Pointing Fingers Optical Illusion

Now here’s one that will make you scratch your head, and exhaust your brain cells. After carefully observing the picture below, how would you answer the following question – which forefinger points exactly to the middle of the shape’s height? Would you go with finger A, finger B or both at the same time? This optical illusion is only one among pile of great ones created by incredible G. Sarcone. Use the comment form below to explain what influenced your choice! You can see the solution posted after the first picture, so be sure not to scroll down, before thinking of an answer!

Solution – It’s strange enough how great majority of people firmly believe that both fingers point at the middle of the shape’s height, this also goes for the individuals aware that one on the right appears to be lower (?!). The truth is that only finger B points to middle of the shape’s height, which you can see demonstrated in the figure below:

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    1. Well I think that people see that it’s an illusion, so they automatically assume that, despite what their eyes see, the hand’s must be at the same level, since that’s the answer to so many illusions.

  1. Frankly I think the change is too small. Even ignoring finger B and the rest of the shape, it is hard to judge wether dot A is precisely at the middle.

    Also, I think there is an element of GOTCHA for people used to illusions. Most of the time the answer to questions like this is that the difference is an illusion. So people are used to seeing tricks and force themselves to see the items as same.

  2. I thought A was in the middle with B being higher and this is with my new glasses on. I guess I need new glasses or a new eye Dr. or perhaps a brain surgeon.

  3. I thought they were both pointing at the middle because of so many optical illusions that show you two objects that look different but are actually the same… So I thought even though it looks like finger A is pointing a bit higher than finger B, they must both be pointing at the middle.

  4. If there seriously are people that think the fingers are on the same level, I do not want them building my house.

  5. i thought this was one of those illusions where the objects are the same size (in this case the same line), before reading the description. then i took out a ruler to see if they were pointing to the same spot but they weren’t. then i read the description. i guessed wrong!:(

  6. At first I thought it might be a trick question, like To the middle of the Shape, meaning none of them, then I thought both, but looking closer noticed the 2nd was lower by a small margin, but couldn’t determine which if any was exactly in the middle of the height.

  7. People thinking it’s both makes perfect sense. If people know it’s an illusion,they immediately think it’s the most confusing one.However,some people don’t.It might be something to do with our brains,but more likely to be what people usually think of when they think of,”Optical Illusion.”I thought it was finger B.

  8. First I thought it was B, but then I figured out that it was a trick, so I thought it was both!
    But alas, it was B!
    Nice illusion.

  9. I wasn’t sure if it was the middle, but A’ seemed to point at B’s knuckle so they could’t be both right. I chose A and scrolled down a loser. lovin this widget on my mac, thanks for all your hard work and creativity !

  10. I am sorry. I did feel that both fingers pointing to the center of the shape. The hand B is aligned a little down than the A. So we can understand both are not in same line.

  11. Its cool but all you have 2 do is look at a then move your finger across to get to b and you will notice that ur finger went down. So a is higher than b. Easy and obvious.

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