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By on August 28, 2009, with 76 Comments

This one’s classic. Still, it can be very amusing trying to spot where the ships start changing into aqueduct and sky. Rob Gonsalves is the author behind this piece of art, but what I still can’t determine – is Rob the author of “Camels in the Night” as well? Both of these illusions look too SUSPICIOUSLY simmilar, not to trigger some questions. If you think this post is somehow familiar, you’re right. I already posted this illusion 2 years ago, but it was so pixelated and low in quality that I simply had to post an update.

Oh, I forgot to tell you I booked a hotel in NY, Manhattan and will be there in October with my girlfriend. Are there any New Yorkers here that can advise me what to see, where to go out, and how to get those hard to get tickets for NBA/MLB etc? Anyone wants to be our guide when we arrive?

Ships and Arches Optical Illusion

Can you spot where the ships become arches, and vice-versa?


76 Responses
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  8. oscar says:

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  9. Rayne says:

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  10. Ninety_Three says:

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  11. damn says:

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  12. fitgal says:

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  13. Simple Minded says:

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  14. Kevin says:

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  15. max says:

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  16. Red. says:

    This is done by a realist artist called Rob Onslaves. There’s about 30 or so of his artworks somewhere on this site, and most of them are even more impressive than this one.

    p.s. its brilliant….:P

  17. jason says:

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  18. Me says:

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  20. Anonymous says:

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  21. Jan says:

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  22. Anonymous says:

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  28. Whatizname says:

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  29. Anonymous says:

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  30. Anonymous says:

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  31. Anonymous says:

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  32. kkkristin1512 says:

    i am kristin…i am the first to say that!! LOL
    ohhh… and this pic is pretty cool but wud b better if it was ship all the way through the gaps cuz it goes ship, ship, cloud, cloud, cloud etc. but its still cooladelicness… btw, im also first to say that! (and this whole paragraph) =]

  33. Morgan says:

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  34. WilliamRAV says:

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  35. thehpdrifter says:

    I’m in NYC, but I may not be the best guide. I definitely do not have a steady source for good tickets. I would suggest going to see some music. Small venue concerts are often cheaper here then other cities. My email is associated with your site. Send me an email with some more details maybe we can catch a band, or I can try to get some tickets, but I can’t make any promises.

  36. Snowman25 says:

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    I don’t care about, how many people already said that.

  37. popesantaxiv says:

    Oh dear god, stop it already! I hope I’m the last to say “I’m the first to say that!”

    Clever pic, btw. =)

  38. Detective Kitty says:

    this illusion is simply awesome!!! and yes the camels in the night does look like it’s done by the same person

  39. :D says:

    Try and get Rangers tickets. They are easier to get, and are actually a good team unlike the Knicks.

  40. Maria says:

    I live on Long Island, and have been to the city countless times. I really loved the Bodies museum in South Street Seaport. It consists of actual cadavers, and exhibits on a growing fetus, the nervous system and so much more. Also, if you go to times square, look for the naked cowboy. The Sony museum, I’ve heard, is a good museum about computers. Also, the museum of Natural History is pretty interesting, but that one is huge and you could spend a whole day there. But, my suggestion is the bodies museum. I warn you, it is not for the faint of heart, my cousin and my Dad got a bit grossed out, but my Mom and I were fascinated.

  41. B. Marley says:

    third to the right is a ship, all others are aqueducts.

  42. NijaSkills says:

    I’d have to say that the painting is brilliant, and I’m the first to say that.

  43. Suicidal 'Ling says:

    Dont know where they change! Im the first one to say that!

  44. Joanna says:

    You guys are funny. Not sure if I’m first to say that, though.

  45. Wow. Is this available in higher resolution? Would be a great desktop wallpaper. :)

  46. james says:

    This is a fascinating mind trick utilising the texture of the clouds and the colours of the bridge and sky to produce an ambiguous transition between the cavities of the arches and the vessels.
    And i’m the FIRST one to say that.
    Oh, and I’m 13.

  47. BraDRoBBo says:

    “already posted this illusion 2 years ago,” Heh, yeah i was gunna say!:P and i think the fourth ship from the front is where it ends being ships for me :P… maybe the fifth one is in mist and therefor makes that an acceptable ship too hmm?

  48. Hanna Bouma says:

    I simply like the illusion! I think its clever made. And will you please stop that ‘I’m the first” thingy? It’s a bit annoying and I’m still not really sure what you think of the illusion.

    P.S. You go james! You can’t be an adult, you’re 13, so you can’t be childish to say such a thing! (well, perhaps you can, but never mind)
    I’m 14 by the way…

  49. Age A says:

    I found that if I stare blankly at first few ships I see a white wolfs face…anyone else??

    • ELC says:

      no oofese, but i think your trying too hard to find illusions where there arent any

    • casey cameron says:

      i dont know about the ships but i see a wolf howling in the clouds above first few ships

  50. Crystal Xizzle says:

    This is a great classic illusion!

    I’m a native New Yorker. I suggest seeing a Broadway show (unless you absolutely hate that stuff). You can get tickets at reduced prices at the TKTS stands. There’s one in Times Square and one in South Street Seaport and another in Brooklyn, I think. I suggest going to the Seaport anyway. It’s fun and it’s got a great view.

  51. Pinky Winky says:

    I’m with you on the wolves face but it is very abstract but i see it at least

  52. Azzy Mazzy says:

    i dont see the wolf…. im lost… lol(:

  53. Azzy Mazzy says:


  54. To be honest I don’t see the white wolves but I can see where they do change, its amazing how something like this can really trick the brain into thinking something else and what is and what is not.

  55. im pretty sure she says:

    the second boat looks like a mans face. Although with a pointy nose i must say. :]

  56. IAMCHEESE says:

    thats cool and btw has anyone played twilight princess? i know its random but still i love it…okay just ignore me

  57. daSilva says:

    I dont know if this was the power of suggestion, but for a brief moment i saw that white wolf.
    And i added an extra boat crossing my eyes.

  58. Ben says:

    Right at the 5th,6th or 3rd ship. Do the math.
    There are 11 gaps & ships in the foreground,
    and 11÷2=5.5
    Which is about 6, or 5. Your choice.
    but, Your eye says the 3rd ship is where the arches begin and the ships end.

    • Ben says:

      Oops, I meant BRAIN

    • joel says:

      I dont think you understand what an illusion is at all. Firstly, there are more than 11 arches, second, this was painted – there does not have to be order or symetry in a painting. They start transforming at the third ship because that’s how it was painted.
      Also, if you were correct and it could be worked out using maths, it would not be 5 or 6 where the arches started to change, it would be 6 because 6 is dead in the middle of 11. But it isn’t, because you cant work it out using maths at all

  59. dawn says:

    gotta be the very last (or first Ship, depending how you observe this. Look at the thick blue ridge at the top of the arches. It is consistent till last ship, wher it disappers.Impossible to have a ‘line in the sky such as this if the are deemed to be ships ! :-)

  60. telisha says:

    Thats pretty cool i like this one and its the best i’ve seen so far ………… :)

  61. Grace says:

    that is just done on the cpmuter coz my dad does stuff like that

  62. Timasp says:

    oh, whatever. Great! first, and please don’t go for second!

  63. Casper says:

    oh, whatever. Great! Third, and please don’t go for fourth!

  64. Mike says:

    The 4th ship from right isn’t a ship

  65. Awsome says:

    I can give you a tour btw lol I live there!

  66. sherly says:

    cool i the last

  67. Gumby says:

    shut the hell up !

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