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By on April 22, 2010, with 35 Comments  

You might have heard how Facebook has plans to “seize control” of the complete web, and has already started making it more social by propagating the “Like” button everywhere. Even so, before I decide to test this nifty new feature on moillusions.com, first I’d like to wait and see how other webmasters deal with it. However, today I made some slight preparations, and changed the design a little. So when the time comes, we can implement new features more easily. Those with a keen eye will notice how the comment counter now stands below the title, while the revamped Facebook Share button took its position. Go ahead, try it! With just one click of a button you can now share your favorite illusions in your Facebook feed.

Duncan posted a comment in one of our previous posts, where he shared an interesting picture. Depending on your monitor luminance, you should have no problem reading the (partial) letters below. The message is straight and clear. However, look what happens if we adjust the output levels. How come it was easier reading the text when only half of the letters were shown? Think it has something to do with this study?

Wonders Of Perception Continue Reading …

By on April 21, 2010, with 42 Comments  

Two days ago Anh Pham joined our fan group, and submitted some home-grown optical illusions to our Facebook fanpage (hint: good place to preview unpublished stuff). One particular item Anh sent captured my attention. Check the pattern attached to this post. Is it only me, or does the central circular pattern appear to move every time I look at it, and move my head slightly?

Anh Phams Strange Pattern

By on April 20, 2010, with 64 Comments  

Floating Screws Optical IllusionFor those of you who missed our last announcement, one regarding illusion submissions, let’s repeat what already has been told – Few days ago we’ve started our very own Optical Illusions Fan Group, which is proudly hosted by Facebook. There are already hundreds of fans who joined, but more important some of them actually began contributing their own content. When you stumble upon something illusory or puzzling, be sure to send me an email, and I’ll feature your submission if it’s good enough by my rigorous standards. But you shouldn’t stop there, and be ashamed to post your stuff additionally to our Fan Page. You just might higher the chances of your stuff being published on this website. Those of you haven’t sign-upped as our fans, be sure to do so NOW :) Additionally, inviting all your friends to join as well, would be considered a true heroic act! I would owe you more than one…

And now the illusion… I always mix the two paragraphs; one describing the illusion, and other talking about site news. I think the former one should come in second. Anyway, do you know how the photographer made them screws levitate? It took me a second or two, but then I remembered we had something very similar posted month ago. Btw here’s the Fan Group signup, again. You’re just few clicks from becoming Our Fan:

By on April 19, 2010, with 32 Comments  

Vans Playing Tricks With Our HeadThis short video filled with homemade optical illusions was created by Donny Miller especially for the launch of “Vault” by Vans Spring 2010. It had me fooled for not seeing the illusion at start, even though I’m used seeing 3D Chalk Drawing examples almost each day.

Did the video manage to trick you as well? Relatively off-topic, what do you do when you have great optical illusion ready to showcase, but when deciphered, it looks greatly NSFW (not safe for work)? This question bugs me, even though I’m aware I couldn’t share it cause of the youngsters. Basically, I have a subliminal billboard illusion, advertising some sort of vine product, but when turned upside-down, you see something very adult. Something similar to this. I got a scan of it from some kind of public newspapers, but am not sure how to present it to you. Those of you who aren’t easily offended, proceed here and turn the picture upside down.

By on April 18, 2010, with 19 Comments  

Beautiful Rose ShadowFew weeks ago Stephen Wulfson sent me an email referring to an interesting artist, whose name is Paul Pacotto. This email stayed on my disk for long time before I remembered I have it, and decided to share it with our faithful audience. Stephen attached some of the photos he took in the Negresco Hotel shop in Nice, France. As I understood, Paul Pacotto’s art mainly consists of simple objects whose shadow resembles a lady’s shadow.

If you look at your right, you can see one such example, where a rose on a stem turns into the shadow of a young beautiful woman. You can get a better view, and some more examples in the second photo below.

BTW, just to inform you, we’ve had some serious Internet connection issues yesterday, and this is the sole reason you weren’t given a fresh optical illusion yesterday. I feel somehow embarrassed as this happened only few days after I gave my pledge. Don’t worry, as I’ve already promised, I’m giving my best to lower the illusion-less days down to zero… Enjoy today’s post!

Beautiful Rose Shadow

By on April 17, 2010, with 47 Comments  

Garbage Face Optical IllusionSo, the illusion was lil’ too obvious for us yesterday, ayeh? I agree. But look at what birdie brought in today! Once again you’ll notice some kind of face figure, moreover it’s easy to see the face again, but the main difference between this and previous Octavio’s artwork is that the formation on your right wasn’t painted. It’s a real-life scene, and the image you see is a photo of an actual “exhibit”.

I’m not exactly sure of the origin, and whether this is some kind of prepared art installation, or maybe an “accidental” gem instead. With later being less possible, I believe that the person who deposited all the junk at this particular location, knew exactly what he or she was doing, and how to arrange all the garbage to form something that makes sense. This optical illusion greatly reminds me of what the store owner in Burkina Faso did to his shop.

By on April 15, 2010, with 28 Comments  

Never mind the title, it’s just something I did to connect the fun-fact of the day. It’s something our lady fans may find interesting, rest of you can easily skip the following few lines… Well, by now you all know I’m located in Europe, more specifically – Croatia. As it happens, my girlfriend has ordered some stuff from Victora’s Secret US online shop. What struck me, was the fact she placed her order two days ago, and the shipment has already arrived today?! She didn’t even pay for faster service! Her order should have arrived weeks from now. Anyone knows how is it possible for US shops to send their stuff so fast? This gives me something to think about. Maybe I should order my iPad the same way… Just to make it clear, I’m not doing commercial for anyone here, this is just something I find peculiar.

Anyhow, not to bore you with my personal fascinations, let’s see what Octavio Ocampo has prepared for us today. You may know him by his famous Flower-faced Paintings, only this time the illusion is more obvious. Personally, I like when artists make their illusions more subtle, but I’m not the majority here. Either way these two flicks are really worth gold!

Victorias Secret Optical Illusion

By on April 14, 2010, with 97 Comments  

Long time viewers will experience some kind of deja-vu when they see this one. Well, partly you’re right, partly you’re not. What we have here is a remake of Gianni A. Sarcone’s original “Impossible Table Stuff“. Be sure to check the tags beneath the post, more specifically the G. Sarcone one which will bring you to all of his illusions we posted before. This time there are 6 critical visual errors cleverly placed inside what seems to be an ordinary picture. Can you find them all?

Sarcones 6 Visual Errors