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By on April 4, 2006, with 17 Comments

Can you beleive the middle tracks aren’t bent and in fact are parallel? I surely had hard time beleving it…Maybe not the best Magic Trick but still regular optical illusion.

Parallel Lines Illusion


17 Responses
  1. honey says:

    if u put a ruler or somthing strait aganst it, the lines arnet wavy

  2. laziness says:

    the circle-looking thingy makes the two tracks look bent because it’s difficult for your eyes to see two parallel lines as being parallel because they are surrounded by a circle.

  3. yemoja says:

    i have seen this one before

  4. Rona says:

    squint your eyes and imagine that the “star” is on top or on the bottom, and it will appear straight.

  5. Anonymous says:

    im tired of these boring illusions

  6. Anonymous says:


  7. Josh says:

    If you follow each line with your eye it becomes obvious their parallel =]

  8. hot chick says:

    i can see why there is only 9 comments can’t belive i am putting one

  9. yes I believe it’s parallel

  10. Woodcrow says:

    cant you see that the lines are straight and parallel? do this: printscren the image then paste it on ‘paint’ then erase the circle and the extra lines thats it!

  11. Noone says:

    the first time that I looked at it they did not look parallel but them i looked closer and they are totally parallel.

  12. mitch says:

    I also have found out that if you move the page up and down, it looks like a spider moving it’s legs.

  13. ThatGirl says:

    The two lines are bending….and…its pretty cool o3o

  14. kathie says:

    just as old as flip

  15. JohnnyLurg says:

    lol Kurt Vonnegut

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