Shadow Art by Francis Tabary

Just got back from my summer trip this afternoon, and immediately I went to my office (even though it’s past midnight over here). Just to show you how I’m giving my best to fulfill my promise, as well as keep the best audience in the world (you!) deservedly entertained! As I’ve opened my mailbox and few minutes have passed, an incoming submission appeared – from #Francis Tabary himself! I believe the illusion is self explanatory, but for those who don’t see it, Francis created such ambiguous letters, that when the light is cast upon them (from various angles), the projection it creates shows the very different meaning on each separate wall. No digital manipulation here, just pure art!

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  1. Oh, dear. There appears to be another, unintentional illusion with this one. If you’re using the Sidebar gadget, the above image looks like… uhm… (ahem). Well, you’ll just have to look for yourself. Here’s a hint: Think drunken office parties. (If you don’t use the gadget, just shrink the image to thumbnail size for the same effect.)

  2. nice illusion though the black and white makes it hard to see how the lighting works…
    @CthulhuSaves wow you should stop being so sick minded and just appreciate the illusion LOL

  3. I always love work by Francis Tabary. So I am going to ignore sleezy comments and just enjoy the artwwork. The time and thought it must take to get fantastic stuff like this together must be amazing, but it’s deffinitely worth while.

  4. I had to think about it to see what you’re talking about. Why couldn’t you just say “cleavage” instead of talking cryptically like it’s a dirty word.

    What kind of office do you work at? I can’t think of anyone who would get drunk and start shouting “boobies!!” or in any other way get breast-obsessed, let alone at an office party. Sounds like someone needs to mature a few more years before he can fit into the real world.

  5. Simple and effective. At least simple until you try hanging the pieces – that I assume was time consuming and demanded exquisite patience waiting for the pieces to stop between each adjustment.

  6. mmmm, Cthulhu, you have a great imagination!*#% Well, some sort of imagination anyway.
    I love this, it’s awesome!

  7. @Tamara: The reason I didn’t say cleavage is because that never occurred to me. As Mitchell deduced above, the smaller version of the image when seen on the Widget (which I mistakenly referred to as “gadget” before), it looks like someone photocopied their rear-end, a common “office party” prank.

    I am not “dirty minded” or “sleazy,” and resent the judgmental, backhanded insults. I merely commented on something that seemed a little (unintentionally, I’m sure) embarrassing. Truth be told, I’m rather a prudish type, and don’t appreciate (or understand, really) that sort of humor (even when I was a young man such things were lost on me). However, I was trying to politely work around my own prudishness by making the comment simply neutral. And no, had I not seen the thumbnail image in the Widget, I never would have seen it.

    1. I’m with Cthulhu on this one. He was only saying what he saw. If we all self-censor too much, nothing will ever get communicated. I squinted at the image, which is very clever btw, and could see his point, but I think this doesn’t detract one bit from the superb art.

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