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By on July 2, 2009, with 19 Comments

Shigeo Fukudas Encore

Ambiguous Violin Player

Japanese artist Shigeo Fukuda is the most prolific and versatile of all the illusion artists. Fukuda’s sculptures and installments were some of the most important additions to our optical illusions site. It is worth mentioning that his artistic opus is more than incredible, and that his works are displayed all over the world. Still, Shigeo is most known in Japan, where most of his work is on display.

He has created illusionistic art (two-dimensional and three-dimensional) in all manner of categories: impossible objects, ambiguous sculptures, distorted projections, anamorphic art, etc. Additionally, he is the author of three Japanese books on optical illusions.

Shigeo Fukudas Encore

Ambiguous Piano Player

Now that we have covered some background on Shigeo Fukuda, we may proceed with his installment that deserved today’s spotlight. Title of this ambiguous sculpture is “Encore”. I have included all three photos of this incredible sculpture,  each one being taken from slightly different angle. If you observe the first photo (same one that appeared inside your widget), you will see a perfect profile of a violinist playing a violin. Now, looking at the second photo on your right, you may think its impossible this is the very same sculpture pictured in the first photo. Well,  I can assure you, it is.

Shigeo Fukudas Encore

Encore by Shigeo Fukuda

What we are seeing as a result, a representation of a pianist and violinist in the same sculpture when viewed from two vantage points.

“Encore” truly reveals the importance of a vantage point. Further, this sculpture utilizes “visual” vantage points – where understanding can only be accomplished visually. Such works of art make evident how orientation and position can work together to produce more than amazing results. The latter photographs illustrate, in tangible form, the many faces a 3-dimensional work of art may have.

As you have witnessed, this sculpture makes the most of the human visual system, making the surreal exist before our very eyes. Below you may see a gallery with few more photos, taken at on the different location Enjoy!

Gallery for Shigeo Fukuda’s “Enecore”


19 Responses
  1. Beth says:

    very cool!

  2. Nebbit says:

    wow, that pretty cool. Love the widget btw!

  3. No one, says:


  4. Psychadelic Steve says:

    What does it look like from above; the third spatial dimension?

    Wasn’t there a book EBG – Eternal Golden Braid – Escher Bach Godel – where the motif was the three letters, each viewed from a different axis on one sculpture.

    Author Douglas R. Hofstadter.

  5. Rich Wightman says:

    pretty cool

  6. Detective Kitty says:

    this optical illusion is by-far one of the btter ones. And must have taken some thinking before creating the sculpture…I did not beleive at all that they were of the same sculpture but seeing them in the third picture explained everything…Amazing illusion that diserves a round of applaude.

  7. Sam says:

    Unbelievable. I couldn’t imagine it was the same sculpture even after reading the description and looking at the photographs.
    I guess the low quality of the photographs is also an issue. They are way too grainy. Please post higher resolution snaps if you can.
    Great post. Thanks!

    - Sam

  8. Crystal says:

    Wow ;D!
    That’s pretty cool xD

  9. Maja says:

    Hi Vurdlak,
    i haven’t visited for some time and now i can see so many good changes – nice, clean & professional adds on the right, possibility to rate illusions and move to the next posted picture easily.
    I think it looks great.
    Regarding the illusion i am just speachless, i’m not able to comprehend how it is possible to see 2 completely different musicians and i really studies the third picrute carefully. I am amazed – again.
    Thank you and well done.

  10. putorius says:


  11. supercyberollie says:

    funky…. the piano looks more like a piano

  12. Care Bear says:

    Fascinating. And the musical motif makes it all the more attractive to me.

  13. Victor Fan says:


  14. Anonymous says:

    Wicked illusion!!

  15. Wow that is so cool and amazing one would never guess, an amazing illusion indeed. :)

  16. Dolphin says:

    Wow,quite amazing if think about it!Just imagine,spending hours cutting the paper just right,then if you made a tear,you have to start over again!That just makes it more amazing.

  17. ohmygosh says:


  18. Jay Dobson says:

    Wow! Does anyone know where I can purchase an “Encore” model from?

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