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By on July 19, 2014, with 2 Comments  

Happy Saturday to one and all! Hopefully, you all are having a good time hanging out the friends and family.  Sometimes, people like to do things like go on vacation together, which is the subject of today’s mind blowing optical illusion!

The Leaning Tower of Pisa is thousands of years old, and over the course of those years, the tower has begun to lean over. While visiting Italy, these fun tourists have taken advantage of the fact that the tower is leaning over, and decided to take a really cool picture.

Leaning Tower of Pisa Optical Illusion

Does it not look like this young woman is kicking over the tower, and the ancient structure has a lean because she is kicking it over!

Ready for another really cool illusion that will stimulate your imagination? Take a look at this illusion called Surreal World. What do you see when  you look at this picture? The most obvious guess is a guy on a boat and another guy playing a saxophone, but there is a hidden surprise. Do you all see it? Here is a hint to help you find, it and all you have to do is tip your head to one side and things will become much clearer for you! Good Luck and enjoy the rest of your weekend!

By on July 18, 2014, with 2 Comments  

Good morning everyone, and hooray it is finally Friday! The weekend is going to begin as soon as the sun goes down! So, now that the fun is about to begin, take a look at today’s optical illusion.

From a first glance, this illusion just looks like a woman sitting at her dresser looking at herself in the mirror. However, there is more to this illusion that meets the eye. What else do you all see? There is a hidden illusion with this woman, but we aren’t telling you what it is! All you have to do is look closely, and you will see exactly what we are talking about!

Woman Looking in the Mirror Optical Illusion

Once you all figure it out, and see the hidden optical illusion, be sure you drop us a comment with your best guest!  Since this optical illusion is a little bit hard, how about an easy one? This is one is all about the art of camouflage, and some people really love to paint themselves like a building and blend into it!

What do you all think of these remarkable works of living art? Is it not totally amazing just what people can do with their own artistic talent? Well, enjoy  your Friday and have a great weekend!

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Happy Thursday everyone, and there is just one more day until the weekend officially begins! Today is Thursday, and love is in the air thanks to today’s optical illusion!

The sun being involved in an eclipse does not happen too often, and this couple has decided to take advantage of this rare event and use it as a way to show the woman in his life just how much he loves her. When else can a man use the eclipsed sun as a wedding ring?

 Eclipsed Sun Optical Illusion

Aww is that not the sweetest gesture ever? This is why there is romance in the air, and an amazing illusion too at the exact same time.

Here is another great illusion, and it is a tough one because it involves a simple bouquet of flowers, but there are hidden images in this bouquet.  Why is it that the best illusions always involves things in nature like flowers? How many faces can you find among the flowers?

Supposedly, there are five faces in the flowers, but you all have to figure out where they are! If you all succeed in finding the five faces, be sure you let us know by posting a comment. Good luck with this really tough optical illusion and have a great Thursday!

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Happy Hump Day! It’s Wednesday, which means that the week is officially half over, and the weekend is getting that much closer.  When the weekend comes, people can leave the big city and get back to nature, which may include doing some flower picking. Flowers are beautiful, and thy make the world a better place.

Take a look at today’s optical illusion and what do you see? Now, at first glance, you may see flowers and a butterfly, but is that all? For those of you that have an active imagination, you may see something first before you even notice that flowers and butterfly.

Hidden Face Optical Illusion

If you all something in the flowers, be sure you leave a comment below and tell us all about it!

There is nothing more fun then finding hidden animals, and this Mt. Rainier illusion has eagles in it, but, do you all see something else other than just an eagle or two? There are many hidden animals in this illusion, you just have to look closely and you are sure to find at least a few. Be sure you drop us a comment below and include all the animals you find on the mountain! Good luck and happy hunting!

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It’s Tuesday, and the week is still barely getting started!  Hope you all are having a great week, but remember the weekend will be here soon! What is it about optical illusions that have people so endlessly fascinated with them? The answer is that optical illusions make the seemly impossible seem possible and it’s happening right before your eyes! You know that old saying about seeing something with your own eyes, well that is exactly what optical illusions do!

Today’s optical illusion is a perfect example of the impossible being so real it’s right in front of your face. This sidewalk looks like it has caved in, and there is a giant hole that people fall into. Or is it? Notice the person on the bicycle going over it, so clearly it’s not real!

Broken Sidewalk Optical Illusion

Pretty cool huh? Okay time for another great illusion! Take a look at these columns, and what do you see? Do you see columns or people?  Or do you see both the columns and the people in between them?  Isn’t it amazing what light can do to play tricks on the human eye? So, if you all see the columns, the people, or both, be sure you let us know and post a comment below.

By on July 14, 2014, with 13 Comments  

Happy Monday to everyone, it is a brand new week and the month of July is now almost half over! Hard to believe right? Well, here is something else that is hard to believe, and that is today’s optical illusion!

Now, take a look at this wonderful scene of snow, which if you are living somewhere hot, you are going to wish it was snowing, but do you see something hidden in it? We have had this kind of optical illusion before, but this one is pretty tough! What do you all see hidden in the snow?

Hidden in the Snow Optical Illusion

If you do manage to find the creature in question, be sure you drop us a comment below.

Are you ready for another mind blowing optical illusion? Ever hear of someone finding a hidden face in a tortilla or potato chip? How about in a flower? Check out this flower face optical illusion, do you see the face? How is the face real or just the way that the flower itself looks? These flower illusions prove that an illusion can exist in anything, even the petals of flowers! Good luck finding the face and be sure you drop us a comment below to let us know what you thought of these amazing illusions!

By on July 13, 2014, with 1 Comment  

Happy Sunday, and hopefully you all are enjoying your last day of the weekend by doing something really relaxing and fun with the family. Do you all have cute little kids running around in your lives making things fun and interesting?

Today’s optical illusion does involve a little girl, but it also looks like she is about to be captured by a giant! Oh no! Who will save the little girl? Where is a super hero when you need one? But seriously, it is a really great optical illusion that is done with forced perspective, and not to mention, the pony tail that the little girl has that is standing straight up!  What do you all think?

Giant and Little Girl Optical Illusion

Want to see something that is pretty freaky? Check out these real life characters, and please do not say that you all are not freaked out by what these famous cartoon characters actually look like as fleshed out human beings because we are truly terrified!  We want to hear from you over this! Please feel free to leave us a comment below, and remember, today is Sunday, so try and go out and have some fun! Good luck and have a great weekend!

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Happy Saturday to everyone, and you should take a break from the computers and head outside for some fun in the summer sun! When people are outside, they end to wear tank tops and sleeveless shirts, and people can really see some great tattoos, like today’s optical illusion! However, some tattoos can play tricks on you, and take a closer look at this tattoo. This tattoo is not a regular one because it can be two different people depending on how you look at it! Is it a lady? Is it a man? Or is this tattoo really both? Though no matter what, it sure is a lot of fun, isn’t it?

Face Tattoo Optical Illusion

Are you all ready for another great illusion involving what happens when you spill coffee and it splashes? Have you ever looked at anything that splashes and seen something in it like a shape or an object? Well check out this spilled coffee illusion! Who knew that you could take something like spilled coffee and turn it not only into an optical illusion, but an amazing work of art as well? You will never looked at spilled coffee in the same way again that’s for sure! Hope you all enjoy it and have a great Saturday!