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By on February 5, 2012, with 16 Comments  

G. Sarcone really makes great optical illusions. If you don’t believe me, just check some of his stuff we featured earlier. Take his “Neon Heart illusion” for example – can you see the faint glow surrounding the heart? It might help if you squint your eyes a little. Well, I’m afraid the neon glow you perceived is just an illusion, and that the yellow unicolor background is same for each box in the grid. It’s just the part of the grid painted black that’s responsible for this. I think it has something to do with contrasts, but don’t take me for granted. BTW, the effect gets much stronger the more you shrink the image. If you wish, you can download our desktop widget (if you haven’t already) and see how it looks in the “Illusion of The Day” widget.

By on February 2, 2012, with 137 Comments  

It’s one of those “When You See It…” type of photos that really had me puzzled at first. But then when it suddenly popped-out, I spilled my coffee all over myself. So how long did it take before you were able to see it? If you can ignore the meaning just for a second, I think you’ll agree it’s one of the better submissions we saw lately. Agree? Huge props to Michael J. Höller for bringing this to my attention via our FB channel.

By on February 1, 2012, with 24 Comments  

Apparently I was wrong when I said Beyonce does wonderful optical illusions. It turns out that the afterimage in my last post features Deepika Padukone (an Indian actress) instead. Thanks Toby! But let’s forget this little error I made, and concentrate on something more important – have you noticed something different about Mighty Optical Illusions? As promised, the new design is finally here! I know, I know… Only header and logo have changed, but this is something most of you complained about, and you were right. So what do you think of the changes? Are they for better or worse? What else do you think should be added? In general, how do you feel about the looks of our site now? What is the feeling you get the very first second you open this site? Be honest, please ;) Oh, and about the illusion… well, you’ll figure it out!

By on January 30, 2012, with 34 Comments  

I don’t know much about Beyonce’s controversial pregnancy, but what I know for sure is that she makes one hell of an optical illusion! What I want you to do (once again) is to stare at this negative photo of her for a minute or so. Don’t forget to fixate the dots on her nose while you’re doing it. After some time, turn your eyes to a plain surface right next to the image (a ceiling or a blank wall would serve fine as well). A “negative of a negative“, a proper image in full-color if you will, will then appear momentarily. The more you blink, the better afterimage effect you’ll experience! If this version wasn’t enough, you may try the full size version located here.

By on January 28, 2012, with 60 Comments  

Here’s another accidental optical illusion photo that’s been circulating our Facebook channel lately. When I first saw it, it seemed as if the guy’s head wasn’t in proportion with rest of his body… Only then I realized his girlfriend wasn’t the one reading the newspapers. Instead, she is the one standing behind the couch and hugging her boyfriend. It becomes harder to see the illusion once you understand what is going on here… You decide if it’s good!

By on January 26, 2012, with 32 Comments  

Imagine stepping into a room in the local art museum and suddenly not knowing where to step because the ground appears to be completely uneven. But that’s exactly what would happen if you  happen to visit Kunstraum München in Munich, Germany. At least, if you happened to visit after Heikie Weber finished putting her installations up at the gallery.

That’s because the artist’s surreal creations convert ordinary rooms into mind-melding creations that seem impossible to walk on…of course, with art this fantastic, it seems a shame to trod on it anyway! But the most impressive part is how Heike does it…

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By on January 24, 2012, with 130 Comments  

Richard Borwick discovered another phenomenal optical illusion this morning. Sure, we’ve seen the effect in action couple of times before, but then again – how often do you come across incredibly original optical illusions? Not often I guess… Still, what I’ve found so great about his discovery is how innocent it looks at first glance. Almost as if there was no evidence of the hidden illusion it holds… But wait! What if you blurred your vision just for a second? Go cross-eyed, blur your stare or simply step few feet back from your monitor. Now what you see? It has to be magic, right? Just when you’re done, be sure to share his identity…

By on January 22, 2012, with 35 Comments  

Kim Kardashian wearing Alexander McQueen's "Optical Illusion dress"

We all know that women prefer clothes which makes them look thin, emphasize their curves and enhance their figure. Spanx pantyhose, Wonderbras… You name it! But come on, no dress is really gonna take ten inches off your waist, or make you look twenty pounds lighter than you really are… Would it? Well, no ORDINARY dress would be able to do that!

But when designers discover fabulous world of optical illusions, and then start playing with such concepts, you’d be amazed what they could do to the female figure… only sky is the limit!

Take the dress on the right for example – simply by adding a well-known optical illusion pattern to the waist, the designer Alexander McQueen suddenly makes any woman wearing his dress appear much thinner in waist than she really is. Not to mention how he successfully reversed the effect in the breasts region, accomplishing curvaceous, hourglass appearance!

Really?! Who Else Does This?

The next dress by Stella McCartney is another extreme example of what optical illusions can do to a woman’s body… Sure, it’s an easy task to emphasize Kim Kardashian’s curves, but what if you’re not as curvaceous?

Using a similar concept that slimmed down Kim in the first image, McCartney’s dress takes the illusion even further – By using a slightly off-white color fabric on the bust, the “shadow effect” makes woman’s breasts appear much larger, immediately putting them in the spotlight (something I’m sure most gentlemen wouldn’t be eager to complain about). But that’s not the only enhancement here!

Kate Winslet premiered Stella McCartney’s dress at the Venice Film Festival, and it was so noticeably figure-altering that it was quickly dubbed “The Optical Illusion Dress” by the press. You can immediately recognize the black-fabric-on-the-sides trick, one that made Kate look like a corset model from the 18th century. An hourglass figure so slim, that when compared to her mortal anatomy, it’s actually shocking…

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