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Good morning everyone and welcome to another glorious Monday morning! Did you all have a lovely weekend?  Some of you probably spent the time with beloved friends, family members, or even pets, and that brings us to today’s optical illusion. Here we see a rare breed of cat that is known as the rocket cat. Once a day, felines such as this will jump up so high that they actually shoot a rocket out of their body and go high in the sky. Just kidding! There is no such cat, but this picture sure makes you think twice about it doesn’t it?

rocket cat optical illusion

Ready for another interesting optical illusion involving fire? Check out this man who is shooting fire from his mouth that looks like the famous cartoon character, Casper the Friendly Ghost. Or should that be, fiery ghost? Though we recommend that people do not try this at home, this man sure has a talent at shooting fire from his lips, does he not? The month of January has just begun, and we hope you all have a good month because now the holidays are over, and people can get back to their normal lives. Have a good Monday everyone, and we will talk again tomorrow and bring you another cool illusion too!

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Sunday is here, and Sunday really means that there is one day left in the weekend to have some fun.  In some parts of the country, the winter will never come, and people are enjoying the fact they can still do things like go to the beach and enjoy being out in the sun.  Today’s optical illusion involves two girls who are on the beach, but as you can all see, one of them is not the same size as the other.  This one girl sitting in the sand is a giant, and she is using the other girl as if she was her own personal little doll.  Now for those of you that do not believe in giants, you may be wondering just how this image was created, and frankly, we have no idea either. If you all can figure out how this cool picture was made, go ahead and leave us a comment below and let us know all about it.

giant girl on the beach optical illusion

Now that winter is here, spring will follow, and that will be the time when kids graduate from high school, now, this illusion may be a warning sign or something bad, and people really should pay it some attention! After all, warning signs can be the universe giving us all a warning, and they should not be taken lightly. Happy Sunday everyone!

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Saturday is here, and the winter is finally hitting in some areas. When the weather is cold, the birds all tend to head south to go someplace warm, and birds everywhere are migrating to a warmer climate.  Sometimes when birds all flock together, they can form interesting patterns in the sky. Today’s optical illusion is all about flocking birds, and it looks like they are creating a giant floating dolphin in the sky. What do you all think? Can you see the dolphin or not? It also looks like the dolphin is pulling what looks like a large sleigh or maybe something else, but it’s still amazing that these birds formed a pattern that looks exactly like a dolphin.

dolphin in the sky optical illusion

Ready for other interesting things found in the natural world? Look at these women who look like they are part of the trees, are they really formed from the branches naturally or is it something else like Photoshop being used? There are a lot of really amazing things about the natural world, and these illusions prove that they can even form to look like people sometimes. Well, today is Saturday, the weekend is here, and even if the weather is cold outside, be sure you all do something fun and exciting!

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Today is Friday, and the week has been rather unusual because of the fact it was New Year’s.  However, now the weird week is over, and now that the holiday stuff is over too, which will mean we can all return back to our normal lives before the hustle and bustle of the holidays took over everyone. Today’s optical illusion is an unusual one because it involves a plane flying so high that it actually looks like it is passing in front of the moon. Planes have to fly as high as 30 thousand feet when they take people from one city to another, but they don’t fly as high as the moon usually.


Want to see another optical illusion involving something flying? This woman is trying to control her horse, and the horse decided to take off and fly around a little bit.  Animals can be amazing, but there has never been a horse on record that could run so fast it could fly, at least not yet!  We know this has been a crazy week, and now that things are settling down, its time to get back to normal around here. We hope you all have a good Friday, and have a good weekend too.

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Happy New Year everyone! Today is the first day of 2015, and you all are probably still recovering from the celebration of it from the night before.  Today is also a special day, and there are some people that even cook a special meal because it is considered to be good luck that will last for the whole year. How was your New Year’s Eve?  Today’s optical illusion is all about a gigantic statue that is so big that it can juggle airplanes. Is the statue really that big or is it just a perfectly timed picture?


Now speaking of New Year’s Eve, and celebrations with it, there are some cities that set up DUI check points to make sure that no one is driving drunk, and just the sight of a law enforcement officer can make people really nervous. Here we have an optical illusion involving road safety, and with this in place, some places are actually reporting less speeding violations and traffic fatalities. How would you all feel if you came around the corner of a road and saw this staring at you? Would something like this keep you all driving the speed limit? We know you all had fun last night, but please remember to drink responsibly and do not get behind the wheel if you are drunk! Have a safe and Happy New Year!

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Today is Wednesday, and it is also the midpoint of the week. Today is also New Year’s Eve, and do you all have plans? Tonight we celebrate the start of a whole new year, and it is very exciting because it is basically a clean slate for everyone. Who wouldn’t like a whole new year to start over with? So, what are you guys going to do tonight?  Speaking of something cool, take a look at today’s optical illusion, and you will notice that it looks like the city of Paris, France is moving the Eiffel Tower.  The Eiffel Tower is one of the most famous monuments in the world, and it must take a massive crane in order for it to be moved. However, the Eiffel Tower is not really being moved, but it sure does look like it doesn’t it?

Eiffel Tower Getting Moved By Crane Optical Illusion

Ready for another optical illusion? Check out this picture, and do you all see an animal hidden in the image?  Does the image on the water look like a panda?  The fact is, that this is a poster, and it does actually look like a hidden panda right there on the surface of the water. Have a good Wednesday, and Happy New Year’s Eve!

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Today is Tuesday, which means it is the second day of the week, and hopefully things are going well for everyone. How many of you love to watch the moon when its full? Back in 1969, Neil Armstrong, and some other astronauts, walked on the surface of the moon, and people have been curious about it ever since. Today’s optical illusion is all about a snowboarder who walked on the moon, but unlike Armstrong and the others, this young man is literally walking on the moon or at least, using it for a stepping stone.  How tall would you have to be in order to use the moon like a stepping stone?  If given the chance, would you all walk to step on the moon or at least, on the surface of the moon?


How would all like to see another great optical illusion involving the moon? Take a look at this young woman holding the moon, and she too is gigantic sized! However, is this young woman a goddess because there is something unearthly about how she looks especially with the veil.  Well, today is Tuesday, the week is still getting started, and hopefully, the rest of the week leading up to New Year’s Day is a good one for all of you!

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Monday is here, and the last week of 204 is upon us all. By the end of the week, it will be time to think about what to do to celebrate New Year’s? Do any of you have any plans for the end of the year? Well some of you may be going out for a party, but some of you may also be just wanting to get away from it all by heading to the great outdoors.  How do you feel about spending time in nature? Take a look at today’s optical illusion because it involves the great outdoors and a very unusual looking deer. How is it possible that this deer can have so many heads attached to one body?  This is a rare species of deer indeed!

three headed deer optical illusion

Ready for a really cool work of art? Check out this amazing optical illusion made from human beings that come together to form a brain! Isn’t it amazing how artists can use anything to form art, even human beings coming together to form a part of the human body?  Artists are truly amazing people, and proving that they can use people as works of art just proves it! The countdown to New Year’s is two days, and hope you have a good day!