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  1. There aren’t leaves at the top. Seeing as a shadow within a shadow can’t be that dark, therefore it is painted. Pretty clever.

  2. read the post, smart ones down there

    it says nothing can replace a tree they are making a statement…its not a real shadow and you dont have to prove it by looking at the shadow!

  3. this is cool, i wonder what kind of critics wouldn’t take this website at its word that this is a real illusion

  4. look…

    the whole shadow is painted. there is no way that the shadow of the pole is going to be darker than the shadow of the object behind it. if only the leaves were painted then the shadow of the “trunk” would not start at the base but would have dissapeared with the other shadow.


  5. Shadows don’t change shade. Shadows are AWAYS the same shade. And if you’ll notice, the trunk of the palm tree is a lot darker than the other shadow . . . hmm, it must be some sort of divine intervention from the paint gods themselves!

  6. I agree with Andrew, the whole shadow is painted, the shadows of other things are at a diff angle than the “tree” shadow.

  7. Anonymous: your anagramatic sentence is ubersimple. the translation is:

    In this picture the shadow is a bit to [sic?] dark although it is a great picture.

    It took me less than a minute to translate, no offence intended.

    the annoying thing about that picture would be that it would only work at that time of day at all, and only perfectly on one time of one day of the year. But it’s still an amazing piece of art, and a great message.

  8. That’s stupid. Notice the entire pole isn’t included in the picture? There could be an actual palm tree ornamentation just out of site.

  9. This is not a true pic. It was used as a compaign, obviously. It could have been photoshopped or whatever, but I assure, There was NO tree around the area.

  10. it isnt a shadow of the post because there is already a shadow over it. and if u read the post it says nothing can replace a tree. duhhh =]]

  11. OMG as soon as i looked at it i knew it was a painting…and if u notice it looks too dark to be a shadow..so umm ya im a really smart 11 yr. old

  12. Its fake, because shadows move depending were the sun is. The only way is if they painted the trunk of the tree.

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