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By on January 18, 2013, with 18 Comments  

Another interesting illusion flew-in directly from Japan! As MindLab originally explains, non-existent contours are sometimes constructed by the brain to compensate for the missing sensory information. Check the four wheels in the second image – the “missing” parts can easily be mistaken as contours of the square, right? See what happens if we fill the missing segments with pink colored lines – the color seems to transparently spread throughout the inside of the contours. In same manner contour of a circle appears, right inside the center of the lines diagram to the right.

However, contours or surfaces don’t appear if we only see the colored segments. Curved line above is made of nothing but short blue lines and demonstrates this perfectly! Now, if we add longer black lines next to each side of blue bar, curved blue band with subjective contours appears! How amazing was that?

By on January 15, 2013, with 16 Comments  

This guy Liu slowly starts to annoy me… After I have finally managed to see him in each of his previous stunts, he does it all over again, presenting us with whole new set of photos from his latest performances. Not to mention he’s getting better with each blend! I guess we should be happy, but still… Time to roll-up our sleeves one more time, and exercise our awareness again. His newest #art installation is currently exhibited in Eli Klein, popular New York art gallery, and is titled “Hiding in The City“.

Each one chooses his or her path to come in contact with the external world. I chose to merge with the environment.” – Liu

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By on January 13, 2013, with 14 Comments  

Just a quick update for today, containing another trippy optical illusion addition to our heavily popular #Animations category. It may seem the vortex is actually spinning, but once again it’s just another effective static image. Created by Beau Deeley in 2012, inspiration for this familiar illusion-pattern was probably came from Akiyoshi Kitaoka. Perhaps Psychedelic Screen-melt and Trippy Beans turned out to be more exciting, never the less I still find this pretty impressive!

By on January 12, 2013, with 29 Comments  

Woke up today, only to find out there’s been a local protest held in front of the cathedral, “where gay activist assembled to protest against church and its determination on promoting its own views”. Activists are protesting by french-kissing and grabbing attention, occupying the central square. Then war-veteran associations and soccer-fan groups arrived, protesting against everyone. With no intention to ridicule neither of parties involved, is it just me or is there a certain irony in this? Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t bother myself thinking about either of them too much, but somehow I find all this ridiculous. These sort of things only end-up raising intolerance and antagonism, if you ask me. We should all stop being petty about each other, learn to be tolerant, and stop aggressively intruding our ways on others. I think if we all learned to do this, we would find our place under the sun, and these differences wouldn’t even be brought as important. Then we would trull be free to concentrate on more important things, rather than other people’s preferences, religious views, orientation or similarly irrelevant subjects. I apologise for my occasional philosophic thoughts, but I’m sure you already got used to them ;) To make it up, check out Garner’s billboard campaign I came across earlier. No, it’s not just bikers – there’s much more going on if you look closer!

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By on January 11, 2013, with 12 Comments  

An interesting illusion was composed by Tom Interval, who decided to share it with you guys. Tom runs an official blog for Houdini Museum which includes some pretty cool stuff, like this illusion for example. Inspired by our recent “Two Face Illusion“, he cut the portrait of Harry Houdini in such way that you can easily see a profile of the great illusionist if you choose so! If you click on the thumbnail on your right, and open it in full size, it becomes much easier to observe the illusion in details.

Now do this: cover half of the photo with your palm. What do you see? Depending which half your palm covered, different kind of head orientation is seen. You can easily observe it in both portrait and profile mode! How amazing was that?

By on January 10, 2013, with 15 Comments  

Originally titled “Here comes another seizure“, the disturbing background pattern used in this tremendous optical illusions comes from Tautvydas Davainis’s digital studio. I don’t know about you, but there’s something quite disturbing about it – it is as if I’m becoming more and more nervous while looking at it. Pink Floyd’s “Dark Side of The Moon” cover was just plastered on top to make the illusion more interesting and spooky. It helps with focus and strengthens “pulsation” as well! Not sure what’s causing the illusion to be frank, but I suspect it has something to do with our eyes’ microsaccades (small involuntary eye movements we all experience, but usually don’t notice). When you’re finished with this one, check out the following gag!

By on January 9, 2013, with 20 Comments  

Perhaps not the trickiest of it’s kind, today’s art installation depicts human brains made from people. The illusion is very subtle, yet visually adorable. Shown is the dress rehearsal of the first human brain in a series of three, an “Idea Worth Doing” preformed by Rutger Hauer, The Dutch National Ballet and Amsterdam’s creative community. The end result in front of you was used for TEDxAmsterdam promotional poster and marketing. Beautiful, isn’t it? I still prefer Human Bike and Human Car, though ;)

By on January 7, 2013, with 11 Comments  

Franky stumbled upon this funny-looking portrait of Beatles member John Lennon. As you see it’s composed of nothing but a flat surface, two filled mugs of coffee, and carefully arranged coffee beans.

What do you think of it? While I was researching for a background story, I’ve stumbled upon another similar portrait (which can be found here), yet I haven’t discovered the true purpose of this photo. Was it meant for advertising, a weird tribute to John Lennon or just an art installation of some sort? If you discover the true story behind it, feel free to point it out in our comments section!