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By on June 18, 2010, with 17 Comments  

We are well introduced with anamorphic drawings, and most of you know that #Istvan Orovitz dedicated his life to create some of the best and most complex anamorphic drawings today. This time he did something he called Atlantis. I’m not sure whether he gave us a secret map of a long lost civilization, or just some kind of plan of the city. But what I do know, is that if you follow the instructions and place cylindrical mirror on top of it, you’ll get to see what Istvan wanted you to see. I’ve included two original drawings after the jump, so be sure to print them out and play a little. Then report your findings!

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By on June 16, 2010, with 70 Comments  

Before I started writing this, I’ve browsed our #Lego collection for fun. It has dozens of interesting posts, some of them even I completely forgot about. What I’ve noticed is that most of the themes repeat themselves, specially impossible triangles (I think there is no need to post any more triangles for some time now). Anyhow, I’ve collected rest of the unpublished Lego illusions, and decided to close the trend. First one is obviously most complex, but I have some doubts whether photoshop has been used. Rest of the collection should be free of digital manipulation, but fortunately I have you to judge. Can you guess how each of them was built?

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By on June 15, 2010, with 104 Comments  

Charlie Brown Just Wants Some...Have you heard about subliminal messages, and methods big companies (or authors) do to insert them into their products? They were quite popular few decades ago, and you can still see number of instances where hidden stuff is implemented in such a way that not everyone will notice. One of the spoofs that references these was made by Brad Pitt in Fight Club blockbuster (when they’ve inserted a photo of male genitalia as a single frame into family movie screening).

Theory says that people unconsciously notice the subliminal message, which triggers an action desired it would by its author. For example, there is a legend theaters used to insert short frames of food and drinks into their movie rolls, hoping to awaken hunger and thirst among audience, eventually resulting with higher sales of their fast-food products. One such subliminal thing is supposedly hidden in Charlie Brown’s portrait. I’m not exactly sure where this came from, or whether it’s just a coincidence, but if you spot it – it should perfectly fit with the title of this article. Happy hunting!

By on June 14, 2010, with 147 Comments  

Few months ago, way back in March, I showed you some incredible works by #Alexa Meade (whenever you see # in front of a word, it means it’s a tag linked to related stuff). Many of you couldn’t believe that her paintings were actually real life people, body-painted in such a way to look as an acrylic masterpiece. The illusion works best when you see the installation up-close. Just in case you don’t believe a word I’m saying, I’ve included few more photos shot from greater distance. Now wasn’t that nice of me…. ;)

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By on June 12, 2010, with 39 Comments  

Ariel did some very smart optical illusion advertising in the past, and this one deserves to be mentioned as well. If only they would recognize how much free air time we give them, and decided to sponsor us. Unfortunately, I don’t see this happening any time soon :) Anyway, the latest flick has much to do with our blind spots, and every one of us has them. If you didn’t knew that, I recommend checking Wikipedia first! If you open the picture in full size, then cover your right eye and slowly move closer to the screen (while starring at the Ace icon on your right) – at some point the stain on your left will completely disappear! I fooled around a bit, and did something quite opposite; I’ve made the icon disappear, while the stain remained firm :)  Check the #Ariel tag to see previous illusion billboards by this detergent company.

Ink Stains and Blind Spots...

To see the effect in full glory, click to open in full-size.

By on June 11, 2010, with 61 Comments  

In a Photoshop contest, held 2 weeks ago (where main topic involved optical illusions), there was an interesting submission I almost overlooked. As you can see, Justin manipulated the below photo in such a way, that there is a girl’s face hidden somewhere inside of it. Don’t let the Moebius strip drive your attention a way, it’s more about the branches. I had some trouble seeing the illusion at first, mostly because I was heavily influenced by our widget’s logo (it uses the illusion in pretty similar way). There was also an illusion where you had to spot the baby hidden inside the tree branches. So I thought Justin just had modernized one of these two. If you also have trouble spotting the illusion, use the expandable solution below the picture. Btw, how you like those expandable solutions I started adding lately?

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By on June 10, 2010, with 47 Comments  

I’ve found both of these optical illusions festering somewhere on my desktop computer. I always thought they were well produced, yet never felt they really deserve their very own post on this site. Luckily, a solution came to my mind – why not have them both at the same time?! Something similar was tested 2 weeks ago, and your response wasn’t bad at all! The first one depicts two booby-licous gentlemen, while the other was created by our well known illusion master – G. Sarcone. Can you be sure how many ladies are there present in the second picture below?

Ladies and Gentlemen Illusion

By on June 9, 2010, with 64 Comments  

Glad you managed to solve the Youthless Illusion from yesterday. It wasn’t that hard, wasn’t it? Not much of a revenge I thought it would be.  But do me a favor and open the previous article. Now jump to the comments section. See any difference? I did a small test today, and approved only those comments left via Facebook Connect in addition to regular ones that have their gravatar set. Now doesn’t that look much better? I’m desperately asking all of you to start practicing Facebook connect when leaving comments (link can be found next to the comments box), or at least merge an avatar to your regular comments. This can easily be done via Universal Gravatars. Don’t worry, all of the comments will be approved eventually, I just delayed the process to show you how nice and warm would it be if we all had some sort of an avatar (yeah, I know I haven’t set mine yet but will do it soon!) Oh, and the illusion – can you spot today’s one yourself? Hint can be found here.

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