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Happy Monday morning everyone! We hope you all had a good weekend, and that you did something fun! To celebrate the fact that its Monday, we have decided to show you all an optical illusion that is a lot of fun.  There is a famous statue in Rio De Janeiro of Jesus Christ, and it is one of the most recognizable statues in the world.  What makes this statue so recognizable is the fact that the statue has the arms spread wide, like it is trying to give the world a hug.  Check out today’s optical illusion, which is a plane that is flying near the statues, and when the plane goes up, the wing spread is just like the statue with the arms out. How cool is that? Is the pilot of the plane paying homage to the statue or just a little bit on the bold and daring side?

plane and statue optical illusion picture
Ready for something else that is also a little bit on the fun side? Check out this forced perspective picture of a couple having fun in the snow.  According to this picture, a woman is married to a giant man, and he is so big he just picks her up right off the ground! We hope you all have a good day!

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Welcome to Sunday morning everyone! Hope your weekend is going good and you all are relaxing on this last day of the weekend before heading back to work on Monday morning. One thing that some of you may be doing is enjoying time with your pets. Are you all cat people or dog people? For those of you that said dog people, today’s optical illusion is going to make you all gasp with awe and wonder. Check out the two headed dog! Is this a new breed or did Mother Nature make a mistake and give this pooch two heads?  Well whether this is a mistake of nature or not, it sure is cool isn’t it?

Two headed dog optical illusion

Have you all ever looked up at the full moon? Did you all ever notice a face in the moon? Well, here is the face of Saddam Hussein in the moon! Now, any time anyone looks at the full moon, something can be seen on it that does remind people of a face that is looking down on anyone. Well, whether you all look at this image of the moon, and see Saddam Hussein or not, or perhaps someone else, you all enjoy your last day of the weekend and have a good Sunday!

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Hello everyone, and welcome to Saturday morning! We know that you all took advantage of the fact its Saturday, and got to sleep in later than six or seven in the morning. Are you all heading outside or staying indoors? If the weather is bad, then who can blame you for not going outside? However, if the weather is nice, go on outside and check things out. We just want to warn you all to be careful because there can be shadows out there with eyes! Today’s optical illusion is all about a shadow with eyes that watches everything.

Shadow with Eyes Optical Illusion

Ready for a controversial optical illusion involving a tiger that has hidden words on it? There are many people that says that this photo was altered, but it is really hard to tell whether it is or not. Do you all think these words are added or do you think the stripes really can be so unique looking that words can be hidden within them? Whether this tiger really has stripes that form words or not, the optical illusion is pretty cool! Well, we hope you all have a great Saturday, and do something fun whether it is outdoors or indoors! Talk to you all soon!

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Happy Friday morning to all of you! The last day of the work week is here, and we know you all are anxious to get dressed, and get to work, so you can get home that much faster.  How many of you all have a sweet little pet that you can come home to, but how many of you own a cat, or more than one cat? Speaking of little cute furry creatures, check out today’s optical illusion that is all about two cats that have special markings on them. Do you all see the two cats have markings that form a heart when you put them together? How cute is that?


Are you all ready to see pictures of people that defy gravity? These are really cool pictures, and it does look like these people have no concept of gravity, and are able to do a lot of things like standing sideways on the side of a tree.  Pretty neat huh? We know you all are getting tired, and it has been a long week, but today is Friday, and this is the last day you all have to worry about work. Tomorrow is the first day of the weekend, and you all can do whatever you want. Have a good Friday!

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Good morning everyone, and welcome to Thursday, which is the favorite day of the week for some of you! It’s terribly cold outside right now, but spring will be here soon, and then you all can get outside and into the warm weather. Spring is great because everything blooms again, and the butterflies come out to play. Speaking pf butterflies, check out this boy with a butterfly eye! Is this a medical condition, or did a really big butterfly just happen to land right on his face? The optical illusion is funny because the butterfly landed just perfectly, so the boy looks like he has a butterfly eye!

Butterfly Eye

Ready for another natural illusion? Check out this man who is getting his cigarette lit from the most natural source there is, the sun! Is this a perfectly timed optical illusion or is the sun just trying to be very helpful? Though no matter what it is, you have to admit that the illusion is pretty cool, and the person that took this picture has great timing! Its pretty cold outside right now, so we hope you all are careful driving to work, and just think, tomorrow is Friday so you only have one more day of work!

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Good morning everyone, and welcome to the day that means the week is half over, which if Wednesday!  A lot of you are probably breathing a sigh of relief that you have made it this far, and who can blame you! However, keep in mind there is still a couple of days to go, but just hang on because it’ll go by pretty fast.  Once the work day is done, it will be time to go home and relax, and there may be someone cute and furry waiting for you like a sweet little kitty. Speaking of a cat, check out today’s optical illusion. Now we see two statues of one big cat and one little cat, but are you all sure they are both statues? Gotcha! The cat is just imitating the statue of the big cat, but it sure looks like two statues doesn’t it?

Cat and Statue

Optical illusions have been around for a long time, and do you al want to see a vintage optical illusion?  Check out these two pinup girls, who are probably from the 1940s or 1950s, and yes, they are indeed missing their heads! It’s nice to know that some things never change, and people have been interested in optical illusions even back then! Have a great Wednesday!

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Good morning everyone and welcome to Tuesday morning! How are you all doing today? For some of you, the weather is really cold, and we hope you all are bundling up and enjoying a nice hot cup of coffee or tea to ward off the chill!  Now, every four years, the Olympic games happen, and it is a great way to reunite the world.  One of the most popular games in the Olympics is the gymnastics, and a lot of people really love to go and watch those talented athletes do things like flips, the horse vault, and other gymnastics. Take a look at today’s optical illusion, and you will see a gymnast that has so much support, that they are literally helping this gymnast!  Talk about lending a supporting hand to the Olympic athlete!

Gymnast With Help Optical Illusion

Ready to see another great illusion? Check out this tiger’s eye, but it is not really a tiger’s eye because it is someone painted to look like it! It is really hard to tell that this is not a real tiger, which says a lot about the talented artist behind it. Can you all tell that this is not a real tiger’s eye staring back at you? Well, we hope that you all have a good Tuesday!

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Morning everyone and welcome to another week of fun! Today is Monday, and we know how hard it was to get up once that alarm clock went off.  However, we know you all can do it, so get out of bed, wash your face, and grab a giant cup of coffee because the day has just begun. So, we know its hard to get up this morning, so we thought it would be fun to show you all something that will definitely make you all smile! So, check out today’s optical illusion, which is all about the world’s smartest chipmunk! We are serious here because this squirrel is so smart its even reading the newspaper! What do you think? Could this chipmunk be reading or perhaps it was just looking at the pictures?

Squirrel Reading Paper Optical Illusion

Anyway, how about another really cool optical illusion involving human beings turned into works of art? Check out this flamingo person optical illusion! If you all had not known about the fact this was a person painted to look like a flamingo, could you all have guessed that it was just body painting? Well perhaps it is clear that this is a human painting because of the fact you can see the person’s head, but its still pretty cool! Have a nice day!