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By on June 4, 2010, with 23 Comments  

G. Sarcones Impossible PianoG. Sarcone is one of the most featured optical illusion artists on Moillusions.com as of lately. Week ago we published his relative Chopper Lines, as well as similar Impossible Table Stuff. This time he created a piano with some kind of hidden paradox. Can you spot it? It shouldn’t be too hard.

Concerning the site, two days ago we’ve received alarming number of tips that our site was blocked by Microsoft. It was an error we’ve quickly sorted out. Apparently, there was part of the malicious code injected to our website, but luckily I have spotted it, removed it, and strengthened our web’s security. The warnings are now pulled down by Microsoft, but just in case, please reply if they’re gone on your end as well!

By on June 2, 2010, with 20 Comments  

Update – I’ve uploaded few more illusions to our Facebook fan page. Be sure to send your submissions over there, as we are (luckily) overfilled with mail submissions! Oh, and one more thing… Yahoo! Games gave us an recognition! Check here.

If you haven’t noticed, we’ve pretty much ignored ture billboard illusions for some time now. My bad. There were just so many original and witty ones, it was hard for me to distinguish those that can pass as optical illusions. Luckily, Emma Chuck-Jackson pointed me to a nice collection, where I handpicked three of them and decided to share with you. You can see the rest over here. In the first one, you may see an ad for Calcutta-base Berger Paints, one they used for their Natural Finish Colours range, using cut out roller strokes so the sky appears to be painted on by the dangling decorator. Other one is for Law and Order, and the third one advertises a museum I think… Liked them?

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By on May 31, 2010, with 107 Comments  

Colorful Text Optical IllusionWeek ago, Hussain Mohamed sent me this interesting picture, one I have overlooked by mistake. The game is simple – all you have to do is say the original colors out loud, and ignore the written word. Like Hussain pointed, for example, orange might be given in green text, and you have to read the word “green” instead. It couldn’t be more easy, could it? Now let’s play! You’ll quickly realize this isn’t as simple as you though it would be!

BTW, I’ve received bunch of cool optical illusion videos, and can’t wait to share them with you via our custom video player! Expect more cool stuff in days to come…

By on May 30, 2010, with 65 Comments  

Long time viewers will immediately think of this optical illusion when they gaze their eyes on the photo below. Yes, it’s the same old principle, only last time you had to spot the hidden bean man. This time your goal is to find 3 lady bugs and 3 bean babies. Our latest submission is also part of the contest I mentioned earlier. It has been photoshopped, but this is irrelevant with these kind of puzzles. Btw, just found out this one was also created by Nasir Khan.

Hidden Coffee Faces and Bugs

Can you spot the 3 lady bugs and 3 child faces in the photo above? Click to open in full-size.

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By on May 28, 2010, with 91 Comments  

Occasionally a Photoshop contest appears, where dozen of authors submit their works in order to win a prize. One such contest was recently held, where the main theme involved optical illusions. I love it when I stumble across these, because it means bunch of fresh material for us! One of the submissions I found quite peculiar, was created by Nasir Khan and was based on a hidden girl’s face. Now, don’t be fooled like I was! The main hidden face isn’t the cloud one, nor the rock formation below what seems to be an impossible object of some sort. It’s something else instead. Closest hint I can give you is to look for the negative space. Something very similar to this one. Do you see it now?

Spot The 3 Hidden Faces

By on May 27, 2010, with 44 Comments  

Those provocative-sexist billboard ads are getting more and more popular lately. What can I tell you – sex sells. Anyhow, I was given this funny beer ad I think you will love. It was sent by Martin Couture, who found it on the internetz. What do you see in the photo below? I’ve never head of Schneider beer before, but I’m sure I’m gonna try it :)

Provocative Beer Glass Illusion Continue Reading …

By on May 25, 2010, with 41 Comments  

I snitched this optical illusion off of G. Sarcone’s website, and would like to ask you a simple question: which of the two choppers has a longer line painted on-top of it? Are they the same? Is the red line longer? What do you think? I can assure you the answer will shock you. That’s it for now! No need to ruin this great optical illusion with some unrelated chit-chat. For more similar ones, check relative sizes cat.

Sarcones Helicopter Lines Illusion

By on May 25, 2010, with 58 Comments  

Today I found out about augmented reality browser called Layar. I’m positive this is the closest we get to what future will look like. Incredible! So what is it all about? In short, you’ve all probably heard about geo-location services lately, but what this thing does, it combines all of the geo-tagged data, and shows it on-top of your camera display. When you look at the environment through your phone display, it uses a built in orientation device, and adds preferred layers on-top of a real life surroundings. Imagine you walk into a club, look through your mobile phone camera, and see interactive information hovering above people, or see tweets hovering at your favorite coffee shop. You need to try this yourself to see what I mean. The possibilities are endless! Can’t remember last time something amazed me this much. For the illusion – no info was available. Just try and focus. Something funny is happening, but can’t understand what.

Can You Focus?