blurring my vision to dissecting the image and NOTHING but the woman…

  110. Nebiros says:

    I saw the woman paying and a kind og an eagle and a fish :| lol

    excellent post!

  111. Scott says:

    It looks like the grim reaper to me. i try to see the others but i can only see the grim reaper

  112. kari says:

    i see the woman facing toward the right, but facing the left is an alien looking into space and wondering where its ride home is. I see no guerilla…strange

  113. DaGni DoOms says:

    i just see the depressed woman with her head pressed against her and (like she has headache)

  114. DaGni DoOms says:

    how do you shrink a shrink? how do you shrink a shrink? how do you shrink, oh how do you shrink, oh how do you shrink a shrink?

    Tell him to think in shades of GRAY!
    hahahahaha, instead of black and white inksplatters? hahahahaha.

  115. WilliamRAV says:

    I just see bird,

    and I not see what are all of you spoke

  116. Angelo says:

    it’s an woman prayng or something
    her head is looking down
    eyes are closed

  117. aditya says:

    i see a woman ………. and i think she is praying because her hands are joined and her eyes are closed………. pls mail me if i m correct . :)

  118. Em-nice says:

    i see 2 things
    1. a guy kissing a gal and
    2. a bird
    Quite simple to view

  119. duuuuuuuh says:

    i see a skeleton wearing an over coat praying or sumtin

  120. It’s most definitely a the profile of a a young woman with her hands in front of her face; not necessarily praying, though. It’s more like she is holding her right hand in her left.

  121. Anonymous says:

    I see 2 faces

  122. Mitz says:

    I see an alien with a trunk for a snoz, sneezing… What does that say about me? Wait. On second thought I don’t want to know.

  123. Johan says:

    I see the woman praying…but nothin else…any idea how to see the guerilla… thanks..

  124. Melissa says:

    i See a woman with her head bent with one hand holding the other….not so much praying tho

  125. kristen says:

    it actually has to do with your brain patterns.
    If your left handed, your right brained, if your right handed your left brained. if you should a lefty and a righty a picture like this, there gonna naturally see two different things

  126. nina says:

    i see a woman praying and a bird. but i want to find the guy kissing the girl where is it?

  127. Jacinto Garau says:

    I can see a young woman with her head down, but not a guerrilla soldier.

  128. Person says:

    i see an old man with a beard facing left…

  129. Darrell says:

    I see a woman (left) and a man embracing. His head is behind her’s…you can only see the back of his head and his ear, and his shoulder is black and arm is reversed out white. Arm goes down..elbow about her navel, and hand is on her shoulder

  130. michelle says:

    i see a womn praying with her had down and arms together…gut i don#t see a guerrilla soldier

  131. Wiktor says:

    I tried inverting colors and all of a sudden started seeing all kinds of things… But I don’t see the soldier with a rifle and 2 skulls

  132. Robob says:

    the masked woman holding a flower or bird or whatever is all i see!

  133. clarrisa says:

    all i see is a bird, and my dad sees a woman looking down at her hand.

  134. vidya says:

    i can see one young lady is bow down the head and pray to god

  135. Maggie says:

    The woman with her head down… Where’s the soldier? Or are you messing with us?

  136. marre says:

    hum i could not see the man with rifle and 2 skulls i saw a woman in grief. as she was dumped by her boyfriend or did mourn someones death. a sad woman that is. did even look with my eyes in a distance to make a 3D sort of appearing nothing came up instead of the woman though.

  137. Robert says:

    i see a boy holding a figure of a woman , or his mom.

  138. Umbreon985 says:

    A woman either crying or holding her hand in pain..?

  139. Brandon says:

    I honestly see a woman playing a guitar. and she looks like shes really emotionally into it.

  140. Corey says:

    I dunno why but i saw a deformed girl holding a doll

  141. Mandy says:

    i see a woman praying and a demon coming out of sth or reaching for sth and i see some type of bird most likey eagle or hawk

  142. Haylz says:

    I see a giant with rather large eyes and a creepy smile facing right and holding a smaller person in her hands. I don’t think he likes it.

  143. Haylz says:

    and i just found the praying woman, her eye is the creepy smile i initially found.

  144. reedy says:

    i saw a girl facing me…am i crazy?

  145. Moffe says:

    to me it looked like an owl at first, but then it turned into the main villian from the fifth element

  146. Byners says:

    I can’t find any soldier. I see someone praying [?] or holding something in front of her/his chest with both hands ‘-’

  147. Byners says:

    Hey, there is a scary owl too ‘-’

  148. anonymous says:

    i saw an eagle or some other bird of prey and thats about it for the whole thing but i saw smaller things within it. i saw the demon thing rising, at the top i saw a man with sad eyes and a gothy fringe, on the right i saw a hand holding a small figure of a man and at the bottom i saw Batman. yeah, wonder if that makes me any weirder than i thought i was?

  149. phree2do says:

    I see a guy playing the guitar with his eyes closed. like he’s really feeling the music.

  150. Chris says:

    i see a bird thing

  151. VampericWolf says:

    I see a girl looking down at her clasped hands,her eyes wide.

  152. randomness says:

    i see a woman holding a flower and praying…

  153. Brian says:

    I see a girl facing the right, head bowed, holding her hands before her

  154. Vorclaw says:

    I see the same as VampWolf and Brian.
    A lady facing directly to the right looking down at her hands, with her eye wide

  155. horrorchicken says:

    I see Rey Mysterio from Spiderman @.@

  156. JulianKingOfNothing says:

    I see a girl with something in her hand. I can’t make out what it is, but looks like an apple.

  157. Carolyn says:

    I also see the profile of a girl facing right, head bowed, hands clasped. But it looks like here eye looks closed to me, not wide open.

  158. y^2 says:

    where’s the guerilla man?
    i only see a woman praying

  159. Rocky says:

    i see a few images with in this image. elvis astro boy, a graveyard, and a man wearing a fadora. whats does this say about my psyche?

  160. Austin says:

    I see a girl and a guy kissing.

  161. Yuuki says:

    I see something that looks like a bird. Like an eagle.. How can you see a girl , I tried my best but I can’t see her

  162. Yuuki says:

    Wow, now I can see girl praying but with closed eyes

  163. Samuel says:

    i can see a man praying [ he is wearing a weird hat ]
    and i can see a bird too [ like a canary ]

  164. JohnDoze says:

    I see what looks like a woman sucking someone off.

  165. Bobby says:

    Is it weird that i’m seeing a dinosaur like thing?

  166. Raphael says:

    I see something like a human with a bird head.

  167. eduardo says:

    I only see a psychologist or a psychiatrist medic inventing a new image for earn the money that the nerds pay for it…Greetings from CHILE.

  168. kitty says:

    I saw an owl. then I looked again and saw a demon and a corpse and random scary stuff.

  169. kitty says:

    oooooh and now i see the girl holding something. XD

  170. Anon says:

    …just a guess, but I dont think anyone sees the alien in black to the left looking pensivly to the sky, do they?

  171. heidi says:

    I see a girl with a doll in her hand, praying with her eyes closed. But the absolute first things i see is a bird… and a demon on the left…

  172. Eternaldragon says:

    I see a giant eye at the very top left corner and a woman praying. The eye is on her head.

  173. Gray says:

    i see the girl, like everyone else. looking down to the right. but i also see a hooded figure on the back, with its hand in the air and a single finger pointing upwards.

  174. read dis comment says:

    what guerilla? i can only see a lady with a flower…

  175. read dis comment says:

    Anon, in anwer to your alien, i see it too!

  176. kalodsun says:

    I see a hawk.

  177. Caledonia Williams says:

    I see a demonic woman holding a heart

  178. nic says:

    haha I see a penguin

    does that mean i stare at planes at fall over backwards?!

  179. dan says:

    i see a demigod playing badminton…

  180. kh says:

    The picture is showing a soldier, holding a a rifle in one hand, and two skulls in his other hand

  181. kh says:

    its a solide with a rifle in one hand and 2 skuuls in other

  182. Roberh says:

    Well, I see a black demon in the left holding an axe, behind a guy sitting on some sort of chair. After trying very hard I saw that girl you say, but it looks unrealistic.

  183. steve ashman says:

    i see dead people ahhhhhhh

  184. Blechet says:

    I see an eagle

  185. Slaven says:

    i see nothing. is that weird?

  186. Xssmoke says:

    all i see is the lady and something in her hand

  187. Buskie says:

    I see a soldier wearing a gas-mask holding his hands out infront of him.

  188. corvett says:

    I see a girl folding her hands near her head, as if depressed

  189. Til says:

    I can see just about everything anyone mentioned, except the geurilla soldier… is that alright?

  190. :] says:

    I see a girl with a panda bear hoodie/ hat eating a toco…

  191. Cody A says:

    I see an emo snowman lookin like down right and kinda cwasimotowed bodied lol

  192. dianizx says:

    I see a man holding a scythe and a women against a wall scared and traying to scape from him!

    I see the women also…but i saw the men first!

  193. Psicko says:

    I see a creature with an human eye in a drawn form on its head. I see something like a beak and a bit above the beak there is something that looks like an little eye, it feels like a birhead in total. As you look close to the beak I see something that looks like the vague silhouet of a woman, a woman that is being held in the creatures hand. The left side of the creature(what I see as his back) looks like a rock formation, something like a cliff. Then further down there looks like an entrance to an cave. The image has something mysterious, dark and calm.

  194. Psicko says:

    Also if I look in the rock formation itself I see an creature with a huge claw with someting attached to the claw. And if I look at the hand of the creature again it looks like praying hands, just depends on how I look at it.

  195. Buttermilk Lazor! says:

    I see darth Vader a weird thing that is trying to take from of a human woman holding a guitar

  196. Trebek says:

    To me, I see zero-suit toting Samus Aran holding her arm-cannon as she looks off to the right of her shoulder. That is what I see.

  197. Bianka says:

    It’s soooo annoying, I can’t see anything but the girl holding stg. I’m trying really hard, but nothing…:S

  198. Introvert says:

    I see a woman looking within herself, holding her hands right before herself and with closed eyes !

  199. some stranger says:

    i see ronald mcdonald giving an angry facial expression holding a kinder surprise in his left hand and holding a big mac in his other while standing on a huge bag of ruffles all dressed chips with the bag open half way.

  200. John says:

    well… i see an owl

  201. No Im not giving my name says:

    I see a saint praying

  202. SOme Random dude says:

    i see a woman bowing her head and looking and something in her hand

  203. lolwut says:

    All I can see is a topless woman praying.

  204. nobody says:

    I see…a demonlike type thing with his hands cradled wearing a cloakey type thing…its got like…a knob of a horn??

  205. nvm says:

    i am with SOme Random dude ..

  206. wam says:

    i see an owl with a woman in their claws…

  207. Penny says:

    I see a young woman bending down kissing her lover, holding his head in her hands…or cradling her baby :)

  208. Mrcvak says:

    I actulally see a guerilla soldier but without the sculls.

  209. amando96 says:

    “most of the shrinks use, and then tell you if you are a psycho after hearing your answer.”


  210. Mirta says:

    i see a woman. praying maybe.

  211. Mike says:

    I tried hard to see other things, but all I get is a standing woman with her head down, facing right, and with her two hands clasped in front of her as if she were praying. Her profile is very clear.

  212. DAvid M!7@n says:

    looks much like a women prayimg

  213. Kittyismaster says:

    I see a woman holding a baby.

  214. anonymous says:

    i can’t see shit sherlock.

    btw shrinks don’t use it to say you’re pshyco or not. they use it to open up the conversation with initial contact. but it has been proven that it does not show if you’re psycho or not.

  215. LosKnog says:

    I see a woman looking down at something in her hand… looks kinda lika flwoer. Cant see the soldier

  216. anonymus says:

    i see a lemur looking at somrthing it’sholding

  217. ally says:

    i see a budgie wearing a wig and a cape?WTF?

  218. Carmine says:

    I see a beautifull girl praying to a granade (muslim?)

  219. I think im psycho now says:

    I see boy having something like heart in his hands.

  220. I see a really big bird; protecting another animal; more like a monster or something.

  221. Dixaloo says:

    I see a woman from the 1920′s with a flapper style dress and hat holding a rose or ring in her hands.

  222. i_am_joey says:

    first thing you see is the woman praying, head to waist shot.
    but i also see this bird looking down, beak tucked near its right wing.
    looks like a bluejay to me.

  223. iseeeverything says:

    i see a cartoon-like face with its mouth (the woman’s eye) open, and he’s holding something in his hand like hes gonna eat it! seriously. look at his oval shaped black eye with a white pupil. the womans forehead is his nose. i saw this thing before i saw the woman

  224. noman says:

    I see a woman with her head down and her hands in a praying position.

  225. Tmp says:

    Death holding baby

  226. Iosif says:

    I see “Nemesis” from “Resident Evil Nemesis” for PS1, PC and the movie “Resident Evil Apocalipse”

  227. Danielle says:

    I see a parrot :)

  228. joe says:

    kinda looks likke princess leia

  229. Kai says:

    I see a very deformed looking cliff…i think im going insane.

  230. doctacyanide says:

    i see a person holding a knife about to stab someone. thats all i can see

  231. han says:

    i see a stormtrooper!!

  232. Laith says:

    I see a little bird

  233. #1463 says:

    I see on one side a woman looking at something in her hands, and on the other, complimentary to her, a creature with it’s hand at its face looking like it is contemplating something. It looks confused, and evil.

  234. Pycho says:

    At first I saw a woman looking at something in her hand then I saw yoda skiing down a rugged mountain.

  235. Lopez says:

    I see a Auk or Cartoon woman…

  236. Ari says:

    I see a thin man either in a mask or with a deformed face eating something with both hands. (o_O)

  237. no one says:

    i see one of the cardd solders from alice in wonder land stsreking at something in there hand or a woman with a huge pimple on her hewad looking at something in her hand

  238. no one says:

    some1 tell me how to see yoda

  239. ukissme says:

    I see a woman looking sorrowful.

  240. elickamae says:

    oh,,i see nothing,….cant understand

  241. Shai says:

    Can someone tell me how this looks like a soldier with a rifle and a skull?

  242. Mokkahh says:

    I See Thee Aliens From District 9, Lmmfao .

  243. miseaseire says:

    i see a young woman looking down, holding a heart shaped locket (i suppose)

  244. David says:

    I see a anorexic frail women wearing a gas mask :s

  245. Unanimous says:

    i see a woman holding something in her hand

  246. Hash says:

    I see a young boy/man praying

  247. Nacho Troncha Nachas says:

    I see a trench coat

  248. normal freak says:

    hey i was normal until i came across this shite and now im psycho ….. this is a conspiracy .. to make u PSYCHO …

  249. Tomcwe says:

    I looked at it very long, and still… all i see is an owl

  250. qianlada says:

    i see a lady

  251. Keiri says:

    its a woman with her head bowed down and hands crossed in front of her like shes playing or something

  252. Jeo says:

    I see a woman looking down to the right into her hands.

  253. eristides says:

    girl, from the side, her head down, and her hands raised, cupped in front of her face in contemplation

  254. Quiana says:

    I see a sad lady

  255. Sovay says:

    I always just see a young woman praying. Or maybe she ‘s about to thrust a dagger into her stomach. Who knows?

  256. Puncho says:

    I see a young woman holding her hands together while hanging her head down. She seems to be wearing a tight helmet of some sort.

    Serene stuff.

  257. Peter says:

    Soldier??? Owl????
    It’s a praying woman!

    Check the link: http://haggmyr.se/images/woman.jpg

  258. Jade says:

    I see a gigantic person with a snowman head and a crows wing for a left arm and he is holding a tiny person in his right hand…

  259. DefuserKit says:

    i watch a kid and behind is a clown

  260. Silvia says:

    I see a womam… Looks like she’s praying or something! LOOOL this is interesting!

  261. blackorchid77 says:

    Wow if you look harder you can see two demon like creature, one of them is wearing a cape.
    one of them is creeping over a lady and holding a staff of some sort the lady is tied up i think. also where the womans hands are I can see a women being suffocated on a table by a man in a hat

  262. jenny says:

    i see either a penguinor an owl, i tried very hard to see a lady, but i cant :)

  263. Vhazhiphor says:

    In the lady’s hands, you can also see two people, one of which (person on the right) seems to be wearing a hat and has his arm around the other person, to his left.

    Also, very vaguely, the distorted shadow of a goblin or demon wielding a strange axe, on the left side of the image. I see no soldier, though.

  264. Bo says:

    It is the princess from the cartoon G-Force or Gatchman

  265. somebody says:

    i see a girl in a cloak holding a flower

  266. sean says:

    i see an iron madain

  267. Nishanth says:

    i saw a sad lady. thinking of something.

  268. Tiffanie says:

    I see a lady with her head bowed… like shes thinking or sad.

  269. Joe says:

    Sonic the hedgehog, his spikey hair has been straightened. He’s praying.

  270. Neri says:

    I see a puppy and a young depressed lady. and an owl, and a fat guy poking his head with a hat on out of a tree, a pteradactyl or some other bird terrorizing a stick figure person.I also see a man’s angry face.
    OMG i see another woman more blob like with a dress and from the side i see a man with a cross probably depicting a grave; either that or his tiny daughter coming to greet him.

    P.S I’m half asleep XD

  271. al says:

    i see two things an alien soldier or the football (soccer) world cup

  272. Sj x says:

    okay so there i s a woman facing the right with her eyes closed, she has short hair and she is holding her hands out in front of her as if she is praying. you will know it when you see her and if you see something else then how in the world are you seeing it? xxx

  273. Southchally says:

    i see the same as Sj x but her hands are reaching for her face like she is sad.

  274. Amanda Butt says:

    I see Harvey Birdman passionately kissing a woman.

  275. Jim says:

    I see a couple embracing and kissing, the man on the left, the woman on the right.

  276. Nick says:

    i see Poseidon destroying a ship on a foggy night close to the shore.

  277. Maricris Feliciano Refil says:

    i see a lady praying ^_^

  278. Rhiannon says:

    I see a corpse in a body bag.

  279. cjg1995 says:

    i still see the guerrilla soldier

  280. Ailsa says:

    i see a woman looking to her rigt straight into her cupped hands

  281. emmi1979 says:

    i see a woman crying?!?!

  282. Z2d4th says:

    its a praying lady

  283. jhr.1970 says:

    All i see is a soldier with a helm in his head smoking a ciggar

  284. cfgnhfgh says:

    guy with a cloak looking at something in his hand

  285. kg says:

    i see the kkk

  286. Marla says:

    I see a nun praying.

  287. asd says:

    I see pidgey and an fist

  288. alicia says:

    i see, a girl and a man kissing.
    and they are holding hands near the man neack.

  289. adelanoval says:

    I see a pretty young woman, with her eyes closed, bowing her head down with her hands in front of her and possibly holding a rosary cross.

  290. Ruper says:

    amielia airheart

  291. Anton says:

    I see a lady with her head bowed and her hands clutched in front of her

  292. carol says:

    Definitely an owl. A creepy mutant owl, but an owl.

  293. rachel says:

    i don’t get it…a barely see anything and the little i see looks like a penguin…

  294. ohmygosh says:

    i see this weird ghost thing with a line cutting through half his face. the left top corner of the half he has a huge weird eye, and in the other half of his face he has another eye and a mouth. He is surprised and his arms are bent :D

  295. frogsandsticksandstuff says:

    OOoo, i think i might be crazy…

    I see a headless torso, with its hands bound together in front.

  296. Mack says:

    I see, some creature at the bottom laughing at a woman being choked.

  297. Jack says:

    I see a bird.. i also see a crying woman praying with eyes closed.. i also see a happy woman holding a person that i think she may eat? i see other small images too.. some laughing mouth.. a ghost weilding a croked sickle.. man im creepin out now . later

  298. Andy says:

    I see 2 spirits battling each other.

    The spirit on the left hand is holding a whip over his head.

    The spirit on the right, which is further away, is holding a sword lowered.

    I call them spirits because they have no legs and reminded me of those genie from the bottles wifting upwards like smoke.

  299. Nathan Rose says:

    I see a woman looking down with her hands together on her forehead.She looks depressed.

  300. timoy says:

    i see a lady in side view bowing her head with hand in V shape that looks like she’s praying.

  301. Dilucina says:

    i see a peguin with its head tilted as if it was holding is baby

  302. girl says:

    I see a woman who appears to have just been devastated. She has dropped her head down, along with her drooping shoulders, and her hands held up not quite to her head. She looks like she has just lost everything. Like her heart has been broken and her life torn apart. She is wearing nothing but a sheet she barely holds up with her arm. She appears broken and stripped. Left to piece together what remains of her shattered reality. Grief stricken, forced to deal with the uncertainty and unknown that lie ahead.

  303. Ashley says:

    I see someone rubbing their hands together and a little hunched over – sort of like an evil cackle is happening.

  304. Fran says:

    I can see a penguin??

  305. atheist says:

    it loolks like a demon or sumthing wearing a half mask and cape

  306. daffodil says:

    That is a parrot. Pointed beak, eyeball on the right.

  307. koigokoro says:

    i can see a bird (pinguin, eagle, dont no exactly which) and i can see a depresed looking lady

  308. ramon says:

    It´s a woman praying and thats all there is.

  309. RRatedReality says:

    I can see a man playing an acoustic guitar.

  310. Rmone says:

    I see a flaming vulture of death with wings of fire getting ready to sweep down over a courtyard of unsuspecting tiny children where he will devour them alive leaving their soles to spend eternity in an everlasting hell of pain and torment where they will rot for eternity. Their little tiny child souls roasting in an unimaginable hell. Their limbs being torn from their small bodies…. maybe its just a penguin. I like penguins with their silly little walk and their tuxedo suits =-)

  311. zinea says:

    There is a woman praying and what appears to be a demon holding something over her head, also possibly a penguine but what about the bottom of the image? Seems to me that it’s either a sail boat or some flames over water. Perhaps the woman is preying for someone to be safe from danger (represented by the demon) while out at sea. The penguin might represent that the person she prays for has travelled to a cold climate.

  312. naruto says:

    i think it looks like a bird spirt

  313. Bruno says:

    At first i saw the shape of a bird, but after reading some of the comments i found the shape of the woman :\

  314. Kate says:

    i see a woman looking down at her belly, as if thinking about pregnancy, possibly a little depressed about being infertile

  315. Latex says:

    I see a giant gorilla looking at its left hand :P

  316. I see both a bird and the depressed woman others have mentioned. And both before reading the comments. The bird I see is more a starling than a penguin tho. Stared for 5 minutes to see what else I could see but only saw those two.

  317. kayleigh says:

    I see a woman holdung her hands close to her head, she looks sad

  318. Watanabe Ayu says:

    I can see a woman who looks like she is holding something in her hands; like when you hold a butterfly in you hands, closed in a ball. It looks to me like she is holding memories or something, because her expression looks sad, yet distant — but not depressed.

  319. Dexter says:

    i see a man and a woman in a romantic hug or a good bye kinda holding each other like nither wants to go … im weird

  320. AppleCrumble says:

    I see a futuristic soldier wearing a helmet with a glass visor. the bit to the right is his shoulder.

    After reading the comments I saw the bird and the woman. To me she doesnt look at all sad or devastated.

  321. Amanda says:

    ummm…im a little scared, i see a creature that remindes me of dobby the house elf but without ears, and he is looking down into his hande with a very disturbing look on his face, like a crazy happy, and hes hunched ofer slightly and that it…should i be scared?

  322. farhad Dota says:

    The shadows are appearance of a tired woman who is robbing or holding her hands.in first sight i thought its A soldier!i think its normal!

  323. Jimbo Jones says:

    I see a hawk, alert but at rest.

  324. Matej says:

    I see solider taking covet in the ally

  325. Nixe says:

    Hmm, for me it looks like a preying woma, but not sad – rather calm.. i can hardly see anything else.. maybe this ‘spirit’ in the left^^ n soldier.. i think:o

  326. Lerizard says:

    Dude cant unsee a woman praying =/ and i saw her b4 reading the comments here u.u

  327. unknown says:

    i see a dark masked face that holds a club of some sort in it’s hand ready to kill you when it’s ci=oming near
    so for me it’s something most people would only see in there nightmares and most horrible illusions

  328. genius says:

    i can see venom from spiderman? :)
    or maybe its a skull ?

  329. jsld says:

    “Oh, and btw I was just messing with your head – the real answer is a little more gentle.”

    If you know what it is, why don’t you say what it is?

  330. sal says:

    i can see future…LOL. they had said it all. a muslim girl, a pequin (eagle for me), 2 spirit, mad lady,… o ya dont forget the FIFA world cup, the weird fish or bird or ship, the mountain view,the sleeping man, the casper, man on a plan, elephant (jumbo).congrates, you’v messed my head too much…drive me crazy

  331. lou says:

    i see a cripple holding a wedding ring. i guess thats kinda weird….

  332. Jordan says:

    I see a person wearing a slipknot type mask trying to keep something away in his hands from a solder.(shadow on his cloak)

  333. Elsa says:

    I see a woman looking down (eyes closed), with a scarf on her head and her arms in position as if she was praying but her hands, although are touching each other, are opened
    in her direction.
    So to me seems like a woman praying.

  334. F.Y.I says:

    when i look at it closer i can see a man with 1 eye ready to defend himself with a shield in his right hand and he looks sad like he knows hes about to die as it looks like the rest of his body is burning away

  335. JJ says:

    I see a woman touching herself and holding hands with another person you cant see. :$

  336. kyle says:

    i see a space man

  337. FaDz says:

    i see a bird.. that is all..

  338. Someone says:

    I see a parrot.

  339. random says:

    i see badly drawn picture that makes no sense

  340. soda says:

    This is a lady holding her hands and looking down.She looks down……no sculls or pinguin?

  341. joss says:

    i see the result of alcholism an me uncle frank after the police had recovered his body from the train reck.
    o and also at the bottom of the picture i see a flee

  342. will says:


  343. Aisha says:

    I see a Falcon very well fed. In a highly dense wooded area with Much to Eat.

  344. gaabs says:

    I see a beautiful lady with her head tilted down and her eyes closed.. It looks like she’s in prayer because her hands are gently clasped.

  345. Tom says:

    I saw a soldier with a helmet pointing a gun at me.

    Then after a while I saw a bird looking at me.

  346. mb says:

    i can see an eagle and a lot more but mostly an eagle

  347. mb says:

    yea and a woman closing her eyes

  348. jd says:

    a women playing guitar

  349. Phonix616 says:

    A teen-age/middle age woman holding a a human heart looking down

  350. elena says:

    a penguin ghost coming out of a crack and holding a flower near the mountans?

  351. Celebrian says:

    I see a young woman holding something in front of her with both hands, almost like she’s about to hand it to someone while kneeling.

  352. Jamy says:

    Stupid & Nonsense Question

  353. bumhole says:

    I see a woman about to kill herself because she joined facebook years before working out around the year 2020 that it’s actually an online ID card that actually knows every single thing about you. What you like, who you’ve fucked, what you eat, what illnesses you’ve had and what ones you’re likely to get. It’s then sold this information to insurance companies who have correlated the info with DNA data they have on her from google and she can’t get insured but sickeningly as they own the rights to her image she’s actually on an electronic billboard advertising facebook itself. Her strange son who never opened an account meanwhile, is unable to find employment because although it’s not illegal to not have one, it’s considered highly suspicious, frowned upon and ‘odd’ to not want everybody to know exactly where you are, where you’ve been and what you’re doing at that very moment and with who. He also can’t surf the net without a facebook account as that IS actually illegal. It has been made law. Anonymous surfing is not allowed and every site you look at must be through your facebook account.

    This is only my interpretation of the above image and of course not actually connected with the reality of facebook or google in any way. Any drones want to chip in with ‘you said it buddy’?

    • Carl says:

      I don’t want to chip in with ” you said it buddy ” so much as suggest that you may want to switching to de-caf and lay off the conspiracy theory novels for a while !

    • Abob says:

      Actually, im pretty sure its true. In fact, the essence of it is likely 2 b tru. Facebook does give away ur personal information, which can cause some problems. Although the thing with her on a billboard is unlikely, at least for a while.

    • Sophie says:

      I love how no-one has replied to you, it’s probably because the dark force of facey b has a hold of their brain. I’ll come back with ‘you said it buddy’ Facebook is shit, I thought it’d be a short term fad, but it’s seriously taking over the world, more so than Tesco (if you live in England, Tesco probably being the American equivalent to Wal Mart). Scary shit, I can’t understand why people love it so much, it’s a load of shite!

  354. Ayman Malas says:

    i think it’s a nice woman praying or something :)

  355. Ciccone says:

    It’s a woman praying

  356. t says:

    a woman holding a rosary, you can see the cross at the top held erect. the right hand holds the rosary, while the left is cupping her right hand. the shadow of another right hand(on her right hand) and the shadow in the folds of her shirt on the right side(under right arm) are idiosyncratic and do not correlate with the location of the light source.

  357. Maria Nightingale says:

    It looks like a nun praying to me…

    Of course, this was after I got stuck with both Jesus and Obahma images everywhere I looked…. o.O’

    My mind is a bit odd… XD

  358. Rebecca Reid says:

    A person praying with their eyes closed and looking down

  359. xSassySkullzx says:

    In the bottom right corner, i see a woman backed against a wall, and in the left i see a shadowed man approaching her, holding something, a weapon / sword??? i think…

  360. ramacca says:

    an eagle standing on a branch

  361. will says:

    an alien warrior holding an enegy rifle and looking down, possibly at the rifle

  362. specsdude says:

    A girl looking down, a man & woman together in background

  363. twisted guru says:

    i see a dove or a chick with its wings wrapped around itself for protection

  364. Alice says:

    I see a poor woman with a hooded cloak begging

  365. Vittoria says:

    It’s a woman praying. Her eyes are closed and he’s holding her hands.

  366. Erin says:

    I also see a girl with a heart in her hand looking down.

  367. Erin says:

    I cannot see anything else.

  368. me says:

    i only can see some kind of bird an eagle or hawk perhaps and looking down

  369. ciafran says:

    I see a girl who stabs herself…

  370. Sam says:

    I see an angel with a skull face holding her hands as if she’s pleading…

  371. jose says:

    I swear to god i cant see the guerrila man i just see a women praying

  372. ug says:

    I see a beautiful girl wearing a scarf holing her hands as if she is asking or pleading to God.

  373. Steve says:

    Darth Vader

  374. Reneé says:

    I see a person holding a smaller dark silhouette of a person in her hands, looking down on it as if she owns it

  375. miea says:

    what i see is a woman holding her hands together, facing down, almost like she is praying. but i can’t see a guerilla holding a rifle. :\

  376. Nat says:

    A woman looking down and holding one hand in the other.

  377. Padma says:

    It is Mary. You people had “interesting” imaginations.

  378. plevel says:

    praying woman looking down, swallow or some other bird…. we cant see the guerilla because he is hidden in the shadows! :D

  379. Insomniac says:

    I see a creepy/half skull big man, holding a miniature woman, his fingers about to touch her, crushing her and ‘sealing her fate’. But it’s SO impossibly late here it’s likely just watching too many horror clips and a serious lack of sugar. :P
    What IS the right/wrong answer supposed to be? (Proving you ‘are’ or ‘are not’ a psycho?)

    I’m quite curious, whether my mind’s ‘otherwise’ twisted or I should be ‘inferred’ there’s really a psycho hiding underneath this calm, insomniac persona.

  380. Yaya says:

    I only see white woman praying.. ><
    I cn't see any man holding rifle and skulls..
    something wrong with me ?

  381. Nicole says:

    I see a woman ( with a weird type of head cap or Sat Trek bodysuit on ) looking down. Her eyes can also look reptilian-like. Thats all that I can make out here…

  382. calvin l says:

    I see a hunched over man holding something he just stolen ,smiling and has a mustache.

  383. Hannes says:

    a prayin woman
    cant see te solider :/

  384. emi says:

    i can see a bird , sort of like a lovebird/parrot thing… :S

  385. jam says:

    I see a lovers embrace =/

  386. Nick says:

    a woman leaning foward, one arm across her front, the other holding a heart.

  387. Jessie says:

    I see a gentle woman holding her own hands and has her face leaning down towards her hands. As if she is in defeat. I don’t see anything else, especially a gorilla! But then again I am only 13 and have a different mind to others…

  388. Emily says:

    An alien in a cloak.

  389. Tommy says:

    An eagle with an eye patch..

  390. Sharnee says:

    I see a person praying.

  391. lauren says:

    a lady praying

  392. khater says:

    she’s praying

  393. jenna says:

    i see the grim reaper

    • Jjj says:

      I swear i can see a God of Death holding someone’s soul, and before anyone says anything i’m not Gothic in any manner of speaking.

  394. I says:

    I see a bird, or I can can also see a man with i tiny women in his palm, am I a psycho?

  395. joe says:

    i see the grim
    look at the 4 dots for 30 secs no coseing eyes then cole your eyes

  396. shankafool says:

    take some shrooms its what ever you want it to be…

  397. melvin says:

    It looks like a bird when see it sideways

  398. Sally says:

    An ice skater (woman) praying for luck… :P

  399. aly says:

    I see a woman praying

  400. Anonymus says:

    i see a girl, with bangs in front of her right eye, looking to the right of the screen. She is wearing white, to blend in, and has a black coat. she is frowning in a way to get wrinkles on her chin XD

  401. Gavin says:

    I see an alien, a demon, and a bird.

  402. noo says:

    i c a woman praying

  403. Emma says:

    I see a woman praying, and something that looks like Scream on the back of her head sticking a finger down its throat.

  404. Kendell says:

    I saw a guy from a side view looking at his hands….

  405. Kay says:

    I see a bird. Holding a book.

  406. Mella says:

    I see an alien looking up in the sky, wearing a robe and holding a ring

  407. Bicho says:

    It’s an homeless alien playing the guitar XD

  408. Alex says:

    I see nothing haha

  409. Tim says:

    I saw and owl

  410. yu says:

    i see a woman praying

  411. Gabrielle says:

    I see the right side of an eagles head going upwards with its beak open.

  412. Gabrielle says:

    Correction: I see the LEFT side of an eagles head going upwards with its beak open.

  413. mani says:

    A person praying .

  414. Kima says:

    A female demon either praying or playing with a knife.

  415. aman says:

    i see a bold woman eating a chocolate bar..

  416. alexis says:

    i see a woman praying for forgiveness while a demon is on her back.

  417. Ryan says:

    I see the left side of a cute-faced bird…
    Like a parrot or something.
    I guess I’m weird, right? :D

  418. nadia says:

    well what is see is a funny looking thing holding a woman in his hand on his way to eat her flesh

  419. Daniel says:

    I also see a woman, bowing her head… probably in prayer

  420. Rachel says:

    I see a woman praying.

  421. kamille says:

    It look’s like a woman praying and also if you look at her head you can kind of see a kind of animal.. This one is pretty tricky…. I think.

  422. brittany says:

    I see a rat… taking a crap

  423. brittany says:

    This chick in the picture needs to look up so i can see this picture? And if all you can see is a woman praying WHY would the creator of this make this… Ugh? Waste of my time…

  424. Aja says:

    I see a ghoulish thingy kinda looks like the grimm reaper.

  425. Rachael says:

    All I see is a chick that looks kind of like a young Madonna with some sort of crown like Snow White Stepmother dawns with head down and hands clasped in prayer. There is even a another “ghost like” woman looking up at her from her hands and a cross at her fingers with a heart shape made between the two. :)

  426. Brady says:

    i see the upper torso of a woman wearing a collar. But she doesnt have arms or a head

  427. Brady says:

    NVM. A woman praying

  428. NK says:

    I see a owl..a bird…and my friend sees a woman…

  429. amy says:

    i see a woman praying and a parrots face

  430. alice says:

    don’t know how you saw a soldier, but it’s definatly a girl/young woman praying or hoping for luck

  431. pewpew says:

    after reading the description i said where the hell does he see a soldier holding a rifle and 2 skulls the only thing i see is a girl holding hands >,< my mom saw a bird btw o.O

  432. sam says:

    a woman praying~it’s a side view??
    and i don’t see a guerrilla

  433. Nabil says:

    i c an eagle !

  434. Moop says:

    I see an old fashioned hunchback man with his hair slicked down, playing the harmonica.

  435. snowflake276728 says:

    I see a man holding a rose and looking sad. i really doubt its anything else.

  436. Dani says:

    I see a Native American spirit reaching for the moon, and a woman praying. And the guerrilla thing is a joke, people!!!!

  437. GenCat says:

    Dude! How the fricking hell can u see that?

  438. kacera says:

    i see a “sexy” owl in a geisha outfit….

  439. anon says:

    i see a women being comforted by a dark shadow

  440. jdc says:

    its obviously an emo owl, on a perch, looking forward!!!!!!
    how is nobody seeing this!!!!

  441. hauvex says:

    well, I can only see a women holding an alien baby in her hand and also on her back I can also c a gorilla skating! ohh..! I think there is also…forget it ..dats enough Ha..

  442. iYT says:

    a hawk perched scanning for prey

  443. Robert says:

    Its an unclothed covering up her lower body up to her chest with a blanket holding a small doll in her hands. This would suggest that she probably just had her first sexual interaction that caused her regrets and she his holding the doll in comfort to remind her of her innocence that has been lost.

  444. lalala says:

    Ummmmm……. i don’t see the guerilla soldier…

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