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By on March 12, 2006, with 41 Comments

This really a nice one. Circular snakes appear to rotate ‘spontaneously’, while in reality this is a static jpeg image..

Rotating Snakes


41 Responses
  1. cilla says:

    holy crap. if i stop moving my head then it dont work.

  2. khresty says:


  3. RaiderX says:


  4. niki says:


  5. kristen says:

    that looks like its animated……BUT ITS NOT OMG

  6. keers says:

    It’s a cool illusion. It’s a gif but its only one image. It’s AWESOME!

  7. Cheeseman says:

    Just Because it’s a Gif Doesn’t mean its animated!

  8. Anonymous says:

    Not a GIF! Print it on a color printer and the image still moves…so distracting!

  9. Anonymous says:

    i used to have this poster size on my wall
    had to move though, it was ther first thing i saw evermorning….not to good

  10. Anonymous says:

    OK… that was… strange.

  11. Anonymous says:

    if you look at a black spot in the middle of a snake the circle will stop “turning”

  12. Douglas says:


  13. Anonymous says:

    meh. ive seen it loads of times

  14. Anonymous says:

    Try to print it LOL

  15. Apiez says:

    wow! who made it..?

  16. Anonymous says:

    This illusion is digital art made by Akitoshi Yoshitama or somethign like that, is saw it a book caled masters of deception, ts a book full of optical illusions of all kind by escher and dahli and a bunch of others

  17. Anonymous says:

    for those pll who say it’s a gif it isnt to prov it cover the first three rows of snakes with your hands or somthing and onlt look a the top row it wont move no mater how long you look at it

  18. RJ says:

    Haha, if you focus on one it stops moving, but when you look away it starts again.

    • Dee Em says:

      Why it was happen that if you focus in one, it stops but if you stop it and look 4 the other one it keeps moving…. hahahah

  19. someone says:

    My eyes are sore

  20. Salad says:



  21. Betty says:

    Help! For some reason, I can’t see any movement at all!

  22. random says:

    if you look at it at a certain (near the side of a circle), then surrounding circles continuously wobble. Looking into the center won’t work

  23. Jasper says:

    Dudes…! lol

  24. Delishia Harding says:

    cool man! LOL…

  25. Mike says:

    Hey, first post of 2010 here. This is a cool optical illusion. It really makes u want to know more about them. And how possible this can be.
    And guys dont forget to make ur own avatar for ur icon to the right. It will identify u when ever u comment. Type avatar in website search and click on first link.

  26. lalala says:

    i have this on my pillow!

  27. Rob says:

    Hi, testing out my new gravitar. Hope it worked.
    I see this illusion every so often. i noticed some-day’s it spins faster than other days. Hehe

  28. Rogue says:

    I tried to print this but it didn’t work when it was on paper. I even made it a jpeg and it worked on my computer screen. Are there any other illusions just like this that will work when printed?


  29. Romello says:

    I saw that on my DSI

  30. lynn says:

    It’s the light from background control the picture movement. It’s the illusion of the light that make you think the picture is moving, but it’s not. It’s the light that they set up from the background of the picture.

  31. Everyone says:

    I found another optical illusion in this one if you use your mouse to make the screen go up and down a few times it starts to turn to black and white or it might just be me i dunno try it!

  32. Abas says:

    If you squint your eyes it turns black and white its cool

  33. cometrudolph says:

    cool its moving but when you look at it it stops moving!

  34. Mushberry says:

    if you just focus on one snake, you would found out it was not really rotating.

  35. crysty says:

    the admin or uploader shouldnt upload this as a GIF ! this is kinda dissapointing . i saved the file in computer and its a GIF ! but i will convert it in a jpeg with adobe photoshop and i will see if there are layers on GIF too.
    For ppl who dont know, GIF is a an image format which is made from layers are those layers are changing after a timeline or a timed sequence.

  36. crysty says:

    well i analized in photoshop and couldnt find layers.I even made a “Print Screen” and pasted to Paint and it still has the illusion effect. So there are hidden information on GIF image to make it moving.

  37. crysty says:

    i mean there are no hidden layers in GIF*

  38. Gigi says:

    It’s not animated at all

  39. jerry says:

    I dont see shit. nothing is moving… I smoke a lot of pot… maybe it cancels out?

  40. katrina says:

    why are they called rotating “snakes”?

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