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By on October 21, 2009, with 54 Comments

Pocket Rocket Optical Illusion

Optical Illusion by Yamaha

Suzanne pointed me to this video commercial recently, created exclusively for Adelaide’s leading motorcycle superstore – Coast Yamaha. The motorcycle featured in video below was loaned from Clive Langley. I have to admit, I never expected such a twist!

I have to give credit to this motorcycle company – They truly understand the power of optical illusions in advertising. In a few years, when I’m done teaching marketing PR’s how illusory campaigns easily become viral, and how powerful impact they have on their audience, hopefully I’ll manage to shift on to the next level.

Next task: lure them to send in their content to Mighty Optical Illusions website, resulting with more fresh content for our audience (You), and wider reach to their brands. My ultimate goal for near future is to get quality, professionally created illusions, while in the same time being payed for the actual content. Don’t get me wrong – I’m not getting payed for this article. But just think about it for a second. Wouldn’t it be a “win-win-win” situation (visitors-me-advertisers), if for example Yamaha had previously recognized the size of our audience, and contacted me with offer to publish this video? Perhaps they don’t need to, as this kind of stuff is virally posted across the net, free of charge. But maybe, just maybe this will change in the future! Check the Billboards section for example – wouldn’t it be logical I got payed for each of those posts?  Unfortunately, I wasn’t…

Now admit it, how many of you saw that coming? Big thanks goes to Suzanne Green for sending the clip! “Firstly I have been a fan of Mighty Illusions for a few years – and I love them. I thought of you when I saw this, done by a local ad agency and very impactful. I hope you agree.”


54 Responses
  1. no video, where’s the link?

  2. Kevin says:

    Absolutely hilarious

  3. Kathy says:

    What were the gloves sitting on? You assume that they were on the bike, but it turns out that the bike is too far away from the driver. When he moves the bike, there’s nothing for them to sit on.

  4. Kalthia says:

    That is great!

  5. A. Nonny Moose says:

    That was awesome, and really clever!

  6. Taunide says:

    Our agency created two very similar spots
    http://www.clipfish.de/video/101994/ the other one (wich i cannot find) is a plane on the Flightdeck of a Carrier.. and suddenly a Fly lands on the Canopy.. a really big fly

  7. turtaf says:

    Where were the gloves standing, then?

  8. James Smith says:

    Great illusion.. I was wondering about the gloves too.. can’t see anything that they may have been sitting on after the bike moves..

  9. Luke says:

    Nice Illusion very clever

    By the way the business you spoke of may, or may not work, millions of different types of people view this website each day, but not all like bikes cars etc. so large companies will be skeptical about advertising here as they don’t want to be putting money into some thing which may not bring results if you had a census to find the average age + popular activities of people who use this site then you will have much better luck finding someone willing to advertise

  10. Jay says:

    This is the funniest ____ I’ve seen in a while.

  11. JasperT says:

    Very nice.

    I did notice the riders lack of feet before playing the video, so I was anticipating the results.

    Good luck with your financial endeavors.

  12. Name (required) says:

    Hah, I actually didn’t see that coming at all! That’s a great illusion =)

  13. born says:

    toooo predicteble

  14. If the driver was near the bike, you’d see his feet from the beginning… great job.

  15. JulianaBlue says:

    Oh god. This is great!

    Kathy, James Smith, and Turtaf.. About the gloves:
    I think that is a bit of the illusion itself. All you really saw was the guy bring his hand up and put the glove on.
    He could have already had the gloves in his hand, but just made it LOOK like they were sitting on something.

    I guess you could call it a mini little magicians trick. :D

  16. Klainvin says:

    That’s a polini bike… cute

  17. Moony says:

    That’s amazing! The engine started with just one pull of the starter cord!

  18. meh says:

    this is one of my favorites

  19. anonymous says:

    that was really funny, nice to have funny optical illusions once in a while

  20. Care Bear says:

    Good illusion. Annoying product. Those evil things zip up and down my street all summer. I just want to go out with a can of Raid in one hand and a fly swatter in the other. Mosquitoes with a glandular disorder. Hmmph.

  21. Yulia says:

    OMG, that’s amazing
    i was laughing so hard!
    i defiantly didn’t see that coming.

  22. YES! says:

    I think that they moved it while he’s moving forward. Like it is machine controlled and they pulled it down. Close to like a crane.

  23. YES! says:

    It meaning the glove holders.

  24. FREAKING HILARIOUS!!! ][_ [()] ][_

  25. Ashley says:

    That is so awesome! Looove it!!!

  26. Paul Geyer says:

    “Now admit it, how many of you saw that coming?”. Given the title, I expect everyone did. Great ad though. As for the gloves, I was wondering that too. Maybe whatever they were sitting on was edited out.

  27. Math says:

    Very cool made movie

  28. J.J says:

    The gloves were probably resting on something attached to the wall, either that or the bike at the beginning was different from the bike later on.

  29. Peter Gorham says:

    That’s very well done.

    The gloves are definitely resting on something – you can see that when he picks up the second glove. It might be something that is camouflaged to merge in with the background, but I’m more inclined to believe it was edited out of the shot – possibly by shooting in front of a green screen and then editing in the back ground.

  30. Polprav says:

    Hello from Russia!
    Can I quote a post in your blog with the link to you?

  31. ME says:

    When I started the video, I knew something was off about him and the bike…but I never expected that! Haha! Great illusion.

  32. someone says:


  33. Pocket Rockets says:

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  34. ally says:


  35. ally says:

    From Canda HELLO!

  36. nise426 says:

    lolol wow that was great.

  37. Kei says:

    LOL Hilarious!!
    It’s great illusion!!

  38. Brian Peralta says:


  39. asy says:

    Anyone that knows about bikes would have noticed that right away

  40. jojo says:

    Hahahahah that is SOO funny!! Great advertisment. Never saw that coming! Great job!!!

  41. jeremymercer says:

    if you look closely you can see a shadow directly under the bike that kind of gives you an idea of distance between the bike and the wall, which there seems to be a good deal of. but the guy is obviously standing right next to the wall, i kinda seen this one coming. as far as the gloves go, maybe he had his knee up and the gloves were sitting on his knee? i dont know

  42. jeremymercer says:

    nope, nevermind, disregard the glove theory… sorry

  43. blahblahblah says:

    hahahahahahahahaha very clever and smart

  44. MyTeacherThinksI'mRetarded says:

    LMAO :D

  45. Simon E says:

    What is more amazing is what the hell were the gloves he picked up, sitting on?

  46. Daniel says:

    firstly, WOO ADELAIDE! haha, we don’t get enough recognition for things =p i remember seeing this on TV a few times, haha

    secondly: the gloves are probably on some sort of stand, either see through plastic or green so they could edit it out later like they do with lots of movie scenes that involve things like safety harnesses and stuff that you’re not supposed to see… it’s “hollywood magic”

  47. Dan says:

    I did not see that one coming!

  48. GODdamn says:

    Where he picked up his gloves in the beginning of this video?

  49. HAHA HUHU says:

    Nice idea! More

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