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By on November 18, 2006, with 11 Comments

Anonymous user submitted this cool movie poster few days ago. Our loyal visitors may notice the use of original scintillating dots illusion, previously posted on this site. The movie is called Le Prestige and should be playing in cinemas currently. Am not sure what is the original title of this flick. For similar illusions visit animations category. Especially: “Count the black dots illusion”, hippie illusion, shimmering dots… Hope you see this newest submission in your dashboard widget. I would really love to hear your opinions on our new widget release (version 2.0). How do you like it? If you didn’t already get it, be sure to download it from apple’s website. Enjoy!

  • GuitarHero

    ummm… the movie is called The Prestige, and its insanely good. That poster is only in the Quebec though.


  • knowitall

    Hmm… I’m not going to comment on your horrendous knowledge of basic French and current news, but the illusion is ok nonetheless

  • H.T.Dragon

    …it’s an American film called “The Prestige.” Starring Hugh Jackman and Christian Bale.

  • Mati12

    its a great film, but in england we call it THE Prestige. this picture is now also used for the cover of the book. i would recommend the film

  • battycatty

    try scrolling up and down real fast. cool film.

  • Anonymous

    stare into the midle of the poster
    and it moves
    the film is good

  • Anonymous

    that’s pretty cool. the film is good and the book is even better.

  • hi&bye


  • Someone

    Le Prestige is the french name of the great movie The Prestige, background in England, the 20th century. the movie rocks

  • Suor de Sapo

    Great movie indeed.

    • Suor de Sapo

      …and it’s about… illusionism;)