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Morning everyone! Today is Thursday, and the week is slowly winding down, which is a relief!  Leonard Nimoy died six days ago, and this is the first chance we have gotten to pay tribute to the man who will forever be known as Spock in the Star Trek franchise. Today’s optical illusion just goes to show that Leonard Nimoy had fans that are both human and the furry kind as well. This kitty looks like it is watching Leonard Nimoy as Spock, and it was both amusing and sad to see because the little cat looks completely fascinated. Who can blame this furry Star Trek fan?

Furry Star Trek Fan

Ready for some cool body painting? Check out this optical illusion that involves body painting to look like fruits and vegetables! To us, the funniest part of this illusion is that it looks like this man standing next to the stand wants to buy something, and his facial expression looks like he is uncertainty. Can he buy these fruits and vegetables? It is tough to know exactly what this man is thinking, and who can blame him? What would you all think if you saw fruits and vegetables that look like this? Today is Thursday, but the week is almost over, and we hope you have a nice day!

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Hello everyone, and welcome to the first Wednesday in March.  Today is also known as Hump Day, and believe it or not, the week is actually going by much faster than we are realizing! You all may be getting a little tired, but hold on because the week is starting to wind down. How many of you have ever seen a giant man that is so big he can flip over a plane like it is nothing? Well good news because that is what today’s optical illusion is all about! What do you think of this cool image of the giant man flipping over a plane? This may be an altered image, or it may be a perfectly timed picture, but either way it is a cool image!

Man Jumping Over a Plane Optical Illusion
So, are you ready to go hunting for a hidden animal? Take a look at this image, and do you all see what secret animal that could have made those tracks? We know what animal made those prints, but our lips are sealed! You all just need to look closely and you will see exactly what we are talking about. Today is Wednesday, but you all are doing great, and soon the week will be over. Have a Happy Hump Day!

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Hello everyone, and welcome to this beautiful Tuesday morning! March is here, and the spring is a little over two weeks away, but that does not mean that the snow is going to stop in an instant. However, we are hoping that you all are going to keep warm and safe no matter what! So, how many of you own kitty cats? We love cats too, and they are so much fun to own and make great companions. So, today’s optical illusion is all about a cat, but this little cat has a human reflection, so the question is, does the cat really have a human soul that we are now seeing for the very first time?

cat with human reflection

Ready to see another great optical illusion? Have you all ever heard of Navy seals? These special men are trained in the art of camouflage, and this illusion proves it! Can you all find the seals in this image?  The ability to camouflage may be something that saves lives, and these men are the best! We have searched high and low to try and find the men in this poster, and we have not been able to do it yet! Good luck you guys finding the seals, we have a nice day!

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Good morning everyone, and welcome to the first Monday in March! Now, in a few weeks, spring is supposed to be here, but for those of you that are having cold weather, you are literally counting down the days to the warmer weather.  We have a question for you, have you ever seen a giant man about to eat a tiny helicopter? Well good news then if you have not because that is the subject of today’s optical illusion! Check out the image, and frankly, it is pretty cool to see this giant man who apparently likes to eat flying aircraft! This is a great perspective image, and we knew you all would enjoy seeing it.

Giant Man Eating A Helicopter Optical Illusion

So, how you feel about the jungle? Now, there have been many songs, movies, and television shows that shows the jungle, but is it really all that safe. Check out this jungle image because there is a hidden creature in here, but we are not saying a word!  If you all figure out what creature is hidden in the image, please feel free to comment so you can tell us what it is because we honestly have a hard time seeing it! Have a good Monday, and we will talk to you again tomorrow with another great optical illusion.

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Hello everyone and welcome to Sunday, the very first day of March. February sure went by fast didn’t it, and now we have a whole new month starting today. So, how many of you all are fans of the Lord of the Rings series of movies? Do you all know what a troll is? If you all watch those movies, then you do know what a troll is, which brings us to today’s optical illusion. Check out this image of a giant troll standing over a woman with his massive club raised. Does it not look like that poor woman is about to be in very big trouble?  The image does look like the troll is about to smash this woman, but naturally, that is not really the case.

Troll and Woman Optical Illusion

How do you all feel about playing a game trying to find some hidden deer? There are many deer in the image, but we have never taken the time to count exactly how many there are. Do you all know how many deer there are? Well when you all figure out how many deer you can find, please post a comment and let us know! Today is Sunday, and we hope you all have a good first day of March!

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Hello everyone, and welcome to Saturday, and it just happens to be the last day of February for the year 2015. So, what do you all have planned today besides being able to sleep in for the first time all week? We have a question for all of you, how many of you watch the news every single day and night? Well, we are not big news watchers really because we are busy, but we found this optical illusion that looks like a giant bird is about to have a news anchorman for dinner!

The poor man is still reporting the news, and he has no clue at all that there is a giant bird behind him about to pounce on him. The question we all keep wondering as we look at this image is, how did the bird get to be so big? Now, we freely admit we have no clue how news casts are done, so to us it really is a mystery.

Newsman Attacked By Giant Bird Optical Illusion

So, are you all ready to find some hidden wildlife? Check out this cool image, and you all have to find the animals in it, but we do see that one animal is obvious right away.  Well today is Saturday, so enjoy the day and we will be back tomorrow with another cool optical illusion.

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Good morning everyone and welcome to the last Friday in February! March begins this weekend, and with it is supposed to come the warmer weather, but we just have to wait and see! So, since this is Friday, we decided to show you a very cool optical illusion! How many of you are about to have a nice cup of coffee? Now, we have featured plenty of optical illusions involving coffee, and some that have featured foam in the coffee looking like an elephant before, but we have never seen an optical illusion like this ever! Check out today’s optical illusion, which is all about a foamy cat that looks like it is about to reach its paw down and grab some unsuspecting swimming fish. Whoever did this foamy cat and fish is one talented barista, and the coffee is so cool who can possibly drink it?

Coffee with Foamy Cat Optical Illusion

Ready for another illusion involving a hidden cat? This illusion is really hard because we have trouble finding the cat, but do you all see this furry feline? Well you have to look close, and if you happen to find the cat, please leave us a comment and let us know because it’s quite possible that some of us need glasses! Have a good day!

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Good morning everyone, and welcome to the very last Thursday in February of 2015! The month of February always goes by so fast it is absolutely amazing. Since today is Thursday, and there is only one more day in the week, we thought we would show you an optical illusion that we find absolutely hilarious! Take a look at today’s optical illusion because when we saw it, the first thing we thought of was… Beep your nose!  You have to admit, the way the young man is standing next to the giant hand and arm poster, that is exactly what is happening! Does it not look like the finger is beeping his nose? We thought it was hilarious and thought you all could use a smile on this lovely Thursday morning.

beep your nose optical illusion

So, are you ready to play a little game of find the hidden hunter? There may be a spirit in the woods, but in this image it is the spirit of a hunter, and we know you all have sharp eyes and will be able to spot him right away. Well, today is Thursday, and we hope you all have a great day! Remember, tomorrow is Friday, which is the end of the week and there is only a couple of days left in February too.