Peacock Brothers Illusion

Old time viewers will probably experience some form of deja vu, but there is no harm repeating good stuff! Even the motive is a little different in today’s photo. So, how would you react if someone was trying to convince you that both of the peacocks in the painting below are exactly the same? I’m not talking about dimensions here, what I’m saying is that both of the peacocks are in the same color. Don’t believe me? Try expanding the solution below. Then you’ll see how this very same image looks like if we remove the background.

[DDET Click To See The Solution!]

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30 Replies to “Peacock Brothers Illusion”

  1. Now this is an indisputable illusion. At first glance it would appear that the color of the lower bird is the same gradient as the background. There are similar examples of this but it caught me off guard. I fell for it.

  2. allrigght,, nice one! but i still dont believe that the fet are in the same coulor… :-) XD

    probz from hollanda! keep doing ya thangz,, we love ya site!!

  3. This is a fine example of an art technique using contrasting colors. Artists can force the viewer’s perception of colors into unfamiliar territory. Vincent was an abuser of this technique to a most satisfying end.

  4. Little mistake on d top feathers of the peackocks head (dif coulors in d midle) but other dan dat they look egxactly d same.

  5. Great illusion once again but it would be better if the solution works as a gif or animation, as if the background was removed in a faded animation you know…i think the impact you be better…

    Thank you for the time and the great posts once again!!


  6. AWESOME! thats really good, and actually with the background you can also sorta see how they are kinda the same…still really good! :P

    first comment YEAH!

  7. I didn’t believe it so I printed the image and cut out the birds with an exacto knife. I can interchange them and the darker one is always on top. My wife thought it was slight of hand, so I numbered them 1 and 2. Now she believes. Awesome!

    Too much time on my hands!

  8. This appears to be a mistake… or in other words, a real TURKEY! If both birds were truly colored the same as shown, e.g., both had blue legs & feet, one of the them (the bottom one in this example) would have feet that disappeared into the blue background. Since this didn’t happen, who’s the PEACOCK who decided to fool so many folks?

  9. I also think Fred (7/18) is mistaken in his assessment. Even if the gradient of the colors is slightly different between the birds and the background, the bottom bird’s legs would still not show up as ochre, as is shown. Right, Fred?

  10. AWESOME!!! *claps enthusiastically* and to Greeng11 it was the background caught in the feather’s not the feather’s themselves

  11. Exactly! The one on the top has blue feet, the bottom one’s feet are ocre… I already printed out the boxes to find out they are different, so I guess if I tried it with these peacocks, the same thing would happen. People are soooo naiv, they believe everything on the internet ;)

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