Senses Challenge

Loyal fans, Mighty Optical Illusions gives you ultimate diverting test! “Senses Challenge” is on-line test provided by BBC, where you can test your previously learned knowledge on various optical illusions. Before you take this test, be sure to check most of the illusions on this site, and I grant you high results! When you get your results, feel free to post them here and give us your thoughts and comments! To take the test, simply click on the image below. Good Luck!

95 Replies to “Senses Challenge”

  1. The first time I tried this I got 10/20. The second time I did this I got 19/20. I guess that’s okay, You should try it!

  2. i got 10/20 the first time and 19/20 the second time…my mom got 9/20 hahahahaha*cough*muahaha*cough cough*…forget it…

  3. I’ll always miss the ones on soy sauce and caviar because I can’t stand salty foods. The test is just plain wrong on these.

  4. The first time I got twelve out of 20 because I didn’t have enough time. Then I did it again and I got 19/20.

  5. 1st time 10/20 cause of the time thing like rayne says,
    2nd time i got 20/20, and i agree that the food questions were stupid cause mayonaise and pinapple might taste good to some1 eles, we all like different foods, (but whoever does like mayo + pinapple is sick! lol ;P)

  6. I didn’t like this. Who ever made this decided lots of stuff for them selves, like being able to get the coloured texts right meaning my brain has trouble figuring out what different words mean, so I just go for colours instead.. when actually, I’m a fast thinker with good focus skills… Had it been the other way around, I’d be able to get the same results.

    I don’t like “know-it-all” people, especially when they don’t know shit.

    Also, it’s proven that the reason children keep putting stuff in their mouths is because the tongue has lots higher sensitivity than the hands…

  7. I got 20/20 first time but 5/20 second time… Scary…
    (second time i was showing my brother maybe that had summut to do with it)

  8. This is the first time I took it and I got a 20/20. Beat all ya’ll suckers. Proves I’m better then ya’ll!!!!!(::)

  9. The first time I put that I had sound: 6/20. The second time, I said I had no sound: 18/20. I only missed the two that were adjusted to people with no sound. I guess I have an okay memory. And then again, no sound, 20/20. I didn’t even have to look at the questions at that point.

  10. I got 20/20 in the first try, and I’m 9, and I agree that the food questions are stupid. I think they don’t have anymore questions that’s why they just do “food”. My mom got 4/20 on first try, 6/20 on 2nd try and 16/20 on the last try.

  11. i got 12/20

    i got all the illusions, but the thinks with the brain i had trouble

    i would never guess pinapple and soy would taste good, i never tried it

  12. 10/20

    The BBC are obviously not very expert at presenting illusions as many of their questions are so ambiguous as to lead you directly to the wrong answer.

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