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By on January 19, 2010, with 151 Comments  

In Which Direction Does It Spin?

In which direction does it spin?

Shown optical illusion just laid there on my hard disk for years. When I opened it today, I couldn’t remember why I placed it in my illusions folder in the first place? After some puzzling, finally I managed to see its visual phenomenon!

Ok, here’s what I want you to do: concentrate on the animated .gif on your right. You’ll quickly realize it represents some sort of see-through sphere, constructed of many dots rotating in one direction. Dots in front make the front face of the sphere, while “background” dots belong to sphere’s back. It’s logical they rotate in opposite directions. Now try and switch those background dots with front-face ones. Notice any change?

If you manage to visualize this, your able to change the direction in which sphere rotates. With some practice, you’ll be able to switch the direction back and forth in very short time fragments. Don’t underestimate yourselves – many individuals have difficulty seeing this type of illusions. It’s not that they’re less worthy, it’s just that their brain operates differently… Which reminded me – did you know that more than 1/3 of all people who went to see Avatar in 3D couldn’t see the image in 3D?

There are many optical illusions of this type available; one of the more popular being Spinning Dancer Optical Illusion. Your best shot of finding more, would be browsing through our Animations category.

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Video: Dice Mirror Optical Illusion

Item now available in webshop

Here’s one that kept me occupied for days: browsing the net for more stuff, I stumbled upon a peculiar item that kept my attention. This particular die changes its colors somehow, and the mirror that goes with it, doesn’t show what it logically should. I tried, and I tried, but I still can’t seem to understand how the darn thing operates!

You can get the scoop of what I’m talking about via images I’ve included, but the real thing can be seen through the video posted below (inside this article). Tried that? Still no luck? Think it would be easier for me to throw in few bucks, and get my hands on it.

Looking at the video below, do you think you can solve the secret? If you can, please be kind and wait some time before you reveal the answer to others (me included).

Let’s repeat the core: it’s a simple idea really, just place an ordinary die on top of a mirror. In real life, the die has black and red spots like any good die should, but in the reflection it has no spots. When you turn the die, and move it around – still no spots. It’s the damnedest thing and supposedly the effect works with no effort on your part. What’s more, when you flip the dice over – suddenly it has no spots in real life, but spots in the mirror-world appear. Crazy I know, but really amazing. Can we determine exactly how the mirror achieves this unusual effect? If you’d like, you can purchase this illusory toy from our partner store!

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When I wrote my previous post, obviously I forgot about Francis Tabary and his extraordinary sculpture achievements. Luckily (probably motivated by that particular post), Francis contacted me with some fresh works. Most of it we haven’t had the opportunity to publish on our site before. All that you see are real-life sculptures, and can be purchased via Tabary’s website. The secret is that the photo must be taken from exactly the right angle. Perhaps with enough experience, you can visualize how some of these sculptures might look from other angles.

Another thing, I wanted to alert you with: I love all your comments, and regularly go through them to understand how my audience actually breathes. But it feels somehow “lonely” seeing most of you have that anonymous default icon next to your text. I invite all of you, who previously hadn’t already customized their personal avatar, to get one now. Once you set it, all of your comments will have unique and personal photo you choose, placed next to your text. Those of you using Facebook Connect, can ignore this paragraph – you already have your Facebook pic automatically assigned to your account :)

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Neil Rhodes contacted me recently, and suggested we feature some of his realistic photo-shopped optical illusions. As you see, the theme is nothing we haven’t already seen, but the results Neil accomplished speak for themselves. Impossible structures are often posted to this blog, and they usually appear in two separate forms: either as real camera shots (made under proper angle, with no digital manipulation involved) or they are simply painted and don’t exist in real-life. This version is something in between. I can’t recall we had such a realistic digitally manipulated photos in the past. Correct me if I’m wrong. Additionally, Neil included link to one of his tutorials, where he explains in details how you can create a Never Ending Staircase yourself.

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Soldiers Helmet IllusionIf I used a completely different title – let’s say something like: Bending Man’s Ass, I believe it would still describe this picture as perfect as the current title does. Combine these two, and you quickly learn how this optical illusion really works. Yes, it’s another Multiple Meaning one. Just out of the curiosity, which one did you notice first? Soldier with Helmet or Bent Person?

Yesterday’s post got the lowest rating as far as my memory serves me. Even though the rating was bad, it somehow made me happy. You’ll probably ask yourselves why? Well, for some time I wasn’t sure if the ratings were realistic at all.

Almost all of our previous optical illusions got their rating so high, I beleived it’s our fans giving 5 stars irelevant of the illusion posted – even the bad ones would get good result (I feared). Gladly, yesterday’s result showed me we don’t have a problematic situation here. In fact, just opposite – this affirmed I really managed to find exceptional stuff in last months, and the fact that low results can happen just the same as good ones often do, the recent low result just strengthened the value and relevancy of previous posts that got very high results.I deeply appreciate your critique, since I already know your supportive side (even though I liked our yesterday’s post :)

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It was a long and busy weekend for me here. Just to keep you informed, I’m thinking of moving my office (where Mighty Optical Illusions website is maintained) to separate location from my own department. So even though there wasn’t much work on the site itself (for the last 3 days), the work being done still involved this site.

Anyway, for today I dug one of the Rob Gonsalves’s surreal paintings we missed posting before. In the same way Rob managed to fluidly transform his Ships into Aqueduct, as well as seamlesly merged Camels with Palm Trees, this time he pulled something simmilar with dancing couples. How many newly wed couples can you count in the picture below? On the other hand, how many pairs of curtains do you see? When you add all the courtains and all the couples together, is the number corresponding to the rel sum of white objects in this painting?

Dancing Wind Optical Illusion

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Just Two Dragons... Nothing MoreOk, a fine medieval-looking gal appeared in your widget and you decided to follow the link, thinking there is more to it then just her pretty young looking face. Well, to disappoint you, in a moment or so you’ll realize our pretty guest has seamlessly disappeared, and left us alone with nothing but lonely memory of her.

So I romanticized this article a little, but I’m sure you won’t mind. Either way, concentrate on this Fantasy scene a little deeper, and soon you’ll realize there is “nothing more” then two scary dragons threatening each other (or kissing, as far it concerns me). It really amazed me how well did the artist manage to implement the girl’s face, and then bring it to the the center of attention. We have had some similar attempts before, but most of the time they involved mistakes and were not-so-well integrated.

Those of you who are into tattoos, here’s a nice idea for you. Remember our old friend Greg Grease Lehman? Print this, and head straight to Greg’s tattoo shop! I believe he won’t have anything against illusions like this one! Hehe…

Have you noticed how some of the illusions have evolved? When I saw this picture, somehow it reminded me of a Young Lady or an Old Hag illusion. Wouldn’t it be awesome if this illusion contained another hidden effect, where you could see the lady’s face both as young and as old one? Comment!

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When it comes to posting new Shadow Art optical illusions, Sue Webster and Tim Nobel have never let us down. Before you check this collection, I suggest you look at Webster and Nobel’s previous works first. It can help you understand better some of the works posted today. I took some time, and collected all the remaining optical illusion installations they produced. I promise you this is the last time I bring them up (at least until something new refreshing pops up from their art factory). Which of these figures amazed you the most? Be sure you haven’t missed all the metaphors! When you hover your mouse pointer over each photo, a title of the sculpture will appear. This may help you understand the connection between the shadow, and junk used to form that particular sculpture.

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