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By on May 17, 2014, with 4 Comments  

I always get messages from people and they ask me if I know how to create optical illusions, because they want me to teach them how to do it. What I tell these people is that anyone can easily create an optical illusion. Sure, there are some very intricate illusions out there that have been created by brilliant minds, but those types of illusions are few and far between. Believe it or not, most optical illusions are created completely by accident. Someone takes a picture, notices something strange about it and then they realized that they’ve inadvertently created an optical illusion.

Today, I’m going to show you an illusion and I want you to tell me whether or not you think this illusion was created on purpose or if it was created by accident. I could just imagine a tourist taking the picture below and then realizing that he accidentally created an optical illusion. Scroll down to check it out.

Give Me Your Head Optical Illusion


So, what do you think? Was this illusion done on purpose or do you think it was created by accident? Let me know by leaving a comment below.

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By on May 16, 2014, with 8 Comments  

I’m always keeping my eye out for some new optical illusions that I can share with all of the readers that visit this website. Yesterday, I got a message from one of my friends and they told me that they had came across and amazing optical illusion and that I just had to post it up on the site. He sent the optical illusion over to me, and after looking at it, I completely agree with him.

Today’s new optical illusion is going to be a scary optical illusion, which are some of my favorites. I don’t know about you, but I like to be scared. If you’re one of those people that like to be scared, you can scroll down now to check out today’s optical illusion.

Screaming Eye Optical Illusion


Now that’s a pretty creepy optical illusion, huh? I’m pretty sure it was made in Photoshop and I have to say that whoever did it is an amazing artist with a bunch of talents. If you liked this illusion, you should rate this post or feel free to leave a comment below. I’d love to hear from you.

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By on May 15, 2014, with 0 Comments  

Basketball is one of those sports that I absolutely love to play. However, I must admit, I’m not a big fan of actually watching the sport being played on television. I used to be interested in the NBA, but I’m just not into it anymore. However, I do have to admit that I actually do enjoy playing the NBA video games. Those are always pretty fun to play online.

The optical illusion below reminds me of back when I was in high school and would play basketball almost every day after school was out. My friends and I would just play basketball with each other until it started to get dark. It was a calming effect to walk home after an intense game and watching as the sun went down. Check out the illusion below and you’ll see why I’ve called this one the nature’s basketball optical illusion.

Natures Basketball Optical Illusion

As you can see, it’s a series of three pictures that were taken at different times, so you have a nice time lapse effect. Also, the pictures were taken at just the right angle, so it looks as if the sun is a basketball and is going through the hoop. Does that count as a slam dunk or a high arching jump shot?

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By on May 14, 2014, with 0 Comments  

Some of my favorite optical illusions to post up on the site are the ones that have to do with animals. This is typically because they’re so funny or catch you off guard. For instance, did you see the nice rug optical illusion? If not, I highly suggest you check it out. There’s a dog hidden in the picture, but he’s not too hard to spot. Either way, judging by the comments, a lot of you enjoyed it, as well. Also, yesterday, I referenced a find the mistake optical illusion in my post, which led you to a page that was yet another animal optical illusion.

Today, as you could probably guess by the title, I’m going to present you with another animal optical illusion. Once again, this is an illusion that involves a dog and their owner. In the illusion, it looks as if the person in the picture had the head of a dog. Of course, this is just how they’re positioned in the picture, but it’s still quite funny. Scroll down to check it out.

Dog Head Optical Illusion

Now, that’s a pretty funny optical illusion. Don’t you agree?

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By on May 13, 2014, with 0 Comments  

On Saturday, I posted an optical illusion about a giant on the beach eating people. A lot of you really liked this optical illusion and some of you even said that you would like to go to the beach and recreate this illusion on your own. Honestly, I don’t even remember seeing a single negative comment about this illusion, so I’m pretty happy about that. I like it when I can post up illusions that you’re all happy with with. If you want to check out the illusion I’m referring to, you can click here. If you want, you can leave a comment or a rating and let me know what you think. :)

Today, I have another new optical illusion that is somewhat similar to the giant on the beach optical illusion. This one, however, involves a soldier and he’s certainly worked up an appetite. Scroll down below to see what I mean.

Hungry Soldier Optical Illusion

Now that’s what I call an M.R.E. (meal ready to eat.) I hope you all enjoy this optical illusion as much as you did the giant on the beach illusion.

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By on May 12, 2014, with 2 Comments  

It’s a nice feeling when you wake up early in the morning and you can already see that it’s going to be a great day, because it’s so bright outside. That’s the feeling I had this morning when I woke up. I was also completely rejuvenated, as well. I made sure I got plenty of rest this weekend, especially since it rained a decent bit, which makes me wants to sleep in for some reason.

I was wondering which new optical illusion I was going to post up today, but I definitely have a great one for all of you. I was over at the MoIllusions Facebook page when I noticed that I had a new message from a man by the name of John (I don’t want to list his last name, as that’s not the polite thing to do without his permission). Well, needless to say, John sent in a really cool video optical illusion. It’s been awhile since I’ve put up a video, so this is certainly the perfect optical illusion for today. Check it out by scrolling down.

The man in the video has some amazing optical illusions and has even won some competitions. Some people would even consider him the best illusionist of all time. What do you think?

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By on May 11, 2014, with 0 Comments  

It’s Sunday and it’s the last day of the weekend, so I certainly hope that all of you have taken advantage of your time off like I have. I have had quite the busy weekend. I’ve been outdoors, hung out with some people that I like to spend time with and I went out to dinner. Believe me when I say that I take full advantage of the weekends :D. What have you been doing over the weekend?

Do you remember when you were a little kid and you would invite a friend over to your house to play with toy soldiers? Even if your friend didn’t make it, you probably still played with the soldiers and just took full advantage of your imagination. Well, the guy who created the optical illusion I’m going to show you today plays with toy soldiers and definitely has a great imagination. However, he’s not playing with them in the way that you probably played with them. Check out the picture below and you’ll see what I mean.

Toy Soldiers Optical Illusion


Now that’s a pretty cool illusion, huh? It turns out only one of the soldiers is actually a toy soldier and the rest are drawings.

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By on May 10, 2014, with 2 Comments  

Happy weekend, everyone! I hope you are all enjoying your time off. Wow, you guys and gals are on fire lately! I’ve been receiving a ton of messages on the MoIllusions Facebook page that contain new and awesome optical illusions that I’ve been posting up on the site. Believe me when I say this; it helps a lot when I receive submissions, because I’ve done a ton of posts on the site and I’ve went through a ton of optical illusions, so there’s not a whole lot out there to choose from, especially since I don’t want to bore any of you with stuff you’ve seen a thousand times before.

Today, I’m posting up another optical illusion that was submitted to me through our Facebook page from a reader. I have to say, this is a pretty cool illusion. It looks as if there’s a giant on the beach and when he gets hungry, he starts to feast on the other beach goers. It looks like he’s holding this girl above his mouth and lowering her in as casually as a regular person would eat something like a grape. Check out this cool illusion below.

A Giant on the Beach Optical Illusion

Now that’s some cool stuff, huh? Thanks for the awesome submission, Ruben!! :)

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