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By on March 13, 2013, with 15 Comments  

In order to successfully run highly popular blog such as this one, one has to make early peace with the fact he can’t make everyone happy at all times. There just isn’t that many different old-school illusions to keep your interest (without recycling) – so I have to become creative here and then. Sometimes I have to stretch the definition of “illusion” as far as I can, just to be able to showcase some interesting stuff I’m firm most of you would appreciate.

But today, I crawled the deepest and darkest parts of the web to provide those of you complaining how this or that “isn’t illusion!” with something proper. Don’t get me wrong – your criticism is highly respected! It’s something that keeps me on the right path, so I don’t divert too much. Having said that, let’s look at the illusions attached – the first one includes a circle that doesn’t appear like one, where other three show lines that seem distorted or unparalleled in one way or the other. Which one you did you like the most?

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By on March 11, 2013, with 8 Comments  

Our favourite professor has done it again! Akiyoshi has created showcased illusory pattern titled “Chidori” (which is some kind of a bird if I understood it correctly), which gives an impression that the inner block is moving in upper-diagonal direction. To amplify the effect, simply scroll the page up and down slightly. After a while, you’ll see the inner block floating on top of its background. If you’re lucky, you’ll experience the 3D stereoscopic effect without having to go cross-eyed or wearing those clumsy 3D glasses!

By on March 7, 2013, with 33 Comments  

In what’s got to be one of the smartest print ad campaigns I’ve seen in a while, HBO’s hit show “Game of Thrones” was advertised in Monday’s New York Times using an innovative technique that makes you do a double-take. With the new season starting this month, I bet we’re about to see even more similar stunts advertising the show on various other platforms. How long did it take before you got it?

By on March 4, 2013, with 12 Comments  

I could’ve sworn I already covered Ramon Bruin’s hyperrealistic pencil drawings at some point in the past, when our fan Melanie contacted me and pointed this was not the case. As said earlier, artist Ramon Bruin is taking hyperrealistic drawings to a whole new dimension – The third dimension, to be more precise! Ramon who is a Dutch illustrator, creates realistic 3D renderings of snakes, birds, and all sort of creepy creatures using nothing but a pencil, paper and his own imagination. Those impressive cartoons you see below seem to jump off the paper right at you! The technique in use is once again #Anamorphosis.

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By on February 28, 2013, with 20 Comments  

For those of you who never heard of #Manfred Stader, he is one hell of a talented chalk artist. If I remember well, he even turned his talent into a full-time profession – travelling around the world, painting streets with unique chalk drawings that appear 3D if you look at them from certain perspective. Here’s a cup of coffee he did for Costa:

By on February 24, 2013, with 80 Comments  

An excellent photograph was sent to me by Marcus yesterday. After a while the magic disappeared – since longer I observed it, less illusionary it felt. Still, I remember firmly how strong and puzzling was the moment I first glazed my eyes over the photo. For a second there, I trully couldn’t understand what was going on. Hope your first “stare” brings as much surprise and joy as I experienced. Don’t forget to share your first impression in our comments below!

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By on February 22, 2013, with 7 Comments  

An excellent billboard campaign was produced by Mcann Bangkok few years back. I’m surprised it hasn’t surfaced our blog earlier. As can be seen from example photographs below, advertised color bleach removes stains pretty fast! From a distance, it appears there is a stain on the clothes, but as one comes closer, the stain magically disappears.

Fortunately, this optical illusion effect can be easily reproduced online. Just follow these simple steps:

1. Check the thumbnail of the stained vest on your right: the stain is obvious, there is no point to argue about that. Further away you move from your monitor, the stain becomes more obvious.

2. On the other hand, if you approached it real close, the stain disappears. Higher res photo below might serve as better example than the thumbnail.

What I’ve found even more astonishing is that you don’t need to move your ass of the chair at all for this effect to work – simply concentrate on the stain for a while, and it will immediately vanish! Now how about that for an illusion! I think the effect in place is the same one Ariel used throughout their stain-remover campaign – it’s called Troxler’s Fading. Few more similar examples can be found inside our #color_adapting category!

To show the product’s efficacy, we created these Ads and placed them around the moving walkways and general walkways. The stains were created using visual illusion. Consumers can see the stains from a distance but when they come closer these stains will magically disappear. As they come closer, they can read the message “Hygiene Color Bleach. Removes Stains Fast.” – McCann Worldgroup

By on February 19, 2013, with 14 Comments  

Was just wondering what’s been going on with our Japanese professor #Akiyoshi Kitaoka lately, when I received this amazing submission from one of our fans – featuring recent work done by our favourite professor. Yes, similar illusions were featured in the past, yet the inset in this one just won’t stop moving! I’m not sure you’ll be getting the same results I did, specially since your “tiredness” factor heavily influences the motion… BTW, you might want to slightly scroll the picture up and down, or tilt your head around to experience even stronger effect!