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By on November 7, 2010, with 78 Comments

Here’s another cool illusion, coming straight from Archimedes’ Laboratory. Same as many before, this illusion was created by master of illusions, mister G. Sarcone. The problem is, I only got it to work once. So how this works? Apparently, if you concentrate strong enough on one of the lobster’s eyes, after some time it will seem that the broken piece of the plate rejoins the rest. At least the outer black rim should appear as perfect (non-broken) circle. As Sarcone explains, this amusing effect occurs because our brain tends to iron out broken lines. Did you manage to get this work?

Sarcones Broken Dish Illusion


78 Responses
  1. darthnix says:

    I did it 3 times! i could do more but its boring

  2. Arturo says:

    It works !!!, it’s not broken anymore !

  3. Dave says:

    Worked for me, provided the gaze was rock-steady. The slightest flicker and – whoops, bang goes the plate again!

  4. Jacob says:


  5. Chad says:

    Made my eyes hurt lol, but i got it to work where I couldnt see the break

    • Annishia says:

      ya i know!!! i had to do this thing with my eyes, that you know that u get when you concentrate on your finger in front of you, and kinda try to look THROUGH the finger, and then it kinda goes double and transparent?? try it ppl. cool but obvious.

  6. Ron says:

    Weird! I looked at the right eye for just a few seconds and the black line became whole. I think this is a good one.

  7. Dave says:

    Love it!

    Very interesting what our eyes / brain does in certain situations.

  8. alexandre says:

    no… doesnt work…

  9. John says:

    Just use Glue.

  10. fred says:

    I just have to concentrate on the lobster.

  11. Layne says:

    i got it to work sooper cool

  12. bobby says:

    Interesting….. -_-

  13. t says:

    I’ll have to paint a crustacean on the plate I broke yesterday.

  14. sarah says:

    awesome pretty kool.

  15. t00tall10169 says:

    yup it works

  16. Louie says:

    Wow! Not only did I see the dish come back together, I’m now seeing the afterimage of a blue lobster floating around in the air. Cool!

  17. Peter says:

    Worked great for me – took about 10 seconds, then the circle seemed whole. I went for the left eye…

  18. Esteban Serrano says:

    i saw it instantly when i look at the eye… but maybe because i have small glasses that help when i’m staring forward… but the edges or not effected… so my brain might be use to fitting them together

  19. Porcelain says:

    worked! but I have an oval lens in my left eye so things like this seem to work easily for me…

  20. Gabriel says:

    cool illusion, i wish i could do that in real life with all the plates i’ve broken…

  21. Jen Steffen says:

    I got the black line to fix, but if I blink or moved my eyes a little, it broke again. Cute.

  22. Fred says:

    While looking at the eyes the entire black line became distorted which did make it look like it was unbroken. The same effect occurred with the white line.

  23. Tim says:

    Just a lame picture to me.. Without the lobster thing the black line will become one as well I think, it’s just what you put on your plate :)

  24. Lil Smily says:

    i didnt lyk this one<Lameee

  25. SnowBerey says:

    its worked for me but then i tried again then the plate disappeared….. is that a bad sign?????????

  26. Cherry Blossom says:

    It’s true!! It’s actually works!

  27. tony says:

    Black line becoming solid was a secondary effect for me – first thing that happened was white line vanished completely, leaving lobster on a plain blue plate with a v at the top…

    Reminds me of when I was on the loo as a kid and used to stare at the tiles on the floor in the bathroom until the gaps disappeared

  28. Honey says:

    it’s working :bb

  29. Janelle McDermott says:

    I agree, made my eyes hurt and one little flicker and it’s gone, amazing!

  30. Ron Calhoun says:

    It works for me, I like it.

  31. Camille says:

    Oh wow! So cool! I can do it many times! :D

  32. Pate says:

    i saw it…but the trick hurts the eyes. =>
    it also causes a negative image even when you look away – and the dish is also whole

  33. William says:

    :O I know what I’m gonna tell my mom, if I one day break a plate :P

  34. Braedon James Poole says:

    i think whenyou foucs hard enough it just makes your eyes go blury and link

  35. That is always amazing to me. How the brain can adjust and change something like that intrigues me. You would think if the brain could do something like that we would not have Alzheimer’s, but I guess only healthy brains can piece the plate back together. (?)

  36. Donnie says:

    This is really stupid ok all yall

  37. James Smith says:

    nice.. if you stare hard and steady enough, the black circle begins to dissappear too. It also gives you an after effect when looking at a white screen afterwards..

  38. Barbarella says:

    It worked for me……..over and over again. The entire plate become whole. Very interesting.

  39. HarryPotterFanatic says:

    Yeah…. it’s not amazing but it’s pretty cool

  40. Brad says:

    Yes it works for me! Except there’s one piece i can’t get to fully conform to the rest, and thats the diagonal “/” piece, i can get the “\” to work, and the inner circle to work too! but not “/” :P
    Very nice illusion.

  41. Jupiter says:

    This is pretty cool. Kinda see the unbroken line out of my peripheral vision but if I try to look at it or shift my vision its gone.

  42. Care Bear says:

    Yes, dropping a lobster on a plate can break it except for Melmac or Correlle. I would try to make yours come together but I just can’t look into its eyes without feeling sorry for it.

  43. Pascale Fortin says:

    It does work, but nothing very impressive there

  44. galloots says:

    it works pree good :)

  45. me says:

    Awesome! I just wish it would happen in real life

  46. I dont know how to submit an entry. But this video I saw on youtube is just fantastic


  47. max says:

    easy…. :P

  48. Raicuparta says:

    I’m gonna start doing this with the dishes I break!

  49. Pete says:

    Worked for me me. Not just the black line, but all the circles. Maybe this is why I don’t see all the broken things that my wife puts on the honey-do list. I focus on something else and everything else seems fine. Just a thought.

  50. Sandra says:


  51. arrow wolf says:

    i got it to work but then the outer ring vanished! then the back ground went blue! this is amazing!

  52. maddie says:

    i got it to work, but the i couldnt even see the outer ring

  53. DetectiveKitty says:

    i got it to work well and fast…

  54. Dolphin says:

    I got half to work…And then none to work.

  55. Christy says:

    this is amazing! i got it to work numerous times and quickly too!

  56. kooki101 says:


  57. heartjunkx says:

    I stared an the lower eye and the outer circle (black line) started shaking a lot!

  58. Someone says:

    I Still Don’t Get It

  59. Kidsrock12347 says:

    i got it to work! :D

  60. steve says:

    cool! it worked for me!

  61. mike says:

    worked for your mom too!!

  62. danny says:

    wo thats weird

  63. Laura says:

    I got it to work, but I would quickly look up at the rim just from reflex and then I would have to do it again :)

  64. tristine says:

    i got it to work quick and easy :D

  65. Mel says:

    I’ve seen this one before. You look at the center eye and the outer circle will blur and correct itself.

  66. JayJay says:

    it worked for me :) i looked in the bottom eye and the black ring started shaking and corrected itself, and then the backround went blue

  67. Annie says:

    omg it didnt work and now i see an afterimage of the stupid lobster! im only eight you know so i dont say bad words like ( i am just gonna copy and paste from stuff i found ) ass OK i say BUTT lol

  68. .. says:

    Wow this is weird..

  69. Rain says:

    i got it to work like twice. and then i looked away and saw a lobster.

  70. Popeye says:

    After 2 minutes looking at the lobster’s eyes, it started to laugh at me!

  71. Everett says:

    Now I have a lobster after-image…

  72. Shannon says:

    I actually watched the lighter blue rings dissolve into each other creating one solid blue plate with the black outline as it mended itself.

  73. innocent odega says:

    Yeah it works each time I concentrate on the eye of the lobster

  74. jav says:


  75. Ann McL says:

    Yupp! Did it!

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