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This is an optical illusion that has been around for quite some time, but it always gives people problems, because this optical illusion is definitely a brain teaser and it easily frustrates people. Basically, you will want to look at the two squares in the image below. Now that you’re looking at the two squares, you have to ask yourself whether or not you think these two squares are the same size as each other. As you can see, it looks like one square was cut out and placed to the right of the other square. As you stare at the two squares side-by-side, do they look as if they’re the same size? Different people have different answers when it comes to this brain teaser optical illusion. Some people don’t believe the square was cut from the original image and some people think that a particular square is bigger than the other. Look at the image below and let us know what you think.

Same Square

So, what do you think about the optical illusion above? Were the two squares you see above the same size as each other or was one square bigger than the other? I told you in the beginning that this was not going to be an easy optical illusion. This optical illusion has been debated time and time again by people that all have conflicting answers. However, I’m going to give you the definitive answer right now… Yes, both of the squares pictured above are the exact same size. There is no different in the actual size of the squares. So, there you have it. You finally know the answer to this brain teasing optical illusion.

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This is an optical illusion that is certainly old, but it’s still good. The object of this optical illusion is to count all the white dots that you see, but I bet you won’t be able to do it. As you try to count all the white dots, you’ll start to find that there are black dots in certain areas, as well. Unfortunately, these black dots are constantly moving, so you’ll never be able to outsmart this optical illusion. This one has been around for a very long time, as I mentioned above, and no one out there has ever been able to successfully count all the white dots in the image. Therefore, I wish you good luck on this one. If you want to give it a try, you can scroll down to try your hand at it. Remember, try to count all the white dots.

Count the Dots

Well, there you have it. Were you able to count all of the white dots or were you having problems when all of the black dots started to pop up right in front of your eyes? I bet you weren’t able to get an accurate count. I told you it would be a pretty tough optical illusion to overcome. How far did you make it before you completely gave up and realized that this was an impossible optical illusion? Leave a comment in the comments section below and let us know how many white dots you were able to count. Also, feel free to share this optical illusion with your friends and tell them to count the dots. They will end up becoming frustrated and giving up.

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This terrifying optical illusion is one that requires a little thought but after a few looks, you’re bound to fall in love with this one. Too many people look down on the “dark side” of life and see it as something morbid. That definitely isn’t the case. This optical illusion is so much more than. It is an expression of creativity, morbid curiosity (not just something morbid), and free thinking. Take a look at the terrifying optical illusion below and give it a few minutes to process in your brain. Do you see something dark and scary? Perhaps you see something beautiful? Either way, you’re going to see more than one thing in this image.

scary optical illusion

Now, what did you see? Obviously, you see a human eye with a skull in the pupil area. What is the significance of the skull to you? Is this person facing death? Are they on the verge of murder? Is it something else? There’s no definitive answer to this question and each of you will surely see something different (while some will see the same thing). This image may inspire you to head on over to Wikipedia to research the most brutal serial killers or it may inspire you to kick your bad habits to the curb. Either way, it is most definitely going to inspire you to do something. Share this terrifying optical illusion with your friends, family, and colleagues. Some of them may find it weird at first but they’ll appreciate whatever subliminal messages that they come up with courtesy of this optical illusion.

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The way the colors in this optical illusion blend together is totally brilliant. Upon looking at this image, you’ll notice that the colors stand out as well as blend together. That’s not all though. The real optical illusion here is that the shapes within the picture appear to move. You may only be able to tolerate looking at this picture for a few seconds at a time but you’ll find that you will continue coming back to this optical illusion time and time again. This is one of those pictures that goes hand in hand with other Color Adapting pictures but could also fall into other cool categories as well. We weren’t able to track down the original artist of this illusion which is a shame but nonetheless, we just had to share it with you!

color adapting optical illusion

 We’re more than confident that you love this picture just as much as we do. If so, feel free to share it with your friends and check out some of the other totally brilliant optical illusions right here on our site. We can’t take credit for all of these illusions and pictures but we will continue to strive to find the best illusions out there for your viewing pleasure. You can stop looking at this picture now and save the trance for a later day. After all, if you spend all your time looking at this picture then you won’t have time to check out all of our other cool stuff!

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Of course, everyone has seen a shadow of themselves before. Regardless of whether that shadow is in a painting or it seems to follow you around town, you have seen the way shadows can distort images and make them appear differently than what they really are. Years ago, many people would have their picture done where it looked nothing more than a shadow of their face. The distinguishing features were there, but you had a hard time knowing exactly who was in the picture if you didn’t know it beforehand. In this vase face optical illusion, it uses a play on two faces to form the object in the middle.

Vase Face Optical Illusion

When you first looked at the vase face optical illusion, did you notice the faces or the vase first? For some, the vase is what catches their eye immediately. Others don’t even notice the vase until they have it pointed out to them. Everyone is so different in what they are going to see first in this illusion. What was it for you? Upon first glance, I noticed the vase with what looked like a shadow in the background.

However, when I sat there and looked at it more, I found that the shadow was actually indicative of the chin of the two faces. Who would have thought something so simple could be so intricate and detailed. This is one of those illusions that it might take a couple times of looking at it to determine what the picture really has in store for you. Make sure and check out the vase face optical illusion to see how much fun you can have with your friends and family. See if they can uncover all of the mystery and shapes behind this fun illusion for the entire family.

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Even if you weren’t alive in the time of vintage cars and a simpler life, this Hannibal Courier optical illusion of a 1925 Model T Runabout is simply stunning. For those who pass on by this quaint town in Missouri, you have to stop and take a few moments to appreciate the painting just to determine if your eyes are playing mind tricks on you.

Hannibal Courier Optical Illusion


Even though the image looks real and it is actually life-size, it is nothing more than a painting on a garage door.

Painting the car on a neighbor’s garage serves multiple purposes. Beyond just enjoying the pure art of painting, it also creates an interest for all of those who wander by. If it causes an individual to smile, street are like this feels as if its been done for everyone. The artist clearly wanted to share the picture with others to spread joy, so maybe others will do the same thing. The goal was to create a prospective that would be proper. Since the garage sits next to the street, this optical illusion is ideal.

Even though the picture is located on a short street, it gets enough exposure to make it worthwhile. The artist decided to paint the Hannibal Courier for free because it was the neighborly thing to do. His neighbor knew he wanted something painted on the garage, so they got together and developed the idea. The 1924 Model T was picked because it coincided with the year the garage and the home were built. Even though the car was quite simple to do, it was the details that took the longest amount of time to develop.

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If you are an animal lover like I am, you will definitely enjoy this work of art by Bev Doolittle. You might be able to quickly identify the illusion hidden in the piece. If not, take another look and see if it pops out at you. For me, I did have to look at the piece more than once to actually identify everything that Bev Doolittle’s Double Back illusion had to offer me. This infamous artist has created a number of different works of art in her time, but none is more intriguing than this one is to me. Check it out and see what you think.

Double Back Illusion

What do you see when you look at Bev Doolittle’s Double Back illusion? Most people tend to notice the giant bear prints leading away and off into the distance, or at least I did anyway. The strange thing is that I noticed the prints no problem, but somehow I missed the small bear off in the distance that was actually making the prints. You would think that would have been the most obvious of the illusion, but not for me.

Instead, I noticed the giant bear hidden amongst the trees close to the front of the illusion. When it comes to Bev Doolittle’s Double Back illusion, I had to do just what the piece of art implied, double back. It wasn’t until I looked at it another time that I actually found more behind the piece. What seemed so obvious and simple at first was far from it. Did you notice everything the first time around or did you have to take a second glance at it to take it all in? What do you think of the intricate detailing and beautiful scenery that makes up this portrait?

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I’m not sure if we have already featured Nagai Hideyuki, but this illustrator is amazing in every sense of the word. The illustrations seen here will pop off the page and leap into your lap. Take a look at how the illustrations make you believe you are in the third dimension. All of the anamorphic illustrations play on shading, light and perspective to trick you into believing that the stunning sketches truly have come to life.  When you look at the images from this illustrator, can you pick one over all the others?  Which one is your favorite out of all of the illustrations done by this amazing individual? For more awesome 3D illustrations, make sure to check out the stunning works of Alessandro Diddi.

3D art

Who would have thought something as simple as shapes could be transformed into something as brilliant as this? Nagai Hideyuki really knows what it takes to create pictures that make you feel as if you could reach down and pick up the objects that he has drawn. Beyond looking like the objects are really there for you to pick up in the palm of your hand, it looks like some of them are floating in midair as well.

Nagai Hideyuki is no stranger to creating imagery that captivates audiences and leaves them in awe. Just like so many other brilliant illustrators, this illusion requires a great deal of patience and skill to create something that comes to life by using nothing more than paper and a pencil.  I mean, who would think of something like this? For me, I would never have thought that something so simple as shapes could become something as truly mind-boggling as this. What do you think about the illusion? Could you create something like this in the comfort of your own home?