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By on September 21, 2010, with 71 Comments  

So what have I prepared for you today? First, I’m gonna talk a little about our new website design, and in the next paragraph there will be more talk on the illusion itself. Inpatient ones may simply skip this, and head directly to the next paragraph. As you see, I’ve already implemented some of your logical suggestions. I’ve added the slightly darker background, and made the share buttons stop following you, as you scroll down the page. I’m aware we need a new logo (more professional one), but am simply to occupied to do this. Anyone volunteers to redesign our logo? You may attach your works via images for comments option, and showcase your skills! I still need the idea for our header, though. How can we make it better?

And for the illusion… well, you’ll quickly realize it yourself! It’s definitely not what you first thought. I’ve received this one from Julie, who said she was a little scared when she first saw this, but made her all warm and happy when she understood the illusion. Can you see why is that?

Scary Santa Optical Illusion

By on September 20, 2010, with 57 Comments  

How do you feel about our new website layout? Wait… Hold on! Before you make up your mind, you need to know this just a rough beta, and needs much more brushing and meddling with. Still, I feel it’s much cleaner and simpler now. This design gives us more space, and allows me to implement some new features, without making the page too cluttered! I just hope you’ll still like Mighty Optical Illusions this way… In a day or so (so you get time to adjust, and think about it), a poll will be included where you’ll get a chance to express your taste. Meanwhile, let’s check our newest optical illusion submission:

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By on September 19, 2010, with 39 Comments  

Aerol E. Catubag created this simple, yet effective optical illusion involving colors! As Aerol explains, he discovered the illusion accidentally when trying to make a kaleidoscopic image. The illusion happens when you move your head back and forth. Watch the colors change their size, depending on your actions. For example, the blue box will seem to expand when you move forth, but the exact same box will shrink when you move your eyes further away.

Btw, am not sure how many of you noticed, but when I talked about site upgrades – some of them are already implemented! You can now reply to other person’s comment, but what I’m even more excited to announce – now you can freely embed pictures in your comments! Yes, simply click on the “add some images” link next to the comment submit button, enter a link where image is hosted and voila! Go ahead – try it!

Simple, Yet Effective Illusion

Move your head back and forth, and watch the colors change their size!

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I’ve been reading all around the net how Canada and Philadelphia are employing optical illusions to improve road safety. With all the controversy and safety questions around the this topic, I remembered how similar, yet much better implementation has been used by our local police, since middle of 2008. Back then, Croatian police started with the project involving cardboard cut-out police officers holding a radar. In very short time positive results were already visible.

Road Safety Illusions!? This is How Weve Been Doing it Back Home...

Marcel Štrok, the chief of traffic police stated that “the number of traffic accidents has been cut in half, comparing to previous years before employing this experimental project in towns of Virovitica and Sisak.”

Road Safety Illusions!? This is How Weve Been Doing it Back Home...He explained how they were thinking what would be the best way to prevent traffic accidents, and how could they reach inside driver’s mind, reminding him to watch over that gas pedal. “The best thing about those cardboard radar-holding officers is that they cost less than $100 a piece”, Marcel added.

These cardboard officers were designed using photographs of real police officers, and the results were so realistic, that even today it isn’t rare for the role-model officers to get phone calls from their friends, saying how they saw then in action, while in fact they were at home at the time.

By on September 15, 2010, with 67 Comments  

The web is changing. It’s evolving rapidly, specially as of late. It’s becoming more social, localized and real-time. Instant and distributed is the new trend. It’s adapt or loose the battle for other web properties if they want to maintain their popularity. By now, you probably heard about new redesign of twitter, one that happened sometime yesterday. I think this is where future of the web and information is heading. Why am I writing all this? It got me thinking how maintaining this website alone won’t be possible anytime soon. We need to follow the trend, and evolve as well. Think I should put more work in connecting and hiring professional individuals, and re-architect our website with more sophisticated functions and design. What do you think? What do you think is the future of Mighty Optical Illusion? Where do you see us head next (design, functionality, distribution…)? Which things you like here, and which ones you don’t? Am not sure if all my thoughts relate to you, still here’s a nice set of Impossible Windows by István Orosz just to keep up with the illusion trend ;)

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Here’s a quick update, just to refresh that annoying animation that appears in your widgets. You’re probably right, in the future if we ever post similar stuff, I’ll use a static image for all your Optical Illusion of The Day widgets. The photo you see below belongs to Edgar Muller’s pavement art. I know we had that particular Lava Cave installation already, but is it only me, or does this one appear even more realistic? Has Edgar “updated” his drawing? Was the photographer more professional this time? Any clue whatsoever?

Update: Lava Burst Enhanced?

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Madalin Bucatea stumbled upon this peculiar animation, built just out of few frames. Never the less, the image appears to continuously rotate clockwise! We’ve seen similar stuff (spiders, cities and Christopher Walken), yet I’m not exactly sure why does it appear to rotate? Your view on this? Sorry for writing such a short post, but I just had to stop, since the animation is already visible to me while writing this, and it makes my head hurt…
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Loïs Levy spotted this accidental illusion, shot somewhere on streets of India (I presume). At first there is nothing extraordinary about this photograph – just some bloke gazing an eye on an attractive passer-by. But wait! Those of you who spotted the shadow on a near-by poster probably saw the illusion already. Those of you that haven’t.. well, wish you more luck next time!

Are They Kissing?