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There was a post about 3D Floor Tiles, published two years ago. Pattern used when assembling the floor is a well know Escher inspired optical illusion. But in my opinion, no one ever bothered to explain how this works in little more detail. If you saw them tiles somewhere around the internetz previously, you probably learned they can be seen in two completely opposite directions; both as ascending, and descending stairs made out of blocks. From my experience, I learned that some people have hard time visualizing both. So I opened Photoshop, and made some changes to the most recent photograph made by Reuters. My edits were subtle – I added a second businessman, vertically flipped him, and then positioned him on the right part of the photo. Those bold outlines were added by me as well. I hope this will help you to try and visualize the left businessman stepping down, while in the same time seeing right businessman climbing up the blocks. NMN pointed me to this illusion, and I added his funny comment below the picture:

A Man Walks in a Building in Tokyo

Is this a giant game of Q*Bert? – NMN

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UPDATE: We had a critical situation here – a database crash, and website ceased to function over the last couple of hours. Luckily backup was available, so everything should function correctly again. But I still need you to help me identify if there are any errors on this site left! Please report all your findings and experience during the down-time.

I don’t know if these shots were taken from an actual photojournalism, or were they just used as a theoretical example, but either way consider this a pretty powerful demonstration. See for yourself how our our perception can be easily shaped, and manipulated with by the media. I believe it isn’t necessary to explain this optical illusion. Photos speak for themselves. Imagine you worked for an administration that wants you to show how soldiers have no mercy when it comes to war. You would use the cropped picture on your left in that case. However, if you worked for the other side, and wanted to depict soldiers as human beings, you would crop the right part of the original photo. There you have it! Such powerful example amazes me, but in the same time scares the sh*t out of me. Which makes me think, should we be more skeptic to stories medias bombard us with?

Media Manipulation Illusion Example

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In the beginning we had rollers and snakes, optical illusions born accidentally, probably as a by-product to some sort of color experiments. Most of them were invented by a Japanese professor, Akiyoshi Kitaoka. Since then, optical illusion societies have grown. Just look at our website, for example. Many enthusiasts began experimenting with existing material. While during the process, some of them developed their own style, adding great value to this particular topic.

Observe the patterns below, and you may find them somehow relaxing. Even though posing as static images, they manage to give you that motion feeling, making our head hurt and eyes spin. Which one was your favorite? I like the one including Volkswagen Beetles, but I believe we had that one already.

Advanced Rollers Optical Illusion Continue Reading …

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Remember the Best Optical Illusion Ever article, posted two months ago? Well, those of you who’ve seen it will have no trouble understanding this one. Rest of you, quickly jump to the prequel post before continuing with this one. Ok, now when you know where this is going, there’s still one additional Easter Egg left. There is a gallery included below, which reveals how this optical illusion came to existence. In my humble opinion, Craig Tracy really deserves being included in some sort of Art Hall of Fame. Did I remind you that what you are seeing is a real life photo? Now for that Easter Egg – count how many individuals were included this time ;)

Second Best Optical Illusion EVER? Continue Reading …

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Eyes or Eyelids IllusionHere’s a funny story: when I first located given optical illusion, I thought it was great, and saved it for one of my future articles (today’s one). There was an interesting article accompanying it, explaining the event when this vintage photo was taken, along with the twist I found fascinating. The problem is, I forgot in which direction did the twist go

So let me tell you what is happening here, and leave it up to the majority to decide the direction of the twist. I can see the photo realistic in both ways; either as woman with her eyes shut, having her eyelids painted to appear she is staring at us, or the other way round – woman having her eyes opened, but her mascara done in such way, to appear her eyes are shut.

Don’t take me for granted, but I lean more towards the first option. I just know that when I first saw it, the twist was opposite to what I imagined it to be. It’s just that I forgot, and don’t remember what is the proper way of seeing it.

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In Which Direction Does It Spin?

In which direction does it spin?

Shown optical illusion just laid there on my hard disk for years. When I opened it today, I couldn’t remember why I placed it in my illusions folder in the first place? After some puzzling, finally I managed to see its visual phenomenon!

Ok, here’s what I want you to do: concentrate on the animated .gif on your right. You’ll quickly realize it represents some sort of see-through sphere, constructed of many dots rotating in one direction. Dots in front make the front face of the sphere, while “background” dots belong to sphere’s back. It’s logical they rotate in opposite directions. Now try and switch those background dots with front-face ones. Notice any change?

If you manage to visualize this, your able to change the direction in which sphere rotates. With some practice, you’ll be able to switch the direction back and forth in very short time fragments. Don’t underestimate yourselves – many individuals have difficulty seeing this type of illusions. It’s not that they’re less worthy, it’s just that their brain operates differently… Which reminded me – did you know that more than 1/3 of all people who went to see Avatar in 3D couldn’t see the image in 3D?

There are many optical illusions of this type available; one of the more popular being Spinning Dancer Optical Illusion. Your best shot of finding more, would be browsing through our Animations category.

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Video: Dice Mirror Optical Illusion

Item now available in webshop

Here’s one that kept me occupied for days: browsing the net for more stuff, I stumbled upon a peculiar item that kept my attention. This particular die changes its colors somehow, and the mirror that goes with it, doesn’t show what it logically should. I tried, and I tried, but I still can’t seem to understand how the darn thing operates!

You can get the scoop of what I’m talking about via images I’ve included, but the real thing can be seen through the video posted below (inside this article). Tried that? Still no luck? Think it would be easier for me to throw in few bucks, and get my hands on it.

Looking at the video below, do you think you can solve the secret? If you can, please be kind and wait some time before you reveal the answer to others (me included).

Let’s repeat the core: it’s a simple idea really, just place an ordinary die on top of a mirror. In real life, the die has black and red spots like any good die should, but in the reflection it has no spots. When you turn the die, and move it around – still no spots. It’s the damnedest thing and supposedly the effect works with no effort on your part. What’s more, when you flip the dice over – suddenly it has no spots in real life, but spots in the mirror-world appear. Crazy I know, but really amazing. Can we determine exactly how the mirror achieves this unusual effect? If you’d like, you can purchase this illusory toy from our partner store!

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When I wrote my previous post, obviously I forgot about Francis Tabary and his extraordinary sculpture achievements. Luckily (probably motivated by that particular post), Francis contacted me with some fresh works. Most of it we haven’t had the opportunity to publish on our site before. All that you see are real-life sculptures, and can be purchased via Tabary’s website. The secret is that the photo must be taken from exactly the right angle. Perhaps with enough experience, you can visualize how some of these sculptures might look from other angles.

Another thing, I wanted to alert you with: I love all your comments, and regularly go through them to understand how my audience actually breathes. But it feels somehow “lonely” seeing most of you have that anonymous default icon next to your text. I invite all of you, who previously hadn’t already customized their personal avatar, to get one now. Once you set it, all of your comments will have unique and personal photo you choose, placed next to your text. Those of you using Facebook Connect, can ignore this paragraph – you already have your Facebook pic automatically assigned to your account :)

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