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By on June 30, 2010, with 51 Comments  

Professor Akiyoshi Kitaoka from Japan, occasionally creates such awesome optical illusions, it’s hard to believe what he tells us is true. One such example were the running spirals, effect heavily used in examples I’ll show you today. Check out the 4 pictures below. Can you believe they’re static? They seem to rotate like crazy, but only when you move your eyes from one spiral to another. Try fixing your eyes in one spot if you’re nonbeliever, probably the only way to get those hearts and spirals stay put! Which one did you like the most? I love the heart ones, but believe the effect works best with the first, spiral one?! Btw, I’ve included the higher res pictures so you can see the effect in full glory. Just click and open the image in a new window…

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Got this gag from some sort of newsletter. There isn’t much to explain, just when you see the first photo you get the impression boy and a girl are sitting next to each other. In reality, the blond sits one bench behind her classmate, and while her friend stretches his neck to look into formulas, it appears as if he’s trying to cheat during the exam. What do you think? Is it a good optical illusion, or did someone pull a trick on us? Let’s discuss!

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Random Ramblings...Did you know that your mind is trained to read for meaning? Just try the following: read the sentence at right and count the letter f‘s. I’ll explain this further few lines below.

After years of torture, I finally gave my last exam on Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing in Zagreb. Think of it as somewhat weaker variation of MIT. So I afforded myself a three-day vacation just to prepare for my 2-month summer vacation beginning July 15th ;) This is why you were 2 illusions short previous week.

Anyhow, I bought this book on a kiosk called “What Would Google Do” by Jeff Jarvis to see if it could help me brainstorm on some new ideas for our mega-blog. Most of the stuff was subconsciously known to me already, but it was nice to confirm some of my thoughts, and this book helped me reorganize few distribution techniques I use. I think it’s a good read for those struggling to make their blog successful. It motivated me further to orientate my work towards you, my dear audience. So expect some minor changes, and more work in a direction you asked for. I’ll begin with lowering the number of inner-links, and growing the amount of useful out-links, even though it may hurt our SEO. In the long run, these kind of things should help.

Now let’s get back to the illusion. How many times did you count the f’s? The answer is six. In case you got it wrong, then rest assured; the statement above is what caused you to get it wrong. The mind has a hard time when asked to read for specific letters, especially when those letters are in prepositions like of.

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Now here’s a good one; apparently the photo you are seeing came from a set of pictures provided by the owner of a house to some people who were looking to rent it for the weekend. They saw this picture and thought it was a lake, so were all excited and looking forward to boating and jet skiing and stuff. When they asked the owner about it, the lady emailed them back and said: “unfortunately that is not a lake, it is a wall“. Hehe, good one Katriana! Thanks for sharing…

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Frank Wijngaard from The Netherlands pointed me to this incredible Dutch shadow/mirror art artist called Diet Wiegman. As Frank explained, together with #Shigeo Fukuda, Diet Wiegman is a true pioneer in this kind of art-form. If you remember, we had some interesting shadow installations by #Tim Nobel and #Sue Webster, but Diet has brought this onto the next level. What he did, he introduced mirrors and light reflections as a part of the installation. Check some of the photos in this post to see what I mean. Hope you like this as much as I did!

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By on June 23, 2010, with 79 Comments  

Count The Pencils!

How Many Pencils Are There?

What I have prepared for you today is an old trick that plays with your brains. Most recent example we posted was when you had to count the dogs in an infinite flowing animation. Remember that? I think all of this has developed out from the Impossible Pillars illusion, one we had the chance to post at the very beginning of this site. What you have to do today, is count the pencils. That’s it, nothing special – or is it? Just how many pencils are there in this image? Can you spot where one pencil ends, and the other one starts? Think of an impossible flow-meter, if this looks to problematic…

This trick reminded me of an old story. Apparently, Americans have spent millions of dollars in search for a pen that would work in zero-gravity, on their space expeditions. It took plenty of time and resources for NASA to solve this problem. Russians, on the other hand, simply brought a pencil when they went to space. There you have it – who knows if this actually happened. Would be darn funyy if it were true. Hope we have some NASA employees among us to explain this further!

By the way, we have heavily surpassed the 3,000 subscribers mark on our Facebook fan-group, and our counter is growing fast with each minute. Glad to see so many of you invited your families and friends to join our group! I promise to keep it fresh with stuff never before seen on this site. My thanks goes to all of you who joined…

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American Psycho in ColorYup, it’s the American Psycho, also known as Christian Bale. I’m not sure whether the screenshot used in this optical illusion was taken from his Hollywood movie, or whether it’s the paparazzi shot during Christian’s Terminator rampage incident (when he went nuts on stage). If you think I’m joking, listen to the publicly available audio tape.

But all this doesn’t concern us too much, what we’re here for are the illusions. This time we have slightly different afterimage animation. Originally, authors create similar animations that switch between frames every half a minute or so. First you see colorful negative, then black and white photo appears. You get the impression black and white photo you are seeing is actually produced in color, because the afterimage was temporary burnt into your retina. This time we have exactly the same illusion, only frames switch much faster. What amazed me, is that the illusion still works – even better perhaps. To conclude this, I can assure you that there are only two frames – black and white one, and the color-negative. The more you observe, the more colors on Christian appear! P.S. You can check ultra-fast version of this, just be sure you don’t have problems with seizures or something…

American Psycho in Color

By on June 21, 2010, with 153 Comments  

Dominant Color IllusionHere’s a simple one. I know you aren’t fond of them, but we have to feature them occasionally as well (it’s cause of our goal – biggest optical illusion database, remember?) Anyway, what do you see in this picture on your right? There are bunch of arrows, right? But what is so strange, is that people only notice certain colored arrows at first. This probably explains which of these two is your dominant color. I’ve noticed green arrows pointing to the right, but only after a while I’ve seen the yellow arrows pointing in opposite direction. How about you?

FYI: There are bunch of new fans pouring to our site lately. Many of them arrived via our Facebook fan-page. If you’ve missed it, be sure to join and see new illusions before they get published on our site. I use the group for submissions as well! We are very close to 3,000 fans (which is insignificant number, compared to millions who downloaded our “Optical Illusion of The Daywidget). Be sure to become our fan on Facebook, or check our widgets if you’re new! Old-timers still get a chance to rethink their widget choice (I recommend Windows sidebar gadget!)