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It never ceases to amaze me what some people can do with a little chalk and their imagination. This amazing street art optical illusion comes from a combination of angle and proper scaling. Unlike some other 3-D chalk drawings, this unique design makes the gazer look as if he is standing above the sidewalk hole. This creates more depth and helps make the design all the more impressive.

When you first take a look at this street art drawing, your mind thinks that a perfect square was cut in the middle of a thin layer of the street. The thin layer reveals a whole city below, which has erected an advertisement several stories tall. As the person a top the advertisement gazes with wonder at the people below, it is hard to think that he has not risen above the street. I’ll admit, even I had to do a double take on this one. Has this man risen above the street to stare at the chalk city below or is he part of the illusion?


The key to this amazing street art illusion is in the shadowing, scaling, and all around details of the art. If you ever have the opportunity to get a bird’s eye view of a city, which in this case would be between five and ten stories tall, you would be able to see how small people look. The design here takes advantage of size, both with people and cars, to show depth and realism. Without realistic scaling, the people, cars, and other fine details would be a dead giveaway that something just isn’t right.

Shadows also play a huge role in how this drawing is meant to be viewed. In order for the street art illusion to work just right, the viewer has to be facing the picture at roughly 3 p.m. The real shadows will then align perfectly with those in the drawing, making the picture seem all the more real. In addition to playing on natural shadows, the shades help to portray the scale of the tower in a more natural way. If a large towering advertisement was placed in a town center, you can safely bet that it would cast a bit of darkness on the area for a good portion of the day.

Personally, I like this modern design over some of the other 3-D chalk designs I’ve seen lately. Not that this illusion is any more grand than the others, I like that it plays on realistic scenery. Its not very common to see a waterfall or Ferris wheel poking out of the ground. With modern architecture and plenty of buildings having very elaborate floor plans, you really need to double take and remind yourself that you are on the ground floor of the street when viewing this 3-D chalk drawing.

Optical illusions can be fascinating when they play off of our natural senses and can literally place us in a whole different world. When the artist can not only capture our imagination but do so in a realistic way, the illusion can stand strong.

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For some people, they love being able to gaze upon the beautiful, blue skies and watch as the birds soar by.  Sitting back and relaxing outside listening to the birds chirp can be a great way to unwind after a long day at the office.  Who doesn’t love being able to look at these magnificent creatures?  From a small robin to an expansive eagle, every bird has something unique and different to offer the world.  Regardless of what type of birds you like, you are sure to love this stunning painted bird optical illusion piece by Oleg Shuplyak.

Oleg knows what it takes to implement the right amount of color and texture to create a work of art that you have to see to understand just amazing they truly can be.  From this simple bird piece to some of his other works of art, there is something in every piece that you have to pay attention to and find hidden underneath the layers.  Take a look at this painted bird optical illusion piece and see if you can find what seems to be hidden in the piece.  Do you see it?

bird optical illusion

Many people might overlook the pure simplicity and beauty found in this piece, but you will be amazed at how such a simple optical illusion can be created using nothing more than the elements in the world around you.  For example, this piece uses nothing more than a bird sitting in a tree and the elements of Mother Nature around it.  All it took was leaves and branches to recreate a beautiful bird sitting there with its friend.

At first glance, did you catch the other bird or did you simply look at the picture and think about how nice it was?  Were you able to make out the bird rather quickly or did you have to go back to it a couple times to truly find out what the illusion was in the piece.  As they say, birds of a feather flock together and that is exactly what you see right here.

Instead of focusing on the one bird, take your attention away and focus on the leaves and the branches that make up the rest of the picture.  Do you see how the beautiful orange, red, green and yellow colors blend together to take your mind away from what’s right there in front of you the whole time?  It doesn’t matter if you love birds or not because you have to love the beautiful detailing and craftsmanship that make this piece what it is.

If you are looking for some other bird optical illusion pieces, make sure to check out the Two Birds Optical Illusion in our gallery.  What might seem like a harmless painted bird optical illusion will leave you wondering how someone was able to come up with something so detailed and timeless.  Take the time to explore all of the various optical illusion pieces we have to see just how quickly you can spot the illusion in the piece.

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When it comes to optical illusions, you never know what you are going to find.  Regardless of whether you are looking at pictures of animals, people or far off locations, the chance to see something amazing might be closer than you think.  For instance, the cheetah optical illusion picture below will have you looking at it twice to figure out what really is going on with the picture.  Upon first glance, you might wonder how the image is even possible.  Take a moment and see what you think about this ambiguous cheetahs illusion before we provide you with the solution.

How many heads do you see?  Does this one cheetah really have two heads?  Are these cheetahs conjoined?  Can you see how something so simple as a picture of natural wildlife can be so stunning and amazing at the same time? Cheetahs aren’t the only ones who can pull off an illusion like this.  The Panda Optical Illusion offers the same mind-blowing tricks that you see here, with a little different spin on things of course.

leopard optical illusion

Behind this endangered species is a beautiful picture that is waiting for you to figure out what really is going on with these two cheetahs.  Upon first glance, I thought the cheetah optical illusion was really a cheetah that had two heads for one body.  It looked like the one head was growing out the side of its neck.  Talk about freaky.  When you truly think about it, is that even possible?  In a world of mystery and illusion, anything is possible.

Not that I would ever want to meet up with a cheetah with two heads, but it could happen, right?  Who knows?  After sitting back and really looking at the picture, I determined that it was a matter of being in the right place at the right time that made this cheetah optical illusion possible.  Even though it might be a little difficult to tell at first, you can begin to determine where the cheetahs heads and bodies connect.

You can see that the one has its head turned to the side and the one that looks like it should be with the one sitting is the one whose head belongs to the one standing.  Pay close attention to the way the back fur is on the one and you will quickly identify where the cheetahs line up.  It takes a minute at first, but the intricate details in this stunning picture help bring it all together into one magnificent illusion.  Do you see where the individual cheetahs are?

It’s amazing how something as simple as timing and positioning can make something appear surreal.  For those who love animal optical illusions, make sure to check out some of the other amazing pieces we have.  Beyond this intricate cheetah optical illusion, you will find pandas, horses and many other creatures.  You never know what might be lurking in a picture or image that you look at, so make sure and look carefully to see what you might uncover.



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Enjoy a good brain teaser every now and then? If you said yes to this then I dare you to take a chance at this brain teaser. The object of this exercise is to say the name of the color the word is printed in, not what the word says. The second part of this brain teaser is you must say it at a normal speaking pace.  I will even give you three tries to get through it without slowing down. Can’t seem to get it? Do not worry, you are not the only one having trouble. The better question is; how can this be so difficult? This brain teaser is actually part of what is called “The Stroop Test.”

If Stroop has a test, then what is the actual effect you ask? Well, the Stroop effect is an example of the interesting case where the brain’s reaction time actually slows down when it has to deal with conflicting information. This delayed reaction time is happening because of a processing delay that is caused by competing functions in your brain. This effect is named after John Ridley Stroop who published a paper back in 1935 but the effect had been studied abroad before Stoop’s publishing’s.

Optical IllusionSo what does all that mean exactly? It basically means in this brain teaser there is a conflict between what we read and what we perceive. Yellow should not be green. Red should not be blue. This sort of illusion also happened in our Test for the Sharp Minded as well. It is also possible that this task is difficult because it requires both hemispheres of our brain to work together. This brain teaser causes both sides of your brain to work at the same time and that is not something that is usually done. Some theories state that the brain reads words faster than it recognizes colors. So when you go to say the color your mind has already read the word, crazy right? After several attempts of the same pattern you may be able to say it without stopping, but change up the words and colors you would have to start all over again. It is an interesting feeling to have your brain actually fight it out with your mouth, I myself came up with words and colors I do not believe even exist.

The great part about this test is it doesn’t just come in words and colors. This brain teaser can actually be done numerous ways and each is just as difficult to do. I have seen some where they are using shapes and colors with mismatched shape names and other colors underneath and you must again attempt to say what shape is printed and the color it is printed it. No matter the use of colors, words, shapes, or symbols the Stroop Test has the same results across the board. This is just another fun brain teaser to do with your friends and see who comes up with the weirdest words and colors.

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Check out these black and white optical illusions playing tricks on your eyes and with only two colors! A few of my favorite illusions of all time are in black and white; hopefully you will find them just as enjoyable as I do. These black and white circular lines make this illusion seem like there are various depths in the image that create different entryways and tunnels. Looking at some of these illusions too long may make you feel like you are following the rabbit from Alice in Wonderland right down the tunnel. Before you attempt to chase the rabbit down the hole you should know there actually aren’t any tunnels in these images and attempting to jump into the imaginary world could result in a broken bone, or even worse a broken computer.

It is all in how you look at the image as well as the angle you are looking at it from. This type of illusion is similar to the Grid Illusion we previously encountered that involved seeing little black dots jump from space to space as you starred at the image. It is just another trick on your eye receptors and how we perceive the colors. These types of illusions can be found in several different shapes and sizes. Each one of the images twists the mind into seeing something that is not necessarily there.

Slanted Illusions

The first  black and white illusion has a variety of realistic touches to it that would make you think there is something at the end of the tunnel.  Your eyes can make you believe you would be able to walk down this picture without a second thought. It is almost like taking a trip down the black and white brick road where the end is infinite and filled with uncertainty.  Just like the previous adventure I would not recommend this form of travel to get away from the wicked witch.

This black and white illusion is one of my personal favorites as it really makes you wonder how it could appear one way but be completely different. This is also a great one to use on your children or room-mates for betting who has to do the dishes for the next year. When you look at the image straight on it looks like the lines are slanted right? In actuality the lines are straight across, no slants! If you do not believe me you could always print the image off and draw with a pencil straight lines across each gray line and see the image is not actually slanted, but our eyes perceive it to be.  The vertical zigzag patterns in this image disrupt our horizontal perception this time and it makes us think the squares are falling at a slanted angle.

All of these black and white images create a different world to each individual when looking at them. Each of them is also not what it appears to be and it is amazing to me we are able to create different illusions by only using black and white colors.

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The picture you can see here is what is known as an optical illusion, some may even go as far as calling it a scary illusion. At first glance you might see two young people deeply in love as the man serenades the woman, or perhaps you see two senior citizens looking deep into one another’s eyes and smiling lovingly at the other. Maybe if you’re like me, an alcoholic, you see the golden chalice between them which could easily hold a nice frothy beverage. This scary illusion holds it all and what you see in the painting all depends on your own mind. No matter which of these things you might perceive you are not wrong.

This famous painting is called “Old couple or musician” and it was created by the great Salvador Dali. Dali was known for his love of painting optical illusions and this is perhaps his most well known application of that effect. An optical illusion occurs when your eye and your brain misinterpret the reality of an image, they can be used for a fun visual effect in movies or if you’re a moth they can be a means of survival out in the wild.

scary optical illusionsWhether or not this is a scary illusion is really based on the person looking at the painting. Here is my interpretation of this particular work: an older couple are looking at one another remembering what each looked like when they were younger. As you can see on the right side of the image the male is smiling playing a stringed instrument, however in the background you can also see a female looking on from the archway as he plays music. I believe this is the old woman on the left staring at him in her youth, in contrast he is looking at her and sees her younger self on the left side. The chalice between them could signify anything really, such as the grail of life which legend says prolongs a human’s life, or it could symbolize the concept of life being a struggle, which should involve a quest for a higher meaning and purpose.

Some people interpret this piece as unsettling or spooky as well, and I could definitely see that, the faces do look skeletal in some respects and Dali enjoyed invoking dark or frighting feelings within his audience. Another interpretation of this piece that is also a bit darker: that the man on the right is remembering when he was young and is in fact recalling a different woman in the back of his mind as he looks on at his aging spouse, that he is lusting after what could have been or even another girl in the present.

That’s the great thing about optical illusions, scary illusions, and art in general. They paintings can be many different things to different people. I highly recommend taking a look at some of Dali’s other paintings we’ve featured here and enjoying his optical illusions along with me.

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Here is another intriguing #test for the sharp minded.  Check out the reading card below, and see if you can spot the illusion immediately.  Actually, it’s a very simple test, so no hints will be provided.  When you’re finished, and think you have the answer – check the solution, and see if you were right!  BTW, I am glad you liked our previous “Single Photo Illusion“, I think it was magnificent as well!

How many times have you looked at a picture or image and thought something was wrong with it but you just couldn’t figure out what it was?  Do you sit there and ponder the picture trying to determine where you went wrong and what needs to be done to make the picture correct?  It has been said that your mind can play tricks on you, but many people don’t realize just how powerful the mind can be.  You can look at something one time and never notice a problem because your mind can correct the problem as it looks at the image or reads the passage.

Sharp Mind IllusionFor many individuals, they don’t even think there was a problem with what they read in the first place.  Others might notice the issue quickly without having to think twice about it.  A simple sentence with misspelled words or words out of place can quickly be corrected in your brain before you ever realize there is a problem with it.  For example, what if you saw the following sentence: Do ewe sea the problum with the pitcher?  Even though your brain might read the sentence as “Do you see the problem with the picture?”, the sentence on the paper is loaded with spelling errors and improper word usage that far extend what your brain is telling you.

To understand the manner in which you can keep your mind sharp and hone in on your skills, take a look at this test and see how much of a genius you really are.  See if you are able to spot the illusion immediately or if it takes you a second glance to find it.  Since the test is relatively simple, you won’t be given any hints to help you out this time around.

Were you able to figure it out on the first time through?  Did you have to take a second glance to make sure you got it right?  When you take the time to look for problems with an image, it tends to be easier to spot where the problem lies.  Not knowing there is an issue with an image or piece of text can cause you to miss something that is right in front of you all along.

Testing your mind on a regular basis allows you to remain sharp minded and able to identify errors quickly and easily.  When double words are thrown into a piece of text, people will often skip over the second word without ever realizing it was there.  The brain automatically triggers a response in the individual to read the text in the manner in which it was supposed to be written.  Instead of browsing for errors and spotting everything that was wrong with the piece, the brain goes into auto-correct and fixes any problems with ease.  Training your brain to alert you to these errors can keep you on top of your game and catch any mistakes with your own writing before they become worse than they need to be.

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How many times have you seen those enormous street paintings that look entirely different when viewed from the right angle?  Have you ever gazed upon a painting to see a large dolphin jumping from out of a pool or an airplane soaring through the clouds?  Now, your candlesticks can appear as if they are three dimensional, when in reality, they are nothing more than a 2-D design.  By creating something different, these 3-D optical illusion candleholders look absolutely amazing without having to spend a fortune decorating your home.  You can play a trick on all of your friends when they look at these intricate optical illusion candlesticks.

The designer of these beautiful pieces of art, Chehanowski, has been exploring the relationship between the realm of 2-D and 3-D for quite some time.  It wasn’t until Chehanowski wanted to design something that you could hold in a single hand that the optical illusion candlestick came into play.  The Flatlight is a magnificent piece of jewelry for the table, which is why so many people enjoy being able to bring this simple piece of artwork into their home.  Once you have the chance to look at the piece, you will love trying to figure out just how it all works together.  For many people, they don’t understand how one piece could work so intricately to create a layered look to house your candles and light your home.

Check out the optical illusion candleholder below and see what you think of this stunning piece. 3-d candleBy combining a classic object with a traditional design, the optical illusion candleholder resembles that of a CAD drawing that has been ironed flat with a giant steamroller.  When you rest a candle on top of it, the piece looks like an abstract smear of beautiful brass lattice.  If you view it head on, the Flatlight will pop out and become an intricate 3-D wired frame.  It truly is a piece of art for your dining room table that you have to see to believe.

Designing this piece requires a great deal of work into making sure the perspective and angle are perfect.  The prototype was produced with laser-cutting tools.  After trying a few times, the accuracy couldn’t be achieved using the laser-cutting tools, so another method had to come into play to make sure everything was perfect.

Little details tend to be the most important when it comes to creating an optical illusion candlestick.  In the end, the artist was able to produce the piece with photochemical etching, which essentially machines all of the excess material along a thin, brass sheet to the utmost of precision.

Even though some might consider this to be nothing more than a gimmick, it is catching the attention of numerous designers around the world.  By creating an object that makes someone look twice and actually reach out to touch it, you have effectively achieved your goal as a designer.  3-D art definitely keeps the mind sharp and the viewer on his or her toes. Bringing a smile to the face of others is what it’s all about when it comes to creating 3-D optical illusions. If you can’t get enough of 3-D art, be sure to check out More 3D Pencil Art.