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By on September 8, 2006, with 19 Comments

Alex White wrote: “Hey! I’ve been checking out your site for a while, even downloaded a widget for my dashboard! A while ago, I had my wallpaper set to an image of my apple powerbook, one day I photoshopped my screenshot inside the screen of the wallpaper and screenshotted that and so on and so on untill I couldn’t fit any more, giving the illusion of a desktop within a desktop within a desktop etc. The result is pretty cool! if you would like to post on your site and share it, that would be great!”

Another easter-egg: I’ve added 10 more games to our sister site Mighty Games. How do you like it? If you would like to help us – spread the word about it, you are welcome to mention it on your website, if not, just enjoy the games. Also Mac Games section has been added in our sidebar.

Recursive Mac Illusion


19 Responses
  1. Carl C. says:

    That’s actually really cool looking. Not really sure if it could be called an illusion, but it is really cool.

  2. popcorn man says:

    looks gud altho not an illusion:S:D

  3. Me says:

    I would like to have this as wallpaper.

  4. hey me says:

    i made it my background

  5. hey me says:

    : – p

  6. thomas h. says:

    if u notic the pics change in the backround so that kinda messis the pic up and iv done this b4

  7. angie says:

    ha! it’s like when you get your hair cut and they have two mirrors accross from eachother and the same image goes on forever getting smaller and smaller :)

  8. Anonymous says:

    ive seen this all the time

  9. Anonymous says:

    UGH! these bug me so bad!! but i love them! but they drive me insane!

  10. Anonymous says:

    You can do that too with a camera.Put the camera so that it captures the whole screen,then put the view in full screen but bit smaller and it will have the same effect

  11. r says:

    it would be funny if that was the laptop you were using heh heh

  12. Anonymous says:

    i have alought of opinions on how thay did that my best one is to hard to explain…

  13. engelsreaper says:

    this looks likea afterimage afect or whatever it is called.when you stare at it for around 20 seconds and look at a white wall and blink a bit it shows up on the wall.

  14. yui says:

    yo dawg, I heardya like desktops

  15. hello 121 says:

    i love macs

  16. Hussie says:

    I’m going to the another world! To the DigiWorld!

  17. molassascookieman says:


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