Rotating Spiral Illusion

This is double illusion as well! First thing you’ll notice is that this “spiral” is moving in some strange way. It appears it is somehow rotating, even though it is actually standing very still. Your eye movement across the image makes the illusion of movement. Like Borat would say, “Niicee!”. The second illusion is that this “spiral” is actually no spiral at all! It is made of two concentric circles (two circles with same center). There are similar illusions inside our animations category. Check especially for: moving snakes, original spiral illusion, wheel of fortune, wheel of confusion and pinwheel. Again, the wisely implemented colors give the illusion of spiral. All this together gives us unique experience, while in fact it’s pretty simple art. Be sure to open this picture full size to get better effect.

33 Replies to “Rotating Spiral Illusion”

  1. Didn’t work for me-shrinking circles, and it was imminently clear that they were separate. Not a spiral.

    I do remember seeing a spiral illusion like this, although it had a cone-painted checkerboard background.

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