23 Replies to “Rotating Circles”

  1. There are many illusions like this. Save it and put it as your desktop background, it still works! This proves its not a Flash short clip. I’m not sure ENTIRELY how it works but I know 1) it’s not good for your eyes. 2) your eyes will start blurring if you stare at a particular area. 2) is also a theory of Murphy’s Law, for you people who know what it is.

  2. I think that the people who may not be able to see them move could possible have a certain kind of color blindness and there for the colors are not vibrating against one another for them. The circles move counter clockwise on the left square and clockwise on the right. Trippy!

  3. It’s not rotating. oh. and I don’t have color blindness. I think if someone see it as rotating, then they MIGHT be people who have less concentration and easily fooled. (no offense)

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