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Hello everyone, and welcome to Tuesday, also known as the last day of March for 2015. So, what are you all doing today? Well we are sitting in the office here thinking about the beautiful things in this world, and one of us found this lovely picture of a parrot. So, we made today’s optical illusion all about this parrot, and really think it’s pretty cool. Do you all notice that this parrot isn’t really a parrot at all but a person that is painted to look like one? You have to admit, the illusion is actually quite stunning, and we thought you all would appreciate it.

Human Parrot Optical Illusion

Ready to see something a little creepier involving some graduates but is also an optical illusion? Take a look at this image, and what is the first thing you notice about it? Do you all see the skull in the middle of the image? Or the fact that the grads throwing their caps seems to create the skull? We find this image really creepy because its like these kids are so happy about the future, but then its like death is their ultimate future for everyone no matter what. Well, we know today is only Tuesday, but you’re doing great, and the week is just getting started!

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Hello everyone and welcome to Monday! This is the last Monday in March, and it is hard to believe that April is right around the corner, and also the fact that Easter is coming too. How many of you are ready for the arrival of the Easter Bunny? Well, we are not dealing with bunnies just yet, and today’s optical illusion is all about a snake, but we want you all to take a close look at this snake. Do you see something that is a little funny about this snake? Well we are not going to say anything because we want you all to figure it out on your own so, our lips are sealed!  For those of you that have figured it out, please go ahead and post a comment below so other people can read all about it.

Snake Optical Illusion

Want to see a movie poster that has a hidden dinosaur? To be honest, we love this poster because it is pretty clever how the shape of it is the perfect head of a dinosaur. We love hidden stuff like this and we think you all will like it too! We know its Monday, and you all are recovering from the weekend, but we want you all to have a good day anyway.

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Sunday is upon us all, and good morning to you all who have just woken up or gotten home from going to church, breakfast, the grocery, store, or anything else you all might have done today.  Perhaps, after doing your chores for the day, you all might head out to the woods to check out all the best that Mother Nature has to offer.  How many of you love frogs? Well the good news is that today’s optical illusion is all about  a frog, but you all need to look closely because the frog is not like any that you have ever seen. Believe it or not, this frog is not made up of just one person, but three people that are all painted to look like a frog! What do you all think because we think its pretty awesome!

Body Paint Frog

Now, are you all ready for what is considered the greatest optical illusion of all time? Check out this white leopard, but it is an optical illusion. We are not going to say a word because this is something that you all need to figure out on your own without any help from us! Well, today is Sunday, and we hope you enjoy this last day of the weekend no matter what you do!

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Saturday is here! Oh thank goodness that the weekend is here, and we know that you all are doing something fun and exciting. How do you feel about music? Have any of you all gone to a fancy concert before or even the symphony? Well, today’s optical illusion is all about a cello, and we’re sure you all are going to see that something is not right about it. Do you see a man hidden in the cello? You have to look on the right hand side, and you will see him. How many of you all see the man that is painted up to look like the other half of the cello?

 Hidden Cello Man

Ready to see another great optical illusion involving people posing as other objects or animals? Take a look at this, which is considered one of the best optical illusions ever! Now, at first glance, you all see the face of a tiger, but is it a real tiger or just someone that is painted up to look like it. You’re right! This is not a real tiger, and the nose area of the tiger is actually someone’s back! Do you all see that it’s a person or did the artist really do a good job? Well today is Saturday, so we hope you have a great day!

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Friday is here! Hurry its Friday, and it is also the last Friday in the month of March. Holy smokes where did the month of March go because believe it or not, Easter is coming and very fast.  How prepared are all of you for Easter? So, how many of you have a flower garden that you are planting because the weather is nice and warm? Well we love flowers too, which brings us to today’s optical illusion, which is all about a woman that is painted up to look like flowers, so we call her the flower girl. Whoever did this picture really had to have a lot of patience because the girl had to be painted up very carefully to make sure she matched the flowers all around her.

Flower Girl

Ready for another cool optical illusion that has someone blended into a background? Some people call stuff like this camouflage art, and that is fine because we think its cool no matter what the name is! So, take a look at these cool camouflage works of art, and if you have anything to say, please don’t be shy and let us know. Today is Friday, once you all get home the weekend will begin for all of you and for us too!

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Hello everyone, how are you all doing on this lovely Thursday afternoon?  For some of you, the weather is still cold even though it is spring, but for others, the weather is gorgeous and you all love to be outside! So, for those of you that love the great outdoors, when was the last time you went to the woods?  Well, today’s optical illusion is all about a hidden lady in the woods that is covered in moss, or as we like to call her, the Mossy Lady!  You have to admit, the lady does not really look like a living person, but more like a statue that has been sitting outside for way too long.

The Mossy Lady Optical Illusion

So, ready for more cool body painting? Check out this cool fish that is made by painting a human hand that was painted to look like one!  Some artists work with canvas, but this one works with human beings, and the fish is pretty amazing isn’t it? We know that today is Thursday, but that’s okay because tomorrow is the last day of the regular work week. Have a good day and we will have another cool illusion for you all to see tomorrow at this same time and this same place.

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Hello everyone and guess what today s? That’s right its Hump Day, which is also known as Wednesday.  This week is officially at the half point now, and you’re all probably pretty happy that days are going by so fast. So, how are all of you today? As for us, we’re doing great because we have another cool optical illusion to share with all of you. Take a look at today’s optical illusion and all you may think is that you’re looking at a pile of logs, but there is a hidden surprise within them.  Do you all know that there is an invisible man inside this pile of logs? Well there is, and you have to admit, that he does blend in really well!

The Invisible Man Optical Illusion

Ready for another great hidden person optical illusion? Check out this wall of flowers, and once again, you may notice that someone is hiding among the pretty flowers.  The artist that created this illusion must have spent hours making sure that the person painted up matched the background, but whoever did this really did an amazing job! The person among the flowers, and the invisible man with the logs, are both amazing and we love them!  Today is Wednesday, and we know you all are going to have a great day!

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Good morning and welcome to Tuesday morning!  You all are probably still recovering from the weekend, and we understand that. Today is the second day of the week, and hopefully, it was a little easier for all of you to get out of bed. Enjoying a nice cup of coffee? Well while you all are preparing for work, check out today’s optical illusion, which is actually a bit of a hidden object game. Do you all see that there is a woman hiding somewhere in these trees? We know you all can see the owl, but there is a woman hidden there too. Do you see her or do we need to give you a hint? Okay, the hint is that this hidden woman is on the right side of the picture, and that is all we’re saying!  Optical illusions sure are a lot of fun, and this one is great too because it combined body painting and a hidden illusion.

Hidden Lady In the Trees

Ready for another great illusion? This woman has a zipper in her back, or does she? Is this another tattoo or is this a great body painting job that someone has done?  We know its only Tuesday, but enjoy that cup of coffee and have a great day at work!