Reverse Spokes Illusion

Another cool illusion featured and explained by COGSCIdotNET is the Reverse Spokes Illusion. This particular effect was discovered by Anstis and Rogers, and it works in a way so that grey lines (or “spokes”) separating the pizza into slices, appear to be rotating clockwise. However, on a closer inspection you can clearly see that this is not the case!

What is happening here is that the grayish color-wave traverses the wheel in a counterclockwise direction, and the spokes occasionally get gobbled-up by the pizza slices. This occurs because two of the pizza slices are of the same color as the spokes!

18 Replies to “Reverse Spokes Illusion”

  1. You mean it looks like it’s moving around when the lights on/off it and really it’s not…. Oh, yeah – I see it when you say it like that! :)

  2. Just looks like a big ol’ umbrella to me. Good thing. We’ve been getting a fair number of thunder storms lately. ;-)

    1. Umm, yeah, we know it’s moving.
      But the spokes aren’t.
      That’s kind of the point.

      I actually can’t believe you checked if it was moving!

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