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By on June 24, 2010, with 34 Comments

Frank Wijngaard from The Netherlands pointed me to this incredible Dutch shadow/mirror art artist called Diet Wiegman. As Frank explained, together with #Shigeo Fukuda, Diet Wiegman is a true pioneer in this kind of art-form. If you remember, we had some interesting shadow installations by #Tim Nobel and #Sue Webster, but Diet has brought this onto the next level. What he did, he introduced mirrors and light reflections as a part of the installation. Check some of the photos in this post to see what I mean. Hope you like this as much as I did!

Shadow and Reflection Sculptures
Shadow and Reflection Sculptures
Shadow and Reflection Sculptures
Shadow and Reflection Sculptures


34 Responses
  1. T.J says:

    The first ones the best, even though the UK and the rest of Europe our out of proportion.

  2. PhotoBug says:

    This guy is a true visionary =] Thanks for sharing!!!

  3. Wheeeeaaa says:

    T-thatrt’s amazing!

  4. Randy Lahey says:

    Wow, very clever!

  5. Emiel73!W3 says:

    that’s a really nice illusion thanks for posting :D i like those sort of things :)

  6. Federico says:

    Hey! Where’s Italy in the first picture? :-(

  7. Cheadle says:

    I love these!

  8. Nidhogg says:

    these are awesome! best post in a long time!

  9. BobThebuilder says:

    Awesome. The trash shadow things are always awesome

  10. Jacob says:

    that is insane…does anyone know how long it took to make these???

  11. Monica says:

    These are so creative! I love these more than the usual illusions because I would never be able to guess the reflection by looking at the object at all!!

  12. Antoine Lowray says:

    Cool. Some kinda look faked though.

  13. jt :D says:

    lol cool first? i dunno :D

  14. Totaly beautiful! An art form all it’s own. You have the right conections Vurdlak. Thanks for sharing.

  15. Care Bear says:

    Not understand how something is created should never be a barrier to appreciating its beauty.

  16. vp says:


  17. KE$HATHESHEEP says:

    yum yum to the food on the first picture!

  18. Kimon says:

    That is some raelly cool stuff. Although the terminator one is a little hard to believe. The venus is just amazing.

  19. Jess says:

    amazing work! thank you for sharing it with us

  20. Eugenia Ng says:

    love the venus of milo

  21. nestro says:

    wow cool hey first post

  22. jawsome says:

    thats impossible

  23. Melinda says:

    My goodness!! How is that done?

  24. Jamie says:

    Wow! Those are amazing!!

  25. GirlSense says:

    Very cool!

  26. Loza says:

    That’s amazing! I always love the garbage sculptures that have shadows, but adding mirrors makes even better! Great illusions, V!

  27. Flynn says:

    Wow… It makes me wonder how people who make these things do it.

  28. Chris says:

    Me too Flynn.

  29. Xheia says:

    The second and third are the most awesome, and the most unbelievable (They look photoshopped?). The fourth was just the standard “shadow art”, while the first was only slightly creative… But this has a lot of potential, and it’s certainly better than the shadow art.

  30. Tomas says:

    These photos present the shadows as the light bearers and put me under a charm. This art talks loudly and convincingly. Thank you for the sharing.

  31. Tess says:


  32. Bean & Zoe says:

    COOLIO! That is pretty awesome, seriously. Like, holy crud…

  33. SwishSwishStab says:

    This guy has waaaaaaaaaayyyyy too much free time. Most of getting these right would just be trial and error. But it’s still pretty cool!

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