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By on October 1, 2009, with 45 Comments

What I’ve noticed is no matter how some illusions tend to be better than the other, it absolutely has no influence on number of comments. See the Jack Daniels post below. I thought it was one of my best finds, you seemed to agree (based on ratings), but still the post only got 8 comments. I’m aware they don’t directly point to the prestige of the illusion, still I somehow personally rate the illusion’s quality by the number of comments. I know it’s a bad habit I have to ditch. On the other hand, yesterday’s illusion wasn’t the best one I ever posted, yet it managed to build over 100 comments. Perhaps the questions appointed really make a difference! Thanks for clarifying the difference between color/colour, and I’m glad I learned about many other similar cases. I never imagined how such a simple question could trigger such a big reaction from my audience, and still on-going debate. Hope people who follow moillusions.com also learn few things from this site :) For the illusion today, I prepared something very simple – check out this ad for a quick dry nail polish. Great idea, don’t you think?

An interesting ad for Rimmel quick dry nail polish, placed in public location

An interesting ad for Rimmel quick dry nail polish, placed in public location

  • Peet

    That’s simple yet very effective ad. Also, it looks like it is portable so it does not have to stay in one place too long.

    Normally I do not comment unless I have something to add to the discussion. Often I find that what I would have said has already been mentioned by others, so even though the illusion might be fantastic, I don’t comment. But I usually do rate the illusion by voting wit the stars.

  • Emma

    Wow, this is really smart. Great illusion!

  • Marrah

    That’s cool, I wonder how they did that? Can someone explain it to me? :]

  • Facebook User

    Hey, I know tht street, used to walk down it every day on the way to work…

    But yes, I always like this sort of thing that plays with perception, although I do wonder how long that advert stood in the street for until someone stole it and took it home for a nice conversation piece…

  • crazyyboyy

    Marrah its just a scupture probably made from some soprt of plastic but it is great illusion I also like the mini version shown in the bottom left of the picture keep up the good work vurdlak

  • Henry

    kewl i like it , funny it makes me think when i was a child and stared at the barber pole and could not figure where that red line went to. not a very smart little cookie. lol

  • anonymous

    the “liquid” falling out is probably solid and holds up the nail polish thing

  • moe

    that’s awesome! i want something like that and im pretty sure that the nail polish being poured is some kind of stand for the bottle

  • duncan

    Again, this isn’t an illusion. It is exactly what it looks like: a sculpture of a large bottle of nail polish spilling out.

    “An optical illusion (also called a visual illusion) is characterized by visually perceived images that differ from objective reality.” -Wikipedia

    To Marrah: it’s essentially just a pole, covered with a material, probably a plastic, that looks like nail polish with a nail polish bottle at the top.

  • OMG I LOVE THIS ONE! ITS SOOO FREEKIN AWESOME! I LOVE HOW IT SEEMS AS THOUGH THE NAIL POLISH BOTTLE IS FLOATING WHEN REALLY ITS LIKE A LAMP STAND WITH THE DRIPPAGE KEEPIN IT HELD UP! i certainly hoped i helpt ur colour/color deal. Same with neighbour/neighbor, labour/labor, favourite/favorite, rancor/rancour, humor/humour, harbour/harbor, valour/valour, honour/honor, etc.

    Here are a few Uk English vs. American English spelling contradictions.
    UK English US English

    centre | center
    cheque | check
    disc | disk
    grey | gray
    defence | defense
    programme | program
    theatre | theater

  • actually its ‘valour/valor’ lol i screwed up.

  • Actually, there is really not a strong relationship between how great an illusion is and how many comments it gets… I believe comments are more brought by eye-catching, debate-inducing illusions (body art anyone?), as well as fool-the-audience’s-eye ones. You should also keep an eye on the weekday the illusion is posted, maybe people spend more time in the internet during work than on sundays ;)
    Nice illusion, by the way!

  • Detective Kitty

    Marrah, the nail polish that is pouring down is a stick the bottle is heild up by the stick…and the splattered nail polish on the ground is the stand that holds the whole thing up…i was wondering how it was done myself…i considered hanging it but then I thought of the stand. The most simplest explanation is usually the answer… Oh and Vurdlak for the last one although the lines wern’t as interesting as other illusions you’re question generated a lot of talk because people usually like to share their knowledge and you asked a question that a lot of us knew the answer to.

  • Noraroma

    That’s a brilliant idea! Great ad!

  • Tim

    ‘That’s cool, I wonder how they did that? Can someone explain it to me? :]’

    obviously the ‘liquid’ part of the display is very structural so this part is holding the bottle up.

  • Facebook User

    I love clever adverts !

  • joe

    Hey marrah

    they have the nail polish like a steel pole that holds up the nail polish container

  • Jeff

    It’s colour damnit!

  • Blaitus

    its actually very simple

    it works on the same method as the wine bottle stand illusions

    its just a large base (the bit where the nail polish on silt onto the ground) which can support an un-balanced structure

  • Marrah: The liquid nail polish is actually solid, and the spill forms a base on the ground.

  • joel

    this reminds me of those fountains that are a floating faucet with water streaming down them, (a rigid tube runs up the inside of the torrent of water)

  • Anonymous

    I think its like a pole except shaped like that…..

  • A. Nonny Moose

    Very nicely done.

  • Janet White

    That’s great! Wish there was more interesting advertising like that around.

  • Suicidal ‘Ling

    Wonder how they make the bottle light so the whole thing wouldnt come crashing down

  • Norman


    I really like your collection of optical illusions. I also believe it has no impact how good an illusion is and how many comments you get. Sometimes people might simply not have to add something.

  • RB2_Addict

    I wonder if the nail polish bottle is somehow attatched to a pole, then everything is just painted over. Incredibly brillant idea.

  • The illusion work because its a cardboard ‘cut out’. the pool of ‘Nail polish’ at the bottom is just a base and the ‘stream’ is a stand for the ‘Bottle’.

    It is Portable so long as it doesn’t get damaged by the mover.

  • Looks like a photoshop job to me!

    Look at the smaller one on the counter.
    I bet they just took a picture of the small one and photoshoped it into the picture.

    For some reason the reflection on the jar does not look right!
    I may be wrong, though…

  • Michael

    Interesting. I’m sure it would make my wife & daughters remember THAT particular polish.

  • Marrah . . . . the stream of “nail polish” that is being poured onto the sidewalk is supporting the “bottle” . . . .

  • lloyd

    its not an optical illusion, its just a model thing, cool though

  • David

    Yes, I like this type of illusion, it’s similar to the “Tap with running water”

  • Leslie

    Very cool way to advertise lol. :)

  • Leanna

    The nail polish pouring out is probably a plastic stand holding the bottle. I think this looks so cool. If I was walking on the other side of the street and saw this I would cross over just to get a closer look.

  • Brionny

    Its a pole with plastic over it.There was the same thing in the tenerife swimming pool.There was a tap and real water running down and the pole was inside the water.Took me the rest of the week to figuire that out :L

  • werkidsandcangetthis

    the nail polish coming from the bottle is holding the bottle up. most likely the bottle is plastic and filled with air while the nail polish is something very strong.

    sorry for ruining it…

  • Quake King

    the point of the ad is quick dry… so the nail polish dries so quick it acts as a stand for the thing, but it probably doesn’t dry that fast in reality!! but that’s just my theory.

  • The puddle on the bottom works like a stand or base- that way the sculpture can stay balanced despite the large bottle-shaped top. It stays balanced the same way certain lamps do.

  • Wheelz

    Simplicity is sometimes the best! :)

  • hehe. funny.

  • KeWl :D

  • Grace

    The “nail polish” was never nail polish at all. It is just a sculpture. But haha funny ad all the same.

  • MeEgAn GaLaNtE

    It is just a pink stick with a nail polish bottle at the end!

  • nico

    it looked liked a little post to me but i read the description then it got looked liked it was pouring then hmmm whats the real deal?