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By on September 15, 2010, with 67 Comments  

The web is changing. It’s evolving rapidly, specially as of late. It’s becoming more social, localized and real-time. Instant and distributed is the new trend. It’s adapt or loose the battle for other web properties if they want to maintain their popularity. By now, you probably heard about new redesign of twitter, one that happened sometime yesterday. I think this is where future of the web and information is heading. Why am I writing all this? It got me thinking how maintaining this website alone won’t be possible anytime soon. We need to follow the trend, and evolve as well. Think I should put more work in connecting and hiring professional individuals, and re-architect our website with more sophisticated functions and design. What do you think? What do you think is the future of Mighty Optical Illusion? Where do you see us head next (design, functionality, distribution…)? Which things you like here, and which ones you don’t? Am not sure if all my thoughts relate to you, still here’s a nice set of Impossible Windows by István Orosz just to keep up with the illusion trend ;)

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By on September 14, 2010, with 62 Comments  

Here’s a quick update, just to refresh that annoying animation that appears in your widgets. You’re probably right, in the future if we ever post similar stuff, I’ll use a static image for all your Optical Illusion of The Day widgets. The photo you see below belongs to Edgar Muller’s pavement art. I know we had that particular Lava Cave installation already, but is it only me, or does this one appear even more realistic? Has Edgar “updated” his drawing? Was the photographer more professional this time? Any clue whatsoever?

Update: Lava Burst Enhanced?

By on September 13, 2010, with 60 Comments  

Madalin Bucatea stumbled upon this peculiar animation, built just out of few frames. Never the less, the image appears to continuously rotate clockwise! We’ve seen similar stuff (spiders, cities and Christopher Walken), yet I’m not exactly sure why does it appear to rotate? Your view on this? Sorry for writing such a short post, but I just had to stop, since the animation is already visible to me while writing this, and it makes my head hurt…
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By on September 12, 2010, with 55 Comments  

Loïs Levy spotted this accidental illusion, shot somewhere on streets of India (I presume). At first there is nothing extraordinary about this photograph – just some bloke gazing an eye on an attractive passer-by. But wait! Those of you who spotted the shadow on a near-by poster probably saw the illusion already. Those of you that haven’t.. well, wish you more luck next time!

Are They Kissing?

By on September 10, 2010, with 39 Comments  

Floating Happy Birthday CubeDon’t ask me why, but somehow these kind of videos never get boring (at least speaking for myself)! The magical floating cube below was constructed by graphic designer Peter Dahmen. If you wish, you can even download a free tutorial, one that will guide through process of creating this one yourselves. It’s just like the time we gave you a printable cut-out, where you could build that funny looking dragon, whose eyes kept following you wherever you go!

I’m sure you’ll quickly realize the magic behind this video, yet with all our experience, and after seeing so many illusions here, my brain simply doesn’t allow me to see the cube in its true nature. How about you? Can you force yourself to see it properly?

By on September 10, 2010, with 18 Comments  

Perhaps we rushed with the critique of Canada’s attempt to improve road safety using chalk drawing optical illusions. I’ve just received new photos which show the illusion in much better light! The idea still sounds good, but there are too many bad implications that could be attached to it. The biggest one I can think of, is that drivers may soon get accustomed to these trompe-l’oeils, and ignore them… Could the day come when a real child is in the road and gets knocked down due to the driver’s ignorance to the illusions? On the other hand, could the drivers brake so hard, to swerve dangerously to the side, possibly hitting down pedestrians nearby??? Still not convinced will these bring any positive results, but I have to admit – drawings look much more realistic now!

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By on September 9, 2010, with 71 Comments  

Dancing Beetles Optical IllusionRifa Zulkaniao, a regular visitor of our site, saw this image where bunch of beetles dance around on a plain piece of paper. But wait! Look again, now down, now up again – what do you see? BEETLES NOW BECOME DIAMONDS… erm, I meant Mickey Mouse! Seems that Old Spice man completely destroyed my attention. Now when I look at it, I’m even more certain its not Mickey, but actually Minnie Mouse instead. What do you think?

Oh, and for those complaining how it would be much more effective checking the internet first, before asking a question, like I did in my previous post, I say to you – you’re partly right. But then I would miss the fun reading all your personal answers, comments and tips. Just an example: when I asked about Palau, one of the readers pointed how Palau deserves the title of second best scuba diving Islands on earth. That there are bunch of stoned people chewing Beatle nut all day, and how they don’t know they are ALL stoned because they all chew it (and spit orange blobs everywhere you go). This reader also pointed how they have a history of renting wives, daughters, sisters etc to the neighboring village for money to raise funds for the chiefs. That was in the old days…. and how they are still a nation of sleeping around with the neighbor’s wife… etc.

By on September 7, 2010, with 58 Comments  

Just recently I found a refreshing optical illusion gallery on Facebook, and one of the items that gained my attention was this Republic of Palau silver coin. The author behind Don Quixote motive (engraved on this coin) is great #Sandro Del Prete, and apart from the illusion, I was even more baffled with the Palau Republic. Call me ignorant, but I have never heard of Palau. Please enlighten me! I presume it’s either the foreign name for a country I have probably heard of, or some sort of fictive land? Oh, and the illusion should easily be seen, specially if you’re a Don Quixote fan, like I am…

Don Quixote Silvercoin Illusion