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By on April 17, 2010, with 47 Comments  

Garbage Face Optical IllusionSo, the illusion was lil’ too obvious for us yesterday, ayeh? I agree. But look at what birdie brought in today! Once again you’ll notice some kind of face figure, moreover it’s easy to see the face again, but the main difference between this and previous Octavio’s artwork is that the formation on your right wasn’t painted. It’s a real-life scene, and the image you see is a photo of an actual “exhibit”.

I’m not exactly sure of the origin, and whether this is some kind of prepared art installation, or maybe an “accidental” gem instead. With later being less possible, I believe that the person who deposited all the junk at this particular location, knew exactly what he or she was doing, and how to arrange all the garbage to form something that makes sense. This optical illusion greatly reminds me of what the store owner in Burkina Faso did to his shop.

By on April 15, 2010, with 28 Comments  

Never mind the title, it’s just something I did to connect the fun-fact of the day. It’s something our lady fans may find interesting, rest of you can easily skip the following few lines… Well, by now you all know I’m located in Europe, more specifically – Croatia. As it happens, my girlfriend has ordered some stuff from Victora’s Secret US online shop. What struck me, was the fact she placed her order two days ago, and the shipment has already arrived today?! She didn’t even pay for faster service! Her order should have arrived weeks from now. Anyone knows how is it possible for US shops to send their stuff so fast? This gives me something to think about. Maybe I should order my iPad the same way… Just to make it clear, I’m not doing commercial for anyone here, this is just something I find peculiar.

Anyhow, not to bore you with my personal fascinations, let’s see what Octavio Ocampo has prepared for us today. You may know him by his famous Flower-faced Paintings, only this time the illusion is more obvious. Personally, I like when artists make their illusions more subtle, but I’m not the majority here. Either way these two flicks are really worth gold!

Victorias Secret Optical Illusion

By on April 14, 2010, with 97 Comments  

Long time viewers will experience some kind of deja-vu when they see this one. Well, partly you’re right, partly you’re not. What we have here is a remake of Gianni A. Sarcone’s original “Impossible Table Stuff“. Be sure to check the tags beneath the post, more specifically the G. Sarcone one which will bring you to all of his illusions we posted before. This time there are 6 critical visual errors cleverly placed inside what seems to be an ordinary picture. Can you find them all?

Sarcones 6 Visual Errors

By on April 13, 2010, with 71 Comments  

After reading your replies to my previous question, I have to admit I was a bit surprised. Not only does it satisfy you when I post a single optical illusion per day, in fact you’d like me to keep it that way. At least this is what majority wishes. Well, you really made my day, and directed my work in more simple direction.For my part, I’ll stride to keep the illusion-less days count down to zero. This is my obligation as a thank you. Concerning the hyperlinks, I’m sorry if they bother you but they’re here to stay. At least one person finds them useful, and this person is – me :D I just feel the need to link all the related illusions, so I can remember our past. Joking aside, what I can do is try and lower the rate at which they appear. So hyperlink density wouldn’t be so high. When you look at today’s post, think it’s a little better now?

Oh, and the illusion. I almost forgot about that one. What we have here is a recent cat-food (Whiskas) billboard campaign. Can you easily spot the illusion it hides? How about a hint, not that you’ll need one.

Puzzling Whiskas Billboards Continue Reading …

By on April 12, 2010, with 64 Comments  

Every now and then an idea hits me, where I try to find logic reason for us not to have multiple illusions and articles posted each day. I never find a good reason against it, but somehow always let this thought slip me by. So I continue with my old routine – one article each day or two. Perhaps I orientate towards my own personal ramblings too much, and in fear of having nothing to say, keep the post count low. I think its necessary for me to finally understand, you guys are here because of illusions, and everything else should come in second. So I came up with a thought to post more often, but writing less text. How does this sound to you? Just like back in the old days. You think we should try it? Think the illusion quality will suffer? Will you be able to keep up with the quicker tempo? I’m eager to hear your thoughts. The posts would be little shorter, and go something like this:

Today’s illusion was submitted to our Facebook fanpage by David G. Wilson, with original title “Un Plat d’or Aux Poires Mûres”. Since I don’t speak French, I named it “Impolite Fruit and Veggies“. Do you primary see a plate with all kinds of fruit and vegetables, or do you see something little bit more sexy instead?

Impolite Fruit and Veggies

By on April 11, 2010, with 33 Comments  

Triggered by some of your comments (from this particular post), where you slowly started to complain about our optical illusion quality as of late, I decided to run a social experiment. I’ve set up a Facebook fan-group, where everyone is invited to join, and hopefully share optical illusions we haven’t already posted to this site. Members have already started sending their stuff, and the group is growing rapidly. If we manage to exponentially add our friends there, we’ll get bunch on new material to choose from. Best illusions will regularly be posted to this site, and additionally I’ll run some contests (hint) where we shall reward the most active users – those bringing in most interesting stuff, and inviting most friends. Let’s see how this goes, and maybe I’ll move the “Submit your illusions” story completely to our new Facebook fanpage.

In the mean time, Rob Gonsalves has created another interesting tessellation. Boats were his motive once again, only this time they don’t fade into arches, but transform to trees instead. How many ships can you see in this picture? Can you spot where they stop being ships, and start behaving as trees? I love Gonsalves, and hope you share my view…

Few Ships and Our New Fan Group

By on April 9, 2010, with 72 Comments  

Can you spot a camouflaged persona in the first photo below? If you’re heaving trouble, don’t think less of yourself – after all, it is Liu Bolin we’re talking about here. Those of you who missed it, Liu is more known as an Invisible Man, which you can see in our archives if you follow the Liu Bolin tag. This artist has clearly mastered the body-paint camouflage technique, moreover it’s obvious he has taken it further, onto a next level. You can follow the underlined words in this text, and they will bring you to dozen of previous camouflage examples. Which one was the best? In my opinion The Tractor one beats them all! Stay tuned for more photos of Liu Bolin hiding himself…soon!

All I Need is a Bucket Full of Paint Continue Reading …

By on April 8, 2010, with 90 Comments  

Do you like eating fast food? Me too! Well, it just happens we’ve got this delicious photo from one of our visitors, who additionally pointed there is a hidden optical illusion present somewhere inside this picture. Can you see it? How long did it take? If you still struggle, I can suggest visiting this link for a slight hint. This illusion belongs to the “When you see it…” group of photos. Because, once you realize the illusion, you can’t go back and loose lose sight of it.

Fast Food Optical Illusion