Optical Illusion Of The Day – In Your RSS Reader!!

Thanks to Yan and his will to help us, the Google Gadget is now completed! You can find our Gadget here: Optical Illusion Of The Day Gadget

From now on, when new post appears on this website, you will receive that Optical Illusion in your Google Reader automatically. Also notice that the Optical Illusion Of The Day Gadget has little “edit” button in upper-right corner – you can choose which one, from the last 5 illusions, should appear. Enjoy!

I would also like to thank personaly to Rizwan Jiwan, for helping us to develop Optical Illusion Of The Day Dashboard Widget for Macintosh Desktop.

If some of you would like to participate with your ideas, suggestions or help, please comment in comments section. Also if you have idea how to modify this Gadget, so that it can be also submitted to Yahoo Widgets, please sontact me on [email protected]. If you would like to help, spread the word about this Gadget, and subcribe to it! Every subscription (it’s free!) helps!

Our latest illusion should appear in your Google Homepage! It should look something like this. Test It Now!

18 Replies to “Optical Illusion Of The Day – In Your RSS Reader!!”

  1. this is some weird wacked out way of looking at things its is freaky and strange it is like taking things to the next level in life its the future

  2. I’ve been looking at the checkers optical illusion now for five minutes and I still don’t understand what I’m supposed to see. Can someone explain it to me?

    1. If you are able to stop trying so hard you will see the circle in the middle kind of sway away from the main square. I truly believe when looking at these you sort of need to look at them cross-eyed lol, but do not try so hard b/c right as I scrolled down to look the circle moved inside of the square right away.

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