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I usually ignore the cloud/water illusions which supposedly resemble angels, faces, aliens….etc. It’s simply because they are too big of a stretch, at most of the times. Here and then something passes my filter, and in those rare cases it’s questionable if there was photoshopping involved. However, Ricardo Carvalho’s submission intrigued me. Perhaps the story behind this photo made it look even more interesting. Apparently, on 15th February 1986, on a Saturday between noon and 16 hours, the Azores suffered the greatest storm of the century, with wind reaching velocities of nearly 250km/h. Jose Henrique Azevedo took photographs before and after the storm. Waves reached heights of between 15 and 20 meters and, when they broke, as high as 60 meters. Two years later when Jose wished to show proof of this event, to visiting yachtsmen, he printed two of the photos. Having done so, he discovered that at the moment when he had photographed a particular breaking wave it had taken on human form – and thus became known as Neptune at Horta. Can you see the Neptune’s face? What do you think of it?

Neptune at Horta

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Warped and Bent Illusion VideoWe haven’t had a nifty video illusion for a while, so I decided to share another fabulous creation by greeenpro2009. As you will see shortly, it’s nothing we haven’t already seen, but what greeenpro did, he combined two old school illusions into one, and posted a video clip of his work. I think this should be the final example/proof for Seemingly Bent category. As the author himself explained, it took FOREVER to create and set this up.

You should check the Checker Board video, and some other works by greeenpro2009 if you already haven’t – I promise you loads of professionally created content and interesting selection of illusions showcased.

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When it comes to Rorschach and his tests, usually the answer isn’t specified. Supposedly, depending what you see in the provided flecks, should give an examiner a vague insight into your psychological state of mind. However, we do things little differently here on Mighty Optical Illusions properties. The below provided ink-ish flecks, when understood properly, give only one correct answer. So what it is? What can you see below? Perhaps we can judge what kind of a person you are depending on your final answer? Let us begin…

Mysterious Shape Illusion

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Duracell has always been creative when it comes to marketing their own products. Just check out the already featured examples filled under the belonging #Duracell tag. Their latest campaign (at least when it comes illusion related advertising), combines the relatively known rotating snakes pattern (invented by professor Akiyoshi Kitaoka) with the “endless” power Duracell’s batteries supposedly provide. I love these kind of billboards, as they often turn out very intelligent! How about you? BTW, you can open this image in new window and see it in high res, resulting with effect being shown in its full glory…

Duracell Powered Dancing Snakes

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Eschers Columns IllusionI got this photo some time ago, which was sent to me by one of our fans (who else), and even though it struck me as an awesome real-life optical illusion, I hesitated posting it online as it was obvious there has been some heavy photoshopping involved.

Never the less, I think the illusion in its essence is perfect. Moreover, it became even more interesting when I noticed the second illusion it hides. It took me few moments before I realized that the central column isn’t the only Escheresque object present. Perhaps it’s central placement and focus distracts people’s attention from noticing the second illusion, which isn’t much different itself.

How long did it take you to realize them both? There were some other posts on this site, that showcased real-life Escher Columns in action as well. Unfortunately, I can’t decide which were the best cases. Help me, and post a link (or attach image to your comment, if you wish) to your favorite ones!

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Gizmodo published a story recently, concerning what appears to be a real-life version of an old school Rabbit-Duck optical illusion. The original was a memorable example, where if you looked at it one way it was a rabbit, but in the same time it could also resemble a duck. I hope this one’s just a hoax (like Fiji Mermaid was), but I’ll let you decide. Was it after all some crafty taxidermist, who recreated the effect in real life??? If so, I just hope you don’t consider this a DIY type of post. For more similar examples, check out another real life Rabbit-Duck, Frog-Horse or Young Lady-Old Hag illusions…

A Real Life Rabbit Duck Illusion?

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I had these photos in my queue for some time now, yet never felt they deserve their own separate post each. What about if I put them all up as a collection? Do you believe all four of them combined can slip through, eventually? Anyway, if you don’t see them as true illusions, they still make you think for a second before you start laughing, don’t they? Which one is your favorite? Can you see them in their true sense? It’s just like that time we had Nature’s Creations… enjoy!

Funnymals Optical Illusion Set Continue Reading …

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If you haven’t heard, there is this organization called AMREF (short for African Medical & Research Foundation), which makes the World’s Leading African Health Development Organization. And as you might have guessed, it battles to provide better health care to people of Africa. But what’s even more interesting for us, optical illusion-orientated audience, is AMREF’s recent billboard campaign. Check out these incredible posters below! What do they remind you of? How about blurring your eyes for a second? Unfortunately, AMREF didn’t come to this idea by itself. In my belief Manu Dibango did it much earlier with his Wakafrika LP cover. You can see it attached at the end of this post.

AMREFs Wakafrika Billboards Continue Reading …