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By on September 1, 2010, with 36 Comments  

Simplicity and confusion don’t often go hand in hand. Here’s a confusing puzzle, also known as Confuzzle, that can be made in minutes. Although this puzzle  involves simple geometric principles, it is surprising and even baffling for some people. In short, it’s a quick and easy toy you can prepare yourself in minutes, that is tons of fun when assembled and understood.

Most of you will quickly connect this post with our famous Preposterous Puzzle, which goes hand in hand with the original Impossible Triangle. Also, be sure to check Instructables for tutorial on how to create this toy for yourselves. You can see this puzzle in action via embedded video below. Hope you like it! Btw, you can see more of greeenpro2009′s optical illusions if you check out his YouTube channel.

By on August 30, 2010, with 45 Comments  

Swimming Fish optical illusion was originally created by Emily Knight and Arthur Shapiro. It was a 2007 Finalist in the Best Illusion of the Year Contest hosted by the Vision Sciences Society. However, there is a guy called Excel Hero, who recreates optical illusion using nothing but Excel. As he explains, the fish appear to wiggle up and down, but this is again just an illusion – all of the little bastards are actually standing still!

By on August 29, 2010, with 20 Comments  

Guys that do marketing for Beans & Beyond created this funny little campaign featuring coffee beans and two mugs, which in the end resemble an owl. If you’re asking yourself what the heck owl has to do with coffee, I think the answer would be owls are awake during the night (as well as their eyes are usually wide open)!

By on August 29, 2010, with 17 Comments  

Just got back from my summer trip this afternoon, and immediately I went to my office (even though it’s past midnight over here). Just to show you how I’m giving my best to fulfill my promise, as well as keep the best audience in the world (you!) deservedly entertained! As I’ve opened my mailbox and few minutes have passed, an incoming submission appeared – from #Francis Tabary himself! I believe the illusion is self explanatory, but for those who don’t see it, Francis created such ambiguous letters, that when the light is cast upon them (from various angles), the projection it creates shows the very different meaning on each separate wall. No digital manipulation here, just pure art!

By on August 27, 2010, with 19 Comments  

I have some multiple good news for you; a) my vacation ends tomorrow, and we’re returning to our routine of daily fresh illusions, which will be little more original than what you’ve been getting for the last 2 weeks, and b) Sucuri detective team managed to isolate the security hole, so our server is now completely clean, and additionally secured.

I’d like to ask you a little favor, though. Would you be so kind and repeat your ratings for the last dozen of illusions (from August, the 3rd until today)? After we’ve backed up our database, ratings and comments have been lost for dozen of our last posts. For the illusion, it’s a simple anagram (or is it ambigram?)

By on August 24, 2010, with 139 Comments  

We finally got the detective team to roll their sleeves, and start an investigation on our properties. I have strong confidence in guys behind Sucuri.net, and believe they will get the job done in no time! We should be back up at full speed anytime now!

If you’ve been wondering what has been happening for the last few hours, (and why do some of the last month’s posts lack comments and ratings), well it’s because we had to do a database backup, and the last proper version available was few weeks old! Bear with me just couple more days, and the website should be more stable than ever! Here’s an illusion, so that we don’t discontinue the trend just talking about technical stuff… p.s. if you notice anything strange with our website, widgets etc, be sure to mail me!

By on August 23, 2010, with 26 Comments  

As I consider most of you a truly loyal public (and additionally being influenced by Jeff Jarvis’s book What Would Google Do?), I think the most rightful thing to do, is to keep you updated with the site background, and problem we’ve been encountering the whole day today… Once again hacker script injected malware into our header file (don’t worry, we’ve cleaned it instantly), but we still need to wait for Google and Firefox to update the info, and remove the warning when visiting the site.

First time this happened, few months ago, I have engaged a security company called Sucuri.net after hearing nice things about them. Sadily, their package that includes site monitoring and instant notification to webmaster (when attacks happen) hasn’t functioned like they say it would. I’ve tried to engage them into running an investigation and fixing the security hole, yet I’m still waiting for them to respond… after all, this is what I payed them for in the first place. Hopefully some of you worked with these guys, and can vouch for us so they do something….

By on August 22, 2010, with 14 Comments  

When we’re talking about color adapting and stuff, let me show you this pic thats been cluttering my desktop for a while; it’s relatively known effect, but when I tell you how both sets of chess figurines are exactly the same color, you’ll think I went mad! I haven’t fully tested this in Adobe Photoshop, but here’s something to occupy you non-belivers! Btw, I’m flying back home on Friday, so bear with me these few days (somewhat less regular updates), but as soon as I get home, I promise to continue the trend with breath-taking illusions and daily updates like we had prior to my vacation. This doesn’t mean there won’t be any updates till Friday, it’s just that I can’t promise new illusion each day