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Good morning everyone, and welcome to the first week of February.  How was your weekend? The month of January sure flew by fast, and now the next major holiday we all have to worry about is Valentine’s Day.  Are you all ready for the day of love that is fast coming up? We know you all are probably a little tired from the weekend, and you may need to hit that coffee pot pretty fast. However, we do understand, and we too are totting a large cup of coffee with plenty of sugar in it to help us wake up.  After work, you all probably have something cute and fuzzy to go home to, which brings us to today’s optical illusion. Check out this amazing dog that seems to be floating in the middle of the air. Is this a trick or a new breed of dog that is just really excited about going outside?

floating dog optical illusion

Ready for another really cool optical illusion? Check out this really cool optical illusion involving a giant snail that looks like its going after this woman. Is this a snail that may be from Florida perhaps, or is it just a really cool chalk drawing? We hope you have a nice Monday and we will speak again tomorrow.

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Sunday is upon us once again, and the question you all may be asking yourselves is what you plan on doing today. Sunday is the last day of the weekend, and getting outdoors is the best way to celebrate that fact. Perhaps, you all want to head outdoors to see something in the natural world. Take a look at today’s optical illusion picture, and you will see something that is going to blow your minds because it is a bird that seems to have smoke coming out of its mouth.  How did the smoke get there with the bird? Is it just a really cold morning, and the smoke is actually just steam coming from its mouth or is it just a clever optical illusion? Though no matter how this picture was done, its so cool to see this bird with smoke coming out of its mouth.

Smoking Bird Optical Illusion

Ready to see a really cool image of the famous John Lennon made out of coffee beans? You all do have to admit that the image is really cool, especially the fact that the coffee cups make up the sunglasses that John Lennon wore in the famous photo. We know you all are going to have a great Sunday, and we will talk again soon.

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Hello everyone and welcome to a brand new day! Today is Saturday, and what are you all doing today? Any special plans for the day like going out to an air show or anything else that is nice and exciting? Some people like to go out and watch planes fly around, and today’s optical illusion is all about a man at an air show, and it looks like the airplanes are coming out of the man’s head. Do you think he’s really got planes that live inside his skull or is it just an optical illusion that was taken at just the right moment?

Planes Coming Out of a Head Optical Illusion

While you all are out, you may be using a cell phone in order to do things like take pictures, and one of the world’s most famous cell phones come from the Apple Company. Check out this cool optical illusion that takes the Apple logo, and inserts the image of its famous company founder, Steve Jobs, into the logo, and it looks amazing! Steve Jobs died not too long ago, but he will never be forgotten, and every time anyone uses an Apple product, they pay tribute to his memory. Have a good Saturday everyone and don’t forget to have a good time!

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Happy Friday everyone! The time has come to celebrate the end of the week, and you all are going to be staring at the clock waiting it to tick down to the last possible minute. Every minute spent at works means one more minute closer to the weekend, and we know you all are counting down the seconds. After the work day is done, it is time to go home to the kiddies, and today’s optical illusion is all about a little baby with a very unusual set of feet.  Check out this baby who seems to have adult feet. Do you all think this baby was born this way, or is it just a trick of the camera?

Baby With Giant Feet Optical Illusion

Ready to see another cool optical illusion involving a very happy stove? Check out this smiling burner!  How would you feel about a stove that is always smiling?  We know that it has been a long week, it has been a long week for us too! However, today is Friday, and in a few hours, you all will be going home to be with the ones you love to start off the weekend. Are you all ready for the weekend? Well have a good Friday!

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Today is Thursday, and good morning to you all.  The alarm went off this morning, and it was probably hard to get out of bed, but you did it, and we congratulate you on your dedication to your job! Some of you have interesting jobs, but today’s optical illusion shows a man with a very interesting job because he is a magician. This magician and his cat want to show you how powerful they are because you can clearly see the cat is floating thanks to the power of this talented man.  How cool would it be to have the job as a magician with all that really cool power?

Magician and cat optical illusion picture

Want to see another optical illusion that is all about powerful hands? Check out these animals that are made out of the human hand! What do you think of these cool handprints that have animals in them?  Isn’t it amazing what can be turned into works of art, even handprints? We know today is Thursday, and you all are slowly running out of steam, but don’t worry, tomorrow is Friday, and your work week is almost over!  We wish you all a very happy day and we will have more optical illusions tomorrow.

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Wednesday! Wednesday! Wednesday! Happy Hump Day everyone and congratulations to making it to the middle point of the week. You all are doing great, and you have your second wind by now so you can get through the rest of the week. However, its still tough to get up today and we certainly don’t blame you for dragging a bit. So, we have an amazing optical illusion that is sure to blow all of your minds today. Take a look at the invisible hand that is holding up this person. Is it really an invisible hand or do you think this picture was created another way?

invisible hand optical illusion

Ready for a hidden animal in a crashing wave? Check out this beach wave, and do you all see that there is a hidden animal in it? There is a hidden polar bear in the wave, and it is hard to tell whether this is a real photo, something photoshopped, or just a trick of the eye! Can you all see the polar bear? Surfing can be a lot of fun, and perhaps, that is why there may be a polar bear hitting the waves too. We know its only Wednesday, but you all are doing great and you are almost done with the work week.

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Good morning everyone and welcome to another glorious day in 2015. Today is Tuesday, and are you all out of bed and getting ready for work? Before you all leave the house, we’re sure you all have things to do like make the bed, and perhaps, put some food out for your favorite little furry dog or cat. Speaking of felines, check out today’s optical illusion, which is all about a cat, but if you all look closely, you will see that the cat has a rather unusual shadow. How is it possible that this little kitty has the shadow of a fully grown wolf that looks like its howling?

Inner Beast Optical Illusion

Ready for another optical illusion involving the moon? This man is quite a talented artist, so talented in fact, he is painting the moon and causing an eclipse!  This is a really cool optical illusion because the man has the ladder placed just right in order to look like he is painting the moon, and it really does look like that does it not?  We know that you all are not looking forward to going to work today, but the work week is just beginning, and believe it or not, it will get better.  Have a good day!

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Hello everyone, and welcome to Monday morning! Hope you all had a great weekend, and today, it is time to get up and go to work.  There are many of you that work in retail, and something that you all may work with are mannequins.  Some people are a little intimidated by mannequins because  they think that they are secretly alive, and today’s optical illusion is all about how one mannequin that is really alive, and is striking back against the poor retail worker that is close by. Do you all think mannequins can be alive or is this just a clever picture?

attacking mannequin optical illusion

How do you all feel about traveling overseas?  One country that loves optical illusion is Korea, and check out this bunch of optical illusions that were created in Korea.  Who says that optical illusions have to be boring because it looks like these people are having a lot of fun creating these illusions. Which one of these pictures is your favorite? We personally like the one with the head in the spoon because it looks the most realistic out of all of these pictures. We know that today is Monday, and that you all are dreading the act you have to go to work, but we know you all have reasons for going, and we hope you have a good day!