Salvador Dali “Does” It Again

Rona wrote: “Hey… I submitted the chair illusion a while back. Well, someone did a presentation on Salvador Dali, a Spanish artist. He did a painting called self construction with boiled beans, which shows some guy who’s parts are holding them self. They are kind of strange, but resemble an illusion vaguely. There are other images painted by Salvador Dali that I think fit the profile as an illusion. (inside)” As you can see the first painting is the portrait of Dali, with cool skull formation next to him. If you search our archives, you can find many skull optical illusions, as well as other Dali’s art… check: Swans Illusion, Dali’s auto portrait, and the other one.

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  1. Its funny how when you see something you dont understand at first, your mind pictures it in the most foul way it can. Thats human nature. Anyways, these pictures are really cool!

  2. The first one is not a painting but a photograph. Towards the end of his life he did a lot of experimenting with photography & holographs. He has a really cool 360 degree holograph of Alice Cooper. I will try to look for it and submit it but so far no luck. Maybe someone else might be able to find it. I know it is on exhibit in the St. Petersburg, Fl Dali Museum. The last one “Disintegration of Persistence” wasn’t edited, he painted that 20 years after Persistence of Memory.

  3. It’s not edited, he painted different versions of them. Lets not try to pretend to be art critics and spread ignorance to the masses.

  4. i think dali’s artwork is amazing. the way he combines the dark and light colours and puts amazing shadows in. it’s truly mysterious the way he can just paint something from his head.

  5. Dali’s art, like the artist himself, was extremely complex and controversial. On Dalí’s personality, George Orwell once remarked that ‘one ought to be able to hold in one’s head simultaneously the two facts, that Dalí is a good draughtsman and a disgusting human being, the one does not invalidate or, in a sense, affect the other.’ Lol! Cheers, Jimi

  6. They’re all weird in their own way. Besides, with the way my mind works, I definitely saw the first and second ones in the worst way possible. Curse me and my bad mind. I blame YouTube…

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