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I don’t know if it’s just me, or what, but something seems a little off about this car…

car optical illusion

I can’t tell if it’s coming or going! When you first look at this car optical illusion, you immediately think that it’s parked at an angle, with the front end facing to the left. Upon closer inspection, however, you’ll notice that the wheels…well, the wheels just aren’t quite right!

They’re sideways, which makes this car optical illusion just blow your mind! If you focus on the wheels and fenders, it seems like the car if actually parked at an angle, facing away from you. Crazy, I tell ya!

Not surprisingly, this car optical illusion is a Photoshop job. (Shocking, I know.) You can actually see where the front fenders have been edited above the car’s right front wheel. (Or is it the car’s left rear wheel…?) But, you have to look pretty closely to see it.

Even if it’s a clever Photoshop job, this car optical illusion gets an A in my book! I stared at this image for several moments trying to figure it out. It’s just such a fun illusion!

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Whoa! Check out this sweet ride!

upside down truck 1

It might look like a flipped truck that wrecked in the parking lot, but if you look a little closer. If the guy sitting behind the windshield isn’t a dead giveaway that this upside down truck isn’t what it seems, then the wheels under the truck on the pavement might help convince you. If you’re being really stubborn and still don’t see that this upside down truck is actually right side up, meet Rick Sullivan…

rick sulliva

Sullivan is a collision center and auto body shop owner in Clinton, Illinois. He got the strange idea to build his upside down truck when he was called to tow a flipped over Ford F-150. With help from a couple of co-workers, this amazing vehicle only took 6 months to build. The wheels on the top actually spin with the aid of electric motors, and it’s street legal. It even has an interesting vanity plate…

front truck

Sullivan has stated that the attention that his flipped over truck has been astounding and humbling. He became a hit on social media, and he’s even been pulled over by police…just so they could take pictures!

This upside down truck isn’t Sullivan’s only creation either. Before he started driving around in his upside down truck, he also build and drove a giant replica of a Radio Flyer wagon.

radio flyer

If you’re wondering about the furry passenger, that’s Murray!

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Today’s optical illusion may leave you a little creeped out. It’s like something straight out of a sci-fi movie, or a blast from the future.

It’s a robot leg!

screenshot-i.imgur.com 2015-05-21 07-30-38

Eek! This robot leg reminds me a little of I, Robot. I’m just waiting for a creepy robot voice to say “You have been deemed hazardous.”

However, this robot optical illusion is just that—an illusion.

You can see the makeup and brushes used to create the appearance of a robot leg next to the computer. I can’t imagine even attempting anything like this. My robot leg wouldn’t turn out anything like this, It would come out more Rosie the robot from The Jestsons than I, Robot.

I mean, the detail in this thing is absolutely amazing! In fact, some people on Reddit doubt that this is a real makeup job at all. Most think that this robot leg job is not a spectacular makeup job, but a clever Photoshop job.

Makeup or Photoshop, I say it’s still impressive either way! But, what do you think about this robot leg optical illusion—makeup or Photoshop?

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True optical illusion fanatics can’t get enough of hidden and impossible objects, and seemingly bent images. Some are such fanatics that they live and breathe optical illusions! They make even incorporate them into their work.

Here’s what you might get if an optical illusion fanatic becomes an architect….


This image was sent to us by a Facebook follower. (Thanks, Pieter!)

This building optical illusion is actually the front of the Ibis Hotel, located in Rotterdamn, Holland. This modern hotel was built in August 2014 along the waterfront of Wijnhaven harbor. I’m not sure if it was the architect’s intention or not, but he certainly creating an interesting building optical illusion!

If you look at this building optical illusion straight on, what’s the first thing you notice? Do the windows look crooked or sloping? It’s pretty hard to tell, right?

Look a little more closely, though. You’ll notice that the height of the windows are the same on both sides of the buildings. The distance between the tops of the windows and the bottoms of the windows above it are also the same. If you don’t believe me, use a ruler or piece of paper to measure it. You’ll see that the lines are not, in fact, sloping at all and this is nothing more than a building optical illusion.

You can also take a look at a photo of the same building, taken at a different angle…

Hotel 2

Think this looks familiar? You’re right! It bears a striking resemblance to the classic sloping lines optical illusion.

It makes me wonder, though. If someone was actually trying to create a building optical illusion, what kind of flooring was used? Do they look like this? Does the building have impossible rooms?? I have to see this place!


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June is almost here, and that means weddings! Wedding, weddings everywhere! That means there will be lots of chances for some great photo ops too. I don’t know about you, but I love wedding photos, especially the fun candid wedding photos. They just seem to capture the beauty and exhilaration of the day.

In honor of the beginning of “wedding season”, I have a wedding optical illusion for you today. This blushing bride looks like she’s having so much fun that she leapt into her new husband’s arms and wrapped her legs around him.


Aw, so cute…

Boy, she really got some air on that one too! She jumped so high that her legs ended up around his shoulders! But, she seems to be missing her feet…

Of course, I did say that this was a wedding optical illusion, so the missing feet shouldn’t come as much of a surprise to you. If you look a little closer at the photo, you’ll see exactly why her feet are missing.

See it yet?

That’s right—her legs aren’t really her legs at all! Her real legs are tucked under her dress, right where they should be. The brides’ “legs” in this wedding optical illusion are actually the groom’s shirt. His arms wrapped around her back blend in so well with her white dress that they look like her thighs. Her veil falls over his forearm in the back, making his arm much less obvious. The back of his shirt also looks like her lower legs, which easily explains the missing feet in this wedding optical illusion.

So, what did you think of this wedding optical illusion this morning? Did it trick you at first, or did you see it for what it really was right away?

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Have I got a great optical illusion for you today! First, take a look at this image…

Lady in the lake optical illusion

What’s the first thing that you see in this pond optical illusion? I see a girl walking through a shallow part of a pond. There’s also a bridge in the background and a tree on the shore.

But, is there something more than meets the eye in this pond optical illusion? Of course there is! (This is Mighty Optical Illusions, after all…)

If you want to see the rest of this pond optical illusion, just squint a little or take off your glasses. Or, just take a closer look! Do you see the lady’s face? I’ll give you a hint—there’s a lady looking to the right in this image.

The tree on the right forms the basic shape of her face, and the branches on the left give the illusion of hair. The shadow under the bridge forms the lady’s left eye, and the protrusion on the tree forms her right eye. The walking girl is the lady’s nose, and the shadows at the bottom of her dress forms the lady’s mouth.

Still can’t see the lady in this pond optical illusion? here’s the same image, only on a much smaller scale…

Lady in the lake optical illusion

Do you see the lady in the pond now?

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Anyone heading out for a Sunday drive today? Hopefully, you don’t run into a funky intersection like this one!

intersection optical illusion 2

Now that’s one intersection that I don’t want to end up at! Walking in this intersection would be bad enough, and I can’t even imagine trying to drive in it!

Who do you think has the right of way here? Or how about here…?


I’m thinking that this intersection optical illusion is a clever Photoshop job, and it makes for a pretty great effect!

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I thought I’d switch things up a little today and do something a little different. So, I’m just going to read your mind with a simple card trick. Sound good to you?

Great! Let’s get started!

First, I want you to pick one of the cards below. Go ahead—I’ll wait….

card trick optical illusion 1


Did you pick a card, any card? Okay, now don’t tell me what it is, or you’ll ruin the card trick and it just won’t be any fun! Now, point to the card that you picked or put your mouse on it. Concentrate really hard on that card and memorize it. Write it down if you have to, just don’t forget it. You’ll need to recall it in a moment for the big reveal.

I know that some of you are probably thinking that there’s absolutely no way that I can read your mind. It’s completely impossible, right?


This card trick is actually quite simple. It doesn’t actually rely on me know which card you did pick, but which cards you didn’t pick. It’s a matter of simple statistics and probabilities. The vast majority of you will not pick five of the cards above, for a reason that I’ll explain in a moment.

But, I’m not going to spoil the trick just yet. Are you ready for me to read your mind first?

Prepare to see something AMAZING!

Do you see your card below…?

card trick optical illusion 2

I can say with 100% certainty that you don’t see your card here! Pretty tricky, no?

Did you figure out this card trick yet? Stumped?

I know that a good magician never reveals his secrets, so it’s a good thing I’m not a good magician at all.

The reason that you don’t see your card in the second image isn’t because I’m some sort of amazing mind reading magician. Trust me, David Blaine I am not. There’s really no way I could have known which cards you did or didn’t pick…but I did stack the deck, so to speak.

Let’s take a look at the two images used in this card trick side by side…

card trick optical illusion 3

Do you see how this card trick works now?

Technically, I wasn’t lying when I said it was a matter of statistics and probabilities. Statistically, the majority of you would have stopped to follow the directions in the first half of the post and picked a card to memorize without scrolling down. And, you probably wouldn’t pick a card that wasn’t actually in the first image. At least I hope you wouldn’t, because nobody likes a cheater. However, since you were focused on remembering the card that you chose, your eyes and brain weren’t concentrating on the other cards at all. By distracting you with a block of text between the two images, I also shifted your focus further away from the remaining cards.

By the time you got to the second image, there’s a good chance that you were not going to remember any of the cards besides the one you chose. Therefore, you also probably didn’t notice that none of the cards from the first image appeared in the second image.

BAM! Mind blown, right? No…? Anyone…? Tough crowd.

I know—don’t quit my day job. But this is still a fun little card trick—an oldie but a goodie, if you will.

Not impressed with my super amazing card trick? Bummer. Maybe this magic tables optical illusion is more your style!