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Happy Monday morning everyone! Hope you all had a great weekend, but play time is over, and now, it is time to get back to work.  When the weekend was here, hopefully you all got a chance to escape, but if not, you can always catch a ride on an airplane, which is exactly the subject of today’s optical illusion! While on the beach, this man decided that he wanted to escape from the area, and grabbed a ride from a nearby plane. What do you all think of this? Think the man should escape with the plane, or stay with his family and play some more on the beach?

Catching a Ride on an Airplane Optical Illusion

Speaking of the beach, are you ready for another great illusion? This man wanted to smoke a cigarette while on the beach, and it looks like he used the setting sun as a lighter. What do you all think of how cool this picture is because the timing is just perfect for the setting sun to be used as a giant lighter.  Remember, we love to hear from all of our great readers, so be sure you leave us a comment below and talk to us. Happy Monday and have a great day!

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Sunday is here, and the weekend is half over, but that’s okay because you still have one more day to play and hit the town! While you are walking around with your friend, or friends, you may notice something that really gets your attention, which is what today’s optical illusion is all about! This older gentleman appears to be walking on air, or at least standing on it, and it is quite remarkable.  There are two young women in the photo, and they too are wondering just how it is that the men is standing on nothing but air. Do you all see how this was possibly accomplished? If you know how this cool illusion was done, we would love to hear from you so please put your comments below so we can hear your thoughts on it.

Walking on Air Optical Illusion

Ready for another great illusion to blow your mind and play tricks on your eyes? Take a look at this man, who seems to be taller than the Eiffel Tower! Just how was this done because it looks like France is the home to giants.  Some pictures like this are done with forced perspective, but that may not be the case here because it really does look like the man is a giant! Good luck figuring this illusion out, and hope you have a happy Sunday!

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Hello to everyone! Saturday is here and the fun and excitement of the weekend can really begin today.  Today’s optical illusion is an old looking black and white photo of a woman walking, and the point of view is between two trees.  If you look just right, you can see that the woman is not alone, and the famous face may look familiar. Can you all see the face and name the famous person that the image just happens to resemble?  Here is a hint, this image may look like a very famous writer that is considered to be the world’s best that ever lived. If you all figure out the illusion, and who it is, please be sure and leave a comment below, and possibly give any hints to those that have not figured it out just yet.

Shes Not Alone Optical Illusion

There is nothing more fun, and time consuming, then finding hidden images, and here is another great one for you all to work on. This poor hunter looks lost and confused, but you all need to do is to see what you can find in the picture. You may be able to find some animals and people in this image, and good luck in your search!

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Today is Friday, and the week is finally coming to an end. Hopefully, you all have had a good week, and soon you will be able to take it easy for two days. It is during the weekend where fun and adventure can happen, and sometimes people do things that are rather bold and daring like getting a tattoo. Today’s optical illusion is all about getting a tattoo, but this one is a bit different because it does not look like a tattoo at all, but a stunt that has gone horribly wrong! Take a look at this shoulder tattoo, is it a tribute to someone’s great skill as a tattoo artist, or did someone really drive nails into their shoulder?

Nails in the Shoulder Optical Illusion

How about another cool optical illusion? Take a look at this young man on a horse, is it a young man or an old man? You just never know what your mind and your eyes are going to see, but not every picture is always what it seems to be. It is clear where this illusion came from, but you can also see what it is made of, which does make it a lot of fun. Happy Friday and have a great weekend!

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Good morning to you all, and today is Thursday, which means that the typical work week is winding down! Tomorrow is Friday, and that will be the official start of the weekend once the five o’clock hour comes! Do you all love white tigers? White tigers are a rare breed of tiger, and there are so few left in the world that they have an a little bit of mysticism about them. Though whether you believe these tigers are magical or not, they certainly are cool! Today’s optical illusion is all about these beautiful white tigers, and the chance to find more of them.  Take a close look at this illusion and be sure you comment to us below about how many tigers you can find.

Find the Tigers Optical Illusion

Ready for another great chance to play optical illusion hide and seek? Take a look at this illusion, and you are supposed to be able to see a famous silhouette! Do you see George Washington or Benjamin Franklin? You may have to take some time to study it to find either famous historical man, but be sure you let us know who you found.  Good luck with the tiger illusion and have a great day!

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Good day everyone! Wednesday is upon us all, but don’t fret, Friday is just a couple of days away, and then the weekend will be here! When the weekend comes, this may be a great chance for you all to do some rock climbing up the side of a mountain, which is what  today’s optical illusion is all about!

How many of you love the challenge of mountain climbing? Have any of you skilled climbers ever noticed that sometimes mountains have faces. I mean, other than Mt. Rushmore of course? If you take a look at this picture of a green covered rocky mountain, you may see the mountain looking back at you! Do you see that there are a few faces tucked in among the greenery and rocks? Well, if you do see them, or if you don’t, that’s okay, we still would love to hear from you, so please leave a comment below.

Faces in the Mountain Optical Illusion

Ready for more illusions? Check out this water, and do you see the man in it? Sometimes, even a spray of water can look like something else, and this man in the water illusion certainly proves that, does it not? Enjoy your Wednesday, and we will meet again tomorrow!

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Good morning everyone! Today is terrific Tuesday, which means that you are guaranteed to have a great day! Back in the day, there were girls that posed in all kinds of sexy clothing such as bathing suits, and the girls were so beautiful that even soldiers took their pictures overseas with them and painted them on the side of planes. However, not every vintage pin up girl was sexy, and in fact, these twins took a scary yet unforgettable picture that is also an optical illusion. These twin lovelies look headless, and the picture is absolutely awesome!

Vintage Pin Up Girls Optical Illusion

One of the great things about optical illusions is how things can be hidden in plain sight, just like these optical illusions where you have to find the hidden tools.  After all, every professional has the tools of their trade, and in this cool optical illusion, you have to use your skills, and sharp eyes, in order to find the hidden tools! Good luck, and if you all manage to find the tools, be sure to leave us a comment below, and remember, your comments are much appreciated and we love to hear from each and every single one of you.  Have a great day!

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Good morning and welcome to another wonderful week! Today is Monday, so the week is just getting started, and hopefully it will be a good one for you all! One way to make it through the day is to have a nice cold drink, like the popular soda, Pepsi; which brings us to today’s optical illusion! Take a look at this picture, does it not look like a giant is giving some thirsty man a drink of Pepsi from the world’s biggest can?

Have a Pepsi Optical Illusion

Ready to have some more fun with optical illusions? Well, sometimes optical illusions can take more than one form, and this is a great example because you have to use your eyes to really see if you can find out what is different about it.  Take a look at these two pictures of a street, and see if you can spot the differences.  This is a scene right out of New York City, and it has two of the most famous things in the Big Apple, which is yellow taxi cabs and a hot dog cart! Ever been to the Big Apple? Once you find all the differences, be sure you post a comment to tell us what differences you found.