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Hello everyone, and good morning! Welcome to Hump Day! So, what did you all do to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day? Drink any green beers? Eat corned beef and cabbage or all of the above?  Well, whatever you did had to be fun, and now its time to get back to work, but that’s okay because the week is reached the halfway mark now and its all downhill from here. So, how many of you love little creatures? Take a look at today’s optical illusion, which is a lovely chameleon, but do you notice something about that little creature? Can it be that it’s not real but instead, a person that is painted up to look like one? HA! We got you because it is a person with body paint.

Human Chameleon Optical Illusion

Ready to see another body paint optical illusion that is just as detailed as this chameleon? Check out this alligator, but it’s really a paint job, but it’s amazing because you can see each scale! Would you all have been able to tell this was not a real alligator if we hadn’t told you? Oh we know this is a cool alligator, and the artist deserves a lot of the credit for the details in the paint job. Well, we know today is Wednesday, but have a good day!

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Good morning everyone and Happy Saint Patrick’s Day! Today is March 17th and everyone is Irish today! For those of you that really are Irish, hope you all enjoy your corned beef and cabbage! So, how many of you love to watch soccer? Well, here in the United States it is not as popular, but the sport is growing more popular by the year. A lot of Americans really do love soccer and follow things like the World Cup. Today’s optical illusion is all about soccer, and this player has a real advantage because he has four arms! Do you think having extra arms helps his game? So was this man born with four arms or is it a trick? Well that is a good question!

Soccer Player with Four Hands

Ready for another optical illusion? How many of you all are familiar with Mickey Mouse? Do you think Mickey Mouse is wicked? Well this optical illusion might disagree with you! Mickey Mouse is wicked according to this illusion, and for all of is that love Mickey this is a concern! So is Mickey Mouse wicked or not… good question! Well we hope you all have a Happy Saint Patrick’s Day, and enjoy your corned beef and cabbage!

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Hello and good morning you all to you, and welcome to another lovely Monday morning.  We hate to tell you all this because its not good news, and its about a dreaded condition affecting sports players known as Ping Pong Eye. It’s a terrible affliction, and we don’t know if there’s a cure yet , but today’s optical illusion is all about a poor sports player that has this dreadful condition!  Seriously, we have no idea how this poor man sees anything when he has one ping pong ball for an eye! Just kidding! There is no such thing as ping pong eye, but you have to admit that it sure looks like this man has a problem with it doesn’t it?

Ping Pong Eye Optical Illusion

So… have any of you all been to Korea? Koreans love optical illusions, and check out these cool Korean optical illusions. Which one of these great optical illusions from Korea do you like? We personally love the head on the spoon because it really does look like this poor woman lost her head! Though no matter which one of these Korean optical illusions you all choose, they sure are a lot of fun and we enjoy bringing them to you all! We know its Monday, but try and have a good day!

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Whoo hoo today is Sunday!  And another weekend day is here! So, what are you all doing today? Well, during certain times of year, there are events called air shows, and what makes them amazing is the fact you get to see airplanes up close, and personal, and then you see them perform. Well, today’s optical illusion is all about an amazing optical illusion that took place at an air show, and it looks like two planes are blending into one! We understand that it is hard to tell that there are two planes here, but there are, and it’s just the way the photograph is angled. If you all don’t have an air show around you to check out, then just do something else that is just as fun.

Air Show Optical Illusion

Ready for another cool optical illusion? How do you all feel about the famous John Lennon? Would you all like to see a portrait of John Lennon made out of coffee beans? Well, we know that today is Sunday, and some of you are just getting back from church, and some of you are doing chores, but whatever you do, be sure you enjoy yourselves.  We will see you all again tomorrow with another cool optical illusion!

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Saturday is here, and it is time to kick back and maybe watch some sporting events. Soccer is a popular all around the world, and today’s optical illusion is all about a pair of soccer players that look like they are dancing out on the field.  Seriously, does it not look like these two players are dancing? Perhaps, it was just the way the camera caught them, but it does look like they are either about to dance or they are about to fight, and considering how some of these games are, it may be a fight!

dancing soccer players

So, ready to see another amazing illusion involving a tattoo of two dragons? Now, this tattoo is gorgeous, but if you look closely, you will see something else in the middle of these two snarling beasts!  There is a young woman in the tattoo, and she is looking back at all of you with a nice smile on her face. How cool is this because its literally a tattoo with an optical illusion built in? We know its Saturday, but we encourage all of you guys to have a good day, and to do something fun whether its watching a sporting events, or just having a midday nap because you all deserve it! Have a good Saturday!

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Friday is here! But it is also Friday the 13th, and a lot of people are nervous about today because there is a lot of superstitions associated with this day, and for people who are superstitious, this is a terrible day that makes them want to stay at home. So, are any of you scared of Friday the 13th or do you consider it just another Friday? The good news is that the weekend is literally just a few hours away, and that means just getting a couple of days off to chill. While you are driving home, be careful because there may be vain hummingbirds out there that want to take a look at your side mirrors.  Take a look at today’s optical illusion, and you will see what we are talking about! Have you ever seen these vain hummingbirds before?

Vain Hummingbird

So, ready for another optical illusion involving an elephant rock? Well check out this illusion because it looks like either the elephant is trapped in the rock or the rock somehow resembles an elephant. What do you think of this unusual elephant rock? Well, today may be Friday the 13th, but it is still a workday, and we know you all are tired and probably don’t care about work,  but you are almost done and then the weekend can begin!

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Hello everyone, today is Thursday, and you all may be starting to feel a little tired because you have been getting up early for now the fourth day in a row. Also, the time change is still rearing its head, and some of you may really be feeling it for the first time since Sunday morning. However, you all are doing great, and we know you will make it to Friday, which is tomorrow! So, how many of you all want to see a flying child? Check out today’s optical illusion, which is all about a flying child! This little kid has a frightened look on her face, and who can blame her? She’s flying, and that can be really scary!

Flying Child Optical illusion

Ready for another optical illusion? Check out the logo for the Dodge Viper, but is it really the viper or is it the famous cartoon character, Daffy Duck? We bet you all never saw this before, and it was quite a surprise for us too! We had to study this logo long and hard in order to see Daffy Duck, and we will never look at this famous logo the same way ever again! What do you all think? Well we know its Thursday, but things will get better and tomorrow is Friday, which is a reason to be happy. Have a good day!

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Good morning everyone, and today is the midpoint of the week, also known as Wednesday.  For some people, the time change has still messed them up, and the first thing that may be in your mind is the fact it is only Wednesday. We understand that the time change has messed up the way all of our internal body clocks work, but just hang on because your body will adjust in a few more days.  However, in the meantime, just have some more coffee, and you’ll make it we promise! However, we want you to take a look at today’s optical illusion, which is a man who is flying like Superman, but he has a companion on his back! What do you all think because we will say that the cat does not look very impressed, which we find pretty funny!

Flying Superman with Cat Optical Illusion

Ready to see another optical illusion involving a tennis court that is up to high that playing tennis could be dangerous! For those of you that love tennis, we have to ask…would you all want to play on a tennis court that is this high up?  Chasing a ball can be absolutely dangerous playing on this course, and having a fear of heights is not going to help! Have a good Wednesday everyone!