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Hello everyone, and welcome to Monday! We know, we know that the weekend is now over, and now it’s back to work. However, there are some things to look forward to like Friday when the Avengers 2 come out? We are all very happy about that movie coming out, and we are counting down the days until it opens out. So, how many of you are all about animals, and cats, in particular? Well we here are big animal lovers and we are huge fans of cats. Today’s optical illusion is all about a very talented cat who can do martial arts. Come on now, who does not love this karate cat?

Karate Cat Optical Illusion

Ready for more fun optical illusion all about finding faces? Well here is one great finding faces optical illusion that we know you all are going to have fun with. Take a look at this illusion, and try to find as many faces as possible. We don’t know how many faces there are, and we want you all to tell us how many you guys find. Now, we know you all are shaking off the weekend, but buck up because another great weekend will be here soon, and you can all watch the Avengers 2 with the rest of us! Have a good Monday!

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Hello to you all, and welcome to Sunday! So what did you all do yesterday to celebrate the first day of the two day weekend? Well we didn’t do anything very exciting ourselves, but we hope you all did for us! How many of you all are packing your stuff up and heading into the words for a day of enjoying the fresh air and sunshine? Speaking of the woods, we found today’s optical illusion in the mail, and we think it’s rather interesting. Check out this lady in the woods, and you all may have a hard time seeing her because she blends into the woods so well. Now, is this woman a goddess of the trees or just a woman that loves the woods so much she began to turn into a tree herself?

Lady in the Woods

How many of you all have ever seen optical illusion tattoos? Well check out these tattoos that have more than one meaning if you look at them in just the right way! Tattoos can be fun, but who knew that they can be turned into optical illusions? Well today is Sunday, and whether you all head to the woods or not you need to do something to get out of the house, so have a nice day!

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Good day everyone and welcome to Saturday, the very last one in the month of April. Wow did the month go by fast because it seems like just yesterday we all were dying eggs and cooking ham to celebrate Easter.  How many of you love to go outside when the sun is setting to watch the sky turn all kind of colors? Well we love to, and when we saw today’s optical illusion, it changed our perspective on sunsets forever! Take a look at this sunset beast, and does it not make you all think that the sun sets into these animal’s horns or does it make you think that its some kind of god that controls the setting sun?  We thought of a thousand different meanings for this image, but we think it’s a cool one!

Sunset beast

Ready for another great illusion? Well then take a look at this tilted house and does it not make you think of the famous Leaning Tower of Pisa? We don’t know if anyone lives in this house, but how can they with it tipped to one side like this?  Well we know today is Saturday, and we hope you all are doing something out of the house and relaxing!

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Hello everyone! Well we have done it! We made it to Friday! Yay! High fives all around! So, now that it’s the very last day of the work week, we know you all are staring at the clock counting down the hours until you can go home and let the weekend begin.  There are a lot of great movies out right now, and more coming out, so how many of you all are going to hit the movies? Well today’s optical illusion is all about an invisible man, and apparently he likes the movies as much as anyone else! Do you all see him sitting there among all the red velvet chairs? Hey there are a lot of great movies coming out not only in May but in the summer too so we don’t blame the invisible man for wanting to check them out!

Invisible Man Goes to the Movies

Ready for another great illusion? Well this is a fun one because its people climbing stairs that aren’t really there! You have to admit, the artist who drew these stairs did a good job of making them look real, right? Well we know today is Friday, and you all are tired, cranky, and ready to relax, and you will ever soon! Have a good Friday!

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Hello everyone, well today is Thursday, and there is but one more day until the end of the week. We know you all are probably tired, and it was hard to get out of bed, believe us we get it too! However, we are going to hold on and we know you all can too! So, with that in mind, we thought today’s optical illusion was pretty funny because its about a woman who has bubble eyes. Now we know how this was done, and that it’s pretty funny, but why not? We thought it was fun and perfect for cheering you all up on a Thursday.


Want to see some funny Hollywood optical illusions? Well check out these awesome posters! Here we see True Blood and Indiana Jones , which are both pretty fun because of their hidden illusions. Do you see them? We think the True Blood one was a lot more fun than the Indiana Jones poster, but they’re both pretty cool just the same! So what do you guys think? We thought the blood pool is more fun, but it’s still a cool optical illusion. Well today is Thursday, but you have just one more day to go before you get time off and fun time too! Have a good day!

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Hello everyone and welcome to Hump Day! High fives all around for making it to this point of the week, and now it’s all downhill from here, right? So, grab yourself a nice ice coffee, soda, or energy drink, and try and get through the rest of the day. How many of you love to go fishing as a way to spend the weekend or any time you all go on vacation?  Well today’s optical illusion is all about going fishing, but the woman that is fishing is not entirely human. Do you all see that she is half woman and half dog? Who knew that such a creature existed, and that this creature loved to go fishing, but the photograph is the proof is it not?  Well we know you all are smart and can figure out how this was done, but it’s a pretty funny picture anyway.

Half Woman Half Dog Fishing Optical Illusion

Ready for an optical illusion involving a Google Earth image? Check out this great image of an oak tree taken from above! Pretty cool right?  Well we love to look at Google Earth for images like these, and we found a great one, don’t you all think? Today is Wednesday, but the week is at the halfway point, but hang on and it will be Friday before you can blink an eye!

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Hello everyone and welcome to Tuesday! This is the second day of the week, and now we are really getting rolling on our work.  So how many of you really love the warmer weather because it means getting to go swimming and doing fun things on the water like riding on an inner tube?   Well guess what? Today’s optical illusion is a special one because it’s all about getting to ride on an inner tube, and it’s pretty funny because it looks like this couple is going from the side of the bus right into a bunch of water! Now that is a serious puddle, and it looks like this couple riding the inner tubes is enjoying it, right? Is that what you all think because that’s what we thought of when we first saw this cool image.

Couple Riding the Wave Optical Illusion

Ready for an elephant drawing that is coming to life? Check out this elephant drawing optical illusion, and it looks mad, and determined, as it breaks through the paper and about to climb right out of that desk! That is one talented artist right?  We think so too, and we wish we had as much talent as this artist. Today is Tuesday, but we know you all are working hard, and we hope our optical illusions make you all smile and help you get through the week!

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Hello everyone and a welcome to another wonderful Monday! So, how was the weekend? Well this one was mild for some of us here, but now it’s over and back to work! Ah well, its okay because another weekend will be here before we know it. How many of you have ever seen a half man half woman? Well how about a half waiter half woman? Well if you haven’t then you’re in luck because that is today’s optical illusion! I’m sure you all can figure out how this illusion was done, but it sure is hilarious to us to see this waiter with the vest and bow tie, but then see those long legs, blue skirt, and high heels.

Half Waiter Half Woman Optical Illusion

So, how many of you are drinking coffee by the gallon today because we are too! Want to see a coffee illusion? Check out this coffee owl staring back at you! AHH! What do you think of this innocent cup of coffee that has these scary eyes staring up at you! Maybe its time to back off of the caffeine if a cup of coffee is giving us the evil eye. Well, we know today is Monday, but have another cup of coffee, and the day will be over before you know it!