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By on April 12, 2010, with 64 Comments  

Every now and then an idea hits me, where I try to find logic reason for us not to have multiple illusions and articles posted each day. I never find a good reason against it, but somehow always let this thought slip me by. So I continue with my old routine – one article each day or two. Perhaps I orientate towards my own personal ramblings too much, and in fear of having nothing to say, keep the post count low. I think its necessary for me to finally understand, you guys are here because of illusions, and everything else should come in second. So I came up with a thought to post more often, but writing less text. How does this sound to you? Just like back in the old days. You think we should try it? Think the illusion quality will suffer? Will you be able to keep up with the quicker tempo? I’m eager to hear your thoughts. The posts would be little shorter, and go something like this:

Today’s illusion was submitted to our Facebook fanpage by David G. Wilson, with original title “Un Plat d’or Aux Poires Mûres”. Since I don’t speak French, I named it “Impolite Fruit and Veggies“. Do you primary see a plate with all kinds of fruit and vegetables, or do you see something little bit more sexy instead?

Impolite Fruit and Veggies

By on April 11, 2010, with 33 Comments  

Triggered by some of your comments (from this particular post), where you slowly started to complain about our optical illusion quality as of late, I decided to run a social experiment. I’ve set up a Facebook fan-group, where everyone is invited to join, and hopefully share optical illusions we haven’t already posted to this site. Members have already started sending their stuff, and the group is growing rapidly. If we manage to exponentially add our friends there, we’ll get bunch on new material to choose from. Best illusions will regularly be posted to this site, and additionally I’ll run some contests (hint) where we shall reward the most active users – those bringing in most interesting stuff, and inviting most friends. Let’s see how this goes, and maybe I’ll move the “Submit your illusions” story completely to our new Facebook fanpage.

In the mean time, Rob Gonsalves has created another interesting tessellation. Boats were his motive once again, only this time they don’t fade into arches, but transform to trees instead. How many ships can you see in this picture? Can you spot where they stop being ships, and start behaving as trees? I love Gonsalves, and hope you share my view…

Few Ships and Our New Fan Group

By on April 9, 2010, with 72 Comments  

Can you spot a camouflaged persona in the first photo below? If you’re heaving trouble, don’t think less of yourself – after all, it is Liu Bolin we’re talking about here. Those of you who missed it, Liu is more known as an Invisible Man, which you can see in our archives if you follow the Liu Bolin tag. This artist has clearly mastered the body-paint camouflage technique, moreover it’s obvious he has taken it further, onto a next level. You can follow the underlined words in this text, and they will bring you to dozen of previous camouflage examples. Which one was the best? In my opinion The Tractor one beats them all! Stay tuned for more photos of Liu Bolin hiding himself…soon!

All I Need is a Bucket Full of Paint Continue Reading …

By on April 8, 2010, with 90 Comments  

Do you like eating fast food? Me too! Well, it just happens we’ve got this delicious photo from one of our visitors, who additionally pointed there is a hidden optical illusion present somewhere inside this picture. Can you see it? How long did it take? If you still struggle, I can suggest visiting this link for a slight hint. This illusion belongs to the “When you see it…” group of photos. Because, once you realize the illusion, you can’t go back and loose lose sight of it.

Fast Food Optical Illusion

By on April 6, 2010, with 95 Comments  

How Many Dogs Are There?I’m glad to notice how many of you listened to my suggestion, and implemented those little Gravatar icons which now show up next to your comment. Your comments look much more personal now, and distinguish themselves proudly among bunch of other comments. Rest of you who’d like to add a little icon next to their comment as well, simply head here and upload your personal avatar, which will automatically show up each time you leave a comment on a WordPress blog like mine.

That being said, let’s see what Vurdlak has prepared for you today… Remember the Confused Elephant, one with so many legs he forgot how to use them? Now mix him with those Impossible Shelves, add an animation and present the results in man best friend way – and this is what you come up with: Impossible Dogs animation. How many dogs do you see in this picture? Is there something wrong with them? Can you spot the illusion immediately? Looking forward to hear your comments!

By on April 5, 2010, with 67 Comments  

I’m not sure whether you are aware of all the tricks media companies bombard us with, but more often than not, suggestive scenery is cleverly hidden inside their billboards. Take this beer ad for example. Now rotate the picture (or your head). See what I mean? If you browse our archives, more specifically the “Sexy” tag (don’t worry, it’s safe for work), you’ll see bunch of examples where sex sells. It’s sneaky, but it works.

Anyway, off topic – I hope there are already some of you who did get the controversial iPad. Did you get an opportunity to install our iPad application? How does it look like? Is the iPad really that great? Believe it or not, I still haven’t had a chance to play with it first-hand!

Turn Me Upside Down!

By on April 3, 2010, with 16 Comments  

iPad Daily Illusion App Has Arrived!Ok, remember the exciting announcement I mentioned earlier? Well, I couldn’t wait any longer to share this with you guys. So here it is – We have finally completed the “Daily Optical Illusion” app for iPad (and iPhone).

Those lucky bastardz who got their hands on Apple’s premium gadget already, can immediately get the app via iTunes (link here – don’t forget to click the little iPad icon to see the iPad specific screenshots, not iPhone ones!). Rest of us can enjoy the screenshots below.

Well, actually the revamped app is universal, so those of you using iPhone can download as well, but I believe most of the premium features work better on iPad. Anyway, I’ll create the separate page for the App soon, but just wanted to share the news first.

All of the app specs can be found inside the app store, but basically you get a new illusion each day (or two), package full of already published illusions, descriptions, comments, ratings, and much much more…

Oh, and not to skip the current “illusion of the day”, here’s another Tim Noble and Sue Webster shadow art installation. The illusion works in a way, that when light is cast on the seemingly random garbage formation, it produces a shadow resembling AT sign, the inter-connector we mostly use in email communication (or on Twitter ;)

iTunes: iPad App · iPhone App · DownloadiPad Daily Illusion App Has Arrived!

By on April 2, 2010, with 19 Comments  

Video: Final Proof for Wavy CirclesPSSST! I have prepared a big announcement for you in few days! Those of you who can’t wait to hear, quickly jump to our Twitter, and be sure to click the follow button. You can get a sneak-peak of our newest project posted there! I’ll post some additional screenshots of the project via our twitter account as well. It has something to do with Apirl, the 3rd. Was this hint enough?

Anyway, GreenProductions has created another awesome optical illusion video. I think it’s the same guy who presented us with Gray and White illusion from few days back. This time he gives us a final proof for them wavy spirals we posted in two parts. Be sure to check the Spiral tag, to see what I mean. I believe this vid’ should close the seemingly bent circles story once and for all.