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By on July 9, 2010, with 43 Comments

I had this one on my drive for some time now, but only recently did it became very popular around the net. Sometimes I have to be governed by masses, and appears masses like this one. I don’t think the effect is stronger than our recent armpit illusion, which was shot in a similar manner, but I hope it will deceive some of you. It appears as if the girl posing in this photo has a very ugly and hairy shoulder, but in reality it’s just some guy’s leg “ruining” the picture. Be sure to check #sexy tag for some better ones!

Sexy Hairy Shoulders Illusion


43 Responses
  1. Bowser says:

    srry 2 scary 2 look at
    P.s. first comment

  2. Rick says:

    I hope that guy can breathe in that pillow.

    • AlMorr says:

      Its nice to see a guy who does not shave his legs, no girl would have hairy shoulders like that, it is only men like me who have shoulders as hairy as that.

  3. glitched says:

    i agree with Bowser, way too scary to look at lol

  4. Jacob says:

    ohhh! i see it! look at where the girls torso should be and you’ll see the…uhm…crotch of the guys pants…

  5. Very interesting positioning!!

  6. j says:

    This is way better then the armpit picture.

  7. Brad says:

    lolololololol, nice one :)

  8. Andrew Barks says:

    i dont really consider this an illusion its just a blokes leg and it looks nothing like a shoulder

  9. Gregory Padilla says:

    Is that a man sitting cross-legged in the foreground?

  10. peace-angel says:

    That is awesome, great belly laughing in this house by all

  11. Sebasu says:

    its really sexy, tho

  12. sieara says:

    thats good lol…its a leg….hahaha..not a shoulder

  13. Faith says:

    Lol haha i see it, that is a good illusions. haha

  14. Matt says:

    stupid man, not even an illusion or fun to look at, you should get a job making celeb nude shots for bullshit magazines, I’d love to submit an interesting illusion if this type of thing can be recognized

  15. Rhiannon says:

    I didn’t see it for a while.

  16. Muncher23 says:

    LoL fun.. I’ve known some ‘corn fed’ girls around here that have arms like that.. I would stay clear of those gals..

    Let’s see what you can come up with.. In fact lets see what you can come up with 6 days a week..

    Life is to be fun, not perfect..

  17. SHYzone says:

    THAT”S NOT A ARM…it’s a leg!

  18. JQ says:

    OMG that is hilarious! I love it! Keep ‘em coming!

  19. C.C says:

    wow scary XD it kind of freaked me out!

  20. William Lim 'Nkm' Rasaz says:

    thats was a man’s leg

  21. Random Dude says:

    Sorry if this isn’t related…….

    but is the person on the left a guy or girl?

  22. violet says:

    this is my least favorite illusion on here thus far

  23. jennarator says:

    Ok I have to say I love the illusions, but hate my hubby he always sees whatever it is quicker than I do sometimes even instantly its just discouraging when I have to cheat to get it and he always gets it right away. Just thought I would share.

  24. galloots says:

    took me 5 seconds, shitty illusion

  25. Nivaldo says:

    That’s just a disgusting man’s leg instead! :P

  26. Fred says:

    Yeah, it’s an illusion. By definition an illusion is: “perception of something objectively existing in such a way as to cause misinterpretation of its actual nature” (M-W). Those who say it’s not do not know what the word means. It’s not a particularly good one though. I saw it for what it was and didn’t see the illusory effect until I read the description. Shoulders do not have bony protrusions. By the same token not all illusions are created equal. If there were no bad ones there would be no good ones.

  27. Bowser says:

    whoops XD
    i thought the arm was hairy for a woman thats what made it scary

  28. Erin Pucciarelli says:

    All you who complain just need to get a life. I thought it was funny, and yes, it IS an illusion.

  29. Andrew Barks says:

    it would be funnier if the leg was not a bloke but another girl :D

  30. Eugenia Ng says:

    at first i thought it was photoshopped but then i loled at the solution

  31. Sharon Padron says:

    Ok, follow the ‘arm’ all the way down and it belongs to a man/hairy woman. Its just the position of the womans head and body that create the illusion. Gosh, that was soooo simple xD

  32. :) says:

    ahahaha .. pretty hairy lady ..

  33. IAMCHEESE says:

    i thought the girl was a gorila

  34. chessalands says:

    I wonder if the people who posted, “OH I SEE IT! ITS A LEG, NOT A SHOULDER!!” would feel dumb if they just read the description first. It’s clearly stated there.


    Anyway, awesome pic. Funny :)

  35. emily says:

    lol this had me for about 1 min then i realised

  36. jasmin kana shaka says:

    so funny that freaked me out a bt took me haf a min to figur out cool as .
    hairy lady ah hahahahahahahhahhaaha

    p.s my dad is comin five in morn to see mi cant wait tooo si hm

  37. Grace says:


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