OSA’s Leopard, Eagle and Butterfly Illusion

Those of you who liked previous zoo optical illusion ads will probably enjoy today’s collection as well. I have tried learning about what OSA represents, but Google gave me millions of different associations as a result. So once again we depend on our audience to try and decipher the mystical meaning. I believe these illusion would have even better atmosphere if they were associated with a specific organization. Posters you see below are very artistic, and contain few hidden animals. It’s not hard to distinguish them from their surrounding. Posted images have that “optical illusion” feeling, so I believe they are suitable for this site – even though the actual optical illusions they hold are trivial. What is your opinion? Oh, wait! I have promised some of my readers I’ll post more magic-eye pictures (stereograms) soon, so object while you still have time ;)

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  1. Hi all,
    my first time in this site,
    This is an amazing web, i love it.

    In my opinion:
    I speak spanish and as i´ve read in these posters OSA may stand for Organization for Saving Animals or something like that, and at the same time OSA is the place they belong, in Costa Rica.

    The sentence below the drawing says: “Each day is more difficult to see them”.

    I hope this is useful, and sorry for my poor english.

    1. I think it is an organisation about saving endangered animals. Since it says ‘everyday it’s harder to see them’ I’m assuming they mean that the endangered animals population slowly decrease, so yeah, its harder to see them

    2. Thanks for letting us know what its saying at the bottom. I could hardly see it! And thanks for the meaning too! Your english is not THAT bad…

  2. Dear Vurdlak,

    Many thanks for your site. It is wonderful.

    Osa is a peninsula on Costa Rica. You can find it on Google Maps.
    The ads are from a organization that is trying to help the animals on that area.

    On the bottom right, there is the URL of the organization http://www.osacampaign.org (there is also an english version)


  3. i didnt read what julio said till after i visited the website but yeah its about them being endangered and not seeing as much of them as each day goes on

  4. Borjis is correct, and actually that is a jaguar and peregrine falcon, not a leopard and eagle. The images feature native species, it would be rather silly to use anything else.

  5. Julio Thank you! that was so interesting.. i mean your translation of the sentence…

    i pinpoit that again:The sentence below the drawing says: “Each day is more difficult to see them”.

    that sentence makes an even greater illusion for me…

    great job once a gaint vurdlak

  6. Leopard and Eagle are incorrect. This is a Jaguar and the 2nd poster illustrates a Hawk of some sort, no doubt one of the rarer Costaa Rican Hawks.

  7. Definitely the osa peninsula, just been there a couple of weeks ago!! Beautiful place to enjoy nature, amongst many other animals, we saw hawks, of course butterflies, tapirs, and as a highlight a puma!!!

  8. I can actually help: here’s the translation of the text underneath the posters:

    “Every day that passes they are harder to see

    Pleas help us make life continue in the Osa Peninsula
    Send donations to the Bank of Costa Rica”

    So it’s clear Osa is the name of a landmark, the Osa Peninsula, presumably in Costa Rica. Here’s a relevant link I just found on google: http://www.guiascostarica.com/osa/osa02.htm

    Keep up your great work!

  9. wow those are sooo cool its almost like you cant see them. yes, this is a campaign for the osa. its showing how much harder its going to be to see these animals each day. i hope i helped but if its from costa rica then i guess its in spanish…?

  10. i think it is a pretty smart idea to use the camouflage illusion to convey the idea that it is getting harder to see these beautiful animals.
    its a great find

  11. i actually thought each poster contained several animals at first so i spent a very long time looking for some more!!

    It’s a beautiful thought & the idea is an extremely clever way to raise awareness of these animals’ plight.\

    They are just stunning

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