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By on May 3, 2007, with 24 Comments

Jessica pointed me to a website of an artist called Phil Hansen from Washington. He creates art in an unusual way, like the two photos you see below. First one is a simple portrait of Daudi, a boy living in Uganda created using Star bucks coffee mugs. The second one is little more complex. The author stated that 2×4’s were lined up to look like framework of a house, and used a blow torch to burn in the image of a fire fighter. If you walk around this piece, the picture is only visible from one point of view, like the Cardiff Bay Barrage installation. This is what Jessica originally wrote:

“Hi! I love the site, keep up the good work! I was looking at an internet site that I love and they referred me to website of artist Phil Hansen. It’s worth looking at the pictures he has on display, it’s some very cool stuff. The link I give specifically is an optical illusion, but some of the others work too, I think, since they are photos made up of other things. Check it out, you’ll see what I mean!”

  • Vandigo

    Wow, those are really neat, I especially like the firefighter one. that takes some talent to do that.

    First comment! w00t

  • Anonymous

    Neither of these are technically “illusions”, but they are clever and amazing artwork. (Yah, I’m first comment)

  • Diana

    I love Phil Hansen art work check his website his videos are great.

  • Anonymous

    I agree wit vandigo, the firefighter burning is cool. POST MORE VIDEOS PLEASE

  • Connor

    awsome…thats really cool!!!!!!

  • Chris


    go to his pace there is even better stuff his live studio is the best

    this guy is amazing

  • Emily

    That is so cool! he must have drank alot of starbucks to make that

  • Anonymous

    To Vurdluk

    This is a great website. I have been enjoying the different illusions and other stuff.

    I have a comment to you specifically.

    I don’t think anyone enjoys the comments that are still being made by various people that they are the first comment. Who really cares.

    I believe you could let everyone know that those statements could/will be editted out of the comments that are submitted. Then no one will need to read those comments by people who think that is sooooo important.

  • Elliexx ANIMALS ROCK!! Abi xx’s friend!

    these r amazing, literally!
    they must hav taken ages to do! especially as they look like real photos of the boy & man, rather than paintings/drawings!!!!
    they r so kl!

  • emilie

    I don’t get it, it looks cool though

  • guitarking

    Wow… I can’t imagine me having that kind of talent…

  • Anonymous

    I guess we’re back to the stupid ‘first comment’ again.

  • T

    ok, i love these, but i thought you were sensoring out “first comment” posts. Clearly somebody immature enough to feel the need to write that is not really a suitable audience to be seeing some of these, in particular the natural camoflage style nudes, and other tradionally ‘taboo’ topics. I dont think we need an age limit, just a reminder that comments need to be purposeful in some way, and dont need pointless info.

  • The creep that follows you

    Wow. The first one is amazing. He must be a profetional.

  • Antik

    Yeah, it’s really awesome against all the odds!

  • Anonymous

    wow! that is sooo cool!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    that is soooo cool

  • Anonymous

    I wonder, could you duplicate this by merely using a projector to display the image? This would actually be fairly simple then. After projecting the image, trace it, and then fill it in. It would still be quite tedious though. Great pictures.

  • I look at this site on my wii!

    Lol, T contradicted himself! “comments need to be purposeful in some way and dont need pointless info” Lol!!

    anyway, i think he covered the part thats wood colored with something flameproof an thne burnt the rest. itd be to hard to just burn it exactly on the right spots.

  • Neat-Nit

    I want a Wii!!! :'( WAAAAAHHHH!!!! :P I’ll get it soon

  • Anonymous

    scuse me, they are BANKSY

  • Jade Horner

    wow that must of took ages =I

  • Jessica

    Anyone who doubts Phil’s work should visit his site (Philinthecircle.com). There are no tricks. This is pure artistic talent. Shame on those of you trying to downplay that.

  • MeEgAn GaLaNtE

    That’s soo cool I seen this thing before but with people not starbucks cups