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Happy Saturday everyone, hope you are all having a blast this weekend! Celebrities are often in the headlines for various good reasons and various bad things, depending on who the celebrity is. However, celebrities can also make for very interesting headlines, which is the case with today’s optical illusion! The lovely celebrity couple in the photo is Liev Schreiber who has been with actress Naomi Watts for almost a decade, and the couple has two adorable children. However, when photographed together, sometimes funny things can happen! Now, take a close look at Live Schreiber and what do you see?  Does it not look like Liev Schreiber and Naomi Watts are some form of two headed monster?

Celebrity Optical Illusion


What else does this photo look like? It also looks as though this celebrity power couple is sharing the same shirt, especially because of the fact they are both wearing white shirts. So, what do you think of this funny illusion?

Ready for another mind boggling illusion to make your weekend even more fun and exciting? Check out this hidden tiger illusion, and what do you see? It is called the hidden tiger illusion, and do you see it? Well if not, just keep looking because there is a hidden tiger in there somewhere! Good luck!

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Happy Friday everyone, and let the weekend begin! Got any plans for the weekend, and if you don’t, then now is the time to start planning! People usually do things with their families during the weekend, which is exactly what today’s optical illusion is all about! See this lovely family posing for a photograph? See the guy behind the family? What does it look like to you because it can look like any number of things.

Midget Man Optical Illusion

What do you see? The most obvious answer to this question is that the man behind the family is actually riding on the back of one of the family members. However, what else does it look like because it can also look like a family of giants took a vacation! What do you all think of this picture because it is rather hilarious to see this tiny man riding on the back of a giant?

Ready for another cool optical illusion? Check out these amazing shadow illusions. Are they real? Could a giant pile of garbage really be manipulated enough to look that much like people, or is the artist trying to pull a fast one? You take a close look at this collection of shadow illusion and decide for yourself!

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Happy Thursday everyone, and soon the weekend will begin, which makes everyone happy.  Summer is almost officially here, literally within a matter of days, but by now, everyone is hitting the pool just to cool off and relax. Today’s optical illusion is really a head scratcher because is this a giant girl, a girl jumping in a pool, or a little girl that can walk on water?

Girl In the Pool Optical Illusion

This little girl is smiling happily, and it’s clear she is having a great time, but what is she doing? Some may say she is gigantic, but it is just the way that the eye is made to see things thanks to a movie trick called forced perspective.  The human eye is going to see this little girl as being not so little thanks to her distance to everyone else in the pool, which is pretty impressive is it not because it actually does work.

Want to see another great illusion that has a summer time theme? Pork and beans is a typical food that people take while going camping, and with that in mind, take a look at this pork and bean illusion. Can you see the man hidden within these beans?

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Happy Hump Day everyone! Today is Wednesday, which means that the top of the hill has been reached and the weekend will soon be here.  Today’s optical illusion is quite an amazing one because it makes people truly about the power of Mother Nature. Could it be true that one day Mother Nature will inherit the earth once again? Or perhaps there is something in the fish that is making this seagull go from a normal size one to a giant one?

Giant Seagull Optical Illusion


What about that man that is right next to this huge bird, is he afraid that he is next on the dinner menu because it looks like the seagull just has to go down and snatch him right off of the sidewalk! So what is it about today’s illusion? Is it a trick of the eye or the camera? How is it that this simple little innocent seagull can look so gigantic?

Well, if you were happy with today’s illusion, and want to see more, than here is another great one for you to look at.  Take a look at this broken tree illusion, and try and figure out if this is an act of Mother Nature or something else?

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Happy Tuesday to everyone, and I hope you are all enjoying a hot cup of coffee. Ready for today’s optical illusion? The human eye is absolutely remarkable because you may not know what you are seeing, but your eye and brain can quickly help you understand what you are seeing. Today’s illusion is a man sitting on the sidewalk, or is he? Does it look like he is sitting on a sidewalk or does it look like he is sitting on a special seat?

Comfortable Seat Optical Illusion

Some illusions use things like sidewalks to help create a 3-D effect, and in this case it worked out wonderfully.  The man in this photo is a Buddhist monk, and you can tell by his orange clothing, and they are taught to meditate and appreciate the world for what it is. The goal of every monk is to be enlightened, which will put him on the path to knowing God, and this monk seems to be on top of the world, does he not?

Want to see another great illusion? Take a look at these amazing handprints; do you see the animals in them? You may or may not see these amazing animals within the handprints, but then again… you just might!

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Good Morning and Happy Monday to everyone! Hope the weekend was good and you had a Happy Father’s Day! Today’s optical illusion is remarkable one because it is going to force anyone that sees it to really look at it and use their imagination!

 Hidden Wildlife Optical Illusion

So, what do you all see because you are supposed to see a Native American sitting on a horse right next to his village, and there is a beautiful rainbow overhead, which really adds something to the picture.  However, that is not all that people are going to see, and their eyes and brain are immediately going to take this picture and start seeing other things in it. There is one very obvious animal in this picture, but the others are not so easy to find, but oh the fun you are going to have trying to find all the animals, and good luck finding them!

Want to see another great optical illusion? Remember, our website is full of tons of great illusions, and here is another one to tease your brain and stir your imagination! Go here to see another great illusion called the lady in the smoke. Do you see the lovely lady or not?

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Sunday is here, which means one more day of the weekend to enjoy! Hope everyone is having a great weekend, and it is time for another stunning optical illusion! This is a very special illusion because once again, the eyes will see something, but the mind may see something else, or vice versa! This illusion asks the question, how many circles do you see and… how many do you see? Do you see one circle, the black one, or do you see the black circle plus 16 more?

How Many Circles Optical Illusion

The problem with this illusion is the fact that the squares are a lot more obvious than the circles that are hidden within them. However, if you stop a moment, you will then see the 16 circles. See them now?

Ready for another illusion that will make you do a double take? This hidden word illusion is actually quite challenging because it is pretty hard to make out what the word says. There are some letters that are perfectly clear, but others that are not, but go ahead and try it. When you think you have figured it out, go ahead and leave a comment with your best guest or, you can always check the comments for a much needed hint as to what the word is! Good luck!

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Happy Saturday everyone! How has the weekend been so far for all of you? Are you all ready for today’s amazing illusion?  Everyone loves rainbows when they appear in a sky after a rainstorm, but today’s illusion will make you think twice when you see one.

Multicolor Swirling Ball Optical Illusion

Follow the bouncing ball, or is it really bouncing? The rainbow is going around and around, and it looks like it is collapsing in on itself. For people who are fascinated by rainbows in the first place, this illusion can be quite mind blowing! Just watching the rainbow can be quite hypnotizing, and you won’t be able to tear your eyes away from it.  It’s like watching a television show, and your mind cannot help but try and figure it out! What do you think of the dancing rainbow ball?

Do you want to see more amazing mind blowing optical illusions? Neptune is the king of the ocean, and this illusion will make you see him, or maybe it won’t depending on whether your eyes can see it or not! Check out the Invisible Neptune optical illusion and be sure you leave a comment about it because we love to hear from everyone that frequents our page!