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By on September 10, 2016, with 1 Comment  

Some things just end up blending into the background, don’t they? I’m talking about the ordinary, everyday things that we walk by and even interact with on a daily basis that just seem to blend into the background. Until someone makes it so they don’t just blend in anymore. That’s the case with these piano stairs…



Whoever painted these piano stairs must have a creative mind and a love for music. It’s such a simple concept, but packs a serious punch.

It looks as though just the riser parts of the steps have been painted white with a simple black stripe. But, anyone standing at the bottom of the stairs can look up and see a giant piano keyboard. I imagine that the stairs would look like this when walking up them as well. I’d definitely say that these don’t just blend into the background any longer! It would be hard not to notice these stairs when walking by, and even harder to stop yourself from climbing them.

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By on September 6, 2016, with 1 Comment  

I have a somewhat classic optical illusion for you today. It’s a little puzzling, though, so let’s see if you can figure it out. Can you count the bars in the optical illusion below?


Do you have your answer? Most of you probably counted 8 bars, but some of you may have counted 7. And, you’d all be right, in a way. Depending on which side of the row of bars you started counted on, you would have come up with either 7 or 8 bars.

Did you a hard time trying to count the bars in this illusion? Before you leave, don’t forget to rate this illusion with the stars below!

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By on September 5, 2016, with 4 Comments  

Spot the difference puzzles were always a favorite of mine as a kid. They aren’t exactly “real” optical illusions, but they sure do have a way of tricking your eyes sometimes! Some are so tricky that it can be frustrating to find all the differences between the two images.

Hopefully, though, this spot the difference puzzle is just hard enough to challenge you a bit but not drive you crazy! Can you spot the 9 differences between these two images?

spot the difference

You’ll have to look pretty closely to get these ones, most likely. But, I promise you that they’re there—all nine differences! Good luck!

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By on September 3, 2016, with 3 Comments  

Lately, I’ve been listening to a lot of classical crossover music. I’m not sure why, but it’s very soothing and has a nice calming effect on me. I highly recommend it for those really stressful days. I personally LOVE string quartets, but string and piano duos are a close second favorite of mine. So, when I saw this shadow piano illusion, I just had to share with you guys!

shadow piano illusion

The shadows of the railing create the illusion of a giant piano keyboard on the ground here. Pretty cool, huh?

But, I can’t help but wonder if this piano illusion was purely on accident or if the railing was built this way on purpose. What do you guys think? If I was a builder, I know I’d try to always work some sort of oddity or illusion into my creations.

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By on September 2, 2016, with 0 Comments  

If you’ve ever seen Lake Erie, you know just how beautiful it can be. All of the Great Lakes are quite beautiful, and the entire region itself is stunning. But, like all large wonders of Mother Nature, even something as beautiful as a mighty lake can have a dark side. I’ve lived next to Lake Erie, and I know just how volatile and unforgiving it can be at times. That’s why when I saw some photos taken by David Sandford the other day of the turbulent Lake Erie waves, I was just transfixed!

One of the images in particular really caught my eye…

lake erie waves

See something a little sinister here? Some people see a skull, but I see Death himself. His face, his robe, and his outstretched arm are all formed by the massive waves of Lake Erie.

It was an amazing shot and definitely a chilling sight!

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By on August 31, 2016, with 0 Comments  

I haven’t put up many perfectly timed nature photos lately, have I? They’re like they’re own type of illusion in a way, but the fact that they’re completely real just makes them so much better in my opinion! This morning, I have a pretty cool flower sunset illusion for you…

flower sunset illusion

So, this flower sunset illusion may not look extremely difficult to capture to some of you, but think about being the photographer here.

First, you have to have the settings just right on your camera, otherwise the shot is ruined. The, you have to wait for the sun to dip low enough in the sky that it’s in just the right spot. Finally, you have to line up the fluffy dandelion top with the ball of fire in the sky to capture your shot. In the end, though, all of that work is well worth it, as you end up with a pretty cool sunset picture!

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By on August 29, 2016, with 6 Comments  

Cats are notoriously sneaky little creatures. They’re able to sneak up on almost any other creature without being detected. Even modern house cats have retained some of this instinct, and we still see predatory behavior. In addition to being sneaky little things, cats are also known for their exceptional hiding abilities. They’ll hide just about anywhere they can fit, including under furniture and in boxes. Some cats can even hide in plain sight! Since I know you guys love searching for things, I’ve rounded up a pretty difficult find the cat illusion for you!

Can you spot the feline in the picture below?

find the cat

This one is a pretty difficult one, actually. I’m not going to tell you where the cat is in this image, but I will give you a couple of hints. Here goes…

  • The cat in this image is stretched out and napping.
  • The cat is an orange tabby cat.

So, did my hints help you find the cat in this image?

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By on August 28, 2016, with 0 Comments  

Dogs have been considered man’s best friend for ages. They are our companions and our partners. For many of us, our dogs are more than just four-legged furry friends. They are a part of our family. We love the, no matter what. Even when they rip up an entire roll of toilet paper, eat a landscaping railroad tie in the yard, and even nip at our butts when we don’t pay enough attention to them. Yes, I know doggy antics all too well, as I have a black lab myself. And he’s awful. But, I still love him to pieces, even when he’s being awful! But, he always looks so happy, even when it feels like my world is falling apart. Kinda like the look on the faces of the dogs in this black dog / white dog illusion…

black dog white dog illusion

Always happy go lucky! But, enough about my pup, right? I’m curious to know which set of dogs you noticed first in this dog illusion…

Did you see the black dogs or the white dogs first? Be sure to comment with your answer below. I’m betting that most of you saw the white dogs first, but I could be wrong. That’s been known to happen from time to time…

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