Perspective Postcards Optical Illusion

Here’s an original idea what you can do, while on a vacation. This art was probably invented by the original author, Michael Hughes. You can find whole lot more of these on his website, where you can buy similar cool stuff. Check it. The guy we see in these pictures is probably Michael, and he made a great perspective illusion with postcards aligned perfectly with environment and then photographed. It makes a cute hobby, if you ask me. This is something new on this site, and closes thing we have, similar to these, is the relative sizes category. There you can find more illusions of this kind. Like the Office Pranksters and Man Holding a Sun. There are few more photos inside this article, but I placed Zadar on the main page, due it is city in Croatia, my home country. Which one did you like the best? Those that fit perfectly, or those that are from old times (like the black and whit photo of NY Statue of Liberty

Click Here for a RANDOM Optical Illusion

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  1. Nifty! I see that Charleston, South Carolina seems to be represented as well (Postcard 5). I live around the area. Thanks to Vurdlak for providing us all with many interesting optical illusions and other images!

  2. First of all, to the people who always feel they are the first to comment, quit commenting “I’m first” because usually your not!! We are not in the First grade (Well, maybe they are)

    These are really awesome!! My favorite one has to be the Zadar one too but not for the same reasons, even though my family is from Croatia & Serbia. But if you look at the shadows he even took it at about the same time of the day.
    I also like the Disney one & the Golden Gate w/ “A Starry Night” background. Thanks for the illusions I love the site, keep it up!!

  3. Some are fantastic, but the ones that look like they don’t fit, like ATHEN ACROPOLIS doesn’t look covincing. The change in color looks cool.

  4. That would be awsome if i could find a postcard that i could do that with! That would be the BOMB!

  5. Just a quick comment to the moron who thinks these are fake. If you are going to bash something try not to make yourself sound stupid. I love PhotoShop…but it isn’t that good. Check the shadows and lighting on the hands…every one of them is right for the image. And if you are going to try to make up words at least spell them right… PhotoShopped !!!

  6. Is there any way that you could tell us your e-mail. Cuz i found anotical illusion for you and it won’t let me submit one at the top of the page. So thanx!

  7. Beautiful idea, I’d like to try to take pictures like these! I especially like the one with the black and white card and the one with the summer card and the winter scenery.

  8. This could be a new kind of treasure hunt. Person with the closest images wins.

    Oh, and please just give a little effort into trying to puzzle something out before crying “photoshop”. You have to have a serious lack of imagination and ingenuity to write something off so quickly. (See 3D Rooms, there are more than a couple of idiotic comments in there)

  9. Truly, you’ve found a most splendid idea, and an especially creative angle on the whole thing. We love the juxtaposition of new and old, and the immediacy of ‘action’ photos like the one with Mickey Mouse. BE ENCOURAGED! hector and soozle.

  10. “quit commenting “I’m first” because usually your not!! We are not in the First grade”

    Well, who is ‘we’? “You’re” grammar certainly implies that maybe “your” not much older or smarter than first graders.

  11. k, i dont get y evryone says “first comment”a nd stuff like that.. but other than that i like the ilusion :D it looks cool


    i love it coz its the NY city and the statue of liberty shot from the correct angle and distance, it creates a master peice


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