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By on July 29, 2011, with 44 Comments

In years of doing this what I do, I have come across various optical illusion patterns whose effect often can’t easily be explained. Still, them patterns provide very intensive results, most often having something to do with illusory movement of some sort. I have also learned how various patterns can cause nausea and make you feel quite uneasy. Just look at today’s illusion for example: not only will the water automatically begin pouring after some time, I bet it won’t take it long before you won’t be able to look at the given pattern no more. It somehow makes my head hurt, yet I can’t rationally explain why is this happening. If you feel masochistic feel free to use this picture for your desktop wallpaper. I dare you to try it :D Let’s see how long does it take before you go berserk!

Pouring Water Optical Illusion


44 Responses
  1. Anonymous says:

    wow that kinda hurts my eyes…

  2. kim wilson says:

    like the water taps

  3. kevin says:

    yea I don’t think this is working for me

  4. Brendan says:

    this is verrrry cooool !!

  5. Awesome says:

    umm first.

  6. brad says:

    i can see how its supposed to be working, but it isn’t for me :P
    I lvoe he Psychadelic mind melt though ;)! set that as one of my backgrounds! (ie. i’ve added it to my automatic rotation :P)

  7. ToAd says:

    I watched this for 7 minutes and only got bored. o.O

  8. memedai says:

    This is soo awesome. I really feel the way you do. Impressive but uneasy. Thumbs Up.

  9. kelly says:

    Love it!

  10. Bianca Lys says:

    oh gosh. my head hurts. it actually really works!

  11. Kimon says:

    This repetitive grid type of patterns make my eyes cross. I can’t seem to focus. I’m not sure about the pouring water effect. Hard to say with my eyes crossed…

  12. This guy says:

    Great! I can see it, but it doesn’t really hurt me… maybe…

  13. Dave says:

    This one DOES make you feel a little berserk!

  14. ramiro says:

    that was lame but kool lol

  15. Cat says:

    So maybe someone can answer this for me: Why do these “animated” illusions never “move” for me? No matter how long I watch this water one, the water never moves. No matter how long I look at those spiral ones, they never seem to spiral; yet I suffer from vertigo pretty easily in real day to day life pretty easily – amusement park rides, etc – to the point where I’ve been hospitalized for it. Thoughts?

    • Valerie says:

      Maybe you should sit a little bit further away from the screen….might help! I tend to get a better illusion when I sit further away.

  16. paul says:

    i dont know about pouring….
    it just makes me sine waves

  17. Care Bear says:

    How cool and green is that? The water can keep running without depleting the water supply. Al Gore should give you a medal!

  18. Dayhinu says:

    Gosh it makes my eyes start watering if I look at it to long! I can’t make the “water” move though?

  19. PromiseMe says:

    that is pretty cool!

  20. Jae says:

    I bet it won’t take it long before you won’t be able to look at the given pattern no more.

    should be

    I bet it won’t take it long before you won’t be able to look at the given pattern any more.

    Sorry, i don’t mean to be a dick it just bothers me. Anyways your sites pretty cool.

    • Double Annoyed says:

      Hey Jae: Nice job correcting one grammar error while making two of your own mistakes. ‘Anyways’ (with the trailing S) is not a word, and you forgot an apostrophe on ‘sites’. Perhaps you should leave the proofreading to people who actually finished high school, Einstein.

  21. kelly says:

    As soon as I opened the page, my eyes started hurting. That is what some given patterns do to me. My eyes begin to hurt and sometimes, I begin to get a headache. It did not take long to get a head ache from this picture. It is good to know that I am not the only one.

  22. Fred Taylor says:

    I don’t get it…

  23. Kyra says:

    this is kinda cool?

  24. Stanley says:

    This is a illusion page not an English page. But some of us just have to project ourselves on others. The water illusion is kool.

  25. DirectorNath says:

    i agree with Bianca it really does hurt ur eyes badly!!!!

    tis gr8 2 but ive cn better

  26. Tay says:

    cool! but i have to say it hurts my eyes after a while but i love watching/seeing these types of illusions :D

  27. Tay says:

    but it hurt my eyes after a while >.< i love watching/seeing these types of illusions :D

  28. Penguin.love says:

    owwww. xP

  29. jo says:

    Where we supposed to look at???…cause cant feel anytinhg and see nothing.

  30. DudeMan says:

    Let your eyes unfocus until two of the lines match up, like you’re looking at one of those 3D magic eye pictures.

    When I do this my eyes water and I start to get a headache. The water never seems to drip for me.

  31. maggie says:

    i dont get it????

  32. Anh Pham says:

    the explaination of this illusion relates to the “enigma illusion”, kinda caused by “eye movement” effect, check this link you will more understand. http://www.michaelbach.de/ot/mot_enigma/index.html

  33. David Blair says:


  34. MrsAtticusMitchell says:

    omg i found another one that kinda has the same patten thing
    when you move your cursor the swirl moves with you

  35. danielpauldavis says:

    Didn’t work for me at all.

  36. Judith Sharp says:

    I really like this illusion. Where can I find it as a print to frame? Its perfect for my sons’ bathroom.

    Can anybody tell me???

  37. Tim J says:

    I didn’t get either of the effects suggested, but instead a square appeared which rotated around on the black lines.

    Then I looked at that “Enigma” image someone linked, and there was almost no effect. But, when I closed either eye, the image began to shake violently on the screen.

    These illusions are awesome, but it’s a bit confusing that the result would be nowhere near what was expected.

  38. Detective Kitty says:

    absolutely splendid illusion…didn’t know what to expect at first but loved the effect,

  39. SelenaFan says:

    Like It Not Woking For Me!!!!! My EYES keep crossing!!!!!!!!! /:o

  40. joe says:

    i see it, its exactly like the dots illusion where the white dots appear when looking at the lines on the side of them or something!!!!

  41. jen says:

    nah, not working for me. I see taps and blue and black-white lines. that’s all. i see nothing moving or “pouring” at all

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