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By on September 4, 2012, with 35 Comments  

Thanks to Sheila, here’s another Drunk Test for all of you! Check out the picture below, and see if you are able to focus your vision. We all know how this works – double eyes and mouth were artificially added to the photo, yet why is it then so hard to look at her ? I think it has something to do with our brain automatically recognising the face and its major elements, then trying to process received information which comes into conflict with what our eyes are actually seeing. It’s that, or we are all simply drunk…

By on September 3, 2012, with 22 Comments  

Here’s a teaser poster for an upcoming movie titled The Dinosaur Project. It was submitted to us by regular fan of ours, who noticed that there is much more than meets the eye at first. I haven’t heard of, nor have I seen this movie before, but what I did notice is the illusion hidden inside its poster!

Seeing the original-sized print, you might miss the dinosaur head at first, while on the other hand – looking at the small thumbnail provided on your right, you might miss seeing the motive head is consisted from!

So what did you see at first? Dinosaur head, or group of people wandering through the woods? Be sure to check our #posters tag for more awesome illusory movie posters!

PS Thanks for all the support! Without all your emails, submissions and encouragement I would loose my enthusiasm for this site long time ago…

By on September 2, 2012, with 30 Comments  

Here’s day 3 of me posting regularly – Hurray! BTW, you are free to show some support in a way of submitting good stuff, liking our fan page on Facebook or sharing it with your friends and students :D So, what do we have here today? It’s a vintage perspective illusion of two men waiting for their train to come. Because of the perspective, we see the left man being much taller than the guy standing right next to him. Still, they are both the same size. Proof is simple: print the card, cut out the background, and you will see that both guys are same in height!

By on September 1, 2012, with 21 Comments  

Few weeks ago, while still on my vacation, I promised you I would give my best to post new illusion each and every day once I return. It wont be an easy task, but let me try and see for how long I can do it! Previously, there was an update every two or three days, which is a shame I admit. I think its about time we change that! Let’s start with few concentric circles, as our #seemingly_bent category hasn’t been updated for quite some time. Can you trust me when I say them circles below are perfectly round and concentric?

By on August 31, 2012, with 10 Comments  

Judging by your reactions, you just can’t have enough of body-paint illusions! Is it really so, or do the models serving as a canvas have something to do with this? Anyway, here’s an interesting shot of a swan painted on a naked gal. The author behind it is talented Gesine Marwedel from Germany, Dortmund whose art (which I wasn’t aware till now) we already featured in the past. Hope you like this as much as me!

By on August 29, 2012, with 33 Comments  

Ray Massey is one hell of a talented artist. How he does his hand paintings and body-art is more than incredible. Just check the Finger Pen illusion on your right! It took me ages before I understood the illusion completely, but once I did – my mind literally exploded. Inside this post you can find few more hand paintings (some of which are even better in style than finger pen), yet the illusions aren’t as strong if you ask me.

I was pointed to these magnificent photos by Brad Honeycutt, one of our fans who just published a book of illusions titled “The Art of the Illusion: Deceptions to Challenge the Eye and the Mind“. I believe there are many more awesome illusions to be found in it, so be sure to check it out if you like this sort of stuff.

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By on August 27, 2012, with 15 Comments  

Water Dancers is another magnificent illusory painting by Rob Gonsalves, a Canadian painter of magic realism with a unique perspective and style. We have seen multiple examples of paintings in which detailed images are intricately woven together to create larger images – the optical illusions fading back and stepping forward as you study the pieces, notice the details, and finally recognize the large scale intention.

But Rob’s paintings include one additional aspect – sometimes it’s not that easy to dissect and pinpoint where one motive ends and its transformation into another begins (see Camels in The Night, Cathedral of Commerce and Ships and Arches for better understanding).

Although Gonsalves’ work is often categorized as surrealistic, it differs because the images are deliberately planned and result from conscious thought. I think it goes without saying that all of these paintings take their author notable amount of time before he finishes them (planning each piece in order to make the transitions flawless).

By on August 24, 2012, with 164 Comments  

Here’s another great optical illusion puzzle by Donald Rust: Can you find the King in this painting below? When you’re done, just please don’t tell! Instead, comment you found him and share this post further. Let’s see how long does it take before you see him! BTW: don’t forget to check other illusions by Rusty (just in case you missed any). I assure you – it’s well worth your time. Enjoy!