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By on February 11, 2011, with 54 Comments

Optical Illusion PrinterCheck out the thumb on your right, and another one used as preview for a video embedded below. Now before you see the video, can you figure out which one of the objects placed on a plain sheet of paper is real? Being more precise, try and figure out which one of the little toy soldiers is the real one, and also try and distinguish those that are simple anamorphic prints. Same goes for the two bunnies on your right!

The video you see below was produced by Leo Burnett’s advertising agency in São Paulo, Brazil and was done for Samsung to advertise their printers. Seems that agencies started using illusions much more frequently in their approach lately! Does it mean we can expect much more professionally produced optical illusion content in the future? Let’s just wait and see!


54 Responses
  1. Jaguar Grant says:

    I actually picked out the last one that was not on the paper. It looked slightly off. Great job on them all though.

  2. Jen Steffen says:

    I guessed the rabbit and the nesting doll, but the toy soldier threw me. Nice job.

  3. Prox says:

    sweet i had a hard time deciding what was real and what was fake :D great job :D

  4. megan says:

    that is sooooo cool

  5. rad says:

    I somehow knew which ones were real, but it’s still great.

  6. Jimmy says:

    Awesome! Totally got fooled on both of them. Great commercial. Wonder why it’s not being shown in the United States?

    • Gloria says:

      If it’s a really good commercial, we’re definitely not going to see it in the US. All we get are the ridiculously loud, and annoying!

  7. hapyfaces2 says:

    Absolutely entertaining and delusional. The soldier was the hardest for sure. Thanks.

  8. fossda says:

    video player is worlds slowest loading, and you dont a need a certain printer to do it, just the right things on your pc/mac to print.

    • angel says:

      they never say that printer is to only way to do this, they are advertising this one by showing us some of the cool things it can do.
      love the illusion btw

  9. Dave says:

    I think it’s good advertising because it draws you in. Your eyes have a little ah-ha moment.

  10. Jessica says:

    I didn’t guess any of the correct ones :( This was an awesome illusion !!

  11. Shtnly says:

    Very well done!

  12. ali says:

    Wow, I got the rabbit one right, got the nesting dolls exactly backwards (thought the only real one was the only fake) and only got one of the toy soldiers – I saw only one fake, correctly, but missed all the others.

  13. I love these! They get people to consciously analyze with their brains, not just glance with their eyes! Great use of anamorphic art!

    • Gloria says:

      The best way to maintain a healthy mind is to give it something to do everyday, and keep on learning throughout your life. Mind games are a great work out for our brains, and keep senility, dementia, and Altzheimer’s from sneaking in and taking over. Have you tried “Luminosity”? It’s a great website, with tough but enjoyable games. I also like to play HOGs (Hidden Object Games) because searching for the hidden objects give my brain a good work out. I also have several games made for the Nintendo DS handheld game, called “Brain Age”, “Big Brain Academy” and “Brain Boost”. They are fun to play but keep memory sharp. These illusions are also fantastic exercise for the brain. I have a little Widget on my desktop that shows me a new on every day. I enjoy figuring them out.

  14. A Snail says:

    I got the rabbit and the doll, but the toy soldier sadly got me. I think a little more work is require for the advert yet.

  15. Bryce says:

    I knew what was coming, but was still fooled. These are great!

  16. Great optical illusions! Got all but the dolls on my first try. These illusions makes our “grey matter” work harder, thus more impressive advertising. Keep up the good work, thanks…………

  17. Angelgirl says:

    iloveitloveitloveitloveit!!! :D

  18. Care Bear says:

    It’s all about perception.

  19. Slammer says:

    Toy soldiers was best. The real one was the first one I ruled out :) nice job

  20. qwertyuiop says:

    i guessed the rabbit right but wrong on all the rest

  21. melinda says:

    WOW!! Coolest illusions so far!

  22. Lolzater=] says:

    OMG, today is an excitin day=D

    1: my bff havin sleepova
    2: Pink day at school and i was doin asembly
    3: This fab optical illusion posted today! =D

    I got the ones that were real right, btw, vid dont wrk on this illusion, so i reloaded and checked =D


    • Gloria says:

      You have good eyes! I got the bunny and the Russian dolls, but I was way off track on the soldiers. I figured the first soldier on the right in the bottom row because it seemed to be shinier than the others…

      Just a note, tho…please don’t use that keyboard, texting shorthand when you write. It is extremely difficult to read and it makes you sound very slow-minded and illiterate. It reads like Neanderthal street-talk ie “sleepova” sounds like some trash spoken by street gang banger, I know what a bff is (best friend forever), but many do not. Words like “sayin” and “doin” are okay when spoken as part of a sentence, but when they are written are misspellings and make you look less than educated. I haven’t been in school for a long time, but I still remember assembly. Arrgh! I hated it! Rushing through crowded halls, with an armful of books, to get to the auditorium on time! Trying to keep awake as the Principal and the assorted teachers droned on and on, zzzzz! Then trying to wake myself back up when the good stuff began… still you sound like you enjoy school and have a lot of friends. That’s great! I hated school and had no friends. This is the best part of your life right now, and you should be enjoying it. When you join the working world, your freedom disappears. Oh, to be young again! Well, I hope you receive this with the same good spirit with which it was written. Try to not use the text shorthand, and slang. It makes you look dumb, but do continue to enjoy school, your best friend forever (I married my bff!)and life in general! It’s good to be young!

      By the way, I LOVE you ending – Byz. It’s cute. I hope we, you and I, can also be friends.

      Stay happy and healthy
      G :o)

  23. Lolzater=] says:


    1: Picture is alittle shadier thant real

    =) Hope it gives u a clue!


  24. Johnny JJ says:

    cooool! one of my favorites EVER!!! that was very neat.

  25. Mars says:

    Quite amazing. Got the rabbit one pretty easily, with the dolls, I thought at first it was the biggest – the real one – that was real, then actually changed my mind…
    The soldiers I guessed most of them COULD be, apart from the real one. Hah!
    Amazing illusions!!!

    I love this website!

  26. enecabe says:

    Look at the shadows.

    Bunny on the left has a perfect cut, right bunny is somehow blurred.

    Real figure has shadow from front light. Others from the side.

  27. Lunar says:

    Woo! I guessed them all right!

  28. Anonymous says:

    I got the first 2 but the soldier one got me. Great illusion! I love your website.

  29. Richard says:

    that was awesome if thats the future of printers i can’t wait to see whats next

  30. T.storey says:

    b4 clicking on this i thought dat it was bunnies that are made out of sushie.lol.but is is cool either way.

  31. Brooks says:

    I got the rabbit becasue of the anschromatic blend of the shadow of the rabbit on the right. I could not figure out the doll or the soldier based on colour. I guessed right on the soldier becasue the head of the real soldier it too close to the margin of the paper for that image to be in the printable field on the paper but thats cheating a bit.

  32. James Smith says:

    Nice.. I guessed them all, but it was just a hunch on each one.

  33. jackie says:

    i love moillusions..
    it makes my mind works everyday..

    mah first comment..

  34. Hey,

    They stole my idea!!!

    I published this in May of 2009!


    If your interested in making your own!
    Verduk, you should give me some credit too!

  35. Shang Khong says:

    Aha! Samsung printer commercial

  36. Joelandrew Mallari says:

    cooler when i saw it for the second time

  37. SOMEONE says:

    I guessed that the real nesting doll was one printed one next to two real ones!

  38. Coolio says:

    easy. It’s always the one with the little gleam of light coming off it,


    for example on the bunny, the one that’s casting deeper shadows on itself. eg, the ears casting shadows on its head.

  39. Awesome says:

    OMG! I guessed the bunny but the nesting dolls and soldiers threw me out of my chair. What a great illusion

  40. hi says:

    i did the same as jeff

  41. hi says:

    i mean jen the second comment

  42. sdsa says:

    Shadows… they’re what made it obvious to me.

  43. STRETCH97 says:


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