Santa’s Chimneys Illusion

Just in time for..erm… Sunday, here is an appropriate optical illusion for you. As you see in the photo below, something is bothering Mr. Claus, and is preventing him in doing what he does. Can we join our strength and help him decide what to do next? I know you’ve probably seen these type gazillion of times, but on the other hand most of our illusions are variation of a variation. The problem with this vertical, is that optical illusions just aren’t being produced or invented at the rate we post them.

26 Replies to “Santa’s Chimneys Illusion”

  1. You’re right, there are not enough optical illusions to go around. Maybe if we put our heads and eyes together, we could come up with new ideas. There are enough of us out there we should be able to come up with something…….

  2. SANTA JUMP IN THE THIRD CHIMINEA MAKE SURE THE MUTATED CHIMINEAS DONT GET U HIDE THERE what i thought there were chimineas thats what we have instead of chimneys here.. awkward

  3. There’s only two chimneys. The third is incomplete by a line being moved over one to cause the illusion of there possibly being four chimney. Since the 3rd is missing that line it makes the rectangle of the chimney incomplete considering there’s only 3 sides on 3rd chimney.

  4. Who is the dumbass that made this “illusion”? Just because it causes some confusion for a brief few seconds doesn’t qualify it as an illusion. Your question omits the only correct answer. Wow! What a dummy. Almost every line to help make 3rd chimney are screwed up period. Haha

  5. Since All Chimneys’ must have a top and bottom, there can only be two(2) chimneys’.
    The one the left and the one on the right. The Center top, has no bottom, thus NO CHIMNEY.

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