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By on October 16, 2010, with 35 Comments  

I got this photo some time ago, which was sent to me by one of our fans (who else), and even though it struck me as an awesome real-life optical illusion, I hesitated posting it online as it was obvious there has been some heavy photoshopping involved.

Never the less, I think the illusion in its essence is perfect. Moreover, it became even more interesting when I noticed the second illusion it hides. It took me few moments before I realized that the central column isn’t the only Escheresque object present. Perhaps it’s central placement and focus distracts people’s attention from noticing the second illusion, which isn’t much different itself.

How long did it take you to realize them both? There were some other posts on this site, that showcased real-life Escher Columns in action as well. Unfortunately, I can’t decide which were the best cases. Help me, and post a link (or attach image to your comment, if you wish) to your favorite ones!

By on October 15, 2010, with 29 Comments  

Gizmodo published a story recently, concerning what appears to be a real-life version of an old school Rabbit-Duck optical illusion. The original was a memorable example, where if you looked at it one way it was a rabbit, but in the same time it could also resemble a duck. I hope this one’s just a hoax (like Fiji Mermaid was), but I’ll let you decide. Was it after all some crafty taxidermist, who recreated the effect in real life??? If so, I just hope you don’t consider this a DIY type of post. For more similar examples, check out another real life Rabbit-Duck, Frog-Horse or Young Lady-Old Hag illusions…

By on October 13, 2010, with 51 Comments  

I had these photos in my queue for some time now, yet never felt they deserve their own separate post each. What about if I put them all up as a collection? Do you believe all four of them combined can slip through, eventually? Anyway, if you don’t see them as true illusions, they still make you think for a second before you start laughing, don’t they? Which one is your favorite? Can you see them in their true sense? It’s just like that time we had Nature’s Creations… enjoy!

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By on October 12, 2010, with 38 Comments  

If you haven’t heard, there is this organization called AMREF (short for African Medical & Research Foundation), which makes the World’s Leading African Health Development Organization. And as you might have guessed, it battles to provide better health care to people of Africa. But what’s even more interesting for us, optical illusion-orientated audience, is AMREF’s recent billboard campaign. Check out these incredible posters below! What do they remind you of? How about blurring your eyes for a second? Unfortunately, AMREF didn’t come to this idea by itself. In my belief Manu Dibango did it much earlier with his Wakafrika LP cover. You can see it attached at the end of this post.

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By on October 10, 2010, with 103 Comments  

Here’s a relatively new optical illusion, examples of which were featured on multiple occasions. I think today’s version beats them all! In short, it makes your brain/eyes play a trick on you, making you “feel” that the photo on the right is slightly slanted. In reality it’s not. How can it be that the both photos are exactly the same? Anyone understands what makes this effect work? I have no idea, I tell you, no idea!

By on October 8, 2010, with 44 Comments  

As Daily Mail reported, a climber in Poland has taken this astonishing photo, of what appears to be a ghostly figure emerging from the morning mist on the side of a mountain. This  illusion, which occurred at dawn in the Tatra mountains (Zakopane), is actually what is known as a Broken Spectre phenomenon. It can be easily reproduced, since it occurs when there’s a low sun shining behind someone looking downwards into fog, with their shadow projected forwards. German scientist called Johann Silberschlag first observed the phenomenon way back in 1780, but since then they have been seen and recorded many times in the region. What I found most peculiar, is a superstition found among mountain climbers that whoever sees a Brocken Spectre will die in the mountains the very next day! Spooky..ayeh?

By on October 7, 2010, with 22 Comments  

Dunno if you saw this, but what I do know is that we get letters all the time, urging us to devote more space to Salvador Dali’s life and work. Here you have it: a cover of a Match magazine, dating all the way back to October 12th, 1939, which was created by Salvador Dali himself. What you see is an apparition of a War Scene, but when you look more closely, you’ll see the face of Lieutenant Deschanel *whoever he is*…

By on October 5, 2010, with 13 Comments  

I see a real debate going on, regarding our previous illusion. Even though “Mail Box” was the proper answer, I take full responsibility for the illusion appearing as “Mail Boy”. As it seems, I’ve added so many 3d effects to the original illusion (to make the design fit our standards), it was my fault the X shape ended looking like Y. But when you see how the original looked like (here), you’ll completely understand why Photoshop actions were necessary. This remind me of an old “Go F* Yourself” illusion, I changed to “Go On Yourself”, hoping no one will notice :) Today, however we have something oldschool-ish. Can you believe those two central cogs are of exact same size? By now you probably do…