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By on March 7, 2011, with 18 Comments  

Mark Bessey informed me about this art installation which opens March 25th in L.A., by a California artist Michael Kalish. The project, which depicts the three-time heavyweight champ by using speed bags, stands two stories high, fills up 15,00 cubic feet and includes five miles of stainless steel, two miles of aluminum tubing and 1,300 of Muhammad Ali’s favorite practice targets. Apparently, it took Kalish three months to design the sculpture and more than five months to build it. From most angles, the structure looks like a jumble of boxing bags and twisted metal, and only when viewed from the proper vantage point, the structure becomes a two-dimensional portrait of the former heavyweight champion. Be sure to check out all of the photos I’ve included (inside).

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By on March 5, 2011, with 45 Comments  

Check out this hell of a funny .gif animation, one that could easily fool you into believing we weren’t supposed to share, specially because of our safe-for-all-ages strict policy. But I promise you, that once you see the looping animation from start to its end, you’ll quickly realize there wasn’t anything wrong with it in the first place.

I believe we successfully managed to fool you this time! I firmly believe you won’t find posts like this untasteful, and instead will have a laugh like I did. Anyway, I expect seeing this on bunch of forums anytime soon, mainly used as an avatar in your profile :D For more (fake) sexy illusions of this type, be sure to visit appropriate #sexy tag. BTW, anyone knows which show was this taken from? I believe they were heavily inspired by Bald Gentlemen illusion prior to making this gig.

By on March 4, 2011, with 38 Comments  

Click to see this picture in full size

Amondesign Lopez is just one among thousands of fans our facebook page has gathered to this date. But the illusion Amondesign posted to our group’s wall is clearly one of the better ones I have seen lately. The drawing you see attached here is just cropped and  minified portion of the original artwork created by DeviantART user named willustration. Before we proceed, be sure to open it in new window to see the complete masterpiece in its full glory!

The tree branches and rocks that magnificently portray approaching tiger, aren’t the only illusion willustration’s picture hides! I presume how the Premonition Poster, or maybe Hidden Baby illusion must’ve played significant role in author’s inspiration. Just how many tigers do you think there are altogether in this marvelous drawing? Leaving the obvious sleeping beast aside, and ignoring the marvelous approaching one for few moments, try and spot if there is something else you haven’t noticed at first!

I’m really proud how our FB page has picked up its momentum lately, and am excited to announce we have almost surpassed the magical 7,000 fans mark. Be sure to share your findings through our wall, and don’t forget to check some clues I left there, concerning our recent Escher’s Waterfall Video solution.

By on March 2, 2011, with 51 Comments  

Week ago, Deceptology blog brought another hard-to-believe brain teaser, based on a relatively known type of old-school optical illusion.

What you should do is check out the the two matchboxes on your right. I can’t imagine how capable the person trying to persuade you into believing this should be, but what I can tell you is how it would be a perfectly sane claim. I’ll take it for granted you trust me on this one, specially if you take into account length and nature of our mutual friendship.

If all this still isn’t enough, let me convince you by sharing this strong proof, one you won’t be able to ignore. This simple animated .gif below, shows in practice how both of the matchbox sides are actually identical. My intuition tells me our brain prevents us to see them as they are, based on the depth it perceives, just like we explained few days ago in “Sphere Brothers” article.

By on March 1, 2011, with 24 Comments  

If you’re wondering why there hasn’t been any update for the last two days, well it’s because I was preoccupied moving this website to whole new dedicated server! There shouldn’t be any visual difference at your end, except the website should load from different IP address, and perform much faster and more stable during our spike moments. We have upgraded the bandwidth to 1Gbps, and now have 8 brand new processors to serve the content :D Whoohoo! Anyway, the only thing we’ve lost during the migration were some of your comments. Last 50 of them to be more precise, but this shouldn’t be too hard to re-collect. So now that I’ve informed you about the changes, we can safely proceed to our daily illusion. Let’s see what I have prepared for you today: can you spot a subtly-incorporated dragon inside the landscape below? This one was painted by artist Chow Hon Lam.

By on February 27, 2011, with 44 Comments  

First time I was introduced to tilt-shift photography, was when I discovered Olivio Barbieri’s work. We have even showcased some of his works through this website. I’m not sure if Olivio originally discovered this technique or not, but what I know for sure is what Graham A. Stephen submitted, is equally impressive! Graham’s work should be of great interest to our audience, because the author was kind enough to provide both versions, one including and the other lacking the implemented effect. Check out how the construction site appears in both versions! What I would like to know, is whether this technique can be reversed? Would it be possible to force the miniature replicas to appear bigger (and are the Hollywood studios using this)? Also, can the tilt-shift technique be applied to almost any scenery? So many questions, so many of you to answer them ;D

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By on February 25, 2011, with 26 Comments  

Check out this cool animated .gif file, one that Markus compiled and decided to present us with! It’s shows a well known relative sizes effect, which is characterized by visually perceived images that differ from objective reality. It results with our eyes seeing one thing, while our brain sees something entirely different. The information that our eyes feed back to the brain has to be understood by the brain, and the brain is very clever at guessing what it should be seeing. Sometimes this difference can be quite astounding! The brick pattern further strengthens the 3d perspective, thus fooling (or helping?!) our brain in what it makes of the image. Cool, ayeh?! BTW, thanks for helping me out on Wednesday ;)

By on February 23, 2011, with 26 Comments  

For today I bring you another funny-looking impossible arch painting. By its design, I would tell it was done by Sandro Del Prete, yet I thought we already shared all of his works through this site.

Be sure to notice how part of the painting is a pinned down painting itself, motive Sandro heavily uses in his works. How many optical illusions can you spot in today’s post?

Btw, those of you still reading, I would appreciate if you had a second to spare… My mum has tailored a coat which she feels very proud of, and had submitted it for a competition of some kind. She isn’t aware I’m writing this, but I would appreciate highly if you could rate her design positively here (click “J’aime” if you like it).