Painted Electric Boxes Illusion

Optical Illusions in real life are great, specially if someone makes them interactive or even better – useful. Best example are those masked Cell-phone trees. Today’s post is similar in its nature. Would you believe me if I told you that these awesomely painted blocks below, are in fact electric boxes? You heard me right – those ugly looking piles of metal and concrete. Well, looks like someone had enough of them, and decided to decorate them a little, presenting us with free public exhibition. The first one pictures birds on a balcony fence. For the most part birds look somewhat real, except the last one. The second box is painted in a style of a giant fish tank. The third is of a book shelve with shadows. It looks quite real from a distance. The last one pictures a cute little cat chasing a butterfly through a window.

I’m going to add this illusion to our newly designed “3D Chalk Drawings” category. As I promised I started re-designing all other categories as well. For now, you can check “Afterimages” section, since it has been updated and completed. Enjoy!

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  1. super i love these all ugly things like these should be painted like this there an eyesore sometimes and to do this would make a whole city or town look much nicer without big metal boxes everywhere

  2. Hey that cartoon bird is from Disney’s “The Sword in the Stone”
    i think his name was Archemedies (sp?)
    i love all of these, wish there were some near where i lived! :(

  3. Archemedies it is gorp, great film.

    I think this is pretty cool would like it in my area, though I can see the lawsuits from parents of kids who tried to open the ‘windows’

  4. Ahh, funky!

    The bookshelf and fishtank ones are great! ^.^

    And whoever said so previously, they’re right … There should be more of these sort of things around, interesting to look at

  5. To Anonymous (post #8):
    That is called natural selection. Anyone who is stupid enough to break through the locks on the boxes, cut a three-inch cut-resistant cable and plunge any part of their body in between the two ends of the cable and doesn’t realise that what they are doing is in fact dangerous, at any point during their adventure, deserves to die (in my point of view anyway).
    Google ‘The Darwin Awards’.

  6. I worry that the city workers would not be able to find the boxes in order to keep them maintained. They’ll be looking for a big, obvious, grey metal thing, and all they can find is a bookshelf. Those guys aren’t so bright, you know. . .

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