Religious Symbols as An Illusion

Here’s a photo of an incredible ambiguous sculpture crafted and then submitted to us by Francis Tabary. I believe the sculpture is self explanatory; the only thing worth mentioning is that the mirror reflects the “cross” sculpture as seen from a different angle. I think it could be much more interesting to debate what is the deeper meaning behind all of this? ;D

Oh, and while we’re talking religion, I’d like to hear your feedback on my first iPhone app, one I talked about in July – interactive Breviary: Book of Catholic Prayers? Those of you with an iPhone that have taken a moment and purchased it, what is your take on it? Any suggestion for further updates? Have you by any chance rated it on the App Store? I just hope you liked it (I’m more interested in feedback from technical and design point of view, if you aren’t fond of thematic simply ignore this question)

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  1. I haven’t used your app, but wanted to get on here before all of the jerks who say “Keep religion off the site! Grrr! Grumble! *Mouth-breathing*”

    I hope your app is a success. Good luck with it!

  2. I’d like to see some photos of that from other angles. I am having great difficulty figuring out how that reflection happens when there are no diagonal lines in the sculpture.

    Assuming this is a real reflection, that’s outstanding!

  3. Excellent!

    As a Buddhist, I love the illusory quality of the image. Buddha said, “We are what we think: all that we are arises with our thoughts; with our thoughts we make the world.”

    Everything depends on our perception, which is what your site is all about. Bravo for this one! :-)

  4. This is one of the cooler illusions I’ve seen on here. Ever consider making an Android app for those of us who don’t support Apple’s boring & restrictive ways? Either way, the best of luck to you.

  5. Yes, this one seems so impossible that you think it has to be shopped… but, if you study the pipes forming the cross carefully, you can see that what looks like joined connections aren’t and that the pipes are actually bending in all sorts of directions. Finally, google Francis Tabary and you’ll know this one is real… albeit “impossible”

  6. To those who think this is doctored, I’m not so sure. I see the two horizontal lines – but they appear further apart on the reflection than on the sculpture. That would suggest either (a) doctored or (b)the mirror is at an angle to the sculpture (when considered from our perspective).

    Assuming this is not doctored, and then playing with the idea of angles, I see that some of the bars on the sculpture are also “twisted” in such a way that they just might create the diagonal lines in the mirror.

    It seems to me that might explain how this works, but I cannot get my mind satisfied that my explanation works. Hmmm.

  7. Peter, you are right. If you read the original comment by our illustrious presenter, the mirror is at a different angle from our point of view. It is pointed catty-corner to the sculpture.

    I love the juxtaposition of Christianity and Judaism in the photo. Jesus was, after all, a Jew before he became the icon and figurehead of the Christian religion. It would be wonderful if there was some way of showing all people that we are the same.

    This is a huge issue and one photo will not make a perceivable difference but ‘baby steps’. Thanks for the image.

  8. PS to the above comment. I applaud your hard work on the i-Phone app. As a non-user of i-Phone it would be nice to see an Android version. I have looked at it though and I wish you all the very best with it. Amazingly low price for what it is. Cudos.

  9. I think it is real, as I have seen similar sculptures in person. My one criticism is in the religious symbolism. The cross should be the reflection of the Star of David, as Christianity is a “reflection” of its judaic roots, rather than the Star being a reflection of the cross. I suspect a christian – or someone who was raised as a christian in childhood – was the artist.

  10. Is it just me or are there an incredible number of people that post on here that aren’t too terribly bright? “I don’t get it” Huh??? And fake? Must be folks trolling, nobody could be that stupid. And folks like Paul; that would be a more biased statement than the statement that the artwork makes, and an assumption on your part. Unless the artist has stated this or you have insight that nobody else does, you do NOT know! Give us a break and appreciate it for what it is! A beautiful work from multiple perspectives, even more than just what a work of art would convey.

  11. Are there more mirrors used to create this illusion? I think the illusion is created by the point of perspective we view the “cross” from. It (the “cross”) contains all the angles we see in the Star if David. Very clever.

  12. Oops; just reread the intro. Nothing to really figure out then huh? Haha…never mind. Deeper meaning, uh, ….”don’t believe every thing you hear and only half of what you see” comes to mind. Our eyes can, and do play tricks on us. Some are fun and amusing, but should be a a caution to us to always investigate further. Don’t be lazy and accept things at face value. Be a critical thinker.

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