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By on December 28, 2010, with 29 Comments

Shadow Letters IllusionBeing so illusion-concentrated, I sometimes tend to forget about real-life manners, thus “successfully” overlooked the fact there were holidays I should have mentioned and congratulated upon. Not to mention how nicely it would be if I temporarily re-designed our homepage and logo to reflect the snowy and Santa-Claus atmosphere

I apologize for that, mostly because of my manners, but also lack of skills and additional staff… So here it is: Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

Now let’s return to our topic. To see the genius of Belgian artist Fred Eerdekens, the lighting is very important. That’s because Eerdekens’ work relies on the shadows cast by sculptures — which are made of bent wires in this example — to unveil the hidden message to the viewer. Can you read all of the Eerdekens messages? What do they say?

Shadow Letters Illusion
Shadow Letters Illusion


29 Responses
  1. Rachel D says:

    “could suggest something vague (vogue?) and” & that’s all I can make out in the first one. Would love to see a better picture.

    2nd one says “minimum”

    very cool

    • Rachel D says:

      also the writing comes out quite pretty, much better than my own. I write like a 3rd grade boy (assuming 3rd grade boys have terrible handwriting) :)

  2. ohmygosh says:

    the first one is something like ‘could suggest something vague and…’ I can’t read

  3. ZL123 says:

    The first one is:
    ‘Could suggest something vague and undies…’
    And the second one says:

    Either that or I cannot read what that is.

  4. Lizzie says:

    Thats amazing! WOW!
    And Merry Christmas and Happy New year to you too Vurdlak! Dont worry so much about it, we forgive you lol.

  5. Slammer says:

    Well I probably could read it all, but from that angle it’s too small to see! Really neat concept though. I like “minimum” made from just a slightly warped coil best.

  6. jan says:

    the second one says “minimum”

  7. kimbo says:

    that’s awesome!

  8. pixie-dust says:

    A merry christmas 2 u as well. Do very much like the second 1 with the wire.

  9. kewlio says:

    That is just so amazing how they took the time to do that! WOW!

  10. wiktor says:

    all i can say is WOW!!!

  11. plmethvin says:

    First one says: “Could suggest something vague and…” can’t read rest.

    Second one says: “Minimum”

  12. Alice says:

    That is so cool. Its amazing.

  13. Desiree says:

    I like it! It’s cool!

  14. Very complex illusions. Nice work……..By the way, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

  15. SnowBerey says:


  16. ferret says:

    its amazing how people can use such a natural substance of a two dimensoinal figure to create such a wonderis masterpiece, many people attempted to create this effect that’s I know for sure but the creativity of these illusions are truly spectacular

  17. Louie says:

    Could suggest something vague and unclear.

  18. Nikolai says:

    First one “Could suggest something vague and unclear.” the other words are too blurry.

    Second one “Minimum”

  19. Dave says:

    ‘Could suggest something vague and unlear’


  20. Dave says:

    unclear sorry

  21. Aaron Redwine says:

    thts just epic

  22. DetectiveKitty says:

    Amazing…this is really a work…it’s really cool….

  23. Sam says:

    “Could suggest something vague and words. Is my birthday but-”

    Thats all i can read.

  24. drew says:

    the first line says, “Could suggest something vague and unclear.”

  25. saeed says:

    very nice disign

  26. atimnie says:

    First one ends with “Oh my nothing but words”. Could be wrong, since it was vague and unclear.

    See what I did there?

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