Shahar Peleg’s – Mirror Tic Tac Toe Illusion

Now this one is eye-candy! One of the first games I ever learned to play as a child was Tic Tac Toe. We call this game differently here in Croatia, but if you translated the meaning literally, it would be “Crosses and Circles“. Mirror Tic Tac Toe by Peleg Design is a rad little optical illusion board game with half O’s and X’s that only are complete when put in play. I’m not exactly sure weather you see the O’s and X’s correctly if you look at the board under different, more extreme angle, but Sahar Peleg surely created very interesting and innovative approach to this game.

Shahar Peleg is a multi-disciplined designer, who designs, develops and produces commercial products in small quantities. Shahar designs every-day objects with additional values which give them a fresh character. His experimentation with optical illusions and “magic” result in smart and surprising products that challenge the spectator to take a closer, more detailed look. His products are characterized by minimalist form and with the use of ordinary materials, usually produced in “low tech” production processes and at times even handmade.

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  1. It looks fine from any angle, as you can see from the closeups, or by performing the most basic test with a mirror.

  2. dude i wish i had that it would be so much easier to pack and youd have a mirror with you @ all times. as a girl, mirrors are a neccesity!!!

  3. hell0 i ammm a girl… i love tic tac toe. circles and crosses are cool too!iwish i had a tictac toe set that did that. l8r!

  4. This is the most beautiful ticatactoe game I have ever seen. I will probably attempt to make one myself like it.
    Not entirely sure this counts as an illusion though, but opinions will no doubt differ…

  5. In the Netharlands, this game is called Butter, Cheese and Eggs (“Boter, kaas en eieren” in Dutch). Crosses and circles seems more logical to me. :-)
    Anyhow, this looks very stylish!

  6. This guy is an Israeli- you can buy them at the tel aviv art market. i almost bought one- its still and x and o no matter what angle you see it at, and also if you turn the pieces upside down you can make squared os and curvy xs. its cool.

  7. On the first pic, before I saw the split “X” I thought it was normal where there were full “X”‘s and “O”‘s. Well done!

  8. This is cool, very clever… I like it… By the way.. in Mexico we call this game “Gato” (Cat) not sure why though…

  9. really nice idea. i’d like one.
    in germany its tic tac toe as well, because we’ve many english words.
    this site is great.

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