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By on November 1, 2015, with 1 Comment  

*WARNING* The following illusion could possibly trigger photosensitive epileptic seizures in some people. View at your own risk. 

I ran across a crazy skull illusion yesterday, and I had to share! If you haven’t figured it out by the warning above, it’s a pretty flashy GIF. If these types of images bother you, give you headaches, make you queasy or you have a health condition that includes seizures, you might want to skip this one.

For the rest of us, on with the show…

trippy flashing skull illusion

When looking at this trippy flashing skull illusion, does it appear to be coming toward you? Does it look like it’s moving? Although it is moving, the skull is staying in the same place as the GIF cycles through. It’s simple changing colors and giving the illusion of movement.

It’s a pretty tough illusion to stare at for too long, so if you start to get a headache, you’ll definitely want to look away! If you can, that is. It’s also pretty mesmorizing.

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By on October 31, 2015, with 4 Comments  

Happy Halloween! I wanted to post a spooky illusion in spirit of the holiday today. I wanted to stay away from skull illusions, since there have already been so many skull illusions posted in the past. When I was searching for a good Halloween illusion, I ran across an interesting family photo. It looks like a normal happy family, but there’s evidence of a freaky family secret in this photo.

Can you spot it?

family secret

I have to admit that it took me a little bit to see the family secret. It’s definitely a little difficult to spot. Let’s see if you can spot it faster than I did!

Once you’ve spotted the freaky family secret, head over and see if you can see what’s wrong with this picture!

By on October 30, 2015, with 1 Comment  

It’s finally Friday, Friday! That means that the weekend is almost upon us, and it’s almost time for a little R and R. Well, for some, at least.

Before you head off for the weekend, I want to share an interesting ballerina illusion with you…

ballerina illusion

This ballerina illusion photo was taken by photographer Ronnie Boehm. Ronnie is based in Vienna, Austria and focuses his art on dance, particularly ballet. He has taken some amazing photographs of dancers and has captured some amazing black and white images of dancers. This particular ballerina illusion is aptly named Halloween Ballerina.

Can you see why? If you don’t see it right away, I’ll give you a hint and tell you that there’s a creepy face hidden in this ballerina illusion photo somewhere.

Still can’t see it? It might help if you see a blurred out of focus version of this ballerina illusion…

ballerina clown illusion

Once we’ve blurred the image, we can see that this ballerina image has now transformed into a clown illusion. If you go back to the original in-focus photo, you should be able to see the clown illusion much easier now!

I’m not a big fan of clowns myself, so this ballerina and clown illusion is pretty creepy to me. It’s still a pretty great illusion though, in spite of the fact it’s super subtle. Or, perhaps that’s what makes it so great!

What did you think of this ballerina illusion? Don’t forget to rate it below! When you’re done, you might also want to check out this awesome ballerina drawing.

By on October 29, 2015, with 0 Comments  

Good morning! It’s a beautiful fall day here, the sun is shining, and the leaves are…well, most of the leaves are gone, but the ones that are still there are gorgeous shades of gold, orange, and red. It’s a perfect day for curling up in the sun room with a hot cup of coffee and a book. Alas! It’s still a work day and it’s nose to the grindstone for me.

Today’s sunset illusion came to me from Ruben via the Might Optical Illusions Facebook page. (Thanks, Ruben!) It’s obvious that it looks like a smiley face, but it also really reminded e of a Jack-o-lantern.

jack o lantern sunset illusion'

What do you think? Does this sunset illusion remind you of a Jack-o-lantern too? I think I see a Jack-o-lantern sunset illusion because of the glow of the sun. It looks the glow of a candle in a carved pumpkin. Or maybe to me it’s a Jack-o-lantern sunset illusion because my family and I just carved our pumpkins for Halloween.

Who knows? Either way, it’s pretty neat!

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By on October 28, 2015, with 0 Comments  

Somebody on the Mighty Optical Illusions Facebook page mentioned the other day that I seem to have a thing with skulls. (Apparently I’ve posted a lot of skull optical illusion images in the past.) This is a little true, I do have a small fascination with skulls, but it’s a little more than that. For some reason, there’s an abundance of skull optical illusion images out there! I guess I’m not the only one with a skull fascination, hmmm?

And since it’s Halloween week (yes, Halloween lasts a whole week for me), I have yet another creepy skull optical illusion for you this morning. Actually, it’s a skull optical illusion tattoo…

skull optical illusion tattoo

This is such a neat skull illusion, and it works quite well, even as a tattoo. The detail that went into this is simply amazing and the artist did a spectacular job of bringing it to life! It’s really two tattoos on one—a tattoo of children playing and holding balloons and a tattoo of a skull.

With my weird skull fascination, this skull optical illusion tattoo would work well for me, don’t you think? My first thought would be to put it on the middle of my back, but that space is already taken up by my Phoenix. There’s one thing that bothers me though. I feel like like I’ve seen this skull optical illusion tattoo design before, but can’t for the life of me remember where or who the artist is! My mind isn’t working like it should today. If you recognize this illusion, drop me a comment below. Oh, and don’t forget to rate this skull illusion tattoo too!

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By on October 27, 2015, with 0 Comments  

Does everyone have their Halloween costumes ready? After all, Halloween is less than a week away. Just for fun, I went poking around on the Internet this morning for some fun and interesting illusion Halloween costume ideas. And, I have to say wow! It’s pretty interesting how creative people can be and what types of costumes they can come up with.

So, just for fun on Halloween week, I bring you five pretty sweet illusion Halloween costume ideas…

  1. Contortionist Illusion Halloween Costume

    I never was very flexible myself, so this contortionist Halloween costume really blows my mind. When I first saw it, I thought it might have been real, and it’s definitely my favorite illusion Halloween costume on the list! 

    illusion halloween costume 1

  2. Head in a Box Halloween Costume

    Yikes! Imagine running into this guy on Halloween! Well, I guess it wouldn’t be so weird if you ran into a guy carrying his own head in a box on Halloween. It’s the rest of the year you have to worry about…

    illusion halloween costume 2

  3. Pirate and Mermaid Halloween Costume

    Aw, how cute! They’re in love. Okay, either that or this pirate decided to kidnap the beautiful mermaid. Thoughts…?

    illusion halloween costume 3

  4. Rocket Halloween Costume

    I’ve seen a few rocket illusion Halloween costume ideas in the past few years, and I love them! So creative! In fact, before I saw the contortionist illusion Halloween costume above, this was my favorite; it’s now a close second.

    illusion halloween costume 4

  5. Body in a Bag Halloween Costume

    Ewie! This body in a bag Halloween costume is definitely spooky and more than a little gross…making it a pretty awesome Halloween costume, especially if you wanna freak out your friends! 

    illusion halloween costume 5

So, what did you think? Which was your favorite illusion Halloween costume in this list? Let us know if you’ve seen any other great optical illusion costumes this year!

Before you go, make sure you rate this post with the stars below! You might also want to check out this headless woman illusion Halloween costume. Pretty spooky!

By on October 26, 2015, with 0 Comments  

It’s Monday morning again; a start to a new week, and for many of us, time to get back to the daily grind. Blech! It’s no secret that Mondays aren’t my favorite day of the week. My brain is still sluggish from the slow time during the weekend, and I’m usually not up to the task of getting back into the swing of things. Needless to say, I don’t exactly look forward to another full workweek ahead.

I usually like to start my week with some mind exercises, if you will. I don’t know about you, but they help give my brain a nice little jumpstart. So, with that thought, I give you today’s illusion—an interesting peacock illusion…

peacock illusion

This vintage-looking peacock illusion includes some simple text at the bottom—Mr. Bluebeard. Now, the peacock’s name might be Mr. Bluebeard, but since this is an optical illusion site, you probably already know that there’s more to this image and you have to find Mr. Bluebeard, who hapens to be hiding in this peacock illusion. In fact, you may have already found him; he’s not hiding all that well…

When you find Mr. Bluebeard, make sure you take a moment to rate this illusion with the stars below!

When you find Mr. Bluebeard in this peacock illusion, head over and see if you can find the miller!

By on October 25, 2015, with 2 Comments  

It’s the weekend, so a beer illusion seems appropriate, no? After all, for mist of us blue collar people, any time after work on Friday becomes beer 0’clock! Not that we’re alcoholics or anything, but it’s nice to sit down with a drink and relax.

If you haven’t already figured it out, today’s illusion is a beer illusion.



Take a look at this beer illusion and tell me that you don’t see a reflection of a beer bottle on the bottom. The bottoms of each of the bottles line up perfectly with the surface of the water. But, is it really a reflection? To me it looks like two beer bottles set on top of one another. Balanced perilously, mind you, but balanced nonetheless. The neck of the bottom bottle looks like it’s resting on a rock or log. It all boils down to the actual “reflection” of the bottle is way too clear and perfect to actually be a reflection.

What do you think about this beer illusion? Is it two beer bottle balanced perfectly on one another or is it an actual reflection?

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