Rising Wages Optical Illusion

Just a quick update before I fall off my knees. It was one of the most exhausting days – ever. Summed up, it all comes down to me moving out, and moving in to a new place. After months of construction and architectural businesses, I finally got rid of all the workers who were practically living in my new flat, and am ready to start packin’. Just dying for a good night sleep first. For the illusion, here’s a joke about our wages in time of recession… Anyone knows the author btw?

22 Replies to “Rising Wages Optical Illusion”

  1. I believe the author is R.J. Matson of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. In addition to his entertaining and thought-provoking socio-political satire, he also runs a contest series of user-generated caption.

    Owning stock primarily in a company you work for? Geesh! Gives me the willies. Makes my poor-investment-sense tingle. Go buy mutual funds staircase climbers. You’ll thank me for it!

  2. I didn’t get the illusion at first. Now I see the stairs on the brown building “wages” if you start at a corner and follow it, down, it looks like it goes down down down. (or if you follow it up, it goes up up up.)

    If that was the case the left corner should be lower (or higher, depending what way you follow it) than the right corner, but they are the same level. So is this the illusion then?

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