Rope Optical Illusion

Still no luck obtaining necessary iPone apps. I figured out if I wanted to post to this blog off an iPhone, I’d need some crucial utilities. First I’d like to know if there is a simple iPhone app that allows me to resize photos to a width I prefer. Secondly, I’d need a good copy-paste option enabled. Above all that, I’d need an app that would let me enter text inside Blogger’s “Create Post” form. I can’t believe Google hasn’t introduced blogger app out yet. Well, if someone knows answer to any of my questions, please share. In the mean time here’s a simple optical illusion that involves ropes. Apparently, something isn’t as you think it should be in the first photo. If you can’t find out what’s wrong, be sure to check second pic which can be found inside this article (supposedly, you are reading this from my homepage).

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    1. Ah, I see it! Lols, good one.

      To OP: I only traced the first wrong loop, a cut off one. Probably had you not said there was “something” ie.. an implied singular, I would have found the more major twist. As it is, it’s a surprise. Nice!

  1. Not very interesting actually.

    1st comment was ment for the person saying it prob. was his/her 1st comment on the site i guess (That was more an illusion then the image)

  2. cool one. and about the picture resizing, if you have them saved to your iphone then you can do it directly from the pictures button. i have an ipod touch and thats what i use. about the copy and pasting, apple is working on making an app but it can only copy and paste in the app.

  3. way to use bad grammar. didn’t saw it? it’s didn’t see it. geez what do your teachers teach you these days. anyways I thought it was very easy to tell the difference between the pieces of rope in the first picture.

  4. why do people keep trying to get first comment …
    half the time 20 people think they got the first comment and they never do

    anyy wayy yeah its a pretty kool illusion but theres been better ones on here
    keep it up though i love this site

  5. isn’t this really famous? i mean, i’ve seen the whole spiral/circle illusion going on loads before. anyway, its cool coz this time its different, with the rope and everything. i totally didn’t get it straight away.
    i adore this site and check it out everyday, sometimes its amazing, sometimes i’m disappointed. this is just average.
    keep up the good work though! (where do you get all these illusions?)

  6. Since all comments need Vurdlak’s approval, it is full of people thinking they have 1st comment.
    At least I left an actual comment rather than people on other illusions…

  7. Dear Anonymous (Comment 14.),
    If you’re going to critique grammar and attack the standard of education it is surely advisable to use proper punctuation, capitalisation, spelling and grammar yourself. A point of note: this probably isn’t the forum for such criticism as there are simply too many simpletons who simply wouldn’t understand! Simple.

    Oh, is this the first comment?
    That picture is photoshopped!

    Go get a capital ‘L’ tattooed on your forehead …

  8. well i am board of this one am in year 6 n i found it proper easy 2 figer it out try some harder ones please

  9. i`m 9 years old, and this is very boring. i like illusions that r like real photos. sometimes, the illusions r in real life witch is cool.

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