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By on April 19, 2013, with 5 Comments

First glance on the “Recycled Rasta-man” may give you an impression you’re looking at some bizarre oil painting, but when you look closer, you’ll soon realise it’s actually an anamorphic 3D sculpture made of recycled materials – The massive portrait of actor Sotigui Kouyaté. This portrait was made by French artist Bernard Pras, and was created entirely out of recycled materials such as clothes, rags, wood, glass lanterns, dishes, rubber and other trash Bernard would gather from the installation site. As it usually applies to anamorphic art, Bernard’s work can only be seen from a certain angle. When you look at the installation from any other point of view, a pile of trash is all you see.

Recycled Rasta Optical Illusion
Recycled Rasta Optical Illusion
Recycled Rasta Optical Illusion


5 Responses
  1. STR e t C H says:

    amazing artistry. didn’t re4alize what I was looking at.great job great illusion.
    like that 60′s looking shirt….

  2. STR e t C H says:

    sorry about the 4 (realize) above….derrrrrrr

  3. RosinaWilson says:

    Wow ~ This is *incredible*! So intricate, so complex ~ and so cool that you have to view it from that *unique, specific spot*. Plus, it’s *beautiful*…

  4. minecaricature says:

    would love to see it from the “rubbish heap” angle to get a proper appreciation of the illusion

  5. Anonymous says:

    Are there pictures of the sculpture from different angles? A video would also be interesting.

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