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By on May 9, 2010, with 38 Comments

Real life Jesus AfterimageThere’s an old saying which points that keeping your mouth shut, is better than telling much without saying anything. Would you buy it, if I told you this was the sole reason you were deprived of new optical illusion yesterday? Naaah, didn’t think you would ;) The real cause is I’m having some workers over my new place, so have to stay with them at the “construction” site, and give guidelines how I want my things done.

Suzanne sent us an interesting animated gif, which is identical to Babunda’s video submission. Check out the animation on your right. Wait for it to cycle back to colorized version, and then stare at the black dot for few seconds. After some time, identical black and white portrait will appear, but if you followed my procedure correctly, you’ll be able to see Jesus in full color! Don’t take me for granted, but I think #Jesus is one of the most occurring tags in our archives. It would be safe to say we are in need for new category to contain these. If you are into color adapting illusions, and would like to see more where these came from, be sure to check the Afterimage category.


38 Responses
  1. erpay says:

    This is great :)

  2. IhateUbadGUYS says:


  3. Nobody says:

    a fan, but I’m sorry that was just stupid. That’s not an optical illusion.

  4. Nobody says:

    wow moderation lol whatever

  5. Chris says:

    This is awesome. i always wondered how that happens

  6. Wow says:



  7. Bruges says:

    didnt work for me for some reason…

  8. jenny says:

    It switches too quickly, leaving no time for the image too “sink in” completely–making the illusion not work correctly.

  9. jenny says:

    hey wuts up?

  10. It takes some time, but it does work. It’s very interesting how our minds handle color this application is really neat. I would not be surprised if some people don’t see the color. Please keep them coming! Yes indeed, yes indeed.

  11. ky says:

    First comment!! This one was good! Thanks!

  12. Jordan says:

    woah.. coolest one for a while

  13. Awesome Anonymous says:

    This is cool. i like afterimage illusions. they fall under MY definition of illusion. there are a lot of illusions on this site that could be found under Cool Picture on a google search.

  14. soo cool. It would be much better if the colourized version lasted a little longer in the animation so the after-image would be even more impressive.

  15. No one, says:


  16. MG-Speed says:

    wow… how could our eyes (or brain) invert the negative image and put colours in the grayscale image?

    I really like it…
    regards from Mexico

  17. qwertyuiop says:

    pretty cool illusion

  18. Flying purple people eater says:

    I think if you stear at the black dot in the center of the picture with the negative effect then when it changes to its normal colour your still supposed to see the negitive effect of the pictre???
    im not sure.

  19. C.C says:

    woo first post!
    this is pretty good i like illusions like this

  20. sona says:

    doesn’t work for me at all :s

  21. edthedish says:


  22. edthedish says:

    Oh I see now…..

  23. Tinker says:

    WOH, that was so cool!

  24. omg worked first time!FULL colour!

  25. Renee says:

    This was a AWESOME ILLUSION, It worked for me the second time I tried it a I Loved the Jesus Picture also, I am a Christian and we need more things like this, Thank You- That was Great…

  26. Slopppy is is nice says:

    if you save this and go onto paint and invert the colours it will have changed to full colour! try it!

  27. Chinonso Chinny Enwerem says:

    WOW I love it

  28. FLiTz says:

    jesus is just sepia.

  29. awesom says:

    this does not work at all it does not change to color at all stupid illusion

  30. Monica says:

    that was entertaining

  31. Jess says:

    It seems cool…but it didn’t work for me :/
    Is it because I blinked too much?

  32. jeremy says:

    i wouldnt call that full color

  33. Tanner says:

    if you close one eye when staring at the negative image it looks 3d when you open it after it switches to B&W

  34. Datta Prakash says:

    That’s really great! It works.

  35. NUNYA says:

    sweet! i saw it!

  36. amy says:

    wait…. who’s jesus?

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