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By on April 28, 2010, with 22 Comments  

Another Garbage Shadow IllusionDue to author’s request, we had to remove the video in our previous post, and were instructed to replace it with original YouTube’s embeddable code. It isn’t my preferred choice (not to have our self hosted video player), but what’s important is that you can still see the flick.

On the other hand, I have received this magnificent installation, one that greatly resembles Tim Nobel and Sue Webster’s optical illusion opus. Check the garbage formation. It doesn’t resemble to anything meaningful. But cast a light on it from certain point of projection, and the marvelous sailing ship magically appears.

Many shadow illusions can be seen if you follow the #shadow tag, but what’s more staggering (for me) is how you didn’t like the Trashy @ Sign Shadow. Perhaps because it was put aside to our new iPad App?

By on April 27, 2010, with 46 Comments  

Video: Anamorphic Candle BoxWhen Dan and Brieuc both submitted this flick, I thought it’s a nice video, but doesn’t bring much new to our world of optical illusions. Then the next day came, and I started receiving the exact same submission (from more sources), over and over again. It really appears people who saw this would like to share their experience. So I decided in favor of presenting Brusspup’s Anamoprhic Candles video. There you have it. It’s not that bad when I think of it, it’s just not something I find that extraordinary.

BTW, as Brieuc properly pointed, this is kinda similar to chalk drawing illusions, except made with candles. For more anamorphic stuff, be sure to check the corresponding tags and categories – #Anamorphic and Anamorphosis category!

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Tom Davison sent in what truly appears to be a great find! Seemingly animated illusions are interesting for what they stand for, but when you take their floating sample and fuse it with something purposeful, then you’re on right tracks to get noticed. For example, take the billboard posters we saw recently. What we have here today is an interesting maze puzzle, spiced with an additional optical illusion obstacle. You can open the picture in full-size to get the stronger effect. Do you notice anything strange when you try to find your way from point S to point E?

Floating Maze Optical Illusion

Try and find your way from "Start" to "End". Have you noticed any additional obstacles?

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As promised, there are few more camouflage installations by Liu Bolin just waiting to be published, but first I’ll show you another talented urban artist. I wasn’t given any details, nor the name of the talent with this submission, but the photos speak for themselves. Look how professionally did the graffiti artist camouflage his mate to fit the surroundings perectly. If you passed these locations in public, I’m not sure how close you’d have to be to distinguish the hidden persona – very close, I believe!

Concerning our beloved website, I decided to give a little recap of past month and things that kept me occupied. So let’s start with some of the main changes:

Monthly Recap + Urban Camouflage Continue Reading …

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To remind you what afterimage illusions do; after some period of staring at the certain image, the colors burn inside your eye retina, and after the illusion animation disappears, because of your newly gained super-powers, you’re still able to see the negative image afterwards. Now that we’ve repeated the basics, let’s see what today’s optical illusion does. Stare at the little black cross for a minute or so. After some time, blue and pink letters (that spell incorrect colors) will disappear. Still, you’ll be able to see the previously read colors. Does all this make sense? I had some tremendous trouble with my English today… must be the hangover.

Green and Orange Afterimage

By on April 22, 2010, with 35 Comments  

You might have heard how Facebook has plans to “seize control” of the complete web, and has already started making it more social by propagating the “Like” button everywhere. Even so, before I decide to test this nifty new feature on moillusions.com, first I’d like to wait and see how other webmasters deal with it. However, today I made some slight preparations, and changed the design a little. So when the time comes, we can implement new features more easily. Those with a keen eye will notice how the comment counter now stands below the title, while the revamped Facebook Share button took its position. Go ahead, try it! With just one click of a button you can now share your favorite illusions in your Facebook feed.

Duncan posted a comment in one of our previous posts, where he shared an interesting picture. Depending on your monitor luminance, you should have no problem reading the (partial) letters below. The message is straight and clear. However, look what happens if we adjust the output levels. How come it was easier reading the text when only half of the letters were shown? Think it has something to do with this study?

Wonders Of Perception Continue Reading …

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Two days ago Anh Pham joined our fan group, and submitted some home-grown optical illusions to our Facebook fanpage (hint: good place to preview unpublished stuff). One particular item Anh sent captured my attention. Check the pattern attached to this post. Is it only me, or does the central circular pattern appear to move every time I look at it, and move my head slightly?

Anh Phams Strange Pattern

By on April 20, 2010, with 64 Comments  

Floating Screws Optical IllusionFor those of you who missed our last announcement, one regarding illusion submissions, let’s repeat what already has been told – Few days ago we’ve started our very own Optical Illusions Fan Group, which is proudly hosted by Facebook. There are already hundreds of fans who joined, but more important some of them actually began contributing their own content. When you stumble upon something illusory or puzzling, be sure to send me an email, and I’ll feature your submission if it’s good enough by my rigorous standards. But you shouldn’t stop there, and be ashamed to post your stuff additionally to our Fan Page. You just might higher the chances of your stuff being published on this website. Those of you haven’t sign-upped as our fans, be sure to do so NOW :) Additionally, inviting all your friends to join as well, would be considered a true heroic act! I would owe you more than one…

And now the illusion… I always mix the two paragraphs; one describing the illusion, and other talking about site news. I think the former one should come in second. Anyway, do you know how the photographer made them screws levitate? It took me a second or two, but then I remembered we had something very similar posted month ago. Btw here’s the Fan Group signup, again. You’re just few clicks from becoming Our Fan: