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By on June 25, 2009, with 35 Comments  

I’ve been collecting all kinds of 3d chalk drawings and murals for long as I can remember, and over the time this collection really grew big. Currently there are more than dozen murals I never got time to share with you. So today I bring you the biggest mural collection up to date. Beneath first two examples, you may find attached gallery with dozen of 3D wall paintings that are so incredible, you will have a really hard time believing they are not real. Which one is your favorite? I picked the beneath Mural as the most astonishing one, because only after seeing the second photo (which shows us how the wall looked before it was painted), only then my brain could process the first image as a flat painting. I still have trouble understanding how such a realistic result could ever been achieved. Simply amazing!

Ultimate Mural Gallery

Believe it or not, everything you see is a painting on a flat wall!

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This is an oldie, but we rarely see this kind of optical illusions in its full effect. Ok, this is what I want you to do: count how many different colors you can see in this spiral below. Unfortunately color-blind individuals will only see a grayish pattern, so this won’t work for them (those of you can remain occupied reading this article). Rest of you, be sure first to notice that there are two different shades of pink, and then you may start counting. Most of us will end up with 4 different colors (2 pinkish ones, blue and a green). Well this was the wrong answer! Yes, you heard me right. There are actually only 3 colors present here. To see what I mean, check the second picture. It shows you how this image would look like if we removed those pinkish colors in background. Amazing, isn’t it? You may recall candy stripes we posted waaay back. It’s almost the same!

Count the Colors, Read the Solution

How Many Colors Are There?

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Update - I just learned that the artist behind this is Nagfa, you can find another interesting photo on his blog that works in a simmilar fashion.

Cleverest Stupid Girl Arround

Wait a minute... What?

I forgot to post the newest optical illusion yesterday, which I hope you shall forgive me. What I was doing instead, I was playing with some universal widget creating tools. I’ve added my result at the bottom of my sidebar, so you may check what I managed to compile. Nothing revolutionary really, just something you can easily add to your website, blog, etc. If you wish, you may try it. You can see the separate page here. Now let me dig up something illusionary for today. Ah! Found it. The idea behind today’s optical illusion is very similar to the Love & Hate illusion from 2006. The shirt this girl is wearing has the ambigram printed, which can be understood in two different ways. I’m still not exactly sure whether ambigram shows the different meanings, or an anagram does this (one of them shows the same word from each direction). Still, the result is cute. But the question remains: would you ever wear a t-shirt that claims you are stupid?

Cleverest Stupid Girl Arround

Want this universal widget? Get it!

As I explained before, this new widget brings nothing revolutionary to this site. Still, it may serve as a nice addition to your website or blog. It will serve newest optical illusions to your visitors. Even if you have no inspiration on a particular day, and miss posting new content – your readers will remain occupied with some fresh content on our your site. Use it freely as you wish, its free.

I would also like to inform you that I’ll be leaving for my summer vacation at the beginning of July. Rest assured though, I will continue to publish new stuff daily, only from different location (same each summer). In times when broadband internet is available in almost each corner of the world, running a website remotely is becoming pretty easy.

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I’m not particularly inspired today, thus you shall receive this short question and a belonging optical illusion that goes in companionship with it. I can guarantee you that the picture below wasn’t manipulated with, and that the object you see can truly exist in real life. Only question that jumps out, is how? It may take you some time before you understand the logic behind this “impossible” wooden object, but after seeing all of our previous examples you should be an expert by now in solving something like this. Does it have something to do with special materials? Or is the secret in angle under which the photo has been shot? This is for me to know, and for you to find out ;)

Can you Create This Object?

How would you create this impossible object, without tempering with the image?

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My cousin sent me our newest exhibit. We had some egg illusions in the past, but have to admit they were pretty lame. Well, I hope our newest one brings a change to this lousy tradition. In its core, this optical illusion is very similar to the famous Missing Part test. Additionally, it may remind you of those missing China men, extra Leprechauns, Mad Scientist soccer team… you know what I mean. To make you understand what is going on around here, let me explain first. In the first card (A) we have one chicken and 8 eggs. Cut this card in 4 pieces (like outlined below), and then again assemble it in a different matter (card B), resulting with proper rectangular image. You will get our original chicken, but the number of eggs this time is different. Additionally, there is a missing piece in this newly assembled card. Why is that? If the surface of both puzzle cards is equal, how can one be missing a piece? Hint: are the surfaces really equal? You tell me! Remember, there is more than one optical illusion present here.

Yesterday I’ve implemented Akismet spam protection. Since then, it already prevented more than 700 spam comments! Was this precise timing, or what :) Also, our RSS subscriber number is currently exceeding 87,000. If this isn’t a sign of quality service we bring, then I don’t know what is!

Update: seems that the original creator of this illusion is Archimedes Lab. At least their version has the copyright hard coded within the picture. Thnks Michael.

Magic Eggs Optical Illusion

By Permutting the triangular pieces an egg disappears. How does it happen?

By on June 19, 2009, with 37 Comments  

Remove the Glass from The Tray

Move the Glass from the Tray

Author of this optical illusion is G. Sarcone from Archimedes Lab. Can you find a way to completely remove one of the glasses from this blue tray, while minimizing your effort? Before I show you the solution (after the jump), I’d like to share some site news with you. Am not sure what is happening, but there are some strange circulations present this week. First thing I noticed is that our RSS subscriber number started to go up rather insanely. You can see this in my sidebar.

On Tuesday it showed 51,000, on Wednesday it averaged 66,000, and today we already have more than 80,000 subscribers! Is this awesome or what! Just hope this ain’t no glitch happening on Feedburner’s side. Would ruin my excitement ;) Apart from this good news, some bad things started happening as well. Last few days spammers really put their eye on our community. There were more than 200 spam comments posted per day. It became really painful dealing with them. In my opinion they started flowing via some automated script. Since our site doesn’t use CAPTCHA letters for protection, they were easily entered. This may as well serve as an explanation why your comments need to pass moderation before they are approved. Continue Reading …

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Another exam is upon me tomorrow, so rest of the day means more studying for me. To keep you occupied until tomorrow, check this new Cryptic Canvas game, Empire has launched. This is a time-wasting movie game, involving a painting that contains 50 movie references. It’s a nod to a painting that was put out a few years ago, containing famous rock bands – Virgin’s 75 Bands. The only clue Empire gives is that the movies hidden in the painting are from the last 20 years. I’m not going to allow more than 2 answers per comment, for the sake of allowing the rest of you to spend some time going through this. I’m sure that within a day you can check the comments below to find all 50 of the movies. If you have a feeling you already saw something like this, you’re right – M&M posted their 50 Dark movies on this site, Absolut released their own version where you have to find 82 vodka bottles, Lonely Plantet hid 45 cities in their piece, and Lovefilm managed to squeeze more than 100 movies in their poster (2 x times). To start this game, I’ll point out “No country for old men” – I believe the traffic sign with two old people not allowed is the one referencing this movie. Now I just need to find out what Empire as a company is all about?

Empires Cryptic Canvas Illusion

50 Hidden Movies In Empire’s Cryptic Canvas

By on June 16, 2009, with 49 Comments  

Impossible Arch Puzzle

Impossible Arch Puzzle

I found this image in my optical illusions folder today, and wondered why I never got the time to publish it. Look at the picture on your left. What do you see? There must be something strange going on here. No way that the arch shown here has the proper top. Or can it? I’ve also included a solution inside this post. You’ll have to click the expandable box to see it. I wouldn’t want to ruin your solving experience before you’re ready to see the answer. Anyway, by looking at the solution everything becomes clear. Why has our brain presumed the column is aligned differently than it actually is? I really can’t tell, but hope some of you will try and explain this through comments.

Yesterday I tipped you about new Facebook vanity URLs. Have you had the time to check them? Hope you managed to grab something short and unique to represent you, like I did. But it seems not many of you actually read what I post. Probably you check only the illusions, which is also fine. But I’m REALLY curious what names were taken by our audience. Would be very nice to see more and more of you using your facebook logins to post comments. Not only does this automatically shows your image next to your comment, but additionally you have an option to share your comment so it appears in your Facebook feed. This way you can help us reach more people (your friends will see that you left a comment on our site, if you approve it). What is your opinion on this? Continue Reading …