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By on May 28, 2010, with 91 Comments  

Occasionally a Photoshop contest appears, where dozen of authors submit their works in order to win a prize. One such contest was recently held, where the main theme involved optical illusions. I love it when I stumble across these, because it means bunch of fresh material for us! One of the submissions I found quite peculiar, was created by Nasir Khan and was based on a hidden girl’s face. Now, don’t be fooled like I was! The main hidden face isn’t the cloud one, nor the rock formation below what seems to be an impossible object of some sort. It’s something else instead. Closest hint I can give you is to look for the negative space. Something very similar to this one. Do you see it now?

Spot The 3 Hidden Faces

By on May 27, 2010, with 44 Comments  

Those provocative-sexist billboard ads are getting more and more popular lately. What can I tell you – sex sells. Anyhow, I was given this funny beer ad I think you will love. It was sent by Martin Couture, who found it on the internetz. What do you see in the photo below? I’ve never head of Schneider beer before, but I’m sure I’m gonna try it :)

Provocative Beer Glass Illusion Continue Reading …

By on May 25, 2010, with 41 Comments  

I snitched this optical illusion off of G. Sarcone’s website, and would like to ask you a simple question: which of the two choppers has a longer line painted on-top of it? Are they the same? Is the red line longer? What do you think? I can assure you the answer will shock you. That’s it for now! No need to ruin this great optical illusion with some unrelated chit-chat. For more similar ones, check relative sizes cat.

Sarcones Helicopter Lines Illusion

By on May 25, 2010, with 58 Comments  

Today I found out about augmented reality browser called Layar. I’m positive this is the closest we get to what future will look like. Incredible! So what is it all about? In short, you’ve all probably heard about geo-location services lately, but what this thing does, it combines all of the geo-tagged data, and shows it on-top of your camera display. When you look at the environment through your phone display, it uses a built in orientation device, and adds preferred layers on-top of a real life surroundings. Imagine you walk into a club, look through your mobile phone camera, and see interactive information hovering above people, or see tweets hovering at your favorite coffee shop. You need to try this yourself to see what I mean. The possibilities are endless! Can’t remember last time something amazed me this much. For the illusion – no info was available. Just try and focus. Something funny is happening, but can’t understand what.

Can You Focus?

By on May 23, 2010, with 15 Comments  

Video: Anamorphic Art ShowcaseThere were bunch of new anamorphoses lately, and I thought to myself what could be better than closing the cycle with a nice video showing these works in action. Fortunately, I found one. As you may observe, the images start out scrambled and skewed, but as we often explained, when a cylinder mirror is placed in the right spot, the true artwork is revealed. The hidden motive magically appears in the reflection on the cylinder’s surface.

One of the most popular artists (building his career around this effect) is Istvan Orovitz. Check the #Orovitz tag, and you can see some of the works Istvan did in the past. Many of them we already showcased. I’m not particularly sure whether all of the examples in this video belong to Istvan, but the ones exhibited are worthy to see

By on May 22, 2010, with 303 Comments  

Another Rorschach Test

What Do You See Above?

Got another one of these, what appears to be Rorschach test cards. Tell me, what do you see hidden in the card on your right? It may appear like randomly scattered pieces at first, without any obvious meaning, but when you finally see what they represent – there’s no going back. How long did it take you to see the illusion? If you’re still struggling, the answer is hidden somewhere inside the file ;)

Regarding my health, I’m getting a little better – thanks for the concern you expressed in some of your previous comments. It’s probably just a common cold, and hopefully I should be back up operating at full speed from Monday!

By on May 20, 2010, with 112 Comments  

Here are two simple ones I got hold of today. It would be shame to pass them, despite their easy explanation and visual simplicity. When you look at the first one, you immediately think of letter E. But why is that? None of the lines presented depict letter E even closely! Our brain immediately presumes this is something known to us, and tries to connect the shadowy outlines with the known symbol. What if we were born in a society where this symbol wasn’t used, and is nowhere to be seen at all? Could we then see the lines without making presumption of what they represent? Can you force yourself just to see some random lines instead of E? Try it! For the other one, it depends how you look at it – you can either see remains of an apple, or two faces looking at each other? So which one is it?

Two Simple To See

By on May 19, 2010, with 55 Comments  

Wooster Collective points us to a remarkable piece of street art, that appeared on the streets of Berlin few weeks ago. What you can see in this photo below, is a creation by an unknown artist, who has created a subtle but effective lenticular image on the slats of a fence. Head-on it doesn’t look like much, but when you move yourself to the left (or right), an image of a face appears. That’s it for today! I’m feeling a little bit feverish, so pardon the lack of text until I get well…

A Street Art Optical Illusion