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Morning to you all and welcome to the midpoint of the week, which is also known as hump day. People are starting to get into their groove by now, and the good news is that they are halfway through the week, which means those days off are getting closer and closer. When time off finally comes, people may have plans like perhaps inviting all of their best friends over for a dinner party. Dinner parties are great because they mean a lot of great food, good company, and maybe even a little bottle of wine or two.  With dinner parties in mind, take a look at today’s optical illusion, and do you see that there is a hidden dinner guest? Isn’t it amazing just how certain objects can be placed in just a certain way to create a hidden picture?  For those of you that are having a hard time seeing the secret dinner guest, the best place to start to see the image is the black tablecloth, which naturally, represents the hair.  The wine glass on the left also makes an eye, so that should help you all see it.

Hidden Dinner Guest Optical Illusion

Ready for something natural that looks like something else? Take a look at this rock formation, and when you look closely at the water line, you see that it makes a mom and her child who seem to be praying!

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Tuesday is here, and I hope you all are enjoying a nice cup of hot coffee or tea while you are scoping out the local news, and of course, some great optical illusions! Now, we all have various things to do in order to keep ourselves looking great, which includes things like going to get a haircut. However, some people really get a very special haircut, which brings us to today’s optical illusion! This gentleman decided to not only get a very special haircut, but take that haircut and turn it into another person! Does the top of this man’s head not look like another person, especially with the glasses? Or perhaps, it is not a haircut at all, but a twin! Either way, it is one great optical illusion.

Hidden Man in the Haircut Optical Illusion

Ready for another hidden image? Take a look at these pictures of the sky, and do you notice anything? Do these pictures of the sky not look like the hands of God? Are these real clouds or are they a brilliant picture manipulation? Sometimes the clouds can look like all kinds of cool shapes, but can they really look like two giant hands of what could possibly be God? Well, you all take a look at these pictures, and let us know what you think by posting a comment below.

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Good morning, and welcome to the last week of October! Halloween is in a few days, and everyone is excited about the possibility of dressing up in all kinds of great and scary costumes.  Are you all dressing up for Halloween, and if so, what kind of costume are you all dressing up as?  Because this is Halloween week, we have decided to make everything we post this week Halloween themed! Today’s optical illusion kicks off Halloween week with a bang! The butterfly is sitting in the eye socket of a skull, and with the design the design on the butterfly’s wing, it looks like the skeleton has an eye.

Butterfly Eye Optical Illusion

Ready for another fun optical illusion? Take a look at this group of squares, and see if you all can find the circles. In the center of the squares is an X, and if you all need help finding the squares, all you need to do is stare at it and you will see the circles.  Once you all have counted the number of circles, please do us a big favor and post in a comment below just how many circles you found.   Comments help us know what you all think of our illusions, and they can also help others find the circles. Good luck circle hunting, and have a great Monday.

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Sunday is here, and today is a day when people really go out of their way to relax. While relaxing, some people decide to leave their homes and head for the shore. In today’s optical illusion, you see two people out on the beach, but they are not alone. Can you all see that there are lovers hidden around the beach and in the sky? There have been many famous lovers that ended up dying tragically, and it could be that this beach is where their spirits have gone to find peace. Do you all see the couples that are hidden in this image?

The Spirit of Lovers On the Beach Optical Illusion

Speaking of hidden illusions, take a look at this wolf illusion. How many wolves can you all find hidden in this picture? There are some wolves that can be seen rather quickly such as the one in the sky, but that is not the only one around. There are at least eight wolves hidden in this picture, and if you all can find all of them, please leave a comment below. Remember, not everyone has good eyesight, and may need comments they can use as clues to find these furry hidden objects. Good luck in the wolf hunt and have a great day!

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Friday is here, and now everyone is feeling great because after work, the weekend will officially be in full swing!  Friday is the last day of the week for most of us, and now two days of fun can begin.  While out and about over the weekend, you all may go someplace where you get to see some wildlife, like a wild animal park, or just a zoo in your hometown.  Today’s optical illusion is all about natural wonders, and these two eagles in the image above are very special.  You may notice that there is a face hidden in the feathers of one of the eagles, and it looks like a Native American that is actually watching over and protecting the two birds. Native Americans believe strongly in the spirits protecting nature, and this illusion proves it.

Pair of Eagles Optical Illusion

Speaking of the natural world, we have something to show you all that you are not going to believe! Do you believe in the existence of sea monsters? If you do not, we have an image of a sea monster to show you that just may terrify you beyond belief! A man claims that this is a real creature he found on the beach, and it truly has all of us baffled!   Have a great Friday!

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Thursday is here, and we are all getting excited because tomorrow is Friday, which is the start of the weekend for some of us! Some people are lucky enough to work close to where they live, which mean they can easily walk to work. However, what people may not realize is that sometimes there are hidden gems under the streets they walk on, and they may not even know it! Today’s optical illusion is all about what lies beneath, which may include a beautiful, hidden waterfall.  What do you all think of this waterfall that is just under the street?  There is a secret to this hidden waterfall, and that is the fact that it is not real, but rather a very detailed and amazing work of art!

Hidden Waterfall Under the Street Optical Illusion

Ready for another optical illusion that is incredibly deceiving? Take a look at this broken window, and you may all notice that it really is not broken, but just a very clever way for to get attention of the people passing the window on the street. After all, the human eye is going to go directly to the center, which was where this shop cleverly put the item they want people to see!  Hope you all have a great Thursday!

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Welcome to the official middle point of the week, which is also known as hump day.  You all are working hard, but all you have to do is hold on a little longer, because there is only a few more days to go before it is time to relax.  Once the work week is done, there is nothing more relaxing then heading to the forest to do a little hunting, or just to walk around and enjoy the cooler weather and beautiful fall colors.  Some people love to go hunting, and during the fall, certain animals are in season like deer. Have any of you ever gone hunting in the woods, and felt like you were not alone? Well, that is what today’s optical illusion is all about, a spirit of a hunter in the woods.  Can you all see the hunter? For those of you that can see the spirit, please leave a comment below to help those that cannot find the spirit.

The Hidden Hunter In the Woods Optical Illusion

Ready for some other great fun? Check out this illusion involving dancing robots! Isn’t it amazing what a few dots with white outlines can do? If you watch these dots closely, the white outline around them is going to give them the appearance of dancing all around! Enjoy the dancing robots and have a great day!

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Good Tuesday morning to all of you, and hopefully you all are getting ready for the time change that is happening soon.  Some people have a lot of problems going back one hour in the fall, or going ahead one hour in the spring. However, time change means more time for fun, like heading out to the woods to see the beautiful leaves change from green to the many colors of the autumn. Today’s optical illusion is all about going into the woods, and sometimes while there, people claim to have a religious experience whenever they are outdoors because they claim the forest is full of spirits. If you all look closely, you will see a young child in the woods, and there can be a lot of reasons why there is a child spirit haunting the forest. It’s all based on your perception.

Baby in the Woods Optical Illusion

Ready for some more outdoor fun that can also be a great place for an optical illusion? Going to the beach can be a lot of fun, but who knew that some people love it so much they end up losing their head over it? This poor man went to the beach for the sun, and ended up with a lot more than he bargained for! Have a great Tuesday everyone!