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By on November 27, 2011, with 34 Comments

Not much can be said about the impossible pipe below. I don’t know who found it, revealed it’s existence nor took the showcased photo of it. Yet what I CAN tell you is that the illusion works great! The trick is obvious, and the perspective optical illusion works flawlessly. Still, if some of you know the original source and author, be sure to ping me so I can update the post with appropriate credits. Enjoy!

Perspective Pipe Optical Illusion


34 Responses
  1. quack yup quack says:

    its cool but it looks like the other way around

  2. Hannah says:

    Ha ha this is clever!

  3. bryanna says:

    la la la la la

  4. Olivia says:

    Coool lol

  5. Andrewpoky says:

    No offense but any one couldve done this

  6. Care Bear says:

    Now that is just flat out cool!

  7. leperchaun says:

    cool illusion!

  8. Gabe says:

    this one is simple

  9. Matther ,fl says:

    i’M THE FIRST ONE, this is a neat one

  10. Danielle says:

    I like this one. Twisted yet obvious!

  11. Charles Gee says:

    Almost perfect that tiny sliver of dark green on the horizon line under the pipe slightly spoils the effect. I give it an A-

  12. Thunder-Rose says:

    I SEE IT! Lets just say that it’s all in the angle of the photo! Another “clue”: Look at the shadow cast by the pipe. This will also “help” in seeing the “illusion” :)

  13. plmethvin says:

    OH MY WORD, IT’S MESSING WITH MY MIND!!! XD great post, bro.

  14. Jay says:

    Love all the illusions you encounter, thanks for sharing them all!

    Here’s one of my own that happened today completely by chance. I call it the phantom golf shot. Audio is important, and if you watch carefully after, you will see how it happened (no editing was involved).


  15. Carl Waring says:

    Whilst brlliant, unfortunately it’s not 100%. You can *just* see some green under the end of the pipe :-(

  16. Why Me?! says:

    Hi This Is My 1st Comment. This Illusion Looks Really Cool. I Hope You Do More Like This. :)

  17. yusuf says:

    intresting but the shadow on the ground kills the illusion…!!!

  18. j says:

    funny – it took me reading some of these responses to even see what the illusion was supposed to be – i could only see it the “proper” way

  19. Kelsey says:

    Would work better if the pipe got smaller instead of larger as it went “towards the horizon”.

    Pretty cook in any case :)

  20. j says:

    … and it WAS the shadow and the slight green of the trees between the pipe and horizon that made it hard for me to see the illusion

  21. Tunder says:

    That’s really amazing!

  22. eee efff geee says:

    hahahaha awesome XD

  23. S says:

    it is possible if you cut the pipe like that and then align the camera this the horizon lol and make it just look like it is impossible

  24. lilly says:

    3d wallpaper2

  25. Whatever says:

    I’m not sure but it’s kinda a real pipe and the end of pipe heading southeast touching the landscape line…

    first comment!!

  26. Roland Oughton says:

    That is One Sinister grey box.

  27. punkgalxx says:


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