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Today is Friday, and the Christmas countdown is down to six whole days. Are you all ready for Christmas? Right now after work, you all might want to do something fun to blow off some steam like play with your beloved canine friends.  Today’s optical illusion is all about an unusual breed of dog that has unusual lips. Take a look at this image, do you see how this dog has blue plastic lips? How was this illusion created? The answer is that the dog probably caught a Frisbee, and he bent it with his powerful jaws, is that what you all think happen or is this some new breed of dog with plastic lips?

Dog With Plastic Lips Optical Illusion

So, are you all hungry? Do you like pizza? Take a look at this drawing of a giant pizza that is so three dimensional that is looks like it can be eaten!  For anyone that loves pizza, this is a dream come true, and it would make a giant meal for anyone! We hope that you all are getting ready for Christmas, and with the weekend coming, you all need to have fun and relax. We will talk again tomorrow and have another cool illusion for you all to enjoy!

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Good morning to you all, and hope you are enjoying your Thursday morning so far! You all are probably getting tired, and are ready for that long awaited time off from work to celebrate the holiday season! Don’t worry, you only have a few more days to go before you get to rest, and recover, from all the Christmas shopping and stress. Once Christmas is over, everyone can relax, and get back to doing fun things like going outside and making a nice big bon fire to roast marshmallows! Speaking of fire, take a look at today’s optical illusion, and you will see something remarkable! Do you all see the happy face in the fire? After all, who says that fire cannot be happy to be burning wood?

Happy Fire Optical Illusion

We know you all are tired, but here is a giant cup of coffee optical illusion that is so big you can swim in it! Imagine how much caffeine is in this giant cup of coffee? However, unfortunately, this cup of coffee is not real, but all of us coffee drinkers can dream can’t we?  Today is Thursday, the week is almost over, and now is the time to concentrate on Christmas because it will all be over soon! Happy Thursday!

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Wednesday is here, and the countdown to Christmas is eight days! How are you all doing? Are you ready for the big holiday? Now, some of you may be in school still, and the stress of school, and Christmas too may make you all feel like you have a shrunken head, which brings us to today’s optical illusion!  Take a look at this picture, and you may be asking yourselves, what happened to this guy’s head to make it shrink. That is a very good question because it does look like his head is a lot tinier than his body! Could it be just the stress and pressure of school that affects his head, or was it something else?

shrunken head optical illusion

Ready for a scary optical illusion involving a rose that could be planted outside in your garden right now? Check out this scary rose optical illusion!  How did such a pretty flower end up with such a horrific face on it? Well that is a very good question, and it should make you all check the centers of roses from now on, won’t you? Well today is Wednesday, and congratulations on making it so far into the week! You all are doing so great, and soon you will get some time off to rest and relax. Have a good Wednesday!

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Today is Tuesday, and the weather outside is getting colder! Are you all dressing warm for the December weather, or are you doing something else to keep warm like drinking coffee?  What about eating foods for lunch that are warm like soup or stew? Speaking of lunch, or dinner, how do you all feel about a barbeque? Wouldn’t it be fun to have an outdoor party even in December? Speaking of a barbeque, look at today’s optical illusion! Would you like to own a dog like this that can breathe fire? Personally, I think the dog is pretty cool, and he would sure be handy when it comes time to light the grill! What do you all think?

Fire Breathing Dog Optical Illusion

Speaking of food , do you all like sushi? Take a look at this sushi, and it may make you think twice about eating it! Do you see the skull in the sushi roll? How in the world do you think this illusion was made? Either way, the chef that did it sure was talented and wanted to make a truly memorable meal. Whoever eats this sushi sure is brave, and truly wants to get just a little taste of death. Are any of you brave enough to eat this sushi? Have a good Tuesday!

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Monday is here, and the countdown to Christmas is still on with only 10 days to go! Some places around the United States are having really bad weather, but there are some places that are so warm that people can still do summer things, like go to the beach or enjoy a big ice cream cone, which brings us to today’s optical illusion!  Now this young man really loves ice cream, and he loves it so much he’s even willing to try a new flavor called cloud ice cream! How many of you all want a big cone of this special ice cream?

Cloudy Ice Cream Optical Illusion

Since the weather is so nice in some places, how about a nice game of basketball? Would you like to play basketball with the sun? Check out this awesome slam dunking the sun optical illusion. What do you all think? Talk about the coolest game of basketball ever! Pictures like this are pretty neat because it takes a lot of preparation work, and some good timing too in order to capture the sun to make it look like it’s being slam dunked. Well, today is Monday, and hope you all have a good week, and we will meet up again tomorrow to talk more about optical illusions!

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How do you feel about horseback riding? If the weather is nice and warm, then going out and doing something like riding horses, may just be a really fun way to spend the day. Speaking of riding horses, we have something shocking to show you with today’s optical illusion. Take a look at this woman, and do you notice that she has a horse head?  Perhaps, when you love something so much you may turn into it, and apparently this woman must love horses! Clearly, she does not have a horse head, but you have to admit that it does look like that!

horse lady

Want to see a natural wonder? Take a look at this double sunset! How exactly did this sunset happen because the earth only has one sun! Is it a trick of the photography when the original picture was taken? This is quite an amazing picture, and figuring out how it was done is really something that can boggle the mind! If you all figure it out, please let us know by leaving a comment below. Today is Sunday, and whether you go out and ride a horse or not, have a good day and rest because the weekend is coming to an end.

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Today is the first day of the week, and most of you are back at work today, but don’t worry, as the Holidays are coming up quick. With the holiday something fast approaching, you all may be getting ready for the holiday season. Do any of you have twins? Today’s optical illusion is all about a pair of twins, but there is something unusual about them. Can you see what we are talking about? One of these men is real, and the other is a very clever chalk drawing. However, can you tell which one is which? That’s the sign of a good artist when you cannot tell who is real and who is a drawing!

The Twins Optical Illusion

Ready to see another great hidden optical illusion? Take a look at this really cool waterfall.  There is a hidden face in this waterfall, but you may have to look closely in order to see it. Actually, the more you look at the waterfall, the more you may see! With the way the water is falling behind the rocks, there may actually be more than one face in this waterfall.  If you can see more than one face, please comment below and tell us all about it. Hope you have a good Saturday.

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Good day to you all, and happy Friday! The last day of the week is here and time to get to work so you can get home and begin the weekend.  While you all are doing things, you may go somewhere that features art work, and you may be considering buying someone a nice work of art for Christmas. How do you all feel about works of art? Today’s optical illusion is all about art, but of a different kind!  Have you all seen the human body that has been turned into a work of art? This hand is painted to look like an eagle, and the details are amazing! The way its painted looks just like feathers, and its hard to believe that it’s a hand painted to look like an eagle.

Eagle Hand Optical Illusion

Ready for another optical illusion that is a lot of fun? Check out this big foot optical illusion! You all may be wondering how this optical illusion was done, and frankly so do we! If you all know how it was done, please go ahead and leave us a comment to help us solve the mystery. Have a happy Friday, and we will talk again tomorrow and have another great optical illusion too!