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By on November 19, 2014, with 1 Comment  

Welcome to the midpoint of the week, and we know you all are just as happy that the week is half over as we are! In order to get through the rest of the week, you all may have to resort to going to your happy place, and that can be anywhere you feel relaxed — like the beach, the forest, or even the jungle!  Today’s optical illusion is all about the jungle, and we have a picture here that we think you all will be amazed by. Check out this cool picture of the jungle, and you may notice that it is not just a picture of the jungle, but there are hidden things inside this image. Do you all see the amazing animals? Well, today’s optical illusion is to find the hidden animals, and we know you all are good at these kinds of things, and will find all of the hidden beasts. Please post a comment when you do find them because we want to know just how many there are.

wild kingdom optical illusion

Ready for a cool optical illusion involving a movie poster?  Here is the poster for the movie 127. There is a hidden optical illusion inside this amazing poster, and once again we ask that you all post a comment to let us know if you figured it out. Have a happy Wednesday!

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Good Tuesday morning to all of you! Hope you all are getting ready for work and we know you all will have a wonderful day. Working can sometimes be really hard, and sometimes people can feel like they are hanging off the side of a cliff by just the tips of their fingers. Now, today’s optical illusion is all about a man hanging from the side of a cliff. Just take a look at this poor man, and it really does look like he is in a heap of trouble doesn’t it? Believe it or not, this heart stopping image is actually not real, but an optical illusion. You all will be relieved to know that this poor man is not moments away from falling to his own death, which we are all very thankful for.

just hanging around optical illusion

Want to see another really cool optical illusion that was actually a movie poster? Check out this poster for The Dinosaur Project.  This poster may look ordinary, but it really has a hidden image of a dinosaur! Do you all see it? If you need a hint, all you have to do is look at the branch that the people in the poster are walking on, which forms the dinosaur’s mouth. See it now?   We hope you all have a great Tuesday, and we will speak again tomorrow.

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Good Monday morning everyone! Welcome to a new work week, and we know that you all are probably dragging a little because you got to sleep in over the weekend and basically do what you want. Now, you get to just pour yourself a cup pf coffee, and sit down to a really great optical illusion.  We understand how you guys often have to fight your own battles, and this is what inspired us to find today’s optical illusion! Check out this great optical illusion involving this very brave woman who is facing down a mighty dragon. Talk about a strong woman. Take a look at what she is battling this dragon with. This woman is battling a fire breathing dragon with nothing more than a fire extinguisher!  How many of you can relate to this woman? We as human beings often have many battles to fight, so we can all relate to battling a dragon with nothing more than a fire extinguisher.

woman versus dragon optical illlusion

Ready for a very smart, and cool, optical illusion that is made up of human beings? Check out the human brain made up of human beings!  Works of art are always in the eyes of the beholder, and this human brain made up of real living people is proof that anything can really be a work of art! Have a great Monday everyone!

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Awww Sunday is here, and most of you may be taking this chance to stay nice and warm in bed! Who can blame you for wanting to get in a few extra hours of sleep? For some places around the world, it may still be fall, but the temperature has dropped significantly!  Some places are already experiencing snow even though it’s barely November. However, snow can be so much fun even if it comes before the official start of winter! Take a look at today’s optical illusion because it is all about having fun in the snow! Little boys, who love cars, like to make those cars race in the snow, and that is exactly what is happening in the picture only it is an adult man playing in the snow with a car.

playing in the snow with cars optical illusion

Ready for a flashback to the past, but with something fun thrown in as well? Take a look at this optical illusion that combines the famous Abbey Road with Charlie Brown and his gang! Abbey Road is the home of a famous recording studio that the Beatles once recorded in, and then they walked across the very same crosswalk that Charlie Brown, and his friends, are on! Pretty cool right? Well today is Sunday, which is supposed to be a day of rest, and we hope you get plenty of it!

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Friday is here! Hurray! Now it is time to get work done fast and then the weekend fun can begin! We congratulate you all on the work you do, and you all deserve to chill out this weekend and do a lot of fun things that will make you feel stress-free and relaxed. A healthy activity for you all would be to go riding your bike, and today’s optical illusion is all about a bike with a very unusual front tire! Take a look at this image, and does it not look like this gigantic ferris wheel is the tire for this bicycle?

the giant bike tire optical illusion

One of the most famous magicians ever was the late great Harry Houdini. Houdini amazed the world with his amazing magic, and even today, there are no magicians that can even touch him or his great magic as far as skill level is concerned.  Here is a great illusion about Harry Houdini, and an optical illusion that is absolutely amazing! Take a look at this Harry Houdini illusion, and does this famous magician have two faces or just one?  We hope you all have a great Friday and we will speak again very soon with more optical illusion!

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Hello to all of you on this lovely Saturday morning!  Usually on the weekends, people often will catch up with all the things they were too busy to do during the week like reading the news.  However, going outdoors is always a lot of fun especially to a natural setting. Take a look at today’s optical illusion, which features this amazing optical illusion that looks like the finger of a Giant is causing this pond to ripple.

giant finger optical illusion

Ready for another optical illusion that is a lot of fun and colorful? These days, the biggest stories in the news are always about politics. The President of the United States right now is Barack Obama, and he is always in the news whether it is about his policies or about something else he has or has not done. These people have gotten together to form a really cool body painting of Barack Obama. Body painting is really cool, and these days it is astonishing what these artists can do with the human body.  President Obama needs a lot of support, and these people have really shown how much they adore the leader of the free world by painting their bodies with his portrait. Well that is all we have for today, and we hope that you all have a great Saturday that is lots of fun and filled with adventure!

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Today is Thursday, and you all are probably feeling a little sluggish, because the week is almost over, and so is your energy, but buck up, because today is another gorgeous fall day that we should all be happy to be part of! To make you all feel better, we have a very special optical illusion that should bring a smile to all of your faces. Think the day is going to be bad? Are you ready to go back to bed? Well take a look at today’s optical illusion because it is something very cute, sweet, and should bring a smile to your faces! Do you all see how the leaf is smiling at all of you? The leaf is giving all of you a smile, and it should make you smile in return!

the smiling leaf optical illusion

Ready for another great optical illusion that is one part imagination and one part vision? Take a look at the side of this mountain that seems to be looking back at you.  Do you all not see the faces on this mountain? Remember, today is a whole new day, and we only wish you all the best and hope you have a fantastic Thursday! Tomorrow we will meet again dear friends to talk more about the wonderful world of optical illusions.

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Happy Hump Day to you all! Pour yourselves a nice cup of coffee, and let’s sit down to another great optical illusion! Today we have a very cool optical illusion that involves a poor man who is being grabbed by a giant hand. Now, is this poor man the victim of an unseen giant or is it something else? Could it be the t-shirt that this man is wearing is really the culprit and not some unseen foe with a big hand holding him around the middle? You are all absolutely correct, it is the t-shirt he is wearing, but the shirt is designed in such a way that it really does look like he’s being grabbed by a giant.

giant hand optical illusion

Ready for another fun illusion? Check out this creepy shadow that is over this volcano and its unusual triangle shape! For reasons that has baffled scientists for years, this volcano has a peculiar pyramid shape right over it. There is really no reason why the shadow is of a pyramid, and it could be something involving the gases from the volcano, or another more supernatural explanation.  Though no matter how this triangle shadow is formed, it really makes the top of this volcano look really cool and mysterious.