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By on April 27, 2013, with 3 Comments

Perfectly Timed Photos, also known as Photos Taken at Just Right Moment are often to be found floating around the net. I tend to ignore them, until I’m able to collect enough qualifying samples, ones I can feature inside my #galleries. Even though most of them involve sun or a moon, there are other extraordinary examples featuring funny, puzzling, sexy or artistic moment. I’ve included some more popular ones, and you be the judge which of them features most of the mentioned attributes!

Perfectly Timed Photos [Gallery]
Perfectly Timed Photos [Gallery]
Perfectly Timed Photos [Gallery]
Perfectly Timed Photos [Gallery]

Check the Full Gallery of Photos Taken at The Right Moment:


3 Responses
  1. Anonymous says:

    They’re so cool! Love the Starbucks one.

  2. RangerJim says:

    “Perfectly Timed”? Perhaps, but perhaps a better description might be “perfectly posed,” eh? The sun and moon shots? You can do that in an old fashioned darkroom.

  3. cyd peace says:

    I agree, RJ. I didn’t see a single one that wasn’t most likely posed or shopped. Some are fun anyway – I love Obama and the crystal ball. Why can’t they just be presented for what they are????

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