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By on April 8, 2006, with 28 Comments

Today we got another user-submitted Optical Illusion to share with you! I encourage you once again to submit all your illusions, and once approved they will appear on our main page! Pope John Paul The Third submitted this fine work and explained it to us in following lines:

“Usually at first sight it seems it’s a bunch of oddly shaped paralellograms; but once you realize it, it’s actually one line.”

Paralellograms Illusion


28 Responses
  1. Zecc says:

    That makes 3 of us.

  2. Hai says:

    oh i get it

  3. Rayne says:

    This is what the stitching pattern on my blanket is like. lol! :D

  4. nancy says:

    if you stare long enough…you will see a bust and even longer you will see a face!

  5. M 2 the H O says:

    the description is wrong,
    the real illusion is that if you walk slowly away from the scrren you see a face,
    but does it look angry, happy or sad,
    i can’t tell,

  6. yemoja says:

    looks like angry micheal jackson san 2 me, if you walk away

  7. Universal BurninRubber says:

    Dutch: Ja, schijnt dat 1 lijn te zijn. Maar toch is het nog paralell!

    French: Oui, ce semble être 1 ligne. Cependant, c’est paralell immobile!

    German: Ja scheint die, 1 zeile zu sein. Jedoch ist es ruhiges paralell!

    Italian: Sí, quella sembra essere 1 riga. Tuttavia, é paralell tranquillo!

    Portuguese: Sim, aquela parece ser 1 linha. Ainda, é paralell imóvel!

    Spanish: Sí, ésa aparece ser 1 línea. ¡Todaviía, es paralell inmóvi!

    English: Yes, that appears to be 1 line. Yet, it’s still paralell!

    (The new universal feature is handy to anyone around the world that speaks a different language. For example, you were french, and you wanted to read what I or anyone wanted to say, but they were english. Do not fear, you’re troubles are gone! My new universal feature provides languages: Dutch, French, German, Italian, etc. Now anyone can read my comments or, if you have mac os x running dashboard, you too can be universal!)

  8. MMM says:

    1 line. that was the second thing i saw!
    (the first one was 36 lines… lolito)

  9. alana says:

    really? to me it looked like Queen Neffertiti, u know, the crown, and then the neck and shoulders? its like looking at her from the side though.

  10. Makiki oblerrone says:

    GREETINGS FROM Mccully, Oahu. (Hawaii)
    …Oh, yeah Honolulu says hi!

  11. (PHSYCIC) Universal BurninRubber says:

    I know this isn’t in different languages, but check this out, Makiki (CHAV)

    Makiki, You’re Nine years old, You’re male, and Your mum is called Sandra. Your car Is a Lexus IS 300 And you live in a flat on Mccully road. You have green eyes and brown hair.

    When you’re ten you’ll get an XBOX™ 360. Good enough for you? No? OK, You have 2 buddies; One called Milo And one Ben.

    I think we’re done here. Bye, man.

  12. scrabble42 says:

    Since when is there a Pope John Paul the Third?

  13. __Thirn of Living Computers says:

    I get what nancy means and also I knew that it was one line before I lay eyes on it.

  14. Sam says:

    What about me, (PHSYCIC) Universal BurninRubber, what do I look like?

  15. Choco-Holic says:

    Stare at it and walk away and you could see a skull with to freakin’ sweet horns that’s laughing.

  16. vnatc gauis says:

    mgynoe fnou qefk bqhjamw cvsjeuxpn grfubpdio rjis [URL]http://www.ulatmjr.lkvfnrchi.com[/URL] mteyxsc xfsnotedj

  17. blyad says:

    i see a bunch of scules

  18. Elliexx ANIMALS ROCK!! says:

    yeh it kinda looked like one line from the first time i looked at it.
    yeh, and i agree – it isnt really an illusion

  19. cheese says:

    i think it looks like my dog, monty

  20. damianna says:

    patience. nice job kid.

  21. Anonymous says:

    Pope John Paul the 3rd? really?

  22. They are all connected I wouldn’t call this much of an “illusion”.

  23. milie says:

    hey the name of my sis is nancy

  24. me says:

    that easy to see

  25. Amy says:

    who cares about the line thing if
    you scroll down while watch the lines
    you can see the face of a predator from the movie AVP (aliens vs. predators)

  26. SwishSwishStab says:

    At first…
    I saw the outline of a face.

    Then the face looked like it wanted to kill me.

    Then it turned into a skull. A small one. At the top.

  27. Zoe says:

    thats very funny. I like that 1. I can see the face and it looks like it has rings around it

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