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By on April 15, 2012, with 23 Comments  

Most of you have probably heard of Edgar Allan Poe. It’s more than likely you have read his narrative poem titled “The Raven” at some point in your life. As a reminder, the poem tells of a talking raven’s mysterious visit to a distraught lover, tracing the man’s slow descent into madness. I won’t go into much detail, but be sure to pick a copy and re-read it if it’s been a while. Dunno why, but today’s anamorphic painting created by a talented artist, Ari Seppä, somehow reminded me of Edgar Allan Poe and his writings. Seen from a distance it appears as if the gigantic bird has just flown into Ari’s office, but seen from up-close – the illusion vanishes. Still, the raven remains as magnificent as it originally appeared. Be sure to check “the making of..” video here. BTW, this reminds me I need to buy myself a good hard-printed copy of Edgar Allan Poe’s opus…

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By on April 11, 2012, with 29 Comments  

Here’s an interesting optical illusion animation I discovered earlier today. Check out them traveling feet on your right: one may think they tend to step out of phase every now and then when the radial grid becomes visible, yet in reality their movement is always constant and parallel. This becomes obvious whenever the grid disappears.

It is as if they were some sort of tiny feet going tip-tap-tip-tap… Right? The effect is even more pronounced if one does not look directly onto the feet.

Illusions such as this one truly have a remarkable character – after a while it becomes obvious what is really happening here (since they kindly provide us with time to study their secret, because of their continuously repeating animation), yet they still manage to fool us over and over again. As they repeatedly switch from normal to illusory state, the magic happens right in front of our eyes! I just hope you enjoyed today’s optical illusion as much as I did!

By on April 9, 2012, with 11 Comments  

Shadow art is nothing particularly new, but the way John V. Muntean sculpts his creations to form three distinct images with their shadows, is something worth checking. When his wooden creations are placed on a skewer, held up from one side by a plastic column, and then lit from above, the light cast produces different shadow every time the skewer is rotated for 54.7 degrees.

Perhaps one of the most enjoyable things about this artwork is the way his creations all seem to relate one to another. For example, his dog/cat/fish piece shows three pets known to harass one another. On the other hand, John’s man/woman/heart sculpture seems to depict the three things necessary to create a standard romance story. You may think of this as Shigeo Fukuda’s Encore art installation, except this one includes a third view!

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By on April 7, 2012, with 31 Comments  

Had so much trouble writing this post. For some reason the image below just won’t stop moving. It makes my head hurt. Much. And when I tell you its not even an animated GIF, how would you explain this! I’ve read somewhere on web that it has something to do with your eyes’ microsaccades, the small, jerk-like, involuntary eye movements we all experience but usually don’t notice. I just hope I don’t give someone a seizure with this one ;D Oh, and high apologizes for lack of updates last few days. I got trapped in another project, but it’s all hush-hush for now. Don’t worry, you’ll be informed when the right time comes!

By on April 3, 2012, with 47 Comments  

I’m certain that most of you illusion purists are already very familiar with the Penrose triangle illusion as it has already been featured extensively on the site. That being said, this great impossible font titled “Frustro” by its creator Martzi Hegedűs brings an entirely new angle (pardon the phun) to this classic illusion.

While Hegedűs has not yet added a download option so you can actually use the font yourself, he does show how it was created and the page also shows every letter and symbol in the font so someone else could, hypothetically, turn it into a useable font. Continue Reading …

By on April 1, 2012, with 14 Comments  

After deadly violence erupted during protests in Tahrir Square, Egypt last year, leaving 50 protestors dead, the military ordered walls be built around the heart of where the political activities occurred. Now Downtown Cairo locals must wander through a maze of barriers just to get around their own neighborhoods.

To fight the barriers, Egyptian graffiti artists arranged a “No Walls” protest where they painted the walls with murals depicting the street hidden behind the blockades. Almost every wall in the area was painted with a mural like this one.  Flickr user Mosa’aberising took photos of an achievement that took the dedicated artists over three days to complete. The result is a cool illusion with a powerful political message. Continue Reading …

By on March 29, 2012, with 25 Comments  

So what do you think would happen if someone combined prominent fashion designers, “Spot The Object” and “Body Paint” illusions along with #Liu Bolin holding a bucket full of paint? Well, the final result is Alber Elbaz, Jeaan Paul Gaultier and Angela Missioni gone missing! That’s right, this time Liu didn’t camouflage himself, but used his extraordinary talent to disguise prominent designers and blend them in with some of their own designs. The installation was featured in Harper’s Bazaar March (2012) issue, which enlisted Liu to come paint its favorite designers in the way only he knows how. What do you think about the typically chic fashion elite coated in layers of paint?

Alber completely disappears into his workroom, invisible among the mannequins and dresses – Even his signature spectacles are coated with color!

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By on March 27, 2012, with 203 Comments  

Another popular one – and quite unnerving if you’ve never seen it before! Here’s what I want you to do: close your left eye and just focus your right eye on the tiny static circle on the left of the screen. At some point the big circle will disappear as it crosses your ‘blind spot‘. If you can’t see this effect, it means you’re sitting too close/far from your monitor. Try sitting closer/further to the screen and repeat the test. So, have you managed to find your blind spot? Find Your Blind Spot Optical Illusion