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So many optical illusions deal with the macabre. Skulls, for instance, are a common theme among many spooky optical illusions. There’s just something a little creepy about a bare human skull, isn’t there? I know we’ve had a lot of skull illusions on the site in the past, but they never seem to get old.

And, I’m going to add one more human skull illusion to the list today…

human skull illusion

This is one of those images that’s actually two images in one. Some people might notice one before the other. Which did you see first?

Did you see the woman in the hooded white cape at the alter with a round window and candles behind her? Or did all of the elements in this image create the human skull illusion for you right off the bat?

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Impossible objects have always been a source of fascination, especially with optical illusion lovers. The classic impossible object illusions are pretty well known, like the devil’s fork and the impossible triangle. But, there are still artists creating these awesome illusions today. Tamas Farkas is one of them.

From what I can gather, Farkas is a Hungarian artist. He has created several pretty amazing optical illusion pieces, which you can see on his website. Ive also grabbed a few of his images to show you guys here…








His work is pretty exquisite, isn’t it? Simple is some ways, yet intricate and complex at the same time. These pieces of illusion art are pretty to glance at, but you’ll notice just how complex (and impossible!) they are once you delve into them and study them a little closer.

If you loved these Tamas Farkas illusions, don’t miss the other impossible objects on the site!


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It was unfortunately a late morning here in Illusion Land. We all overslept, and Kid #1 and Kid #2 were both late for school. Again. Fun times! So, this morning’s illusion is going to be a quick one, because Mama-lusion is way behind schedule. It shouldn’t take you long to spot the oddity in this butterfly illusion…


I felt a little dense the first time I looked at it. I knew there was something more to see here, but the number on the wing didn’t jump out at me right away. It took me a bit to see the 89 in this butterfly illusion. Or, is it a 68….?

I swear, you guys must think that I’m a complete dolt sometimes! The simplest illusions trip me up at times. In my defense, I’m often searching for illusions either really late at night or really early in the morning, when I’m beyond tired. No matter. I should probably stop admitting when I’m dense and just let y’all think that I’m an illusion wizard!

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Does anyone know what a pareidolia is? I didn’t until this morning, so I’ll enlighten you. A pareidolia is an illusion wherein the mind perceives a random or obscure image or sound clearly as something more familiar. A good example would be seeing Jesus in a grilled cheese or even something as simple as seeing a goofy little happy face in a potato. Today’s wolf and horse illusion is a great example of a pareidolia…

wolf and horse illusion

If you’re like most people, you can probably clearly see the wolf in the white markings on the horse’s hindquarters. It’s clear as day, isn’t it? And, if were actually real, it would be pretty spectacular!

Unfortunately, this wolf and horse illusion is a Photoshop job. A pretty awesome, clever Photoshop, though! It was actually the first place winner of a DesignCrowd Photoshop contest. There were actually some pretty awesome submissions to this contest, and it’s worth checking out!

If this wolf and horse illusion looks familiar, there’s a reason for that! Remember the horse with “HORSE” written on its side?

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Another spring morning, another pile of snow outside. This cold weather is really starting to be a pretty big bummer here! I can’t wait for warmer days and fun in the sun to get here permanently! Well, temporarily permanently. Either way, I have a completely unrelated building illusion for you today.

You can look at this building illusion two different ways. First, look at it from the top down…

vertical or horizontal building illusion

It’s easy to see that it’s a regular, normal everyday building, right? You can see the sky above it, and the vertical walls rising up. It has some strange decorative brickwork on the side, but it’s still a regular building.

Now, take a look at the same image from the bottom up.

Does it still look like a building? To me, it looks like a set of brick steps when you look at it from the bottom up. Very, very ambiguous if you ask me…

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It’s the second morning in a row that I’ve woken up to snow on the ground outside. Even though it’s already spring, it seems as though Mother Nature has decided to play one last little snowy trick on us. After a whole mild winter with very little snow (highly unusual for this area), we got dumped on one last time and now my daffodils are dead. Bummer! On the plus side, I figured that today was a good day to pull out a snowy illusion. Can you find the hidden animals in this snow illusion…?

hidden animals illusion

Some of the hidden animals in this snow illusion will probably jump out at you; others, not so much. It actually took me a couple moments to find the one group of animals.

It wasn’t until I actually posted this snow illusion just now that I saw another animal hidden in this picture. The second hidden animal that I spotted was rather large, so I’m not sure how I missed it the first time around!

I’m sure there are more hidden animals in this snow illusion that I just haven’t spotted yet, and I know you guys are pretty good at stuff like this. What other hidden animals do you spot in this image?

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One of our readers recently sent a link to an artist’s website that you might find interesting. Kumi Yamashita is a Japanese artist who creates some pretty amazing pieces with light and shadow. Each piece is created by carefully sculpting an object so that it throws a shadow when placed in front of a light source. Now, all solid objects have shadows, of course, but these objects are sculpted to throw shadows that look like faces and people. Take a look at this shadow optical illusion for example….

shadow optical illusion

You can clearly see the profile of the woman’s face in this shadow. But, the sheet causing the shadow does not look like it has been sculpted at all; it just looks like a regular sheet.

Here’s another angle of this shadow optical illusion…

shadow optical illusion 3

It definitely takes some talent to create a shadow illusion like this! That’s not all, though, you can check out Kumi Yamashita’s website for more awesome light and shadow illusions.

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Hidden object illusions are always fun. They’re creative and unique, and they make you think a little, which is always a good thing! A little workout for your brain is never a bad thing, right? And, I have just that for you today in this hidden faces illusion.

Take a look at the image below. You can probably see the man’s face right away, but there’s more than meets the eye in this image. His three daughters are also hidden in the image. Can you see them…?

hidden faces illusion

I have to admit that this hidden faces illusion stumped me for a bit. I found two of the daughter’s faces pretty quickly, but the third one eluded me for a bit. I did eventually find it, but it took some searching on my part.

Did you find all three hidden faces in this illusion? How long did it take you?

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