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We sometimes think of optical illusions as more modern additions to the world of art. But, this simply isn’t true. Optical illusions have been around forever! The Ambassadors is an oil on oak painting by Hans Holbein. This painting is a double portrait and it includes several seemingly random objects in the background.

hans holbein 3D painting

But, there’s also something else in the painting. Take a look at the bottom. You can see something undecipherable stretching up from the bottom left toward the gentleman on the right.

Can you tell what it is? Unless you’re REALLY good, the only way to see what this object actually is is by looking at the painting from the right side…

hans holbein anamorphic skull

And, there it is! Hans Holbein painted a hidden skull into his painting!

You can see this in action in the nifty little video below…

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We’ve all seen the monstrous sidewalk chalk art illusions, right? Sure, they’re incredibly impressive and take tons of talent to pull off, but sometimes small scale sidewalk chalk art packs just as much of a punch!

Check out this awesome small scale chalk art design by artist David Zinn to see what I mean…

david zinn sidewalk chalk art

This piece of sidewalk art was created on a concrete step. The cat above is getting ready to pounce on the little man coming out the door below. It’s so well drawn and shaded that it almost appears real!

I love this pie of chalk art! Although it’s small, I think it packs just as much of a punch as some of the massive pieces created by other sidewalk artists! This isn’t the extent of his work either. You can check out more small scale chalk art designs on his website.

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I have a little different type of illusion for you today. It’s definitely an interesting start to the new week! Feast your eyes on this confused mom optical illusion…

confused mom illusion

Poor mama! All she wanted was a profile picture with her and her two babies. Well, Facebook apparently had different ideas on what her babies actually WERE. And, I have to admit, at first glance, I thought the same thing. Not gonna lie, though…sometimes I do have a dirty mind. And, I know I’m not the only one, hmmmm??

What about you? What did you first see in this confused mom illusion? Did you see something completely innocent? Or did your dirty mind creep in and take over too…?

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We were watching old cartoons last night as we sat up at my mom’s last night. A ittle Foghorn Leghorn, Tom & Jerry, and Wile E. Coyote is enough to put anyone in a better mood. Oddly enough, I just happened to run into a fun tunnel illusion that reminded me of Wile E. Coyote, the sneaky little thing that he is!

Tell me that this image doesn’t remind you of that nefarious little coyote and his roadrunner nemesis!


There’s one thing that I don’t quite get about this tunnel illusion, though. I wonder if it was Photoshopped, or if someone really put a huge image of the tunnel here. My bet’s on Photoshop here, I think. Placing a huge image of a tunnel in front of what is presumably a tunnel seems a bit dangerous, no?

What do you think? Photoshop or clever artistry?

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Yes, another skull optical illusion! I know we’ve had quite a few skull illusions on this site, but they always seem to be a hit. They’re one of the most common and popular illusions it seems too. I run across skull illusions all the time, and most of them are pretty awesome!

Here’s yet another one to add to our collection too…


The first thing that jumps out at me in this illusion is the skull, obviously. But, this is actually a drawing of what looks like a man and a woman riding in an old fashioned car. These two make the eyes of the skull, and the dog between them make the nose, while the grill of the car forms the mouth and teeth.

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I’ve run across some pretty cool moving GIFs in my time doing this. But, today’s moving GIF is one of the coolest I’ve seen so far! It’s an image of a stone gate, but it appears as a 3D image.

Check it out…

3d image

How cool is that? All this image is is a combination of two photographs flickering back and forth. One is at a slightly different angle than the other one. Putting them together and switching back and forth between them quickly like this produces a 3D image. It’s so simple, yet very effective!

What did you think of this moving GIF? Don’t forget to rate it with the stars below before you leave!

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When people talk about little kids, this next illusion is probably not what comes to mind. But, it’s definitely a pretty cool little person illusion. Take a look!

small person

This photo seems to capture two kids—one normal size one and one that’s either really huge or really tiny. For the sake of keeping things simple, let’s just say that the one is very, very small.

This little person illusion, though, is just a clever photography trick. It’s a perfect example of forced perspective in photography. Both children are normal size, of course. One is just standing on a log in the background, making him appear much smaller than the child in the foreground. The positions of their heads and faces also add to the illusion of vastly different sizes.

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The 2016 Olympics have officially started and are in full swing in Rio! In honor of this special occasion, I figured that an Olympics-themed optical illusion was in order. Check out this moon and Olympic rings optical illusion from one of the past Olympic games…

moon and olympic rings optical illusion

This is a perfect example of a perfectly timed photo! The photographer who captured this moon and Olympic rings optical illusion had to be in the perfect place, at the perfect time, and shoot at the perfect angle. It’s like the trifecta of perfectly timed photos, and he or she nailed it! Any earlier or later and the full moon behind the rings would have been off, spoiling the shot.

Make sure you leave a rating for this moon and Olympic rings optical illusion with the stars below! Then, take a moment to root for your favorite country in the comments below!