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Good morning to all of you, and Happy Monday! The weekend is over, and now it is time to get back to work! There is one thought that might make all of you pause for a moment, and that is the fact that Christmas is only a little over three months away, and while some people love the idea of shopping and trees, there are some people that prefer to celebrate the fact that it is the birth of Jesus Christ. Today’s optical illusion is all about the face of Jesus Christ, but it is done in such a way that makes you see that the face is made up of small scenes. For anyone that does not know about the life of Jesus, the picture is comprised of different scenes from the life of Jesus Christ, and it is quite an interesting optical illusion.

The Face of Jesus Christ Optical Illusion

Ready for an optical illusion that it is a little tougher to find? Here is a great illusion, and you have to find the faces in this picture. In this optical illusion, you have to find a total of 13 faces, which means that it can be a lot of fun to find each one, and if you do manage to find them all, please leave us a comment.

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Sunday, happy Sunday to you all! Hope you are doing well, and enjoying your days off from work. While you are enjoying your last day off before the new week begins, perhaps you should something special like go to an art museum! The most famous art museum in the world is the Louvre in France, where the most famous painting in the world, the Mona Lisa is kept. This painting of a simple smiling woman has taken the world by storm because there is a lot of mystery surrounding who it is that Da Vinci painted when he created it, or is the woman a feminized version of himself? Today’s optical illusion is about the Mona Lisa, but with a fun twist! The idea is to look at the Mona Lisa and see just how many hidden things you can find within it! How fun is that to find hidden items in the world’s most famous painting?

The Mona Lisa Vision Test

Speaking of things that you need to find, take a look at this island optical illusion, and what do you see? Do these two little islands not resemble a crescent moon and a star? Good luck with the Mona Lisa eye test, and hope you all have a great Sunday!

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Good day to you all, and hope you all are enjoying your Saturday by sleeping in some and doing some relaxing. For those of you that live in a hot area, the weather should be starting to cool down, but a sudden snow storm might make you all pretty happy, and snow is just what today’s optical illusion is all about! Take a look at this picture of some snow covered houses, or perhaps a small village, and do you notice anything unusual about this particular picture? You are looking at this snowy picture, and you may notice someone looking back at you!  Whether by design or accident, this hidden face optical illusion is pretty neat.

Hidden Face in the Snow Optical Illusion

Want to see another optical illusion that involves seeing something from above? Take a look at this tree optical illusion that was taken from a small place, does not it not look like someone deliberately carved a tree into the ground? The fact is this is not something that was deliberately done, but actually a picture of an area that is used for logging and cutting down trees, but it sure does look deliberately done, which is the great thing about it. Enjoy your weekend, and we will speak again soon!

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Good morning everyone, and the last day of the week has finally arrived! Yes, today is Friday, and once the work day is done, the weekend can officially begin!  There are some places in the world that have bridges in them that everyone uses such as New York that has three of them, and of course, the famous bright orange Golden Gate Bridge of San Francisco, and today’s optical illusion is all about a bridge, but this one is a little different. You all probably notice, when you look at this picture that someone is looking back at you! Do you all see the face in the bridge? Whether this is a Photoshop creation or not, you have to admit it is pretty eerie to see someone looking back at you.

The Face in the Bridge Optical Illusion

Sometimes it is more fun to find hidden objects then it is to see a face in one, and for those of you that would rather seek out things, here is another great optical illusion involving horses. Take a look at this hidden horses optical illusion and see just how many horses you can find! Good luck seeking out the horses, and be sure you leave a comment below to let us know how many you found!

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Good morning, and happy Thursday to you all! It has been a hectic week thanks to having Monday off, but once this week is over, everything should be getting back to normal!  So, how do you all feel about anything that flashes?  Since today is Thursday, we have found an optical illusion that may blow your mind, and quite possibly your eyesight as well!  Today’s optical illusion is all about flashing colors, and once you start looking at it, it is hard to look away!  There are just so many questions that go through the mind when you see this flashing illusion, but it sure is both fun and interesting.  The great thing about optical illusions is that you never know where one is going to appear.

Flashing Colors Optical Illusion

To make today even more fun for you, we have an album cover that has things wrong with it. This Andrew Gold album cover has things wrong with it, and now you all get the fun task of finding things that do not belong, and there is supposedly 32 things for you all to find! This optical illusion should keep you all busy for some time, and if you do find all 32 things wrong, be sure you leave a comment below so we can know what you all found. Good luck!

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Good morning to you all! It is so hard to believe that it is already Wednesday. The week is going by super-fast thanks to having Monday off, and in a few days it will be time to relax once again when Saturday and Sunday comes around. Some people love to go someplace away from their home, when they have time off, and going someplace with water is always very relaxing. Today’s optical illusion is all about how something outside can look like something totally unexpected like a violin! Take a look at this picture of a small island, water, and some rocks, does it not look like a violin lying on its side?

Violin in the Water Optical Illusion

Want to see another great optical illusion that may or may not exit? Check out this beautiful horse, and look very closely at its head. Do you notice something on the white part of the horse’s head? The question is, is the white part of the horse’s head genuine or just someone being creative with a computer? We would love to know what you all think of Mr. Ed here and his optical illusion, so please be sure and leave us a comment below. Have a great Wednesday, and just hold on because the weekend, and more chances to relax, will be here soon!

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Good morning everyone, and hope you all had a great extended weekend! Today is Tuesday, but it will still feel like Monday to everyone, but that’s okay because it means that the week is going to go by pretty quick! Today, we have a great optical illusion for you all because it asks the question as to whether this is a side view of a man or the front view. So , take a look at today’s optical illusion and ask yourself that very important question.  Honestly, this photo is pretty cool, but confusing at the same time because it may be both a front and a side view, but your mind may automatically see it as one way or another, but still it is a great illusion that is a lot of fun!

Front of Side View Optical Illusion

Speaking of fun, how would you all like to do a little deer hunting? Take a look at this optical illusion, which is called, Gardner’s Deer Forest. This optical illusion is great because you get to find as many deer as you can, and we want to know how many of them you do find. When you all are done hunting the deer, be sure and leave us a comment below so we can find out how many deer  there really are in this great picture.

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Happy Labor Day to you all! Today is Monday, but everyone has the day off to celebrate the last day of summer vacation. Hopefully, you all are doing something fun, like going to the beach, but even at the beach, you can run into all kinds of really cool optical illusions. Take a look at today’s optical illusion, which is a salute to summer fun! Kids love to play in the sand, and bury things in the sand, but this illusion may take things a little too far! Does it not look like this little boy has lost his head at the beach?

The Headless Boy at the Beach Optical Illusion

This optical illusion was pretty straight forward, but how about one that makes you think? Take a look at this optical illusion, and ask yourself, is it a duck or a man going fishing? This illusion can really go either way, and you may have to turn your head or squint your eyes, and you may be able to see it! Anyway, hope you have a great Labor Day, and your last day of summer vacation is just as great as the rest of your summer has been.  Happy Labor Day, and we will talk again tomorrow for more great optical illusions.