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By on August 5, 2012, with 18 Comments  

Another cool illusion featured and explained by COGSCIdotNET is the Reverse Spokes Illusion. This particular effect was discovered by Anstis and Rogers, and it works in a way so that grey lines (or “spokes”) separating the pizza into slices, appear to be rotating clockwise. However, on a closer inspection you can clearly see that this is not the case!

What is happening here is that the grayish color-wave traverses the wheel in a counterclockwise direction, and the spokes occasionally get gobbled-up by the pizza slices. This occurs because two of the pizza slices are of the same color as the spokes!

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I think you were right regarding my last post – on a second look, those photos really do seem manipulated. Sorry for overseeing this fact before blogging about it! Still, you have to admit they would make one awesome post if they were for real, agree? But let’s forget this little mistake I made, and move on to see what I have prepared for you today:

Sven Sauer is a German designer responsible for developing illusion-based posters for the horror event titled “Halloween Castle Frankenstein”. In it, 30 000 people try to find their way, and “survive” in a real dark castle.

Before Sven explained this to me, I never knew that Mary Shelly’s Novel was named after this site in Germany! How awesome is that? Anyway, for the last 2 years Sven has been responsible for developing posters, trying to catch “fear” in the best visual way he can.

I think he is very talented from the examples below. What’s your opinion? We’ve already seen many #Skull illusions, trying to show both worlds at once – the real monsters… and your own fear! If you’re having trouble seeing the second part of the deal, try shrinking the images, or see them inside your “Optical Illusion of The Day” widgets!

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Have to say I was a bit disappointed when I saw you recent comments regarding my previous post shameless plugin. I have to admit I should’ve been more careful in which way I was going to share the #news I was so proud of. Perhaps you’re right – even if this is my blog about illusions, the only reason it became so successful and popular is because of you guys. I should’ve respected this a bit more, I guess. On the other hand, later some of you recognized that the topic of the app (religion) wasn’t as important as the technical achievement me and my friend were so proud of. I thank you for recognizing that and defending my announcement. Anyway, for those who are interested if it worked, I’m proud to say our first iPhone application took of with a success! It was even number one app in some stores around the world for a moment or two. I feel we can safely move on now, and continue with optical illusions without annoying you with offtopic chit-chat. Let me show you three #shadow illusions we’ve received via our Facebook channel recently:

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Breviary: Book of Catholic Prayers iPhone App

Available on the iPhone App Store

Here’s an exclusive announcement for all of our “Mighty Optical Illusions” fans: My friend and I, we just started a business based on iPhone application development! What I’m about to show you is our first major release!

For the past year we’ve been working hard to learn the iPhone programming craft, master the design, and come up with something we could both be proud of. After countless hours of work and no sleep, I’m proud to show you our final product: Breviary app for iPhone.

This catholic application is consisted of thousands of traditional prayers, interactive rosary, all kinds of social features, and much much more! On top of all that, everything has been localized in 9 major languages, including English, Portuguese, French, German, Spanish, Polish, Croatian, Italian and even LATIN. For this I have to thank our international fans, you know who you are!

See the video below and check our official website for more!

What we need now is your support – In order for any app to become popular, it needs the starting hype and certain amount of downloads in its first day on the app store (so it can climb to the top and become viral). I have never asked for donations nor have I charged access to our optical illusions (which I never will), but what you can do NOW to endorse us, is help us out and give our Breviary iPhone app a try! Spread the word, rate and comment it on the App Store… and above all – invite as many of your religious iPhone-mates to give it a try as well! The app sells for $2,99 and I can promise you it’s worth every penny! It’s the most comprehensive, well designed, and easy to use catholic app on the market – just watch the video below and see for yourself. Your endorsement is highly appreciated!

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Few years ago I’ve shared a gallery consisted of pixelated photos. It demonstrated a remarkable ability us intelligent creatures have, ability to recognize faces even when they are obscured in one way or another. I recommend you read that article first before you continue with today’s “illusion”.

Our Facebook channel became very popular lately  (over 50,000 fans), and one of the things that makes me super-happy is the rising trend where people started being more proactive and began sharing their own optical illusions and findings! One such submission was done by Edgar who shared the picture you see on your right ->

Isn’t it amazing how we can all recognize this painting, even when the information has been reduced to minimum. On the other hand, it greatly helps that the paining in question is globally famous one. BTW, try squinting your eyes in order to strengthen the effect ;D


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A little birdie told me how you can’t get enough of 3D street art illusions! So here we go again: Warner Bros. has recently commissioned “Planet Streetpainting” art crew to create something that would help generate buzz for their upcoming video game LEGO: Lord of the Rings. It’s interesting to hear how all this came to be – After seeing their 3D LEGO Terracotta Army, the interactive division of Warner Bros. contacted Planet Streetpainting to create something completely unique for them. The end-resault was made at this year’s Comic-Con in San Diego, where the large 11×13 meter piece was completed on canvas. The original design was conceived by Leon Keer, art director of Planet Streetpainting.

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Few years ago I’ve received these two photos as a submission for Mighty Optical Illusions blog. Somehow they’ve slipped my attention and I never seem to have published them. I apologize to the submitter as I don’t have his/her original email any more, so can’t credit the source properly. Anyway, it is truly amazing what happens when you take an ordinary photo, cut out the people in it, and paste them back out of their original context. Just look at the two photos below, and you’ll immediately see what happens!

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By on July 18, 2012, with 41 Comments  

Admit it, what did you see first when you opened this article? Was it a cat or…. an upside-down cat? Just kiddin’, are you able to see an angry beaver in a position where upside-down cat’s nose and mouth are supposed to be? An interesting take on “Young Lady or an Old Hag” illusion, if you ask me. Perhaps even more similar to this. Thanks goes to Shawn for sharing this with our community!