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By on May 12, 2010, with 93 Comments  

Video: Impossible Slopes IllusionIn this video below, miniature balls roll up the slopes just as if they were pulled by a magnet. This behavior seems impossible as it defies gravity, and the magnetic forces can’t help, as the balls are made of wood! I can assure you there are no fancy computer graphics. Just cardboard, glue, and some wooden balls. It’s a real scene, indeed!

This marvelous “piece of art” was created by Koukichi Sugihara, one of the top 10 finalists of the Best Visual Illusion of the Year Contest in 2010. Hence, you can even grab some building instructions off of his website, and construct your very own Magnet-like Slopes. You’ll quickly realize how Koukichi achieved this effect, after seeing the video. What is actually happening is that the orientations of the slopes are perceived oppositely, and hence the descending motion is misinterpreted as ascending motion. What is so remarkable about this illusion, is that it is entirely generated by a three-dimensional solid object and physical motion, instead of a two-dimensional picture.

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Well not three, just two of them are (slightly) offensive actually – if you are puritan, that is. There’s not much talk whether these were photoshopped or not, most of them were. But still, they make fine showcase for today. None of them deserved a dedicated post to be featured in, but if you put them altogether in one place, there is an argument to post them. People see all sort of things in clouds. You wouldn’t believe me, if I told you how often I get cloud submissions, where no-one but their author sees something in it. I’m not even sure how many cloud illusions I had to ditch by now…

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Real life Jesus AfterimageThere’s an old saying which points that keeping your mouth shut, is better than telling much without saying anything. Would you buy it, if I told you this was the sole reason you were deprived of new optical illusion yesterday? Naaah, didn’t think you would ;) The real cause is I’m having some workers over my new place, so have to stay with them at the “construction” site, and give guidelines how I want my things done.

Suzanne sent us an interesting animated gif, which is identical to Babunda’s video submission. Check out the animation on your right. Wait for it to cycle back to colorized version, and then stare at the black dot for few seconds. After some time, identical black and white portrait will appear, but if you followed my procedure correctly, you’ll be able to see Jesus in full color! Don’t take me for granted, but I think #Jesus is one of the most occurring tags in our archives. It would be safe to say we are in need for new category to contain these. If you are into color adapting illusions, and would like to see more where these came from, be sure to check the Afterimage category.

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Suzanne Daly contacted me with an impressive collection of anamorphic drawings. Most of them we already had showcased on this site, but there were few interesting ones I’ve never encountered before. One of them I’ll feature today. Can you help me by recognizing the portrait reflecting on the metal cylinder? The interesting thing about such hidden portraits, if the author is professional enough, you can’t distinguish them just by looking at the original canvas. Only after placing the reflective object (metal cylinder in this case) at the proper spot, the hidden image occurs. Back in the old days this was very popular method to include forbidden motives, that normally wouldn’t be accepted. Expect more similar examples in days to come… off course, if you approve these as regular optical illusions.

Anamorphic Portrait Optical Illusion
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Houston, We Have a ProblemA decade ago, back when I was a kid, I used to play this computer game – just a sec – … was it Warcraft II, Civilization maybe? Can’t be to sure about it, but what I remember is that there was a character who kept yelling The end is near! – in sort of dramatical way. Dunno what the connection was, but I remember the atmosphere which reminds me greatly of today’s post.

I almost forgot there was a Skull category on this site (strange things happening with my memory lately). Year ago I promised we had enough of these, but I think its about time we ditch that decision.

Check out the “Earthrise” photo on your right. The original was taken on the Moon surface, and shows two astronauts with Earth in their back. But check again! Is there something disturbing about it? Do you see a skull of some sort? It can’t be human! What is it then? If you had an opportunity to see this illusion through one of our widgets first (Optical Illusion of The Day), you probably have seen the illusion instantaneously!

By on May 5, 2010, with 103 Comments  

Visitor of ours sent me this relaxing photo of a beautiful Hacienda. However, there is one (obviously hidden) thing in it. You’ll have no problem spotting it. How long did it take? A second or two seconds maybe? Even more?? If you don’t spot this one immediately, you can’t consider yourself an optical illusion expert :D I don’t know if this thing was made for fun, or the poster was actually used as an advertisement for this product (check the link only after you’ve spot the hidden object). The style author used, greatly reminds me of the Digital Swimming Pool illusion.

Viva La Hacienda Illusion

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Camouflage myself as a brick wall?! Sure, I could done that. No problem!” This is exactly what Liu Bolin thought to himself when this latest idea came to his mind. Check out the outcome of Liu’s newest camouflage set. At least it’s new for us; am not really positive when these photos were actually taken. Anywayz, try and spot Liu in each of the photos presented. Which one is the best, and which one do you think hasn’t turned out so nicely? Majority decides!

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Die Hand Optical Illusion VideoConstantine Konovalov comes from Russia, and creates some very nice optical illusions. I really adore the simplicity of his newest flick. Check out the video below. Anything we haven’t seen already? Doubt so, but the video is so attractive, it’s hard to stop watching it over and over again.

When you realize the true nature of Constantin’s “squarish” object, and replay the video from it’s start, can you force yourself not to see it convex again? I really had some problems with this. Be sure to browse our archive when you’re done; there are dozen of example photos and videos that work in exactly same manner. With Janek’s Nuts and Little Green Dragon being my favorite ones!