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By on August 4, 2008, with 68 Comments

Remember Shahar Peleg, a multi-disciplined designer who runs Peleg Design that produced our recent Mirror Tic Tac Toe Illusion? Well, this time he produced some optical illusion bottle holders that look amazingly unreal. If you remember, few years ago (or maybe months), we already posted similar (if not the same) photo which resulted a pretty nice debate. Well, this article is a must have. Shame it isn’t available where I live. At least it would give me a nice conversation topic when my friends visit. When you jump inside the article, you can see another photo, and high-res close up of this illusionary object. Did you understand how it works? Answer is more than simple!

Shahar Pelegs   Bottle Holder Illusion
Shahar Pelegs   Bottle Holder Illusion
Shahar Pelegs   Bottle Holder Illusion


68 Responses
  1. David says:

    I’m sure my dad would love it as a birthday present ^^

  2. Anonymous says:

    i wouldn’t say that this was really an illusion. Its just a welded chain and similar bottle holders have been done with bits of rope that are actually rigid.

    still its is a nice bottle holder

  3. tom says:

    I’m guessing this is just a stiff construction, and it just balances due to the weigh distribution..

    Spent ages trying to figure out other possibilities (i.e. It being an optical illusion ;) )

  4. Anonymous says:

    :D haha yeah this one is also rly nice one :}, like it. ty =)

  5. Anonymous says:

    dude, we’ve had this illusion before… I do like it, but get some new stuff.

  6. Ally says:

    I didn’t get it at first…but now i do…after i looked at their website. heh. they have a lot of cool products at http://www.peleg-design.com/shaharPeleg.html Not all of them are optical illusions but they’re cool enough :P like the hanukah one.

  7. blait says:

    yeah these are great, the chain isnt actually a chain like you and i would know it, its one continuous piece of metal (carefully welded together at the chain links so it appears as its a normal chain), as u can see the bottle is counter balanced by the “U” shape swirl of the chain at the bottom

  8. Anonymous says:

    Sweet, I’ve seen the same thing in real life, but with just wood.

    These holders are really cool!

    Anyway thanks for replacing the “hot summer illusion” it was a bit weird

  9. art says:

    well i thought this illusion was preity cool, but why didyou show the multiple views of the bottle?
    BTW: first :)

  10. Anonymous says:

    the links are welded together

  11. Anonymous says:


  12. Anonymous says:

    isnt it just a rigid structure?

  13. Anonymous says:


  14. Barrab says:

    Would that even hold it up, wouldnt it just over balence and fall.

  15. charli_13_rocks says:

    how is that done..?

  16. solecitorockero says:

    wow…. where can I get this? xD

  17. Snowman25 says:

    “this time”??
    That thing is minimum a dozen of Jears old :D

  18. Gertjan says:

    Since the chain is welded, it is not so difficult to get. The centroid of the wine bottle is behind the chain and this will cause the bottle to float

  19. Anonymous says:

    Looks like the bottles are glued to a wall and the chains are resting on a flat surface, like a table.

  20. insanum says:

    Ooohhh, Me like, Where can i get one?

  21. Anonymous says:

    i dont get it

  22. Osh says:

    first! =D no i didnt got it XS someone tell me

  23. Anonymous says:

    ok cool

  24. Anonymous says:

    Does that mean the chains are holding the bottle up?

  25. Anonymous says:

    They are jsut rigid?

  26. Brandon says:

    This is not an illusion.. It’s a consumer product. I have a set of these sitting on my kitchen counter. The links are simply welded together into a form that will hold the bottles. You can see that in the last picture.

  27. Anonymous says:

    i hate it

  28. Anonymous says:

    i like it

  29. Anonymous says:

    Like, woo hoo …

  30. Anonymous says:

    Wow I really like this kind of illusion, makes you think out of the box. I saw this exact photo few months back, but it still amazes me. Good post! =)

  31. DaniMo says:

    Belive this is already on your site. (although the close up looks new)

    chain is fixed, would look good hanging from the roof.

  32. Anonymous says:

    Nicely done

  33. Alfabites says:

    The chain is sort of… stiff. You can’t move it. till, if it is like that, what is keeping it up at the back? surely it would tip backwards. look at it close up in the third picture. Looks sort of weilded together.

  34. Anonymous says:

    I think the links in the chains are welded togerther. I would really like to own these bottle holders. darn!!!!!!

  35. Rachel says:

    wow! that is a really amazing design, where can i get one? :P

  36. Anonymous says:

    The chain is rigid: its weight (baricentrum on the right of figure) is balanced by the bottle’s weight.
    (i think).

  37. Anonymous says:

    The bottles are empty and floating in water.

  38. Anonymous says:

    I think the chain is rigid and has an uneven balance without the bottle, so it would topple over to one side. When the bottle is placed inside the rigid hole, it balances the holder and stays up straight.

  39. Anonymous says:

    i,for one,don`t know how this works.can anyone post the answer?
    (1 comment maybe)

  40. Psycho-Designs says:

    no comments? Unless they are waiting approval.

    anyway, I remember when this was originally posted. I researched it and found tons of other cool wacky stuff.

    Not sure why this is being posted again, but it is definitely worth it!

  41. Jack says:

    i like it!!!

  42. GG123 says:

    i know how u do it so its a pretty rubish illusion

    first comment WOOOOOOHOOOOOO!!!!!!!!

  43. Anonymous says:

    I no get it. PLease esplain!

  44. Philip says:

    That’s pretty cool (at least it’s better than the illusion you posted before)!

  45. Anonymous says:

    This is simple. It is photoshopped with an Active-X control on Vista. Bill Gates is obviously holding the wine bottle.

  46. Griff496 says:

    1st comment!
    Its not a chain, but a fixed stand probably.

  47. confused says:

    the chair links dont move

  48. Matoja says:

    i see dead people

    XD jk well kinda…n the 3rd one i see like a dude a cartoon lyin down… but mm is none of the previous one due to the "white paper" that proves it… is the dude waldo or something like that??

    this one is breakin my head >.<

  49. Stephen says:

    I’ll give you a clue: welding.

  50. Loboguy says:

    nice! =)
    i see how its done .. pretty cool :-)

  51. hadia says:

    i don't get this :S
    hw did they do this??


    • RuVenzORi says:

      is’ a simple Wine Bottle Stand.
      Chain links are welded together to create a solid object.

  52. Kevin says:

    What! This is not cool! No illusions here, just a balancing act.

  53. Cornelius says:

    That looks very nice and interesting. I don’t get why in the third picture, the bottle seems painted white. What’s up with that??? That’s weird. Photoshop…?…

  54. Uber Shwagger says:


  55. Me, Myself, and iPod says:

    The chain is just made that way. Not that cool. GET OVER IT!!

  56. none of ur business cus my name is beddera then urs says:

    that looks werided

  57. tw says:

    It’s more than ‘just a balancing act’. The balancing is one part of it. What’s more evident is that the bottle appears to be held up by a CHAIN. A normal chain would collapse!

    Of course, as can be made out from the close-up, the chain links are welded together, making it actually a solid piece of metal. But it’s not obvious from a distance.

  58. Random dude says:

    The Chains are obviously welded together.. so the wine bottle cant fall.. on picture 3 focus on the chain rings

  59. Jamie Yochim says:

    the chain is just solid

  60. Cheadle says:

    You can buy these! i got one!

  61. b(.)(.)b lover says:

    the chain i welded together thats easy

  62. Sienna says:

    I think that the bottles are actually standing upright and the chains are stuck to a wall or magnet or something. the photo was just taken on the side.

  63. BEN says:


  64. vcg says:

    wow! how’d he do this? if the bottles were actually glued on the wall.. pretty cool then!

  65. Oliver says:

    the bottles are half submerged into the water that creates the illusion…

  66. GenCat says:

    not really an illusion. Cool bottle holders, tho.

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