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By on January 20, 2013, with 35 Comments

Igor Lysenko is a talented Russian artist, who has been working as scene-painter at Drama Theatre for the past 12 years. More importantly, he specialises in double vision and “secret-paintings“. Each of the selected paintings below includes an element of surprise – a hidden motif, so to speak. Are you able to easily find it in each of his works? Try rotating them if you’re stuck! Is the surreal-atmosphere dominating Igor’s portfolio, or is it just me? I can’t exactly pinpoint why, but I get this impression a lot!

Secret Paintings by Igor Lysenko
Secret Paintings by Igor Lysenko
Secret Paintings by Igor Lysenko
Secret Paintings by Igor Lysenko
Secret Paintings by Igor Lysenko


35 Responses
  1. illusionist says:

    I get all of them save for the first one

  2. 1st comment! theyre really good(:

  3. z2d4th says:

    A double vision and a double meaning..an animal and a face.

  4. none says:

    it’s “so to speak” :)

  5. breandan says:

    He really seems to like dogs. I like the work.
    Work in theater and every thing eventually becomes surreal. I do costumes.

  6. cj says:

    what’s the top one?

  7. urgen says:

    after much struggle i think i see a dog like animal sleeping among that heap of snow-covered branches or roots of the tree.

  8. Kermit says:

    I cant see the 1st and 3rd snow ones… :/

    • Cesar Crash says:

      Can you see Tweety in the third one? Awww, the poor…

    • suor de sapo says:

      I also struggled a bit on those two. It’s hidden felines. More easy in #3 (in the brown area) and I can see roughly the legs but not the head at #1. Maybe it’s a dog and not a cougar or something like that.

  9. tara says:

    Interesting, indeed.

  10. DelennDax7 says:

    Hmmm….I wonder if we’re supposed to see more than just the hidden image in each? You worded this differently than other things. Okay, if you wanna try & guess yourself, don’t read further….

    Here’s what I think is in each picture….all squished together into one long word, in case someone doesn’t want to see my answers first.



  11. Piggy says:

    Heh, I see what you did there. First ones on the house.

  12. plethora says:

    not as visually fascinating as Bev, but still very good.

  13. Clues says:

    Those are some of the greatest pictures i’ve ever seen!
    Although I don’t get the last 2 or the first.

    • Sarcasm says:

      The last two are faces. Turn the very last one upside down to see a man and for the one above that tilt your head to the right and you will see a lady. Hope I helped.

  14. mbecker says:

    last one is nice can even be turned upside down for another secret

  15. John McKethen says:

    Igor has some good work but doesn’t hold a candle to Bev Doolittle. Take a look at Sacred Ground or The Forest Has Eyes. Sorry I can’t send them to you but she is great.

  16. psb says:

    That first one is soooo intriguing!
    At first I saw a large eye complete with eyelid and brow, then I saw a small harp where the pupil would be, then I thought it looked like a large insect with antenna to the left and bent upwards legs at the back.
    Lastly decided there was a sleeping dog under a dam of twigs.

    Truly intriguing!

  17. wikiwak says:

    i dont get the last one

  18. Big Band Singer says:

    Got them all after considering your hint about rotating them. I must admit that the first one appears more feline than canine to me.

  19. Dan G says:

    okay, still not sure about #1… thought I’ll go with sleeping dog/leopard/rabbit……..

    Dog on branch was cool, but Tiger in weeds is my fav….

  20. Hypersapien says:

    Nice. Some of them are a little reminiscent of Bev Doolittle, other are more Salvador Dali.

  21. Tom says:

    It’s a long way from Bev Dolittle.

  22. Don says:

    The first one appears to be a crouching white tiger.

  23. dug says:

    uhh, ahem let’s just get it out cause yee’z all confused…
    1. albino tiger (in branches)
    2. hound dog (on limb)
    3. tiger (in brush)
    4. sideways giant face (most of image)
    5. a). ducks’ head
    b). face (flip 180)

  24. Sarah says:

    I dont understand how no-one gets the first one. Its a tiger with stripes. Really the only one thats very complex is the weird dog head in the field one with the two ladies. I’m not sure where the hidden image is in that one. Anyone figured it out?

  25. General Catacus says:

    I got all of them except the last one

  26. psb says:

    last one flipped is man’s face with long nose

  27. Ko says:

    Eye get the top one.

  28. Epic Face says:

    1st one: a dog with his nose pointing to the water. can not be unseen.

    2nd one: you really must be blind if you dont see this one.

    3rd one: look at the naked tree. once you see the cat, you cant unsee it.

    4th one: turn your head sideways and you should see a face.

    5th one: turn your head upside down, it should be clear to you then.

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