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By on July 28, 2016, with 0 Comments  

Mirror illusions are nothing new. We’ve had quite a few mirror illusions posted on here in the past, and they’re usually pretty cool. Today, though, I have a creepy mirror illusion for you. It’s actually a really simple little illusion, but I love the effect!

Check it out…

creepy mirror illusion

Usually, a mirror reflects back anything it sees. But, this time, it looks like there’s someone staring out of the mirror even though she’s facing away from it.

This image is most likely a composite of two different photos—one with her facing into the mirror, and one with her facing the camera. Putting the two images together with some photo editing software makes for a simple yet creepy mirror illusion! It’s probably even one that you could replicate at home. I’m thinkin’ Christmas cards…

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I have a pretty cool artsy illusion for you this morning! It’s very beautiful in and of itself, but it’s also hiding something a little interesting. So, which did you see first here—the horse or women?

Which did you see first the horse or women

To me, the women are the most obvious element of this image. They’re the first things that pop out at me. But, the way they’re posed also forms the shape of a horse head.

The woman on the right appears to be holding a ball, which also forms the horse’s eye. Both of the women are also raising their arms above their head and holding their long hair, which forms the horse’s ears.

Be sure to let me know which you saw first in the comments below—the horse or women. I’m curious if any of you saw the horse first.

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By on July 26, 2016, with 7 Comments  

Years ago, I used to love word search puzzles. After I did too many, though, they just got too easy. They were really no longer a challenge, so I abandoned them for more complicated puzzles. Word searches still hold a special place in my heart, though, and I still do love some of the find the word puzzles that you see floating around social media from time to time.

Some of these puzzles are pretty easy, while others are…well, difficult! Today’s puzzle is a little more on the difficult side, which I love!

So, can you find the hidden word in this puzzle?

find the word

This puzzle may be difficult, but I promise you that the hidden word is there. I wouldn’t have posted it if I couldn’t see it myself.

How long did it take you to find the word in today’s puzzle? Don’t worry if it took you a little bit; it’s pretty tricky to find!

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Anyone here play checkers? I, myself, am pretty terrible at checkers, but my 10-year-old son is pretty good at it. As I sat here this morning, watching him play his sister in checkers, it occurred to me that I haven’t put up a good checkerboard illusion in a while.

So, here you are!

double sided checkerboard illusion

It’s easy to get confused when looking at this checkerboard illusion. When we look at the white pieces, it appears as if the board is lying flat, such as on a surface. But, look up in the opposite corner, and it looks like we’re viewing the bottom of the board, which is floating in mid-air. So, it seems to have two sides, defying all laws of gravity.

It’s definitely a little mind-blowing, and pretty cool! If you liked this illusion, don’t forget to rate it with the stars below!

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By on July 24, 2016, with 2 Comments  

Sundays are a pretty lazy day around here. It’s the last day of the weekend, and the last day off before I have to head back into the office on Monday morning. I gotta tell ya – not really looking forward to it! Oh, well, though. I guess no one really looks forward to going to work, right? But, on the last day before we all have to go slave away for the boss man for yet another week, I have a fun mythical creature stereogram for you!

Can you see which mythical creature is hiding in this image?

hidden mythical creature

Can’t see the hidden images in stereograms? Try these tips and tricks:

  • Hold your face close to the image and slowly back away or move the image away. Keep focusing on the stereogram until a 3D image pops into view.
  • Unfocus or relax your eyes while staring at the stereogram. Do it until the image doubles then becomes very blurry. This is actually the method that works best for me, and I can see some stereogram illusions within seconds with this method.
  • Look through the image. If it helps, you can focus on an image a few feet away from you then slowly move the stereogram in front of the object while still focusing on the spot a few feet away.

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It’s a beautiful summer day today, and I can’t wait to get out of the house and enjoy some of this weather! Before I take off, though, I wanted to leave you guys this beautiful tree face illusion. This image really struck me for some reason. I just found it so gorgeous!

tree face illusion

There have been a lot of flower face illusions in the past, but this one really caught my eye. Its such a stunning piece of art! Not only is the optical illusion part pretty amazing, it also has some beautiful colors in it! Whoever the artist is, they definitely have some amazing talent!

If you know who to credit this tree face illusion to, drop a comment below. I’d love to check out some of their other work. And, as always, don’t forget to rate today’s illusion with the stars below!

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It’s Friday! That means just one more day until a much needed break from work for most of us. That’s great, but don’t Fridays always seem to drag on a lot longer than almost any other day? Today’s clock illusion really seems to sum up what Fridays are all about in my office.

I’m just sitting here on Friday afternoon, watching the clock like….

clock optical illusion

I swear the clock moves backward some Fridays! Time just draaaags on. And it feels like I’m going to be sitting at work FOREVER.

But, not too much longer! I need to stop staring at this clock illusion and just put my nose to the grindstone, and the weekend will be here before I know it!

Happy Friday, everyone!

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By on July 21, 2016, with 2 Comments  

Has anyone heard of The Wonder Spot of Wisconsin? Apparently, this was a huge tourist attraction in the 1950’s, and was touted as a place where “the laws of natural gravity see to be repealed”.

Visitors the this attraction could visit a pretty crooked cabin, which was impossible to stand up straight in, and chairs balanced on two legs. Water also seemed to flow backwards in this mysterious spot.

The Wonder Spot was unfortunately sold in 2006 to the local village, and plans for a road were underway. That may have nixed any chance for future generations to visit The Wonder Spot of Wisconsin, but lucky for us, tourists back then took lots of pictures!

Check it out…

the wonder spot of wisconsin 1

the wonder spot of wisconsin 4

the wonder spot of wisconsin 3

the wonder spot of wisconsin 2

Come to think of it, The Wonder Spot of Wisconsin sort of reminds me a little of this crooked building