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Good Morning to all of you, and welcome once again to a whole new week! Fall is here, and by the time fall ends, there will be some college graduations that take place in December when the fall semester ends.  College students work long and hard to get their degree, and it is a time for a lot of celebration.  When the ceremony is over, and everyone has their diploma, it is customary for the new graduates to take their hats off and toss them in the air.  In today’s optical illusion, a group of college graduates are tossing their caps in the air. However, the angle of the picture seems to suggest that some of these happy young people may meet with an unfortunate demise.  Do you all see the skull that these tossed up hats form?  When students graduate from college, their lives are just beginning, but with this skull, some of those lives just may end up being cut tragically short.

Graduation Day or Death Omen Optical Illusion

Ready for another illusion that involves finding hidden people?  There are nine hidden people in this image, and people can spend a lot of time finding each one. Once you all find the nine people, please leave us a comment below and tell us all about where they are located.

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Sunday, the day of rest, has come, and let’s all go back to bed to get some sleep! While you all are taking it easy today, we have found an optical illusion that just may amuse you. Now, in the animal kingdom, some animals are natural enemies, and one of them is cats and mice.  Today’s optical illusion has both a cat and a mouse, but there is something unusual about the image. The two animals come together in a unique way that makes them illusions. The mouse is the fact of the cat, and what a horrible expression on that mouse’s face!

Cat and Mouse Optical Illusion

Ready for another fun illusion? This illusion is called vanishing stripes, and if you stare at the dot in the center long enough, the stripes around it are going to slowly disappear.  The one warning we want to give you all about this illusion is that staring at it for too long can put a little bit of a strain on the eyes, which may lead to a slight headache.  Some people also will see the stripes vanishing if they look beside the image, but either way, the stripes will definitely disappear.  Hope you all get plenty of rest today, and Happy Sunday.

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Good morning everyone and welcome to Saturday, which is the first of two days where we all get to sleep in, and generally be lazy. For those of you that are relaxing, you might want to check out a picturesque scene, like today’s optical illusion. In the above optical illusion, you see a very beautiful scene of a mountain, nice green forest, and a beautiful body of water.  However, this lovely scene has more in it that meets the eye because there are hidden animals in it. Now, we don’t know how many animals there are, but we ask that you please leave us a comment below and let us know how many you actually found.

Scenic Scene with Hidden Animals Optical Illusion

How many of you all out there like music? We have a great optical illusion involving the popular band, Aerosmith.  Aerosmith has an album cover that has a hidden image, and we want you all to find it and let us know what you think it is.  There are a lot of bands that have really special album covers with hidden messages and pictures, and this is a great example of one. We hope you all enjoy your Saturday, and be sure you do something fun and relaxing! Have a nice day!

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Friday is here, and once the bell rings at five o’clock, everyone gets the next couple of days off to relax and unwind after a long and stressful week.  If people like to read to relax over the weekend, then they may come across an old tale about two long lost lovers that were trying to cross the ocean in order to meet up and be together.  However, the tale is a sad one because the two young lovers died, but it is said that their ghost still haunts the ocean. Today’s optical illusion is all about the tale of those two long lost lovers that finally got to meet up with one another over the ocean. If you look closely, you will see the ghosts of these two that are finally reunited in death.

Two People in the Ocean Optical Illusion

Want to see another optical illusion that may frighten you? Take a look at these horrific 9-11 images, and do you see something special in the smoke? A lot of people died on 9-11, and it was a day that none of us will ever forget because it was very frightening, and the scary part is that it may happen again one day. Do you all see the devils in the smoke? If you want to comment on these illusions, or others, go ahead and leave us a comment below.

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Good morning, and happy Thursday to you all. We know you all are getting tired, but you only have to hang on one more day before you can rest and relax over the weekend.  Some people really do a lot on the weekend to make up for the week, which may include going horseback riding.  Today’s optical illusion involves horses frolicking with one another, but together, the two horses also form a hidden illusion. Do you all see the hidden optical illusion? For those of you that are having a hard time seeing it, there is a woman that is formed by the two horses.  To help the horses make the image of the woman, there are horses that also form the eyes, and a lovely red bird that forms a pair of ruby red lips.

Jumping Horses and Woman Optical Illusion

Want to see another cool optical illusion that looks very realistic? Julian Beever is an artist, and he created this amazing pavement drawing. In this 3D chalk drawing, a man is about to dive into a raging body of water, and there are other great images too that he has created. What do you all think of Beever’s talent?  If you all love these chalk drawings, be sure you leave us a comment below.

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Happy Hump Day everyone! The week has now hit the halfway point, and people are starting to get into the groove of their work week.   The countdown for the weekend begins today, and people are going to start making plans on what they will do when they get their time off.  Some people do things that will take them outdoors such as going to parks, the woods, or just working in their flower gardens.  Today’s optical illusion is all about flowers, and if you look closely enough, you can see that the flowers are looking back at you. Do you all see the woman in the flowers?  This optical illusion is tricky because the woman is not that easy to see, but she is there looking back at you.

Woman in the Flowers Optical Illusion

Ready to find more hidden images? Here is a great optical illusion all about birds, and you all have to do is find out  how many birds there are in this image.  You may have to look closely to find all the birds, and once you find them, you need to post a comment below and let us know how many you actually found in the picture. Just leave your final count below. We appreciate hearing from you all, and it does not even have to be about illusions, as we love to hear from all of you.

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Today is Tuesday, and everyone is beginning to adjust to being back in the office.  After a long day, people often like to do things like filling in a crossword puzzle or finding words in a word search. However, finding hidden object is just one more way that people like to relieve the stress of the long day.  In the above optical illusion, there are a lot of hidden animals, and there is nothing more fun than trying to find them all.  The fox is clearly the most obvious animal to find, but it is not alone because the woods around the furry fox are full of his fellow creatures.

Find the Hidden Animals Optical Illusion

Ready for another optical illusion that can make you think and stimulate the mind? This optical illusion is all about whether the lines going across this picture are straight or if they really are as crooked as they appear to be.  For those of you out there that have figured the illusion out, we ask that you please leave a comment below and tell us whether the red lines are actually crooked or not.  Remember, people do read the comments that are posted, and they may be having a hard time figuring this illusion out, and will need a little bit of help.

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Good Monday morning to everyone! Today is Monday, which means that the week is just beginning and it is time for everyone to go back to work.  Perhaps one of the ways you all spent your weekend was relaxing in the woods.  While walking around such a lovely natural setting, you all might have seen some optical illusions there.  Today’s optical illusion is all about an optical illusion that someone saw in the woods involving a tree and just happened to snap a photograph of it.  Take a look at this broken tree, and if you look closely enough at it, you may just see a bird that looks like its squawking with its mouth open. The broken end of the tree is the bird’s open mouth, and the trunk of the tree is the long neck of the bird.  The bird looks like it has its got its eye closed as it squawking.

Squawking Bird in a Tree Optical Illusion

Ready for another fun optical illusion? Take a look at this illusion called the Wheel of Fortune.  To see a really neat optical illusion, all you have to do is stare at the middle of this illusion for about 30 seconds to one minute, and then look at a white piece of paper, to see something really cool!