Roses and Noses Optical Illusion

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For the illusion, it’s pretty similar to the one we already had. Those flowers on your right are much more then just flowers. At least from what I have seen. Can you spot the illusion(s) yourself? Where is it?

BTW, how do you like Jill’s posts? In my view she got hang of it very quickly! I believe she’ll manage to develop even deeper connection with you guys in the following days, and perhaps even present you with some of her fresh ideas for this site!

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    1. If you don’t see anything, zoom in a bit and look closer. I’ve found 13, well 12 1/2 faces and need to look away for a bit and rest my eyes. Neat picture!

    2. I see three faces but that can’t be all. One at about 10:00 in the shaded part of the flower, one at 6:00 in the junction of leaves and stem, and one (I think) right above it in the shaded underside of a leaf.

    3. face below left of the open flower on the right hand side. possible face in the dark area of the flower on the upper left hand side

  1. love the illusions – hate the intrusive popups.

    I have to say that on more than one occation I have almost decided not to come back.

    I understand the need to pay the rent as it were but “popups” are intrusive and annoying.

    That’s all I’ll say about it. Mostly I love this site, suggest it to others and usually start my day here.

    I just thought I’d let you know


  2. I’ve found 10 images of faces in the flowers and leaves. 5 in the big flower! Probably more, but I can’t see them now.

  3. HaloDUDE80: Nothing special. Just few faces. F.ex. if you look at the rightmost flower, there’s a face staring upwards and right below the flower there’s a face looking at the flower. This illusion uses the power of pareidolia.

  4. FAce in flowerone right side, face on bud on left side, faces on leaf coming off base of stem, face inb leaf just above last one

  5. Four faces !!!
    Assuming the flower number from left to right
    1.Between flower 1 and leaf 1(left down)
    2.Between the last two leaves(right down)
    3.On the flower 4 (right most)
    4.Between flower four and dark coloured leaf below it (right middle)

  6. I was about to give up, then I saw a man with his head tilted up in the negative space toward the right flower. Is her wearing glasses?

    And, are there two faces in the negative space at the stem? I’m not sure….

  7. The previous Bouquet Illusion used negative space images – the gaps were the profiles of faces, but I can’t see that in this illusion. Sorry, I can’t yet see the illusion.

  8. oh yaa…i see a lotta inside the flower..lookin up and another in between the flower and the leaf and some mre.. woow…

  9. One face to the bottom left of the large flower, and three faces just above the stem of the flower. There might be more but I just had a quick look.

  10. hmm…i don’t see it either…nope…nothing…just roses with very small noses attached to them by sticks…..*spits orange juice* ROSES WITH VERY SMALL NOSES ATTATCHED TO THEM WITH STICKS?

  11. I needed to enlarge the picture by 200% then I saw faces in the buds,in the leaves and the gaps between the stems of the flowers. A very subtle illusion.

  12. Wow, that took me a while to notice. I first saw the illusion in the large flower and then looked for the same elsewhere.

  13. I love the site, and am a daily follower, but I’d really appreciate it if you would credit the artist for all the images you display. Who, for example, drew this? Not only is it helpful to us, surely it’s morally right (not to mention the done thing) to give credit to any artist when their work is used.

  14. I see a face in the large open flower, looking up, even appears to have glasses on. Is that all though or am I missing more?

  15. I see another, looks like the same face, just below the large flower in the open space between it and the leaf. Looking up to the right.

  16. I see at least 3 faces. One between two sets of flowers, and 2 more on the petals of another flower. There are probably more, but I’m notoriously bad at finding all the faces in images like this.

  17. A number of faces, including one in the “negative space” just to the left of the large flower on the right. He’s wearing glasses.

  18. I see what looks like 2 faces at the bottom, plus a few scattered around. BTW, ive been a long time fan, but this is my 1st comment :)

  19. How appropriate. Roses (et al) and noses don’t exactly get along well–especially during hay fever season. Good one.

  20. Also reminds me of Donald O’Connor and Gene Kelly.

    “Moses supposes his toeses are roses,
    But Moses supposes erroniously,
    For Moses he knowses his toeses arent’t roses,
    As Moses supposes his toeses to be.”

    Check Singin’ in the Rain if you don’t believe it.

  21. I wish I could make it bigger to see the detail and keep the other stuff on the page out of my peripheral vision. I believe there are faces on the leaves HaloDUDE80. Hard to say

  22. Oh, i get it!!!
    save pic. go 2 pics then open. zoom in on stem, near flowers. ghostish face appears. Rotate 180 degrees. Look near first face. half of a face appears. Cool, isnt it???

  23. yeah there are faces but it is rather my eyes playing triks on me or when i scroll up and down wit my arrow keys the leaf on the right moved up and down…

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